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  1. Because our boys let him. Par for the course
  2. Colton is dead to me Hope he nver puts a NJ sweater on
  3. Years ago when Jeremy Roenick was on Philly............they played a variation of the dreaded "trap:...............and he called it, "exciting defense"..........haha
  4. Should go back to it full time
  5. Yep.......he gave it back to him when Curtis was on top of MAF and he could have EASILY ripped it
  6. He's at the point he's totally pass first. That's not good. Craps in his head it appears to me
  7. 100% I don't see a long career for Yegor. Hope he's saving his money
  8. Dude never had a chance to make it
  9. Steve Thomas............................my least liked Devils player of all time Well, him and Tikkanen, but Tikkanen was only here like 8 games I understand, I just held a different view Ok, what the heck is FTFY, lol?
  10. Of all the players on this team's history, Mack is the one you wanted gone more than any other? I could pick 50 Injuries hurt him and we could all see it Whatever, it is what it is
  11. I watched that game. He was lights out I was one of the very few that still believed in him. We'll see I guess
  12. Honestly, I could not care less. That being said, I already hate the NY team
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