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  1. How did Thompson look the other night? They were high on him last year before the injury
  2. Hey, didn't know where to ask this.................... Has anyone "cut the cord" from Cable and gone elsewhere? My biggest hesitation, obviously, is losing Devils games........... Any help would be greatly appreciated
  3. Don't worry...............the new 87,000 IRS Agents won't care
  4. Well my son had a different take and loved it 1,000%
  5. One of my son's is into F1 and told me about it. He was at the Hungarian Grand Prix last year and missed the Melbourne GP in '20 by a week due to Covid
  6. Love the Beautiful game Go Gunners
  7. If Bratt's guy proposed that and Fitz didn't run to the table, then I'm at a loss
  8. That's why when I bought my "real" old White home fight strap Jersey back in '88, I left it blank
  9. Absolutely love these! Slide a little green in there
  10. What was it..........5 days differetn and Luke would have been in this year's draft? It's almost like the Devs drafted 2 and 3 this year and snatched them both. They'll both be playing by the end of the year with the big club
  11. Langway's injury was a clear accident. Pretty awful though
  12. My last semester at College. This had to have been a Saturday because after being at the Sundstrom game............ and watching the first 6 games (what a whacky series).......I was working an Equestrain Event (horse jumping) and was frantically trying to listen to Game 7 on the radio. Don't think I found it Great MacLean goal and GREAT win that night!
  13. My Father had split season tickets for the Flyers in the late 70's.........up in that upper ring (If you remember the old Spectrum, it was way up there) I saw some GREAT teams back then, the Habs, the Isles, yes even the Rags were pretty darn good then. I rooted for whoever was playing the Flyers I rooted for the Isles then and when the Devs came I started watching them but didn't make the switch until '85 when I went to my first Devs game. Been die hard ever since. Was at Sundstrom's 8 point game versus the Caps in '88 Saw a multitude of PAINFUL playoff losses Was at both SC wins at home Can thank BCDevil for the '03 win after I hooked him up with an ECF game ticket versus then Sens (Where has BCDevil gone?) HAVE ALWAYS HATED THE RAGS
  14. why is this the one transaction that hasn't popped up on tsn.ca/nhl?
  15. I guess you must mean my post from 30 or so pages ago about the Devs offer to him It is most definitely hearsay in the legal sense since it wasn’t told to me by Burakovsky himself. That’s cool, I get the skepticism, no biggie. However, the dollar amount is true, I didn’t get full terms, just dollar amounts. I can say my source is good but it’s neither here nor there because none of that will ever come out and of course I can’t say who told me so take it for what it’s worth It was strictly money for him now. He’s got his two Cups Just so you know, I don’t make a habit of making up sh!t for blanks and giggles, if I did, I’m sure I could come up with something better, lol
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