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  1. Well can’t get any worse than that period.
  2. Pull nico. No reason to get him lit up anymore.
  3. Nico gets the start again tonight.
  4. Let’s welcome back Coleman with a beating.
  5. Well holtz scored so that’s a positive.
  6. Ugly first period. Not generating anything.
  7. idk why, but my drunk fetish is women drummers.
  8. want to start this off by saying i am 0-22 with my gdts. we are looking at a hungry buffalo team without their top center.. sound familiar? time for the team to step up. my boy bratt better net one. looks like nico is making his nhl start! game on!
  9. you are correct. i just rewatched the press conference. someone said jack had previous shoulder problems, i think.
  10. there's no dislike button. thumbs down.
  11. how long you give hynes? i think he has till january. what a scumbag.
  12. into the night was fun. it's in English dubbed.
  13. i think it was ruff who said that. as for knowing anything about it, i have no clue.
  14. if he stayed healthy he'd be worth 10 in my eyes. i just don't see him ever playing a full season. as of right now, if i were gm, i'd offer 7 mill 8 years.
  15. Panthers ain’t messin around. They have a good team.
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