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  1. been tinkering with chili. the veggie one i made was a lot better than the one i made with beef. i think i could go veggie, but i love chickenwings too much.
  2. the castles and the fact they just went to pavels wedding gave it away. i'm a first gen american, both parents off the boat from czech and ukraine. so it's easier for me.
  3. staches are cool now? growin mine out.
  4. both are a weird reality, but a good one.
  5. bash brothers are our longest tenured devils. glad they're sticking around for a few more years.
  6. none of our ufa's have signed with a team yet. go figure.
  7. good day for twitter to sh!t the bed. gonna have to watch tv now.
  8. love having the bash brothers back.
  9. i never cared for him. he doesn't fit this team at all.
  10. Just like the draft, it feels good not having to worry about free agency. I am curious to see what other teams give graves,wood, and tatar though.
  11. pumpkin cutter

    Draft 2023

    yea feels good not having a first and knowing our team should only get better. life is finally gettin good as a devils fan.
  12. i shoot lefty in hockey, hit right when golfing. i thought i was special, but i think it's normal.
  13. i nailed the haula deal. 3x3. i missed badly on bratts. i couldn't take him/or his agents sh!t anymore. whiffed on severson. so far my predictions are pretty bad. but i am happy with the results so far!
  14. Love it. He was a great fit last year, minus him being snakebitten 3/4 of the season.
  15. need to sign haula. once mercer is available for a contract you throw the 8 yr at him.
  16. well time for me to put back on my bratt jersey. just glad this is over. he's a good kid
  17. a always root for teams/cities i've been to. let's go vegas!
  18. let's go? idk i guess vegas? nice lil desert city with nice roads, plus the hoover dam is close by.
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