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  1. I remember that game very well because there was a douche Rangers fan yelling “F Marty” the entire time. With tons of kids around in our section. Someone finally complained and he eventually got moved/kicked out in the second period from what I remember. But it was miserable being in the cold and because of that guy.
  2. I want this hat…where can I find this hat
  3. Thought he had time but he should know how relentless this Canes team is. Terrible turnover there almost leading to a tying goal
  4. McLeod has really stepped it up in the playoffs
  5. Got super lucky there. Should be 1-0
  6. I thought we were doing 12-6. I see 7 defenseman
  7. Yep. Canes have the matchup advantage at home and will use it well
  8. I feel for those who paid good money to watch this hot garbage
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