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  1. This is the ultimate voice losing call I can remember
  2. Lol what a whiff by Shattenkirk to lead to the GWG goal by Eberle
  3. Point with the 5OT winner. What a crazy game
  4. What a play by Hedman to prevent a breakaway
  5. Wow Kadri wins it for Colorado with a literal buzzer beater. 0.1 seconds left
  6. My favorite Doc call will always be “THEY SCORE! HENRIQUE! IT’S OVER!” but a close second has to be this hilarious voice cracking call on Parise’s OT goal vs MTL
  7. He’s good but in my book there is Doc and then there is everyone else. Even now when I watch non-Devil games I mostly watch the ones that Doc is calling. Also, a small part of me will never forgive Thorne for butchering that Game 7 Friesen goal against Ottawa lol.
  8. Lol watching this Game 6 rerun and they go to Brian Engblom for analysis. Could his glasses be any smaller?
  9. Watching now. Forgot about the FOX robot animations everytime a team scored a goal lol
  10. Me too. This team had a tenacious forecheck and that 4th line were a bunch of overachievers.
  11. Why are we so beastmode in these simulated games?
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