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  1. Outshot 16-2. Just wonderful
  2. Wow we can’t clear our zone to save our life
  3. The wrap around only seems to work against us. Never for us
  4. Lol as soon as that breakaway occurred we all knew what was going to happen
  5. Alright Hall! What a play by Hughes
  6. I never understood why we always played the puck backwards in our zone like the mistakes that were shown in the video. It always drove me nuts when they played it back and then it would get stolen or the other team got a scoring chance (and a lot of times scored) when it could easily have been prevented by just chipping the puck out or at worst got an icing call. It always seems like it’s so easy for other teams to get out of their own zone while it’s a chore to get out of ours.
  7. How was that not a penalty on the player who slowed down Palms? Had his stick wrapped around him
  8. Wow there’s the team we know all too well. And of course it’s someone’s first goal in their team’s debut
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