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  1. All I could think about watching that goal waved off was Game 3 in LA in the 2012 SCF when Marty had the puck under his pad for a couple of seconds and the King pushed him in the net and they counted the goal.
  2. Jimmy Leeds

    Hughes or Kakko

    Did you see this article from February inside your post? Another good read https://www.eprinkside.com/2019/2/8/cohen-hughes-will-go-first-and-heres-why
  3. Ha, it literally drove me friggin' crazy.......lol
  4. Jimmy Leeds

    Hughes or Kakko

    I would most definitely listen. Can't hurt to listen
  5. Jimmy Leeds

    Hughes or Kakko

    Ha, I literally just saw that in the other thread. My bad. Toss Horvath in
  6. He's not an obvious Ranger guy in my opinion. He gives the Devs their due. Plus, I liked him on the Devs broadcasts way back in the day
  7. My Lord, could anyone have told Shero his Devs pin was upside down in after post lottery ball picture?
  8. Jimmy Leeds

    Hughes or Kakko

    Brooks wrote today something along the lines of expect the Devils to get a "massive offer" from Vancouver so they can get the Hughes brothers together. Guess they have a thing for that They pick 10. F*ck that https://nypost.com/2019/04/10/kaapo-kakko-or-jack-hughes-rangers-hit-nhl-draft-jackpot-either-way/
  9. Jimmy Leeds

    Hughes or Kakko

    Thank you Old? You're a kid
  10. Jimmy Leeds

    Hughes or Kakko

    It's insane this kid is in between both my son's ages. Anyway, Nolan Patrick's injury history was most definitely a factor during that draft. I read Hughes missed the World Juniors (was it?) with an injury. What is his injury history?
  11. Jimmy Leeds

    Hughes or Kakko

    Since I honestly know nothing about these two, I say how can you pass up a name like Kaapo Kakko?
  12. ^^ Thank you Tri. I asked clumsily, but that is exactly what I was looking for. That's a huge gap.
  13. Can someone help me (lol) Ideally we want to at least get to 3rd from bottom, 29, correct? Ottawa (Colorado) isn't happening, and 30 is improbable. Is the big deal here is 29 as opposed to 28 because of how far can either of those numbers drop down the draft is significant? I get there is more chance, however slight, of getting to #1, but it's the slide down that is the issue? Thanks
  14. Have to get a subscription for the Athletic article unfortunately
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