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  1. If they massively overpay the way Philly just did, I'm ok with it. If I'm Buffalo, I don't make that deal without 1 of Laf or Kakko being involved (with Laf my preference by a mile).
  2. Hagg, the 13th overall in this draft, and a 2nd for Risto???
  3. Unfortunately I think you are right. I don't know how much longer the majority of NHL teams can survive financially without fans in the stands. Hoping things level off with the Covid #'s and it doesn't get to that, but the spike we have been seeing the past few weeks is worrisome.
  4. To me, taking a flier on Logan Stankoven with the 29th pick makes sense. He's undersized, but could turn into a guy like Point or DeBrincat. Supposed to have tremendous skill that would have put him in the top 10 if he was 6 ft.
  5. I was just commenting on general everyday things that I see with the younger generation and how they go about life. I wasn't excusing Mailloux or the situation at all. It's f'd up and there is no excuse for his actions regardless of his age. Kids his age know right from wrong and he knew or should have known better than to (a) video the act without her consent, and (b) show his idiot teammates. He's getting out ahead of the story a bit by taking his name out of the draft this year. It will be interesting to see who drafts him in 2022 and whether any of the teams that came out publicly and said that they had taken him completely off their board change their tune next time around.
  6. 100% correct regarding the generational thing. It amazes me at how much they are obsessed with capturing video of everything so they can post it on social media or show their friends later, rather than watching it live and carrying that memory for the rest of their lives. So many people (of all ages really) are measuring their self worth by the number of likes they get on a post, it's really sad and pathetic.
  7. I didn't watch the entire show last night (it was borderline unbearable the part that I did see). However, I don't think Larsson made an appearance. I can't see them trading away any of the guys that they flew out to Seattle that appeared on the stage. That would be weird and unnecessary. However, I can see Larsson getting dealt today with Seattle acting as the middle man in the contract negotiations and picking up draft picks/prospects in return. BTW...ESPN is terrible. Other than 30 for 30, there isn't anything on that network that i tune in to watch. Kevin Weekes' on location segments were the best part of what I saw. Chris Fowler knows nothing about hockey (or geography for that matter) and he's the guy you picked to do this. Not a great start for ESPN's coverage of the NHL.
  8. Rumor was that the price Seattle was asking from teams to select 1 unprotected player over another was ridiculously high and GM's got wise to the game Vegas played last time around and weren't wiling to pay it. The John Quennvville pick from Chicago baffled me the most. He is a good AHL player with low (or no) NHL upside. I don't get that one at all, just like the guy they took from the Flyers whose best attribute is that he's big. Losing Bastian is not great, but I can't fault Fitz with his protection list at all. Unfortunately, Seattle picked the best player from our team that was left unprotected, instead of taking a flyer on a guy like Johnnson or Butcher.
  9. I think they are going to take Johnsson, which is probably best case scenario for us. Bastian is a close second. I don't think they go near PK, although they could carry him for 1/2 a season and flip him at the deadline for picks or flip him now and retain 1/2 his salary for a pick. I just don't think there is a big enough market for him out there to make it worth Seattle's effort.
  10. Since we likely won't be getting Hamilton absent a massive overpay, I'm on board with having Larsson as a plan b in FA. He's a right hand D and is solid defensively. Pair him with a Ty Smith, and it gives us 2 solid pairs with Graves-Severson, Smith-Larsson, and a 3rd pairing of Siegenthaler-Subban (assuming he isn't claimed by Seattle). That D isn't going to win a Cup, but it should be much improved over last season.
  11. Miami is where a lot of Russian players go in the offseason, so I'm not surprised they are on the list when you factor all of that in.
  12. Looks like we are on the same page. Sweet! Just make it happen Fitzy!
  13. It's amazing how opinions are all over the place with the top prospects this year. Should be a fun 1st round. Hopefully we select a D and that player turns into a solid top pairing guy down the road.
  14. I don't know how they will fit Hall (even at a reduced AAV from what he is currently making) and all of those other players under the cap. Unless they intend on bringing in Hall and trading away Marner or Nylander to pickup help on D or future assets, it doesn't make sense.
  15. Chuck the Duck


    What a joke. Can't say I'm surprised with the everyone is great, participation trophy society we now live in.
  16. Gomer is perfect for this role. I love these types of segments where you get a real peek behind the curtain of what goes on inside the locker room and at the NHL level.
  17. This is my sentiment as well. Like others have said, I trust the front office to make a call as to who they believe is projected to be the better player. Give me the best player available at 4, regardless of position. It just so happens that this year is a D heavy draft, which fits our needs more. If the pick is Hughes, Clarke, or Beniers, I will walk away happy.
  18. I get the same feeling. I think we are going to have either Hughes or Guenther fall to us at 5 if that is the slot we pick in. I would be fine with either, although I would prefer a D man with our first pick in this draft.
  19. I think Eichel has 4 years left at $10 million/season, so no need or ability to extend him. Not sure what it would take to get Eichel, but I think it starts with Nico and one of our firsts this year. I don't think we have the depth or assets to reasonably pull this trade off. I think he ends up with the Rangers and, hopefully, it costs them a ton. Laine makes the most sense to me. He's a pure shooter, can finish the feeds he would get from Hughes, and would be a PP monster. He has serious defensive issues, but hopefully Tortorella is never named coach here so maybe another coach can find a happy medium with him somewhere in the D end. Not sure what it would take to get him in a trade, but it won't be anywhere the same as the cost of Eichel.
  20. I guess you and your daughter ALMOST got what you wanted.
  21. And, most of all, Barzal, who many had predicted we would take with that pick. Zacha was not as bad as many people were saying, and is not as good as the overhyped expectations the fan base had for him based upon his draft slot. The fact that he was rushed into the NHL when he clearly wasn't mentally ready stunted his development. However, he keeps improving the offensive side of his game (even if it's a slow progression), which is a good sign as he's still young . He is better on LW and has proven to have some good success on the PP, which is important. Would I take him over the guys you mentioned - absolutely not. But is he a legitimate NHL player that can pot around 40-50 points and be part of the core of this team moving forward - I believe so.
  22. Someone told me the new guy is Bob Galerstein. I think he was the PA guy towards the end of the Devils run at the CAA. He also was the Rags PA guy when they won the Cup in 1994. It just threw me for a loop hearing him instead of Kevin Clark when I was watching the game the other day. I'm sure he will do a fine job, but I personally would prefer them to bring back Bob Arsena (not sure how old he is now or if he's even around anymore).
  23. Love seeing the young guns playing well. Sharangovich looks great on Hughes' wing. On a unrelated and random note - what happened to PA announcer Kevin Clark? Had some random guy doing the PA at the game last night .
  24. No. That said, I did enjoy watching him play during his brief time here. He was an edge of your seat player where, every time he had the puck on his stick you thought something was going to happen and he brought you to the edge of your seat.
  25. I agree with you 100%. The success of Netflix and the cutting of cords has inevitably led to this - and it's only going to get worse. The Yankees are already starting to broadcast games over Amazon. I'm just waiting for every NFL game to become PPV.
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