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  1. third man in

    We Got Rutuu

    I don't think it's going to go down but it might not go up as much as originally thought. This article touches on it briefly.
  2. I agree with this 100%, I'm fine for rotating guys and adjusting the lineup when you're not winning, but if you want to put a 4th line guy in a top 6 role, it should be Carter or Bernier, not Gio.
  3. I didn't buy a single piece of SS merchandise, I just have my ticket and that's all I need. Those parkas were decent though, how much were those going for? The coaches jackets are $599 on Shop.NHL.com, what a joke.
  4. Like it or not, if Salvador is healthy, he's playing.
  5. It really is, he's a legend here and will forever be one, but it's clearly time for us to move on and let Cory take the reigns. There'd be no shame in him retiring at the end of this year but he's a competitive guy and still wants to play so I understand it from that perspective. It'll be really odd if he ends up in another jersey though.
  6. Clarkson is not going to be happy about the Swedish coach just disrespecting that water bottle like he did.
  7. I'm totally okay with this since Gelinas has been a bit frustrating as of late, but I just wish our veterans were held to the same standard that our young defensemen are.
  8. Finally, Salvador, Volchenkov, and Janssen in the lineup together.
  9. Pavelski is on the team. I wouldn't say they are slow, they may not be the fastest team in the tournament but they have some guys who can fly...Kessel, Wheeler, Fowler, Kane, etc.
  10. Orpik is a good NHL defensemen on NHL sized ice but I'm not sold on him for the larger ice. If Bylsma isn't the coach, I don't see him making it.
  11. Not taking Pavelski would be mental, he was a lock.
  12. Big oversight by team USA management not putting Greene on the long list, I know Bylsma is the coach but Martin and Orpik over Greene? I'm not sold. Still can't believe Bobby Ryan was left off the team either.
  13. I'm at a loss for words with this one, goodness.
  14. Deboer's rationale is that those guys were cold since they weren't playing much in the third. I get that, but still, nothing else is working, why not try them out there?
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