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  1. I don’t see them taking him, but I’m also a horrible armchair gm.
  2. Subban is the only one I’d be sad to see go, but he’s probably gone after his contract anyways.
  3. Lot of action. What’s up with Ellis? Has his play dropped?
  4. hopefully the list gets leaked today.
  5. added to first post. thanks
  6. got a baby kamado joe last week.. thing is awesome.
  7. https://www.nhl.com/devils/news/ryan-graves-trade-devils-defenseman-colorado-avalanche/c-325671164?fbclid=IwAR3yvRLHltkvjxMSUlWsOmxAO8lgqHeCke-tEHqfLCDuFj-GYj7HGr6W240
  8. f is this trash. oh mfitz. go figure.
  9. woke up. blacked out before. thanks for not sh!ttin on me. and lol islanders.
  10. lloaded. in a country mood.
  11. i am loaded. country songs always make me happy.
  12. pumpkin cutter


    ordered a kamado joe. looks like i'm smoking (no clue) next week
  13. 6x6. anything more is a joke.
  14. pumpkin cutter


    hope zajac puts in the winner. i want lou to get another cup.
  15. why you always gotta sh!t up threads fitz? lol
  16. zacha part was sarcasm.
  17. one of the first times i agree with you.
  18. if the best forward is available i would do it. f jack and his lame goofy brother. also if jacks feelings are hurt, sell him high. need guys who want to be here. like zacha.
  19. do you think fitz has the balls to draft the best winger of the draft over a d? i kinda want eklund. even though i know we need defense badly.
  20. pumpkin cutter


    thanks. had too google it. Canadian boy ey? hope the islanders win tonight. a final where i can root for either team.
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