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  1. Our guys need to work on vision. A couple times we had a cutting skater that would have been wide open for a great scoring chance but the guy with the puck didn’t see them.
  2. Great pass by Severson. Great cut to the net by McLeod
  3. Butcher instead of shooting passes to no one in particular
  4. That was a very small window to shoot that puck and he found it. Great goal
  5. This was inevitable. Even before the terrible decision to only fine and not suspend Wilson
  6. Lol I’m listening on the radio too and Chico’s laugh is awesome haha
  7. Absolute joke that he didn’t get some sort of suspension
  8. No one wanted to pick up Bergeron?
  9. We have 7 shots on goal...they have 32
  10. We don’t know how to do that
  11. I wanted him to get the hatty so badly instead we get scored on
  12. Sharangovich is feeling it tonight!
  13. The fact that he has more points than our top 3 point getters combined is just depressing
  14. What a move by Bratt. The same one against Ottawa years ago
  15. After the timeout THAT’S the best defense he came up with?!?
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