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  1. So sorry to hear this about your son! Wishing you all well
  2. On another note................... I'm scrolling ahead on the NHL Network because I enjoy those 'Raising The Cup' games they'll play in sequential order. Wouldn't you know it..............from what I can gather, the programming ends with the '94 Cup and the next one I see is the '18 Cup Anyone notice this?
  3. AAh thank you guys. I thought they could drop like we did the Larsson year So all hopes of having #4 are dashed. Damn!
  4. Hold on.............why can't Arizona finish 4th and then we get it? Yet some of these say they can be 1.......but not 4? What gives?
  5. Oh boy.......NJD #1, Yotes #4 and Canucks #17!! Yeah Baby!
  6. How did Arizona do in those simulations?
  7. Imagine being the SC loser and only getting 4 weeks off
  8. if this is the case.......shouldn't the teams all have played the same amount of games? At a minimum?
  9. Yes........this will screw up all the picks
  10. Throw a big wrench in there boys
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