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  1. Same for me. It would have to be an offer I can’t refuse type of deal to trade away the 2nd overall pick
  2. https://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/34074648/tampa-bay-lightning-brayden-point-return-injury-game-6 Would be nice if he could play tonight
  3. Two posts for the Lightning in this period.
  4. Lol Ferraro almost said 2-0 Rangers. He wishes
  5. Kucherov! What a pass from Palat
  6. Yea I wanted to get a jersey stripped and recustomized and was about to order until I saw this
  7. Let’s go! Do it again on Tuesday!
  8. What a horrible time to take that penalty
  9. Lindgren mauls Stamkos. No call
  10. That goal didn’t even excite me. This team still doesn’t look good But hopefully it wakes them up
  11. Vasilevsky finally making some big saves
  12. Kucherov has to bury that breakaway
  13. They are playing some pretty uninspiring hockey right now
  14. Apparently Tampa hasn’t beat the Rangers yet this year. That needs to change tonight
  15. Did anyone see that EPS doesn't strip jerseys anymore?
  16. Dang Rangers have home ice for this series
  17. It’s actually crazy how bad they are on the road
  18. Pickles with the apparent go ahead goal but was deemed a kicking motion. I didn’t see a kicking motion at all
  19. Game over. Going back to Carolina 2-2
  20. Dang that was a loud ring. Igor never saw it but of course he gets saved by the post
  21. Dangit Rags take the 1-0 lead. On the PP of course
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