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  1. Yeah, an interesting scenario because the Rangers beating Buffalo and eliminating them could make it easier for the Devils to beat Buffalo the next day, and those two points would ensure the Rangers don't catch the Devils regardless of what happens in each team's final game.
  2. On top of that, if they lose to the Rangers in regulation tomorrow, they'll have nothing left to play for on Tuesday as they will have been officially eliminated from playoff contention.
  3. The linesman trailing the play is the one who initiates an icing call, and it doesn't look like he ever did. The linesman who everyone is blaming on this play can't make the call if the other guy doesn't initiate it. It looks like he also waves it off anyway because the puck went right past an Ottawa guy before leaving the zone, he just opted to play the body rather than the puck. Sogaard really didn't have it covered, he was expecting a whistle for icing, but since the goalie has a view of the whole ice, he's supposed to look at the linesman and let his players know if icing is about to be called or not. When the puck came to him, despite there being no whistle, he didn't really cover the puck like he was trying to freeze it. It was behind his blocker but wasn't really covered. People are bashing the linesman for not calling icing--maybe it could have been but I also see why it was waved off--when really it's Sogaard that butchered this play in multiple ways. This is a good call. If Sogaard just covers it like normal, or lets his defenseman know icing is waved off, then nothing happens on this play.
  4. I disagree because it's easier to tell the exact moment that a puck crosses a line than when the puck leaves a player's stick. The author of that article completely fails to acknowledge this and gives two examples where it's clear that the puck left the stick before the buzzer but just didn't cross the line in time. Also his point seems to be about buzzer beaters being taken away because the shot was a split second too late, but the same thing would happen if they changed the rule--someone could take a shot right at the buzzer but the moment the puck leaves his stick could be after the buzzer started sounding. This would also result in a lot of lengthy reviews because of how nearly impossible it is to tell the exact moment the puck is no longer in contact with the stick. At least with the current rule, you have a camera always giving you a directly overhead view of the line. The rule is what it is because it's black and white, it's relatively easy to tell if it's a goal or not and the basketball rule would be damned near impossible to call accurately in the NHL. Not because Bettman is "sleeping on the job" and "hates fun."
  5. Man that player name indicator thing during a powerplay is extremely distracting and annoying.
  6. I like Bob Wischusen as a play-by-play guy though. He played in an adult hockey league I used to run, nice guy.
  7. Go Devils! First time back here in about five years, happy to see many familiar names still around!
  8. Is there about the same amount of equipment available as there was at the draft parties? The draft parties were great for getting top of the line equipment at a huge discount, but the downside was you had to deal with the lunatics who turned the whole place into a mess digging through piles of stuff to find a stick that had Kovalchuk's name printed on it. If there is about the same amount of stuff for sale at the expo, then maybe it's better for people actually looking to use the equipment to have the sale detached from the draft party.
  9. Yep, that was exactly what I was referring to. They saw Satans Hockey's Supporters Section catch on, and they thought they can make it an official thing, but forcing people to commit to season tickets just priced most people out and killed it.
  10. Also worth mentioning is the grassroots Supporters Section that Satans Hockey started on here. I had a great time being part of that until the Devils usurped it and tried to make it their own thing and predictably ruined it by making it season tickets only.
  11. HAHA that is great! One game I'll probably never forget is a game against the Flyers in 2010 during a huge blizzard. So few people made it to the game that at some point during the game, they allowed everyone sitting in the upper level to move downstairs. I managed to get a seat right against the glass behind Brodeur.
  12. Just want to clarify in case there is any confusion that rinks aren't "pro-Devils" or "pro-Rangers." We get whatever banners the teams send us. We have some Devils stuff hanging up, but the Rangers just send us more, which is why there is more Rangers stuff hanging up, and our management has more connections to the Rangers than the Devils which is why we have more Rangers alumni running stuff. We did have Colin White show up one night and hop on the ice for the kids' practices. We don't actively support one team over the other though, and our staff is a mix of Devils fans, Rangers fans, and people who don't have a favorite team. I would love to see the Devils step it up though and have a much more visible presence at our rink and every rink in the state. We have had some former players pop in for various reasons though. Grant Marshall is sometimes there because I think he is dating or married to a figure skating instructor that is sometimes there, Jamie Langenbrunner and Pete DeBoer were there to see their kids play, and Bryce Salvador used to bring his kid to our rink for private lessons. Outside of the Devils, Craig Anderson was training at our rink for a few days while he was away from the team last season because his wife was seeing a doctor nearby. The Senators flew a coach or a shooter out to take shots on him.
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