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  1. I agree this should be a huge year. like i said before. time for our little superstars to put on their big boy pants and make a playoff rush. i'd settle with a wildcard. look at this video of our baby superstar. let alone the other kids. they gonna push and i'm with em
  2. I'm sorry guys. I just think it's time for them to make playoffs. i can't be the only one who thinks this. right?
  3. nofx lead singer seems so relaxed and a good fun soul. always loved them. as for lagwagon i only know the one song.
  4. loved your work with nofx and lag(not jealous at all) but disagree. this team needs to be in the playoffs. the kids are at the age where if they continue to say "we'll get better next year" they'll keep doin it ad nauseam (wow biggest word i used since i joined!!!) time for our little superstars to put on their big boy pants and win.
  5. I have small feet and large ass neanderthal hands. tiny pecker.
  6. LOVE those bands. Wish you got more merch to feed to us lowlifes over here. awesome work and not jealous at all!
  7. just watched the fitz/ruff conference from the other day. I don't like how fitz pulled a jets by saying "trust the process". They seem to still be giving the kids that are now men a long leash. If we aren't in the playoffs this year I won't be happy. The young team was fun the last few years. not now.
  8. https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/f1/1383336/invitation?key=dbd193ad79a4e3bf&soc_trk=lnk&ikey=0410bd0fd6bc0573 Free league, I wanted to do $, but i am not giving yahoo my ssn. 8pm draft. 9/9
  9. Sad that only the top chunk of this tiny state is devils territory. plus gotta factor in the nj rag fan population. Time to startin winning.
  10. If we could get a first for him I won’t miss him. Even though he’s always been my boy, his confidence coach gave him a little too much. I liked him more when he didn’t talk.
  11. Lindy Ruff faces a crucial challenge with Jesper Bratt this season. While his primary task is pulling Devils out of their long rebuild –– they’ve only made the playoffs once in the past 10 seasons –– he also must ensure Bratt’s satisfaction in New Jersey, especially after a tough contract negotiation this summer. that's all i get. why is my text so mega. Bratt isn't a crucial part of this team. he is a luxury.
  12. ehhhh it's an ok show. you should be able to get a free week or month trial if you never used it before. i never watched got yet. lol
  13. you mean cured smoked pork belly egg and cheese.
  14. it is what it is. i'm surprised they even have pork roll all the way over in staten. figured you guys ate pizza for breakfast.
  15. If i tried to order a pork roll egg and cheese the deli would throw me out and tell me to never return.
  16. Lol why’s there always a debate about Taylor ham? It’s called whatever your area calls it. This just makes me want to get a Taylor ham egg and cheese on a plain bagel.
  17. found a fellow nerd! I think we will see a mars landing within 20 years. really hope i get to see it. safe to assume you watch for all mankind on apple tv?
  18. I like this guy. shat scar won't be missed.
  19. He grew up a bad time to be a devils fan. least we got to see 3 cups live.
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