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  1. I never was mad at Bernier. It was a bad play, but there was no reason for the team to meltdown and give up 3 goals on the ensuing PP. The biggest problem was the call itself as it should have been a 2 IMO.
  2. Makar wasn't even the first D-man selected in that draft. There were stories about the Devils liking him and possibly selecting him at 1 or trading down to take him at 4, but the consensus was that it was Nico and Nolan as a toss-up for the first and second picks. Thankfully, we went Nico over Nolan, otherwise that draft would be been a total disaster. Hindsight is always 20-20, but nobody could have truly known that Makar would become a generational talent and clearly the best player in that draft when the Devils stepped to the microphone to make that selection, especially since he is a smaller D who had just finished a season in the AJHL (not the WHL, OHL, or QMJHL) .
  3. Can you imagine them taking Cooley with the #1 pick. Those fans would riot and burn that building to the ground. Count me in for that level of chaos.
  4. Nothing compares to Doc. He was just the best there was (at least in my lifetime). But Cangy did a great job filling his shoes. I was surprised that he is stepping away from this job as he seemed to enjoy it, was good at it, and started to get national recognition and gigs. Wish him nothing but the best. That said, while I like Kenny Albert, I think the Devils broadcast is better served by someone not associated with the Rangers or is lined up to take over their PxP job once Sam rides off into the sunset. Kenny is a great announcer, but I get the feeling that he would be here a few years, then move over to the Rags. That's not worth it. I've been following the Utica Comets a bit this year and have heard all of their posted highlights on Twitter. Their PxP guy is really good and would be a great replacement for Cangy IMO. Give that guy the call-up to the National.
  5. I agree with this 100%. Take the best player available regardless of position or make a trade down to compile additional assets. I'm going to leave the D out of the argument, but if Cooley is #2 on the Devils draft board, you take him. If it is Slaf, then that's the pick. I'm not going to pretend to know these kids and I haven't watched more than 1-2 games for each of them. But it is much easier to move a C to wing than it is to move a wing to C. If there is separation between Cooley and Slaf on the draft board, you take Cooley and move him to LW with Nico. That said, if all things are equal, you have to take Slaf. His projection is exactly what this team needs in its top 6 and he will (hopefully) open up space for Jack by being that net driving presence his line lacks.
  6. If i was to bet, Bernier is done and will be LTIR next year.
  7. The Devils have beat writers? Even that sh!t rag the Star Ledger doesn't send anyone out to cover the games, and their HQ's used to be 3 blocks from the Rock.
  8. Trotz implements a defensive structure that the Devils are lacking and desperately need. If he is willing to come here, you have to take a run at him. However, I don't see it happening as the Devils seem set on keep Ruff next season.
  9. I'm in line with SD here. The injuries are something a team/org with our lack of depth simply cannot handle, especially at key positions. Losing 1 G was bad, but losing both for extended periods of time causing you to rely upon young rookies who are clearly not ready and a cast off journeyman who never had any NHL success to speak of is something most teams would struggle with. Add into that having Jack and Hamilton (our 2 most important skaters) out for 2+ months, and it's not shocking we are where we are right now. What is disappointing is the lack of production from guys like Tatar and Zacha, and the clear regression of Smith. What's worse is the fact that this team is softer than Charmin and way too easy to play against. That has to change, regardless of who is in the lineup.
  10. If it was designed by the geniuses in our front office, then it'll say "YORK" in script and pay homage to the Utica Blizzard of the Colonial Hockey League.
  11. It took them 26,012 takes, 54 broken sticks, and 2 shattered panes of glass in the RW corner before he actually hit the "target." Based upon the per hour ice costs, it was the most expensive scene ever filmed in Jackass history.
  12. Yup. I refuse to purchase a jersey because I hated the red home redesign and hated the Jersey Jersey even more. If the Devils didn't give me new jerseys every 5 years as part of my season ticket plan, I would be rocking the 90's Niedermayer, Brodeur, and Stevens jerseys in perpetuity.
  13. Assuming Blackwood is done for the season, they should sign or trade for another goalie to finish out this year with Gillies in the NHL. Send Schmid back down to play in Utica and split time with Daws. Let them both continue to develop and have success in the A rather than put one of them in the NHL where they are not ready to play. Embrace the full tank mode and Suck for Shane the rest of the way.
  14. Same can be said for the Newark Bulldogs, but the marketing geniuses keep forcing that irrelevant story line down our throats every few days. I fully expect to see a Newark Bulldogs jersey (with their logo as the crest) pitched as our reverse retro 2.0. Then they will sell it as just another homage to the long tradition of professional hockey in the garden state, and part of their greater rebrand of the franchise that apparently became stale because we didn't have a 3rd jersey for 38 years and not because the on ice product is completely unwatchable most nights.
  15. Two steps forward, three steps back with this team. Just when they look to be turning a corner by playing some entertaining hockey, 1/2 the lineup is out with illness or injuries. There just isn't enough quality depth in this organization to deal with stretches like this. Nico can't seem to catch a break. Started to turn it on and look really good over the last few games, then goes out (probably for a few weeks) with another injury. Is it too early to start the "Suck for Shane" thoughts?
  16. That's scary. Hopefully it just needs rest. We all know how hip surgeries work with goalies.
  17. The answer is simple. Just don't buy them. That is all the suits really care about and the only reason third jerseys even exist in the first place - to take more of your money. If they sell horribly, they will be gone for all eternity when the contract with Adidas ends in 3 years. I hate these jerseys. The black base is really the only good part about them. However, what I hate more is how hard this organization is trying to push the narrative that they are something wonderful that we all should enjoy. They acted yesterday like they were completely rebranding the franchise with this being the new primary. The giant "Jersey" jersey banner at center ice during the hype video and national anthem is almost as cringe worthy as the play on the ice the past 9 years. I really am concerned that the morons in our front office are intent on replacing the crest with the Jersey script BS permanently. Hopefully they saw the reaction to this disaster and understand what a massive mistake that would be. However, it might be hard to see and hear the masses from their ivory tower so nothing would surprise me.
  18. Provided he stays healthy, this deal will look great towards the latter end of it. I love that he committed to the full 8 years as this team has the potential to be special down the road with the core guys that have already committed to being her long term. Let's go Devils!!!
  19. That's 100% correct. The NHL apparently told them that they need to consider our fanbase like an original 6 franchise and that changing the logo would not go over well. Can you imagine if they ignored the league and went with that cartoon character logo? That would be 100x better than what they rolled out.
  20. Yup. That is the most concerning thing of it all. This organization is completely tone deaf. The rumor at the time was that they toyed with changing the logo when Adidas took over the uniform package for the league, and they were talked out of it by the the NHL. These guys/girls are clueless.
  21. They act like we are an org. that has no history of its own, so let's look back to other low level (irrelevant) teams that have played in the state over the years. I can see Seattle or Vegas doing something like this, not a team with 40 years of history and 3 Stanley Cup wins.
  22. This is 100% right. In fact, I'm willing to bet that Marty had little to nothing to do with designing this thing. He probably sat in a meeting or 2 in order to review various designs and they are using him as a marketing ploy. These things are hideous.
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