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  1. Is there about the same amount of equipment available as there was at the draft parties? The draft parties were great for getting top of the line equipment at a huge discount, but the downside was you had to deal with the lunatics who turned the whole place into a mess digging through piles of stuff to find a stick that had Kovalchuk's name printed on it. If there is about the same amount of stuff for sale at the expo, then maybe it's better for people actually looking to use the equipment to have the sale detached from the draft party.
  2. This thread made me curious as to when I joined--July 2003. I have now been a member of this site for half of my life. Wow.
  3. Yep, that was exactly what I was referring to. They saw Satans Hockey's Supporters Section catch on, and they thought they can make it an official thing, but forcing people to commit to season tickets just priced most people out and killed it.
  4. Also worth mentioning is the grassroots Supporters Section that Satans Hockey started on here. I had a great time being part of that until the Devils usurped it and tried to make it their own thing and predictably ruined it by making it season tickets only.
  5. HAHA that is great! One game I'll probably never forget is a game against the Flyers in 2010 during a huge blizzard. So few people made it to the game that at some point during the game, they allowed everyone sitting in the upper level to move downstairs. I managed to get a seat right against the glass behind Brodeur.
  6. Just want to clarify in case there is any confusion that rinks aren't "pro-Devils" or "pro-Rangers." We get whatever banners the teams send us. We have some Devils stuff hanging up, but the Rangers just send us more, which is why there is more Rangers stuff hanging up, and our management has more connections to the Rangers than the Devils which is why we have more Rangers alumni running stuff. We did have Colin White show up one night and hop on the ice for the kids' practices. We don't actively support one team over the other though, and our staff is a mix of Devils fans, Rangers fans, an
  7. I'm not really sure, but now that I think of it, there were more connections that brought the Rangers program to our rink. Our hockey director at the time previously worked for the Rangers and I think he was part of their community outreach department, Brian Mullen was the figurehead for that program and he is a Protec coach, and the guy running the program from the Rangers' end was familiar with our hockey director because he was going to be a Protec coach at the start of last season but for whatever reason it ended up not happening. Remembering all that, it's possible that the Rangers' guy
  8. I am one of the managers at Protec, and there are a few reasons why you unfortunately see more Rangers stuff around the rink. (1) As you guys pointed out, the Rangers local outreach is a lot better. They send a lot more free stuff to us than the Devils do. Once in a while the Devils give us tickets to hand out to the kids in our travel program, but the Rangers have a much better visual presence with the banners and stuff. (2) Our GM used to be the Rangers' assistant GM, so he has better connections with the Rangers than the Devils. Brian Mullen coaches one of our travel teams and S
  9. It looks like it would be an adorable logo for a mites team, but I don't like it for anyone older than that. I am vehemently opposed to cartoon-type logos.
  10. Splitting hairs here, but at least a 33 on a Reebok jersey replicates a jersey that he actually wore on the ice, even if it was just a development camp.
  11. My assumption is that they probably didn't put too much thought into what the fans' perception would be on the jerseys used in the prospect camp. They probably had these old ones laying around and since they are now obsolete, might as well use a bunch of them for this. It's not really an event for the fans anyway, it's primarily for the players and coaching staff. EDIT: On the plus side, you can now get a Hischier Devils jersey without having to get one of the Adidas jerseys OR sacrificing accuracy! As long as you get #33 on it of course.
