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  1. Happy for Coleman. He was a great pickup by Tampa and was a contributor to their success in the playoffs. As others have said, the Devils need to make that trade with where we are at (or not at depending on how you look at it) with our rebuild. Hopefully Foote and pick #20 are building blocks and core pieces to get us where Tampa is now a few years down the road.
  2. This is very true. Without COVID shutting down Harvard hockey and likely all college sports until 2021, Walsh goes back for his senior season and is probably a 50/50 bet to sign his ELC with the Devils. I'm sure his contract with the Devils will include a provision providing money for him to return to Harvard to complete his degree in the offseason. Hell, with the online classes Harvard will be offering students in the fall semester coupled with the fact that there is no way the NHL/AHL seasons start before December, he likely will be able to continue his schooling and graduate on time in t
  3. This is what I'd want. I would not reach that high for a goalie. I know he's been compared to Price, but my philosophy would be to wait until that 3rd 1st round pick and, if Askarov is still there, then its a huge win for us and you take the kid. If not, you move on and grab another goalie in the 4 or 5th round.
  4. The series against the Rangers does not count as playoff games. Therefore, to get the 3rd, Crisis is correct. The part the Devils and Carolina are fighting about (which will likely end up in arbitration) is whether a 5 game or longer series against the Rangers in the qualifier round triggers the conditional 4th round pick. I can't see how an arbiter in good faith could say no to the Devils position on that. Those games count for something and are not exhibitions. But this is the NHL, so you need to take logic completely out of the equation.
  5. The CAA is still standing. However, the interior of the arena has been converted to a sound stage used by production studios to film TV shows and large musical acts to practice for an upcoming tour. I'm sure everything could be converted back to make the arena playable for hockey again, but I highly doubt the Islanders will go down that road. I'm sure they will be back at Barclays next year if there is a season with fans allowed to attend games. If no fans are allowed to attend games, then I highly doubt there will be a season at all. But if there was, they could possibly use their practi
  6. I don't think so. I thought they stated that the playoffs are deemed to begin only after the play-in series are completed and the remaining 16 teams vying for the Stanley Cup will be considered playoff teams for the draft format. Only the NHL can say that in one breath, then say that the stats from the play-in games will count as playoff statistic in another, even through the teams that lose their respective play-in series will not be considered playoff teams. So, in effect, you have players that will accumulate playoff stats that never actually played in a playoff game. Totally makes sens
  7. Beat me to the punch on this. I saw the same thing. If that's true, it will be tough for a number of teams to operate without substantial financial backing from the league.
  8. I read somewhere that the NHL has been modeling different scenarios. In the one where they are required to keep fans at a 6 foot distance in all directions, most arena capacity will drop to anywhere between 2500-2800 people. I can't imagine the teams (especially mid and small market teams like the Devils) will not lose a ton of money in that scenario which will call into question whether the next season should restart without fans or with limited numbers of fans in the building due to social distancing. The Devils have been really good about dealing with STH's and payments for next yea
  9. I couldn't agree with this more. I wear the mask indoors when shopping, but its usually a short period of time and I absolutely hate every minute of it. As much as I want to go back to the Rock and watch some Devils hockey, I doubt I will be doing it if I have to wear a mask for 3 hours.
  10. From what I read, it's approximately $500 million across all TV deals in the US, Canada, and abroad. Not chump change, and losing that revenue will have a very real impact on the cap at some point. That is the main reason why both the owners and players are so interested in making sure a playoff occurs. While the league is more gate driven then the NFL, MLB, and NBA, its TV contracts are not insignificant and still make up a good chunk of hockey related revenue on an annual basis. On the other hand, the AHL is completely gate driven and the fact that they would have to restart withou
  11. From what I understand, if the Playoffs don't happen, then the NHL owes NBC a large portion of its TV revenue for the 2019-20 season back. It could be the same for Sportnet in Canada as well. According to Bettman, NBC pre-pays for each season, which means that the NHL would not receive the equivalent to the lost TV revenue for the 2020-21 season, or that amount could possibly be stretched out over the remainder of the TV contract, which isn't that long. That is a large chunk of league revenue that will vanish, and have a severe negative effect on the cap for 2020-21 and/or 2021-22. The Lea
  12. I had that hat too. The logo without the circle just looks right on the black jerseys for some reason, the same way it did on that hat. I don't like it on the red (at all) or white (it's ok but not great). The more I look at this mockup, the more I'm hoping for something like it if/when they introduce a 3rd that isn't a retro.
  13. That's one of the better 3rd jersey concepts I've seen. I'm not a fan of the all black look, but that is pretty good overall. I like the state outline on the pants too. Well done.
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