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  1. I’m okay with the official ruling that to be a trip. What I have problem with is that they let a couple of similar plays go for the Oilers minutes before that. It sent the message about the level at which penalties would be called, then they seemingly didn’t keep to that standard.
  2. It’s been a good night for Swedes so far.
  3. I wonder when was the last time that 3 of the final 4 teams had never won a Stanley Cup? And for that matter, there's only one Cup among the remaining teams combined. I can't imagine that's happened too many times. It's great for your team to win a championship no matter what, but among the remaining teams, the fanbase for whom it might be "least special" to win is probably Vegas. They don't know what it's like to suffer yet, lol.
  4. So... Mets season now. What’ve I missed? Kidding. This has been a very fun start, aside from theatrics with Harvey. Bash the Braves! Let’s go Mets!
  5. We’re back where we belong! I say that, but in reality this was quite unexpected at the beginning of the season. And amazingly, other than Toronto, we still could be facing any of the other teams that have clinched.
  6. 538 published an article about the statistical support for Hall's candidacy. https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/should-the-devils-one-man-machine-be-the-nhl-mvp/
  7. Enjoyed listening to this one end as I drove from work to my next activity. Same deal as last year; hopefully we stay healthy this time. Let’s go Mets!
  8. A lot of people said that the NHL got political with having Pride Nights last year, and I'm sure folks will say that again this year.
  9. Do the owners have no concerns about their business relationship with NBC (the Olympic broadcaster)?
  10. Is it an imposing lineup? Nah. But they've got power potential, and if the pitchers stay healthy (maybe even become better?) this could be a great season.
  11. Are you talking about the calls on breakaways ……… or Dano?
  12. Instead of crediting McDavid and celebrating this season, those fans are looking backwards and blaming Hall? That sounds like evidence of a personality disorder.
  13. Reminds me of last night when it looked like Taylor Hall's high sticking penalty looked like it may have been missed, but then the Oiler sought him out and started fighting him to somehow earn the pp. Only this time the roles were swapped and so was which team the refs decided to nail. Because, you know, consistency.
  14. Outshot 30-16 in regulation. We're LUCKY to have a point!
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