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  1. I think the problem with Trenton is that there is no local ownership group willing to take the financial risk of running an AHL team and operating an arena in Trenton like there is in Bingo and Utica. From what I remember, the Devils were being paid $1-2 million per year to have their AHL franchise in Bingo. The owners of the Devils did not manage or control the arena. Seemed like a really good deal for the NJD. I would be interested to see what their demands on Bingo where.
  2. It also helps that there is no state income tax in Nevada, while Cali taxes the hell out of you for just breathing their air. And it's not just CA. People and companies are leaving NYC in droves and heading to other parts of the country (FL, TX) with much lower tax rates and costs of living. Telecommunting is here to stay and it is likely going to force high tax states and cities to find innovative ways to retain population and high income earners.
  3. Instead, they end up being poisoned to death. I'm not trying to start an international incident or get into a lengthy discussion on US/Russia geopolitical thinking. I'm also not saying that the news "media" in the US isn't a propoganda machine, but Putin's government has an "interesting" way of dealing with dissidents that's for sure.
  4. Fondest memory of the cattle corral bridge was walking back across it with my dad after the Devils won the Cup in 1995. It was so loud in there, you couldn't hear yourself think. I was convinced the people banging on the corrugated metal sides were going to cause a panel to break loose and fall onto the roadway below. That thing was originally constructed as as temporary bridge with a life span of approximately 5 years. It was there for almost 20. Gotta love NJ.
  5. My father and I had a rule back when we went to games at CAA ... if the Devils were winning or the game was close (tied or 1 goal difference) with under 5 minutes left, we stayed. If the game was out of reach, we left the first whistle under the 5 minute mark. Fast forward to today ... my kids want to stay to the end no matter what. They even want to stay to hear the on ice interview after a win then we rush out immediately after. They pass out in the car so, thankfully, my wife doesn't get mad when we get home after 10 pm on a school night. For some reason I find it 10000x easier
  6. Also, had one of the coolest Devils mask in recent history. Too bad it only saw game action once. In all seriousness, I kind of feel bad for Comrie. He gets claimed off waivers by NJ, has to quarantine for 14 days, is off COVID protocol list for like a week, then has to quarantine for another 2+ weeks due to the Devils Covid outbreak, then gets claimed off waivers by WPG and now has to quarantine again for 14 days upon his return to Canada. The guy has basically been stuck in a hotel room longer than Tom Hanks was stuck at JFK Airport in the movie the Terminal.
  7. LOL! That was my first reaction too.
  8. I didn't realize they were requiring people to use their own testing service. That's a total sh!t show. No private insurance will pay for that testing, making it stupid expensive just to attend 1 game. If people are that hard up to watch an NBA game live, go for it. But if the Devils implemented a similar protocol, that would be a hard pass for me.
  9. NJ has free testing provided by municipalities and counties. In Morris County, the testing site is the county college where you go into a large room with several tables spaced more than 6 feet apart and proceed to spit into a tube until it reaches a certain line. It's gross, but its free and the results come back within 24-48 hours right to your email. Regardless, I'm likely to stay away this entire season and hope to be vaccinated before the 2021-22 season starts.
  10. Bro ... World's Most Famous! You can't keep Broadway shuttered. Oh wait...
  11. I agree. Ironically, it's NY that is opening up to fans before any of the other northeastern states. Kids can't even play youth hockey games in NY, but 1800 people can go watch a game at the Garden. Makes sense.
  12. I agree with you. I will pass on this season, even though I've had covid and have a miniscule chance of getting it again the next 3 months. To each their own, but the hassle of getting tested before every game doesn't seem worth it for me. That policy also doesn't seem like a practical solution for major sports like hockey, baseball and basketball where teams can have multiple homes games each week and have large numbers of season ticket holders. Testing results take 24-48 hours to come back, and if you use a private facility you need to pay for the tests. Doesn't seem so bad for football
  13. They definitely can't throw caution to the wind and will have to follow the protocols like every other team moving forward. Hopefully nobody is having major complications or symptoms and will all come back healthy shortly. I can't imagine that they will be forced into game action right away though. The players have been off the ice for over a week, and most likely 2 by the time their quarantine ends. They will need a few practices to ramp back up I would think.
  14. Relax. I wasn't being serious, and was trying to draw out the only positive from an obviously bad situation.
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