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  1. love you @MB3 btw. you'd kick my ass and make me cry.
  2. hope you enjoy your teeth. i think i will knock out at least 10.
  3. we got beef? i practiced martial arts via playstation. let me know if you want to tangle.
  4. thats gotta be fun for the fans down there.
  5. arizon cant wait to get matthews. leafs STINK
  6. tampa is built strong. they ain't losing
  7. imagine us being in the playoffs?! can't wait - bart scott.
  8. yea i thought he was done for the year. he's runnin off adrenaline.
  9. nope. tb got a pp out of it. edit my tv was wrong.
  10. @StarDew nice to see you posting again.
  11. you have good weed out there? i think it's legal in nj now. i gotta get some.
  12. safe to assume no one here wants the leafs to win.
  13. what a garbage goal. love it. lets go tb!
  14. point is done for the rest of the season. big hit.
  15. i had 2 beers idk what's going on. i don't want older hughes on this team. that's all.
  16. i don't want older hughes on the team. it would be a waste of picks and players to get him here. no thanks.
  17. he's a shooter. love nico
  18. no thanks. let that lil guy waste away out west.
  19. no you should start one. and nico lookin cool as a cucumber. love that turd.
  20. tkachuk would look nice in a devils sweater.
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