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  1. Two steps forward, three steps back with this team. Just when they look to be turning a corner by playing some entertaining hockey, 1/2 the lineup is out with illness or injuries. There just isn't enough quality depth in this organization to deal with stretches like this. Nico can't seem to catch a break. Started to turn it on and look really good over the last few games, then goes out (probably for a few weeks) with another injury. Is it too early to start the "Suck for Shane" thoughts?
  2. That's scary. Hopefully it just needs rest. We all know how hip surgeries work with goalies.
  3. The answer is simple. Just don't buy them. That is all the suits really care about and the only reason third jerseys even exist in the first place - to take more of your money. If they sell horribly, they will be gone for all eternity when the contract with Adidas ends in 3 years. I hate these jerseys. The black base is really the only good part about them. However, what I hate more is how hard this organization is trying to push the narrative that they are something wonderful that we all should enjoy. They acted yesterday like they were completely rebranding the franchise with this being the new primary. The giant "Jersey" jersey banner at center ice during the hype video and national anthem is almost as cringe worthy as the play on the ice the past 9 years. I really am concerned that the morons in our front office are intent on replacing the crest with the Jersey script BS permanently. Hopefully they saw the reaction to this disaster and understand what a massive mistake that would be. However, it might be hard to see and hear the masses from their ivory tower so nothing would surprise me.
  4. Provided he stays healthy, this deal will look great towards the latter end of it. I love that he committed to the full 8 years as this team has the potential to be special down the road with the core guys that have already committed to being her long term. Let's go Devils!!!
  5. That's 100% correct. The NHL apparently told them that they need to consider our fanbase like an original 6 franchise and that changing the logo would not go over well. Can you imagine if they ignored the league and went with that cartoon character logo? That would be 100x better than what they rolled out.
  6. Yup. That is the most concerning thing of it all. This organization is completely tone deaf. The rumor at the time was that they toyed with changing the logo when Adidas took over the uniform package for the league, and they were talked out of it by the the NHL. These guys/girls are clueless.
  7. They act like we are an org. that has no history of its own, so let's look back to other low level (irrelevant) teams that have played in the state over the years. I can see Seattle or Vegas doing something like this, not a team with 40 years of history and 3 Stanley Cup wins.
  8. This is 100% right. In fact, I'm willing to bet that Marty had little to nothing to do with designing this thing. He probably sat in a meeting or 2 in order to review various designs and they are using him as a marketing ploy. These things are hideous.
  9. Definitely will be out before Christmas. Gotta capitalize on the holiday rush. Ronnie from Jersey Shore can't wait to get his hands on this baby so he can wear it when he out clubbing is Seaside come Memorial Day.
  10. Seriously, all 12 people that go to Riveters games liked their new unis? Congrats Cory. Doesn't change the fact that this leaked "Jersey" is ugly and unimaginative. Oh, and since it apparently wasn't clear a few years ago when they included the bottom black stripe on our home jerseys, nobody knows about/cares about the Newark Bulldogs. Why the hell does Adidas feel the need to keep honoring their eternal legacy of failure and irrelevance? I don't get it. This is exactly why I didn't want a 3rd jersey that wasn't a retro. The morons at Adidas, in conjunction with the corporate shills in the Devils front office, were bound to screw it up. They are clueless suits that can't get anything right. I will not be purchasing one of these disasters, and hope they don't sell at all so we only have to deal with a year or 2 of seeing them on the ice before they are pulled out of rotation forever. They should have made the reverse retro our alternate jersey and been done with it. And if they had to go with a black jersey, I agree with several other posters who said that each and every fan design out there, including the Gabbagol and Bada Bing designs, would be an upgrade over this atrocity.
  11. You are 100% right. Things like the coat drive/canned food drive should not be stopped due to Covid. Its for a good cause and should directly benefit people in need. I'm always leary of donating money to ubiquitous organizations because usually the people in need get pennies on every dollar donated, with the rest going to things like "administrative costs."
  12. I don't know if Holtz is ready, but we have tons of injuries, including to Hamilton who is a major shooting threat on the PP, so I guess it makes sense to give him a taste now as they can run the main shot option on the PP through him on the left side, rather than the top of the umbrella until Dougie gets back.
