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  1. So close to tying that game and getting a hat trick
  2. Come on boys find a way to tie it back up
  3. Wow Bratt can really enter the zone with no problem
  4. Hughes almost tipped that home off the feed from Yegor
  5. Dangit horrible time for the D to change
  6. I just heard Cangi say the Devils have PP goals in 4 straight games. And 8th best PP since December 22. I would have NEVER thought this possible
  7. LOVE Bratt stepping in and defending Hughes
  8. How do refs determine “embellishment”?
  9. What a pass by Severson and what a move by Bratt!
  10. I had one sent end of July and it’s still not done. I called and asked about it I think early December and they said they were behind on all team orders and that they hadn’t even gotten to the regular consumer orders yet.
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