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  1. Devils re-sign Coleman and Noesen

    I wonder if he's going back to #40
  2. World Cup 2018

    Congratulations Moustic Well deserved. and yes, I'm still bitter Denmark was eliminated on penalties !!
  3. 2018 UFA Thread

    Perfectly stated in both your posts
  4. 2018 UFA Thread

  5. 2018 UFA Thread

    Lol, ok. Yes, his Twitter is like if he makes a million guesses, he'll eventually might get close to a deal
  6. 2018 UFA Thread

  7. 2018 UFA Thread

    Ok, ok............I don't pay attention to who knows what. Don't shoot me
  8. 2018 UFA Thread

    I understand there was debate on the validity of the twitter pare NHL Confidant. But........he just tweeted Maroon to St. Louis for 1 year and Shero pretty much killed the Karlsson trade. And I Quote: " Just to keep my loyal followers in the loop, I have confirmation the deal is dead. Cold feet from Shero sent this into a tail spin. NJD still believe in Zacha, but are completely willing to move Speers. Can conform Zajac submitted 5 team ok trade list"
  9. 2018 UFA Thread

    Who are you referencing when you say people are "bitching" about this? It's a relevant fact in a players decision if they have that option as a FA. Especially in a salary capped sport. No one is bitching that I've seen, just discussing it as a fact of life
  10. 2018 UFA Thread

    I disagree, but no biggie. I've always thought state tax laws were always somewhat involved in decisions. Can be extra millions of dollars. Rumor has it Tyler Seguin is on the block.
  11. 2018 UFA Thread

    And getting in and out BLOWS CHUNKS
  12. World Cup 2018

    1982? They lost the final After an incredible Semi v. France I'm still just crushed Denmark is out. I will have a hard time watching Croatia/Russia Saturday when Dansk was so friggin' close to getting to a Semi
  13. 2018 UFA Thread

    Little article on Maroon https://www.nhl.com/news/patrick-maroon-arranges-surprise-mini-golf-game-with-12-year-old/c-299361956
  14. Adam Larsson traded to EDM for Taylor Hall

    I wonder if Lou would have picked Falloon. I doubt it https://www.si.com/vault/1992/08/24/127024/death-of-a-goon-cocaine-steroids-and-alcohol-contributed-to-the-fall-of-hockeys-john-kordic SI story from '92 on Kordic
  15. What’s your max offer for Tavares

    Bingo. Tax reasons I am shocked not even a conversation with NJ