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  1. what a move by Hughes. Rings one off the post
  2. Its been the Blackwood show so far. We are getting severely outplayed
  3. Haula with the bullseye from deep
  4. We are keeping up the theme of the night by being in mid-season form
  5. That stupid backwards pass just gave the Rangers the second SH goal of the game
  6. Thought for sure Wahlstrom was going to score on that one. Great save by Vanacek
  7. I see we are still leaving people wide open right in the slot
  8. Geez that was a wicked wrister. 1-0 Islanders
  9. Yea could and should have cleared a couple times but other than that good job defending at the end
  10. The modern day Alexei Morozov is out of our division! I won’t miss seeing that guy at all
  11. Dude you’re welcome! It was my pleasure to give you the tickets. Glad you got to see them win
  12. https://www.prohockeyrumors.com/2022/07/more-on-johnny-gaudreaus-free-agent-decision.html
  13. Yea in 6 years he’s never even played 70 games in a season and has only hit the 60 games played mark twice in those 6 years.
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