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  1. That Valiquette is on the same crappy level as Glen Healy. Two losers
  2. I am soooo disappointed I blocked my loony cousin on Facebook...............He was one of those who literally told me Kakko "played with men" HAHAHA damn I wish I hadn't
  3. You know what.....this is GREAT!! We can actually talk Devs hockey and not have to worry about being slimed by bitter people Kudos to you all
  4. Yeah but there comes a point where enough is enough
  5. If Bratt is that fragile..........see if they will do a 1 for 1
  6. Why would SJ, or anyone else for that matter, (if they’re dealing from a position of strength) even want Holtz? I root hard for the kid and I know he’s young but sheesh he looks lost when he out there. I’m looking elsewhere on Devs roster. I read today that Horvat for a 1 and Stillman, apparently his brother plays there.
  7. First game of the year for the Leeds Klan Let's make it a W!!
  8. Virtue signaling biting him in the arse
  9. The tad of sympathy I was garnering for her just went away
  10. Jimmy Leeds


    lol.......just perusing Amazon and X'ed out to link in through here..............!!
  11. This is as bad as it gets..............there are no words to convey that will abate your grief. I am so sorry. Please tell me that there is an active and strong investigation by the local authorities. You described a serious crime and I hope the locals are looking into this. If not, you'd better get on the horn with them and push it.
  12. Nothing sh!ttier than waiting all off season and Game 1 not readily available
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