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  1. Reunited and it feels so good... We both are so excited cuz we're reunited...
  2. Sorry to all u Larsson lamenters, you are so wrong it's ridiculous. This is the most exciting move since we landed and resigned Kovy. Exactly what the franchise needs. Can't wait to see him skate with Henrique again. Thanks Shero!!!
  3. Let's not forget player-coach Reg Dunlop of the Charlestown Chiefs. Fan: "You guys gotta stop losing. Get the power play together." Reg: "Yeah, we're working on it."
  4. Had a connecting flight thru Minneapolis and they have parise and Suter T-shirts prominently displayed at the entrance to a store in the concourse. Did a double take and felt a little sad. I don't hold anything against him, but it did take me aback a bit for a second. Later two guys I was sitting next to at the bar were discussing Suter and parise. minny fans are very excited to have him. The parise shirt was number 11, not 9.
  5. Win or lose, we always booze!
  6. Slasher, they don't have to fly Tony Robbins in, he was at game 3 and probably wouldn't, since he's a kings fan and was hired by McNall in 93 to psych up the kings, for reals...
  7. That whistle was way too quick. The Devils should have been given at least 5 or 6 more whacks at it
  8. Regardless of what anyone says about the refs, if the Devils can't score on 7 powerplays, they don't deserve to win. That said, it's not over yet.
  9. Can we please score a powerplay goal? That was the make up call right there.
  10. The puck was under his pad, there was no way the ref could see it. They basically pushed Marty into the net to spring the puck loose. I don't believe in any conspiracy theories, but that was one sh!tty piece of refereeing right there.
  11. The Wayner quotes Gordie in the intermission, "You can't score if you don't shoot." Josefson, are you listening?
  12. It's not tough to understand for us Canadians For anyone interested in the darker side of the dream, and a story of what happens when you give it up/throw it away, this movie is fantastic: The Rhino Brothers
  13. Doesn't Mark Howe work for the Red Wings as a scout? When I got a tour of the Rock and we were up in the rafters where the press and scouts sit, he was on the list as part of the Red Wings org. Back in 1995 I watched the Devils win the Stanley Cup against the Wings in Parry Sound, the birthplace of Bobby Orr which is proudly proclaimed on every sign you see driving into the city. When I was living in Toronto, I used to watch a lot of old hockey on Leafs TV, because they replay whole games from when they were winning Cups in the 60s. They beat the Wings in Detroit to win a Cup, and during the p
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