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  1. Devils finally win against Columbus!
  2. Bratt!!! I was wondering where he was
  3. Wow Zacha’s attempt....
  4. Dangit so close for Hughes!
  5. Severson just got robbed How is Goose so dang money in these?
  6. I hate our chances here
  7. What was Subban thinking going 1 on 3? To the skills contest we go
  8. That slap pass by Gusev was perfect...if only Butcher could have finished it
  9. Of course they tie it up. Of course
  10. I forgot that he was a UFA
  11. I’m afraid of what the Rangers will get for Kreider
  12. Blackwood with straight robbery!
  13. What a play by that top line!
  14. Oh sorry hehe. That he was
  15. The specific one was on the rebound that looked like a sure goal. Forgot who had that chance on the replay it was the save on Jenner
  16. What a freaking save by Blackwood
  17. Merkley is on fire!
  18. I was at the game tonight. Quiet crowd for the first two periods and rightly so. So the first two periods my hat was facing forwards. Then I decided to put it backwards right before the 3rd period. And poof! 4 goals in 4 minutes!
  19. I would be pissed if we traded Coleman
  20. My favorite idiotic Flyers fans moment was actually at the Prudential Center. The Devils lost the game either 4-1 or 5-1 but as I’m walking out of the building I see two Flyers fans arguing and then wailing on each other. I understand after a loss with the opposing teams fans but after a road win with your own fans? That took the cake for me
  21. Lol Blackwood almost ruined his shutout
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