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  1. Jimmy Leeds

    Devils 2018-2019 news and notes thread

    In hindsight? I was ecstatic when he bailed
  2. Jimmy Leeds

    Back to the Future of the Past 80's vs Toronto 1/10/18 7PM GDT

    It's a shame we've worn such ugly unis for so long. The only bad thing is my 1988 white jersey isn't unique anymore. I know the opinions differ, but just so nice the green white and red. Best unis in the league
  3. Jimmy Leeds

    Back to the Future of the Past 80's vs Toronto 1/10/18 7PM GDT

    Loss or not...........those uniforms are simply beautiful and no doubt we should have never switched to the horrid ones we've seen our boys wear for 20+ years I implore Ray to go back
  4. Jimmy Leeds

    2018-19 Around the League Thread

    lol. I'd love to divulge more. He's not my relative or I would. It'd be better if he was on the Devs because he did speak freely
  5. Jimmy Leeds

    2018-19 Around the League Thread

    lol.........I don't give too much away on this site. Suffice to say it's the first time I met him, but I've followed his career since he was drafted because he is related to someone I know well. Great kid, but it was still more exciting meeting Gordie Howe at my son's U12 soccer game, lol
  6. Jimmy Leeds

    2018-19 Around the League Thread

    I'll text you
  7. Jimmy Leeds

    2018-19 Around the League Thread

    Was talking with Andre Burakovsky a little while ago for a while and he asked me what's up with Schneider!! lol I asked him how much time he had. I did fill him in on his recent injuries and surgeries and his apparent mental health. He mentioned MoJo's shoulder injury. He also mentioned how strong the Devs looked early in the year. He was even baffled Andre is a good kid. Like for him to be on the Devs. RFA after this year.
  8. Jimmy Leeds

    2018-19 Around the League Thread

    From an excellent authority, Caps may want to trade Andre Burakovsky. I can see the Isles being interested. Trots liked him. He wouldn't hurt us. Vancouver, LA are interested
  9. Jimmy Leeds

    GDT: Stars @ Devils 7:00 PM MSG+

    Lol, sure you are
  10. Jimmy Leeds

    2018 Offseason Thread

    Pretty sure it was Chuck Thompson. I'm looking for pictures in the booth where there is a sand timer
  11. Jimmy Leeds

    2018 Offseason Thread

    There was an old time Baltimore Orioles radio announcer (for like 50 years) and he had a small sand timer that he'd flip and every time it ran out, he'd say the score. Probably easier with baseball I'd imagine
  12. Jimmy Leeds

    2018 Offseason Thread

    Agree. The 2 or 3 times I met him as a player I felt he was a major douche. (I think it was his alcoholism) Now, whenever I have the pleasure, he couldn't be any nicer. ***It didn't attach, but I am agreeing with jagknife about Dano***
  13. Jimmy Leeds

    2018 Offseason Thread

    You thought he was drawing on the screen because this is what happened: Right before this goal, there was a timeout by the Devs. The camera was on the huddle. Whoever the Assistant Coach was, whoever was diagraming the play, drew the play EXACTLY on his clipboardy thing...............no one said anything until it was all dais and done. (I remember saying to myself that that was exactly what was drawn up) Then afterwards someone picked up on it and showed the huddle again where you can see the AC diagram exactly what later transpired. But, in reality, it was literally the only thing they could have done anyway, but it was just perfect.
  14. Jimmy Leeds

    2018 Offseason Thread

    Hasn't he been hurt?
  15. Jimmy Leeds

    2018 Offseason Thread

    Can someone please enlighten me as to when we all agreed McLeod is not going to be good? What did I miss?

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