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  1. Get it back to the smelly Garden PLEASE!!
  2. Oof Brain fart Thx!
  3. Thanks Ok that explains Seattle Devs and Calgary both 38-39-5 Calgary is 9
  4. What is the deal with the Devs being slotted 10th when Calgary and Seattle have the same amount of points? What's the next criteria for draft order?
  5. Not reading this whole thread. But is anyone else incensed that MacDermaid didn't take on Neanderthal Dumi's kid after his unprovoked assault on Nemec?????? LOOK at that protection he gave his superstar who had ALREADY handled this non-scrum Without hesitation he dropped and went after Nemec The Devs let Jack and Nico get pummeled without ever any retribution
  6. What's the draft simulator saying now?
  7. I'm all in to pummeling Fox and/or Panarin heavily into the boards. Majors? Don't care Punish them incessantly and no quarter
  8. Seamus didn't play against MSU Still undisclosed
  9. Isn't that what they say about Stillman?
  10. "Livid"? lol No way a top 10OA should be traded, imo and Sundstrom's Ghost is correct
  11. Tom Chorske with a dagger goal in that game as well. So painful
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