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  1. After relying on illegal streams for the last few years I decided to give Gamecenter a shot. It works like a dream on my Sony Google TV using Chrome. after a few tweaks. I had to set up the settings to allow pop-ups from 'gamecenter.nhl.com' as well as 'nhl.com'. While Google TV does have a NHL Gamecenter App, it is only for scores/highlights and does not support Gamecenter LIVE streams. Need to use web browser. Using a VPN, I was able to by-pass the blacked out games. My only complaint is that for whatever reason, the mosaic view does not work. Not really concerned as I do not watch more than 1 game at once. Also tried on tablet, android phone, and linux computer, all worked flawlessly.
  2. living social has an awesome deal right now. Friday, 1/25/2013, Devils vs Capitals $29 gets you a ticket in the 100 level, a devils lace bag, game program, and puck. There was a $49 one for lower bowl seats but it is already sold out. http://www.livingsocial.com If you want to be really awesome and help a fellow fan out, click on my share link and get tickets. If 3 people buy using my share link I get a free ticket! Here is my share link. If not just use the regular link. LET'S GO DEVILS!!!
  3. Are you talking about Veterans Park in Orangeburgh, NY? The huge sports complex?
  4. Came up with this quickly, made it my new FB profile pic.
  5. Considering I saw them play in dirty basements in New Brunswick, they are pretty damn huge now. Very excited for the new album.
  7. This should be a no brainer, Seinfeld!
  8. The Black Keys/Arctic Monkeys were incredible!!! The show at MSG was absolutely awesome. I encourage anyone to get tix for the 3/22 at MSG if possible. Here are some videos I took: The Black Keys - 'Your Touch' Encore: The Black Keys - 'Everlasting Light' (encore)
  9. CANNOT WAIT!!! Have only made it to a handful of games this year due to work and getting an apartment. Have been looking forward to this game all year, I am yet to miss a reto-game since they started doing it a few years ago. Catch me in my vintage '91-'92 Scott Stevens jersey! I'll be in Brick City byb about 1030am for Irish breakfast and plenty of Jameson. LETS GO DEVILS!!!
  10. THE BLACK KEYS TONIGHT AT MSG!!!!! Been looking forward to this for a long time. Find me somewhere in the GA section!
  11. You could always just take a screenshot and crop everything but the image out in photoshop/image editing program.
  12. Just donated, keep up the great work!
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