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  1. Wow I went to the wrong game this weekend. What a start! Keep it going boys!
  2. Oh I was talking about from last year to this year. I should’ve been more specific
  3. Seriously I don’t understand how a team that looked so good could suddenly look so bad
  4. There is no cohesion. It’s so discombobulated with this team right now. It’s painful to watch
  5. This team is making it way too easy for the opponents to score
  6. The fact that this combines my love of the Simpsons, Baymax, and the Devils is truly awesome
  7. I’ll be there today for my only game of the year. Let’s Go Devils!
  8. Your internet was trying to save you the trouble
  9. This. Schmid at least deserves a look no?
  10. Another odd man rush. Another goal. And another with Smith on the ice
  11. It’s almost like someone made a bet with Ruff saying “bet you can’t make the playoffs with Smith in the lineup every night” and Ruff went “challenge accepted”
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