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  1. I hate to break it to you .... he's probably going to be on the ice come playoff time. But if all the defensemen are healthy, there's a chance he could be a scratch.
  2. Yeah, you make a good argument. Meier is really good and fills a big need.
  3. You're right about who's a better player, but do we want to trade a 20-goal scorer -- a man in our top 6 forwards-- to do it? I wouldn't, and I do understand how important getting Meier is. We have enough assets to find another way and still beat Carolina's offer.
  4. Good two-way players are valuable and he's already good. And he's 21 so there could be a lot of growth. Plus, the idea is to get better, and trading Mercer for Timo Meier doesn't really achieve that in a significant way.
  5. A couple names I've mentioned in previous posts are Ivan Barbashev and James Van Riemsdyk. The latter could help the Devils' power play and Barbashev could strengthen the bottom six.
  6. Do you think it'd be worthwhile to trade a second round pick for a rental?
  7. That's gotta be right up there for worst contract in the league.
  8. The President's Day rager, LOL.
  9. Yeah, I think it's unlikely he gets traded. Zetterlund must be getting San Jose's attention.
  10. The way the Devils played this game …. They were a problem for Winnipeg for most of the night, and with more than 1 line.
  11. With Hischier, Mercer and Tatar, the way they’ve been playing lately …. It’s kinda A-line lite. Great cycling, board work. Outworking defenders.
  12. One of the best games of the season.
  13. Those numbers surprise me, I thought they’d be better.
  14. If Pittsburgh keeps playing defense like this, we may get half a dozen.
  15. I guess Minnesota felt that it was worth the money to spend $1.8 million for a 4th round pick. Is that the equivalent of buying a lottery ticket? Maybe the 4th round pick hits big and it only costs less than $2 million? There's probably a chart somewhere showing what draft picks are worth.
  16. Someone wrote Winnipeg is a dark horse. What did the Wild get out of this 3-way trade? I'm a little unclear.
  17. He's no Kjell Samuelsson, that's for sure. That was what I was hoping we were getting.
  18. Barry Melrose looks terrible. He looks ill.
  19. We are ragged, and that's putting it nicely. But we tied it! Mercer!
  20. Buzzer beater! LOL! We're golden.
  21. How about this Louisville-Notre Dame game!
  22. Wow, let's get a point out of this? UGLY.
  23. I loved when he said it, but irony has arrived. He may not be long for a regular spot. I hope he finds a way but I’m not optimistic.
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