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  1. Chuck the Duck

    Alternate Jerseys

    How about Tersey?
  2. Chuck the Duck

    Alternate Jerseys

    It's all personal preference. I am fine wearing my old jerseys that I have had for years.
  3. Chuck the Duck

    Alternate Jerseys

    I still don't like the new jerseys and will never buy one. They are just very bland to me, and the arm stripes are ill proportioned. The only parts I do like is the redesign of the shoulder yoke and the championship collar. Surprisingly, the homage to the 1912 Newark Bulldogs just doesn't do anything for me. As far as a 3rd jersey goes, I'm fine with either a retro or a black based design. As long as they don't use a cartoon logo like the B-Devils have, I'm ok with it. Generally, the designs for 3rd jerseys are terrible and do not hold up well over time, therefore my expectations for this are extremely low.
  4. Chuck the Duck

    2018 UFA Thread

    Maroon took less money and term to go to STL to be near his kid. Nothing the Devils could do there, and the rest of the FA market that made it to July 1 (outside of Tavares) was garbage that got severely overpaid. Shero is giving the kids a chance to step up here. Let's hope 1 or 2 does.
  5. Chuck the Duck

    2018 Offseason Thread

    With guys coming out of their rookie deals getting 8 year contracts at over $5 million per, I think there are going to be a lot more teams in Winnipeg's position in the future. They clearly want to keep that core together (with good reason), but it has taken longer for them to develop into a contending team and, as a result, they are going to have to contend with being in cap hell for the foreseeable future.
  6. Chuck the Duck

    NJ Devils 2018-19 Development Camp Starts July 10th

    Maybe, but just not in his head or heart. Honestly, I think the kid has the talent to make it, but it doesn't seem like he's desperate enough to get there. Making the NHL is almost impossible, and unless you have otherworldly talent (which JQ doesn't have), making it without hard work and dedication will never happen.
  7. Chuck the Duck

    Adam Larsson traded to EDM for Taylor Hall

    Probably. Tavares has put up those numbers more consistently, and is a center, which gives him more value. But he left money on the table to go to Toronto, so I'm assuming Hall's looking at getting Tavares money which I am fine with.
  8. Chuck the Duck

    What’s your max offer for Tavares

    I think all teams in the Metro (outside of the Isles of course) were basically told thanks, but no thanks by JT's camp. I can't imagine any scenario where the Devils (or most teams in the league) didn't at least call and inquire about him. Best case scenario is he leaves our division and our conference, meaning we only play him 2x per season. We never had a chance at getting him, so I'm hoping we see him as little as possible going forward. At this point, I think it's between the Isles, Toronto and SJ for him. If he does go to Toronto, they better hope the cap rises significantly in the next few years otherwise they will be in utter cap hell trying to get all of their young talent under contract.
  9. Chuck the Duck

    Adam Larsson traded to EDM for Taylor Hall

    That's an amazing backstory, and I never knew anything about Leeman and Iafrate (who's shot was almost as ridiculous as his hockey flow). I was talking strictly from the Devils perspective and with hindsight being 20/20. At the time, I remember Kurvers was a good defenseman that put up points, and I was a little bummed they traded him. But with how everything turned out in the end, and with what Niedermayer ultimately became for us (I still think he was underrated during his time here), I have a hard time coming up with a trade that had as much impact or worked out better for this franchise.
  10. Chuck the Duck

    Adam Larsson traded to EDM for Taylor Hall

    That was, hands down, the best trade in Devils history. If you mention it to a real Leafs fan that has a clue, they're still pissed about it.
  11. Chuck the Duck

    2018 Offseason Thread

    I personally think Calvin DeHaan would be a solid pickup provided he is healthy.
  12. Chuck the Duck

    2018 NHL Draft Thread

    No. But there is a rare hairless beaver sighting!
  13. Chuck the Duck

    2018 Offseason Thread

    I think this is right. Plus, sometimes the people running these rinks have connections with the Rags and automatically default to them when looking to partner on things. I know that's the case with Protec.
  14. Chuck the Duck

    2018 Offseason Thread

    That's true. The Devils have done a better job these last few years, but they don't invest in grassroots community efforts at the same level as teams like the Rags and Flyers and it hurts them.
  15. Chuck the Duck

    2018 Offseason Thread

    Skylands is a sh!thole. That said, they aren't the only rink in north jersey pulling this crap. Protec Ponds in Somerset also partners with the Rags, and hosts their learn to skate program during the winter. Nothing you can do to stop this from happening, but you know if it was the other way around, the Rags would be bitching about the Devils invading their territory.

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