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  1. It's not a great comparison. K. Hayes got his $$ in free agency, when everyone is overpriced and every team overpays. Nico has a number of controllable years left before he hits FA. I get what you are saying, and agree that Nico is a much better player than Hayes, However, as others have already said, Shero clearly thinks hes going to seriously outpace his average production to date and it is better to lock him up long term at a higher value than he would otherwise get now, which is a gamble I would take as well. I also think this deal eats into 1 or 2 of his FA years, which will drive the AAV up. Like the signing. Love Nico as a player and a cornerstone of this franchise for the foreseeable future.
  2. Please win this F'ing game! Let's go Devils!!!
  3. Although I was being overly dramatic, the fact remains that he's been pretty bad through most of the first 6 games here and his net front presence in the D zone has been weaker than I expected. Playing him with Severson is a mess. I expect PK will get better, but he's disappointed thus far.
  4. milestone moment coming up on Thursday.
  5. That, and the players that comprised those R-R pairs were also atrocious. Carrick and Tennyson are both AHLers that were absolutely dominated yesterday. That pair can't happen (ever) again. PK plays small in front of his own net and has no idea how to clear the crease. Getting out-muscled/positioned by Dadonov on the 6th goal is a perfect example of how bad he's been. Then you throw in the stupidity, with guys trying to force passes when they aren't there, make plays through the neutral zone when dumping the puck deep is the right and only play (looking at you Palms), and others being completely out of position and lost in their D zone coverage (I have no idea what Simmonds was doing or where he was going on FLA's 5th goal), and it all adds up to a miserable start to the season. fvcking unbelievable.
  6. It was Boqvist that took the penalty. Accidental high stick that drew blood.
  7. There is no reason opening night shouldn't be a sellout. Friday night game, with more buzz surrounding the offseason for this team in decades, plus the #1 pick making his debut. This game should sell itself. It's sad that there will be 2000+ empty seats, regardless of whether they paper the house and call it a sellout.
  8. It's going to be Naughty by Nature. After the VMA's, and PK and Hall both endorsing the song on Twitter, I would be shocked if they went with anything else at this point. Howl was fine and should have stayed the goal song.
  9. I will be there with my sons. This is the most excited I've seen them for a home opener. Can't wait!
  10. Yes!!!! Buffalo has Let me Clear My Throat, which is awesome. I'm completely in on this one.
  11. It sure as hell didn't hurt Lawrence Taylor's performance.
  12. For argument's sake ... how do we even know he was motioning to a woman? Could have been a dude for all we know.
  13. I can't see how Simmonds won't be on Hughes' right wing to start the season. He was brought in to be a bodyguard for Jack, as much as he is here to be a net front presence.
  14. The Rags fans still do the Potvin Sucks chant every game. The Isles fans do a Rangers sucks chant every game. It's not like we are the only ones doing it. It has become a tradition, for better for worse. If it gets the fans engaged and making some noise, I'm ok with it. The annoying part with the Rangers suck chant that we do is (a) that it is done 10x per period, and (b) the part about how the Flyers swallow, Crosby watches, Avery gives a reach around, Kane's a rapist, etc., etc. I mean, all of that may be true, but its a little classless to broadcast it to the world like that 41 nights a year. Just my 2 cents.
  15. Yes. Although a Devils Logo on the Pope's hat would really be the holy grail.
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