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  1. The teams does the right thing by moving us to other comparable or better seats whenever there is an issue. In the past, it was like once or twice per season (nothing so far this year). They definitely take care of us when this happens, so it's not something I make a big deal out of since all we do is go to guest services and get moved for that game. I like our seats and the people we are sitting near. We have a crazy schedule and can only get to 1/2 the games (at most). The tickets are cheap and relatively easy to re-sell, so I haven't really looked to move. My point simply was that the arena apparently sustained roof damage during Sandy and here we are, 9 years later, and it still hasn't been fixed. I know for a fact that there were other roof leaks effecting other sections of the arena that were not fixed as of the 2019-20 season. That's just 1 example of poor maintenance practices for a major facility such as this.
  2. The building is 14 years old and has had tons of use. It's not the cutting corners of construction that is the biggest problem, its the lack of repairs or regular maintenance over the years that is the issue. We've had a leak above our seats since Sandy happened in 2012. Every time there is a heavy rain, water drips down on our seats. Over the last 9 years, the only thing they have done to rectify the problem is replace the ceiling tiles when they get saturated to the point that they fall on the seats below (luckily we have never been in them when the tiles fell). Now, they have completely given up and have installed these wire mesh grills in place of where the ceiling tiles should go. So now there is nothing to stop the water from literally raining down on us during a game when there is inclement weather outside. Same thing with the bathrooms. Plumbing needs to be fixed, fixtures replaced, etc, but it is all left to rot throughout the course of the season before any repairs are made.
  3. I married a Rangers fans and, slowly, over a number of years and with the help of my kids have converted her to a Devils fan. She still has her Rags jersey though. We made her hide it in her closet where nobody could ever see it. Eventually, that thing will become kindling for a fire.
  4. Let's Go Devils!!! Hopefully this is the start of breakout years for Hughes and Hischier, with entertaining hockey taking us all the way to the playoffs in April.
  5. Everything Vegas touched that first season seemed to work out perfectly for them, including that trade. I don't blame the Devils for making the deal, and was hoping Gusev would turn into a Panarin for us, but it never seemed like he had the drive to do what it takes to be a top NHL player and, while his talent alone was enough to make him successful in the KHL, it was not close to enough in the NHL.
  6. I wanted Raty too with that 2nd pick in the first round. It seemed like the perfect place to pick him. However, listening to Fitz after the draft about players like him and others who fell out of the first round, it seems like they don't think he has the motor and drive to play in the NHL, or be a consistent player in the league, while Stillman does. Time will tell. However, Raty looked awfully good in the U18 tournament over the summer and could be an absolute steal for the Isles in the 2nd round.
  7. Sharangoalvich turned a hot start in the KHL into a very good rookie year in the NHL. Hopefully he can piggy back off a good performance for Belarus at the Olympic qualifiers the same when when the NHl season gets going in October.
  8. His skating is elite. That list is just plain dumb. Someone needs to check the settings on that "social listening tool." It equates a negative comment about a player with hating the player. 2 very different things. I can rag on the Queen all day, it doesn't mean I hated him and didn't respect him.
  9. I think it's safe to assume all Canadian based teams will have this policy in place for the start of the season. It will be news when a team or arena in a state that doesn't require proof of vaccination to attend indoor events requires it by going above and beyond state, federal, or local requirements. The rest is just white noise.
  10. It will be interesting to see what the Devils do here. I'm vaccinated, so it doesn't hurt me in any way. With respect to the kids under 12 policy, as a season ticket holder who goes to games with my kids, there is no way I'm getting them tested every time I go to a game. They will have to refund me my money and cancel my tickets if they go down this road. That AEG policy works for concerts that are 1 off events. It doesn't work for sports teams where fans attend multiple games in the same week. I'd have to start my own testing lab in my house.
