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  1. Jimmy Leeds


    In my strictly fan eyes...............he's been awful
  2. You should keep your head down as well!
  3. Lol. I had Ranger fan friends asking me how could the Devs GM pass up on Kakko
  4. That's literally the silliest thing I have ever read
  5. Fine But do you expect him to sign here? Personally, I do not
  6. You'd think the Rangers just won the Cup............... Rags, Opening Night Champs
  7. With this 9 game situation everyone talks about............. Wouldn't another player need to be exposed to the waiver wire just to have that spot for Smith to do the 9 games? Seems silly to do that
  8. VZ, i appreciate the feedback..........they are pretty cool, I just have no way of shipping a poster like this, lol If I figure it out, I'll reach out
  9. It was Stevens and Brodeur. The NHLPA was pissed at the both of them. They said they wanted to win........... that they did.
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