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  1. Very surprised that they let Gallant go. He is a good coach, so I wouldn't be opposed to having him behind the bench next season. However, Seattle might be itching to get him since he has experience building a successful team out of nothing already.
  2. I think it is the opposite. Based upon the press conference, it sounds like Ray was ready to break it down and start Rebuild 2.0, while the owners want to win now and aren't ready to wait for another 3-5 years before we can contend for a playoff spot. Basically the exact opposite of trusting the process and what they did with the 76ers. The way they approach the trade deadline will be telling. This is just a mess now. I don't understand not offering Hall any contract at all, allowing Ray to trade him, then firing the guy a few weeks later saying that the team doesn't win enough as the reason for his dismissal. Hall was the best player on this team. If you are going to try to contend in the near term, you need players like him in your lineup. IMO, when Ray came to the owners and said his plan was to trade Hall, that would have been the time to fire him based upon their lame reasoning given in yesterday's press conference. I started watching the Devils in 1985. Maybe its selective memory or the fact that I was young and didn't comprehend or care about the front office stuff, only what was happening on the ice, but while they were bad back then, I don't remember this level of dysfunction.
  3. Rangers want to move the Queen, but he doesn't want to go anywhere and has a full NMC. If he went to them and agreed to waive, the Rags would move him in a second in order to keep Shestorykin (sp) and Georgiev as their cheap goaltending tandem for the next several years. Rumor is that they brought the kid up to play recently in order to avoid having him go back to the KHL as he wasn't happy playing in Hartford. Rags are in a tough, but enviable, spot with their net situation right now. My hope is that the Queen refuses to move and plays out the remainder of his contract forcing them to trade Georgiev.
  4. It's all about jersey sales. Generally speaking, fans buy more of the home jersey than the road jersey.
  5. He was basically floating the idea that the Devils are shopping Palms (and everyone else on the roster not named Hughes and Hischier), the Bruins would be a perfect fit for Palms as he would slot in as their 2RW, and all it should take is Bjork and a 4th round pick, a la the Charlie Coyle deal from last year. Cites to 1 unnamed assistant GM for backing as well as the fact that Palms trains up in Foxboro in the offseason. This trade makes total sense for the Bruins and very little for the Devils. I believe Bjork, although a good prospect, has had 2 major shoulder injuries already, and is on the last year of his ELC. If Shero made that deal, I would be really pissed. Palms is under contract for another year at a reasonable AAV. He loves playing here, is great in the community, is a consistent producer, and can help teach these kids how to be pros. We can't have a roster full of 20 year olds. There is no reason to trade him unless the return is something ridiculous that you can't turn down. This seemed like a filler piece by the writer because there are no real stories to write about during the dog days of the NHL season.
  6. That was the best offer the Devils got for Hall. It's a typical offer for a high end rental player. Shero should have allowed teams to speak with Hall's agent RE: an extension if he expected a return better than this, although that was likely to be a futile game considering he seems hellbent on going FA on 7/1. Unfortunately, this sets back the rebuild another 2 years IMO. So disappointing after the optimism that we had this offseason.
  7. So you want to trade Hall, Wood, and OUR 2021 (unprotected) 1st to Colorado for Byram and a 3rd?????? You absolutely cannot be trading away our 1st in this deal. The 2021 pick is probably a lottery pick. I would have to think (hope) a better deal will be available to Shero than that.
  8. Domingue stinks. he might be better than Cory has been this season, but that's not saying much. Based upon Hynes' comments, it seems like the plan is to play Blackwood as much as possible over the next several weeks, with Louie getting the odd start here or there. Looks like the long term play is to send Cory down to get him some game action to see if they can straighten him out and get his head right by playing a bunch in Bingo. He clearly was a liability and wasn't going to play here in NJ, so sending him down is the right move. They hope that he can get things right so they bring him back up later in the season. Where they go from there, who knows. A buyout will hurt as he still has 2 more years after this one on his deal.
  9. I would do a trade centered around Hall for Johnny Hockey in a heartbeat. Would have to give Calgary rights to speak with Hall's agent about an extension prior to the trade to make the deal work, but it is something I hope Shero is entertaining if not actively looking into at this point.
  10. Toronto would sign me to play in net for them before picking up Cory off waivers at his full $6 million+ cap hit. They basically can't afford the players they have. They definitely can't afford adding Cory to that payroll.
  11. I can see PK settling in the area should the Devils keep him for the next few years at least. NHL Network films out of Secaucus, and NBC Sports is based in Stamford, CT. Not to mention the numerous daily talk shows filmed out of NYC, if he's looking to go that route. It's a good area to live if you want to work in media for your post-playing days career.
  12. I personally don't boo the team, and didn't do it last night. However, they ABSOLUTELY deserved to be boo'd last night, after the cumulative blown leads and BS play that the fans have witnessed at home this season. It's ridiculous. Score 5 and are up by 2 with 12 minutes left in the game and need a goal with 7 seconds left in regulation just to salvage a point. There is no excuse for it, regardless of who the opponent is. I try to stay optimistic, especially early in the season, but between Cory whiffing on glove saves that my 8 year old son could make and Hall making blind passes at the offensive blueline that results in a turnover, odd man rush, and a goal against which would get a pee wee benched, its impossible to think that this season isn't an utter disaster at his point. The fact is that Hall, PK, Cory, and the other top players on this team are generally underachieving and this team is not good enough to overcome it. I'm just frustrated and have had enough of watching the same thing happen over and over again. Something needs to change.
  13. The old cow corral tunnel was the best. Small, dark, crowded, with corrugated metal walls that everyone would bang on after a big win. I remember when the built the "new" tunnel that the original was only meant to be temporary and last 5 years, maximum. It was there for like 20 years. The walk through that tunnel going back to the car after winning the cup in 1995 was something I will never forget. I thought that thing would collapse right onto the roadway below. Now I want a pretzel out of a shopping cart thinking about doing that walk with my father before and after games at the CAA. Good times.
  14. Nico is playing, but is with Zacha and Gusev. Hughes stays with hall and Palmieri. Blackwood in net. Butcheris out. Carrick, Boqvist and Bratt are scratches.
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