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  1. Hello Lucas! Adorable I had two rules for my boys (23 & 21 now) their whole lives............one was political and I won't delve there..............but the other was pretty straightforward and very serious. They could root for any team in any league they wanted......................except I would disown them if they ever rooted for the Rangers! They got it. And MB3 stop taking unwarranted shots and let's move forward
  2. Burakovsky out again tonight. Hoping for a return for Game 5
  3. Thinking of your bride, CR. I, too, know of many success stories including literally my entire family. She will be in my prayers
  4. Kudos to the Rag fans that helped
  5. Why not? Nystrom went from an awful skater and the Isles hired a skating coach. You said you couldn't think of any so I gave you one
  6. 3 Cups playing against 5 other teams for decades Watch Studenic gets the GWG
  7. I'm totally in agreement......... but I would 100% definitely entertain dropping 1 or 2 max and seeing how it shakes out
  8. What's the return on going from #2 to #3? All you suggest.....? I dunno
  9. lol, I didn't even notice Worth a shot at this point. You literally cannot give up
  10. Have you delved into this? Not sure how common a name his is, but it's a business about "Recreation"........... and there's a business address https://www.dnb.com/business-directory/company-profiles.hannu_kamppuri.673dda117ec22cb5111dca28cd743982.html Then saw this....someone else was searching for him (maybe you) and someone posted this, but it's a decade ago Hannu Kamppuri Vaarnatie 2 H 37130 NOKIA Finland
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