  13. That's what I did when COVID started to entertain the family when we were locked down with nothing to do. Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+ are all part of the bundle which is great now that the NHL is back on ESPN and streaming tons of games each week on ESPN+. I always thought about but never pulled the trigger on the center ice package in the past. This is so much better for the money.
  14. Couldn't agree with you more. She is brutal to listen to and, while Kevin Weekes is knowledgeable, he's much better on a studio show on NHL Network than he is as a color commentator that needs to think quickly on the fly. Basically, everything about that broadcast last night was terrible, including that Rags shrill Linda Cohen commentating between the benches. Other than their 30 for 30 series, ESPN sucks. As for the game, I fell asleep before the start of the 3rd. Team looked lifeless after the first 10 minutes or so. It's going to be a rough trip out west if Hamilton is out the next few games. Hopefully its nothing serious and he's back in the lineup soon. If he's out long term like Jack, we're screwed.
  15. This has to be only for people with seats that come with access to the M Lounge. If not, then I might be getting a BMW.
  16. I totally forgot about Boqvist. Completely didn't realize he was even still on our NHL roster. He would make the most sense although I can't see him as a 4th line player. I honestly believe he should be in Utica get tons of minutes in the Top 6.
  17. I don't consider Zacha a C. He can play there in a pinch, but is really ineffective in that position. That leaves us with Nico, Mercer, McLeod and ??? for what likely will be 4-6 weeks. Not great. The only C's on the Comets roster are Zetterlund, Talvitie, Schmelzer, and Flynn. Maybe we give Zetterlund a look.
  18. Jesus ... we've played 2 games and we already are in injury hell. Glad to hear that Jack didn't need surgery, but the caveat to it all was the wording "at this time." It's the Devils, and we know how day to day equates to month to month with "upper body injuries" for this team so I'm not getting too excited yet. Plus, he will always be at increased risk of future shoulder dislocation which isn't great for an undersized NHL player. The depth at C (or lack thereof) is a major problem in this organization. Maybe they can coax Zajac out of retirement to be the 4th line C if things go sideways and Hughes' injury is more long term than short.
  19. The teams does the right thing by moving us to other comparable or better seats whenever there is an issue. In the past, it was like once or twice per season (nothing so far this year). They definitely take care of us when this happens, so it's not something I make a big deal out of since all we do is go to guest services and get moved for that game. I like our seats and the people we are sitting near. We have a crazy schedule and can only get to 1/2 the games (at most). The tickets are cheap and relatively easy to re-sell, so I haven't really looked to move. My point simply was that the arena apparently sustained roof damage during Sandy and here we are, 9 years later, and it still hasn't been fixed. I know for a fact that there were other roof leaks effecting other sections of the arena that were not fixed as of the 2019-20 season. That's just 1 example of poor maintenance practices for a major facility such as this.
  20. The building is 14 years old and has had tons of use. It's not the cutting corners of construction that is the biggest problem, its the lack of repairs or regular maintenance over the years that is the issue. We've had a leak above our seats since Sandy happened in 2012. Every time there is a heavy rain, water drips down on our seats. Over the last 9 years, the only thing they have done to rectify the problem is replace the ceiling tiles when they get saturated to the point that they fall on the seats below (luckily we have never been in them when the tiles fell). Now, they have completely given up and have installed these wire mesh grills in place of where the ceiling tiles should go. So now there is nothing to stop the water from literally raining down on us during a game when there is inclement weather outside. Same thing with the bathrooms. Plumbing needs to be fixed, fixtures replaced, etc, but it is all left to rot throughout the course of the season before any repairs are made.
  21. I married a Rangers fans and, slowly, over a number of years and with the help of my kids have converted her to a Devils fan. She still has her Rags jersey though. We made her hide it in her closet where nobody could ever see it. Eventually, that thing will become kindling for a fire.
  22. Let's Go Devils!!! Hopefully this is the start of breakout years for Hughes and Hischier, with entertaining hockey taking us all the way to the playoffs in April.
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