  11. This is exactly the case. I guess it's possible, but I don't think the Devils and Prudential Center will go beyond the requirements of the State of NJ. If they do, then they better be prepared to refund ticket money for patrons that either refuse to get the shot or refuse to show a vaccine ID card to enter the building. I think it is much more likely that they will require all fans to be masked like last season then they will be requiring proof of vaccination. The issue I have with the policy requiring proof of vaccination is this - what does it mean for kids under 12 who are not eligible to get the shot? Does it mean that they cannot attend games ? And if they are exempted, the question then is why? They are getting the Delta variant and have proven to be carriers that can pass that form of the virus off to others so, in reality, they are practically no different than an unvaccinated adult when it comes to Delta.
  12. Really tragic news. Gone way too young. RIP Jimmy.
  13. NJM is, hands down, the best insurance company in NJ from a customer service perspective. I have them for home and auto and wouldn't change no matter how much lower Allstate quotes me.
  14. And it drives up the customer's insurance loss runs the more money is spent on litigation, whether it be attorneys fees or settlement payments. That equates to higher insurance premiums for your renewal policy. Completely agree. Allstate is by far the worst. Geico is definitely second worst.
  15. If it didn't work on the masses, then they wouldn't do it. To be honest, you probably won't even notice the ads on the jerseys during 90% of the broadcasts (only during closeups and interviews) and when attending the games in person. But that isn't why I hate this idea. It's the further opening of Pandora's Box that will eventually lead to the uniform becoming a giant billboard (i.e. European teams) and players giving interviews like Nascar drivers that bothers me. Also, putting a blue ad (Prudential) on a red Devils sweater just looks bad but they will want the ads to stand apart and not blend, so I am definitely expecting that to happen.
  16. I would love to audition for that. Best seat in the house for every game. That would be a great job. Get on your feet!!! Make some noissseeee!!!
  17. The increasing height of the goaltenders in the 90's, coupled with their use of the butterflying blocking style and increasing size of their pads at the same time, is the biggest factor for the decrease in scoring during that period. My kids watch highlights of games from the 80's and laugh about how the goalies back then were worse than some 11 year old goalies now. They can't believe how small they were and how tiny their leg pads are. They also laugh that they try to make everything a kick save, instead of going down into the butterfly and swallowing the puck. The game is just dramatically different now - from the training to the equipment, to the talent of the players and goalies themselves.
  18. Buffalo is a complete dumpster fire of an organization. They have a great fanbase, but the ownership ad management can't get out of their own way. If they trade Eichel, I'm hoping they either send him out west or get a major haul of prospects and picks from the Rags in return.
  19. Don't hold your breath...Bright lights, World's Greatest, yada yada yada.
  20. I read last night that the Devils requested and received Tarasanko's medical records for their doctors to review well over a week ago. I guess it's possible they can still trade for him, but the signing of Tatar tells me that they didn't like what they saw on Tarasanko's meds and were not willing to make an offer that would entice STL to trade him. I think the Blues are looking at either giving him away for next to nothing or holding onto him with the hopes that he plays well to start the season so his market builds up for the trade deadline.
  21. The short term is what makes me ok with this signing. I've never been a fan of Tatar, but he does consistently pot 20 goals each season. He's clearly here to give the young guns more time to develop in Utica, which is a great thing.
  22. If they massively overpay the way Philly just did, I'm ok with it. If I'm Buffalo, I don't make that deal without 1 of Laf or Kakko being involved (with Laf my preference by a mile).
  23. Hagg, the 13th overall in this draft, and a 2nd for Risto???
  24. Unfortunately I think you are right. I don't know how much longer the majority of NHL teams can survive financially without fans in the stands. Hoping things level off with the Covid #'s and it doesn't get to that, but the spike we have been seeing the past few weeks is worrisome.
  25. To me, taking a flier on Logan Stankoven with the 29th pick makes sense. He's undersized, but could turn into a guy like Point or DeBrincat. Supposed to have tremendous skill that would have put him in the top 10 if he was 6 ft.
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