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  1. Lol watching this Game 6 rerun and they go to Brian Engblom for analysis. Could his glasses be any smaller?
  2. Watching now. Forgot about the FOX robot animations everytime a team scored a goal lol
  3. Me too. This team had a tenacious forecheck and that 4th line were a bunch of overachievers.
  4. Why are we so beastmode in these simulated games?
  5. Looks like the NHL will also be suspended https://www.nj.com/devils/2020/03/coronavirus-prompts-nhl-to-suspend-regular-season-whats-next.html?outputType=amp
  6. What a pass by Nico to Wood!
  7. Even quoting Independence Day...and yep Dano knew that fat lady sang a looooooong time ago
  8. Uh how did Wood miss that?
  9. Yep. Huge for him and the team to take a big step forward in his development
  10. Dangit if only Hughes converted on that breakaway
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