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  1. I can't see how Simmonds won't be on Hughes' right wing to start the season. He was brought in to be a bodyguard for Jack, as much as he is here to be a net front presence.
  2. The Rags fans still do the Potvin Sucks chant every game. The Isles fans do a Rangers sucks chant every game. It's not like we are the only ones doing it. It has become a tradition, for better for worse. If it gets the fans engaged and making some noise, I'm ok with it. The annoying part with the Rangers suck chant that we do is (a) that it is done 10x per period, and (b) the part about how the Flyers swallow, Crosby watches, Avery gives a reach around, Kane's a rapist, etc., etc. I mean, all of that may be true, but its a little classless to broadcast it to the world like that 41 nights a year. Just my 2 cents.
  3. Yes. Although a Devils Logo on the Pope's hat would really be the holy grail.
  4. Ray did use his ingenuity there because, if it wasn't for Hall, Nico and Hughes wouldn't be here. Mr. Lottery Ball is worth keeping around for another year solely for the guarantee of getting next year's #1 pick (Alexis Lafreniere?).
  5. Selfishly, because I hate the Rags, I hope this ends up being like the Kane/JVR draft, and not the Taylor vs. Tyler draft. That said, I don't think you can go wrong with either player and the Rags are going to be happy with whoever they get. I personally am thinking Hughes will be and should be the pick, as his skating and hands are off the charts. But my concern with Hughes is that he seems to play on the outside and pulls off of 1 on 1 puck battles too easily, even when he played in the U18 tournament a few weeks ago. Kakko plays a hard and heavy pro style game and he is ready to step into the NHL right now. I will say this though ... some of Kakko's goals, like the one yesterday, look great and require a lot of skill, but really are the result of horrible defense and goaltending. But the way he is manhandling guys like Suter is impressive.
  6. You pay that for McDavid, and maybe even a guy like Matthews. But definitely a big NO for Marner at that price. Great player, but not franchise changing
  7. I don't think Hughes will end up as a center either, especially early in his career. Can see him in a Patrick Kane role as his size and strength are his biggest deficiencies at this point.
  8. My seats for next year in the defend twice balconies went up $126 each over this seasons price. Not a huge increase, but definitely an unnecessary one. What has this organization done to warrant such an increase? They consistently put a losing, sub-par product on the ice. Nothing about my game day experience has changed over the last few seasons. The perks of being a STH keep getting worse each season. At this point, I think I'm done and will go on the Stubhub ticket plan, which will give me better seats at a cheaper cost.
  9. That was just brutal. It felt like they were playing NHL 19 with all of the assist modes still turned on. If I wanted to watch NHL 19, I'd just play the game. In fact, when I do play it with my kids, I turn all that BS off. Just let me watching the game in peace, without bombarding me with useless information. As for the comet tail trailing behind the puck, it's just annoying. My eyes kept getting attracted to the stupid gray line following the puck, rather than where the puck was going. I get them trying to attract the casual viewer, but haven't they learned that this is not the way to do it. If people have trouble following the puck along the near side boards, then come up with tech that allows you to track the puck when it is there, but only when it is there. The rest of the ice, people need to open their eyes and figure it out. It's not rocket science.
  10. Seeing how horrible Bingo is, I don't think it will make much difference. He's going to get shelled with little help in front of his net in both the AHL and NHL, so let him stay up here and get used the speed of the game, the shooters and their tendencies.
  11. I can see where this is an effective tool for teams to use behind the scenes. But if that crap starts showing up on broadcasts, its brutal and would ruing the viewing experience for most fans. The broadcasts are cluttered enough. This would make it 100x worse.
  12. If Greene was a UFA at the end of this season, I could see a team taking a shot with Greene at the deadline. However, with 1 more year left on his deal at $5 million, I doubt that trading would be a possibility this year.
  13. It amazes me how people just want us to spend money for the sake of spending it. There was nobody worth over-spending on in FA last offseason once we realized Carlson and Tavares were going elsewhere. I would argue that his pursuit of JVR was stupid, and thank god we didn't end up signing him to the contract that Philly did. This year's FA class looks much better than in years past (at least at F). I fully expect Shero to open the pocket books and legitimately attempt to sign a few guys on July 1.
  14. Hard pass on Talbot, unless you are looking to tank next year as well. No easy answers in net for NJ. Although at least they bought themselves a little time with Cory and can send him down to Bingo for a "rehab" assignment once he comes off IR. They should leave him down there until he gets his head and game back together, even if it means sending him through waivers to do it.
  15. Was thinking the same thing. A little disappointed he won't be at the WJC. From all accounts, he is having a good season in their top league, so I thought for sure he would be there.
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