  12. You can get the names and numbers stripped and have a new one put on by sending it to Exclusive Pro. I've done this a few times, in fact on one of those pre-Edge team-issued uncustomized authentics I got after the switch to the Edge jerseys, I originally got it customized as a Parise, but have since sent it back to get it switched to Elias. Even if you look very closely, you can't tell that there was ever a different name/number on it. My beef with the Edge jerseys wasn't so much with the construction of them with the exception of the rounded bottom, but more because of how they basi
  13. I care too much about my jerseys replicating what the player actually wore to get a player put on a jersey design that he didn't actually wear, otherwise I might be doing the same thing too. That combined with my distaste for the Reebok Edge atrocities and this Adidas redesign has left me with no Devils jersey choices for a decade now. However, thanks to the move to the Edge jerseys, I was at least able to snag some authentic pre-Edge Reebok (same as the old CCM) jerseys that were actually intended to be used by the team. If you look closely enough, you can see where the Meigray tag was sew
  14. I won't buy one of these new jerseys and I hated what Reebok did to the league's jerseys as a whole, so I didn't even buy any of those. If I like Hischier enough to get a jersey, I'd get a Switzerland or Halifax jersey instead. I don't need to have the latest Devils jersey--Brodeur, Stevens, Elias, and Daneyko jerseys aren't going out of style anytime soon, and they look better anyway.
  15. While everything you said here may be true, I think it's worth noting that the superfans are the ones keeping the team in business.
  16. You're saying that the way it is now allows for people to jab away at the goalie, but you want the ref to wait longer before blowing the whistle, so naturally it would allow for more time to take whacks at the goalie.
  17. Probably not, but I don't really see how the new one is worse than the old one. I thought all of the jerseys with vertical piping looked bad, I'm glad everybody is getting rid of them now. Nashville's new jersey looks more like what a hockey jersey is supposed to look like--clean and simple with no vertical mumbo jumbo going up the sides.
  18. Actually, I think most of the league's jerseys either got better or stayed the same, and we are the only one that got worse. Edmonton's jerseys are the same as what they've been wearing as their third jersey, and used as their home jersey in the playoffs. Carolina's new jerseys are similar to their original design, which I think is good. Nashville's jerseys I think are a big improvement, getting rid of the notorious Reebok vertical piping. This small change makes a big difference in my opinion. Colorado also ditching their hideous Reebok atrocities and going back to their original d
  19. That stuff is probably more from Adidas than the Devils, but yes it is stupid either way.
  20. This nod to history stuff is laughable. (1) CHAMPIONSHIP COLLAR: I never understood the point of putting stuff on the inside of a jersey where you can only see it when it's not being worn. (2) HONORING THE ORIGINAL: It says the single stripe on the bottom honors the Newark Bulldogs, but then it shows a picture of the Bulldogs jersey which clearly has way more than one stripe. (3) RED COLLAR: Not a single person would have been able to deduce that this is a tribute to the Scouts without this image telling us. It's like they made the collar red and then threw this description in
  21. So why would you want to make it even worse?
  22. Are you saying they need to wait longer to make sure the goalie has the puck covered, or do you mean if the goalie has the puck and wants to play it, they should give him a chance to do so before blowing the whistle? If you're saying they should wait longer to blow the whistle so that they can make sure the puck is actually covered, you would pretty much just invite the forwards to start jabbing away at a goalie that is covering the puck, especially if you eliminate the intent to blow the whistle portion of that rule.
  23. I'm a hardcore purist when it comes to hockey, so some of these ideas are definitely not popular, but here's my list... (1) Fix overtime. Eliminate the shootout. Penalty shot contests are something you do at the end of practice for fun, not something that should determine who gets a point in the standings. Also without a 3-2-1-0 point system, unless you are a very good team, you should just try to get every game finish tied, and then all you'd have to do is go .500 in the shootout and you'd finish with 123 points and probably win the Presidents Trophy without ever winning an actual hock
  24. If he didn't get injured, people wouldn't be calling it a dirty hit, and although his body was sliding towards the boards, the injury happened because he inadvertently put his face into the top of the boards when trying to get up. If his face hits that spot because of the shove, then yes it is boarding, but that's not what happened which is why this call can go either way.
  25. Fair enough, I'd say most refs do give a little more leeway in situations like that, which is why I assumed that whatever was said must have been bad enough to warrant another penalty. Of course this isn't always the case and I'm sure we're never going to find out what was actually said so at the end of the day we are both just assuming here.
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