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  1. Hey, CR...........I'm just responding to all the Helleybuck rumors and salutations. I 100% think that Schmid may be the answer (See how I hedged myself) He's as cool a cucumber as one can see in a netminder. But I think that Nashville will have to make a decision pretty soon, maybe this off season on their goalie situation and that is where we should be focusing, IMO
  2. Not trying to beat a dead horse, but it was as simple as I would make a hockey post and the comment from this guy was, "God, you're dull"............lol.........what?!?! Just no getting around it, every single post I made he and the other one would somehow make it personal. Good riddance, go away and never come back. Stick to your Devs threesome text group and leave us the hell alone. Now, let's look towards Nashville and snag one of those goalies, Saros or Askarov, not Hellybuck
  3. I truly hope his young, innocent child will thrive after this brain surgery nightmare. Also, that being said, I don't have any trepidation posting here now and a return (which isn't happening) would be awful May God look over your son and grant the doctors the power to help him in the best way they can
  4. Well that would be me. Sorry, I've seen enough of VV and though I do believe Akira is the future, but I'd be good with it Sorry if that offends anyone senses
  5. Wow! Just freaking wow! So much fun to stress through!! Way to go boys
  6. You and I are on the same page Epic EFF them ALL
  7. I was at all the games that year........(God I was broke) and I believe Driver tied up Game 2 with :03 left..................then they lost. And yes, Lemaire went with Terreri and that really seemed to work. Game 6 was the last playoff game Marty did not start until he retired.
  8. Is Gritsyuk another Yegor?
  9. '94 v. Boston down 0-2 at home. Won 4-2 I was merely looking for the playoffs this year and would have considered that a success. However, after watching this team play, I am not satisfied unless they get a round or two It can be done by this team.
  10. Freakin' love that kid............... (He's younger than my youngest.......!)
  11. Took me a little while, but he has been solid. At one game I was at, I was standing right by him and I told him he's doing great. We chatted, I told him he has a bright future. He was very nice and frendly. And I was soooooo close to telling him to never call a stick a "twig" again because it's cringe worthy.................but I haven't heard it since early in the year so I let it pass lol
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