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  1. Anybody interested in the jersey retirement happening across the river?
  2. Not three Ks in a row, so he's good. Close, though!
  3. A name with three Ks in it, that's pretty unusual.
  4. Do you think better coaching would have the team closer than 15 points from the last playoff spot? I do. I'm not talking about competing for a Cup, I'm talking about being competitive -- period. There's enough talent to play better defense in front of our goaltender. Then again, maybe the goaltending situation is too much to overcome. Should we try to add a better goalie and bring back the coaching staff next year and give them another whack at it?
  5. We need more talent but I believe it's possible that a different coach could get more out of the current group.
  6. Yes, this is the issue right now. In the late 90s and late 2000s, the issue was early exits in the playoffs. It sure was swell when Devils fans could count on a competitive team, even when key players retired or left for other teams, but it's been a long time. I'll take the Boston Bruins problem of poor scoring depth, every day of the week. I'll take Toronto's massive Cup drought. Their fans at least have hope when the new year turns. But we do have the Cup memories. Should we ask MSG Plus to put those classic games on TV like they did during the pandemic when there was no hockey?
  7. It's an issue but a sniper is not going to fix this team's defensive and goaltending warts. The Devils on many nights are not a hard team to play against. That's a coaching issue.
  8. I'll settle for meaningful games in March and April. Given the way the team has played for the past 10 years, 2018 is an oasis of awesomeness, Kinkaid's Twitter recaps and all.
  9. Questions should be asked. People have been known to lie. Women are people. Blacks are people. Obviously, no one should be harassed. And maybe this hockey player did something cruel. I just want to know what it is.
  10. Because that's what journalism is about. Getting to the bottom of what happened. All the reporter had to do was find out what was signaled. He's not very curious. Neither are you.
  11. This doesn't say what was signaled either.
  12. Typical media report. It doesn't say what the racial gesture was. I'm sure it's fine, we can just take their word for it.
  13. He played well against the Coyotes despite not scoring.
  14. I'd go for the expensive option here. Tortorella as head coach.
  15. Knight is an expensive option. There are cheaper ways to fix our goaltending problem. Hopefully our GM is turning over stones.
  16. You almost have to make these kinds of trades in a risky position. You have to make it worth Florida's while to deal Knight, and trading them two players that can help propel the Panthers to a championship is the kind of thing that might work. If I were Florida, I wouldn't do it for Severson and our first-round pick. Not a good enough return.
  17. Blackwood is as leaky as the vaccine.
  18. The Devils are gonna have to speak to her about that.
  19. Glad to see him making an impact again. He was atrocious the first quarter of the season.
  20. Most losses in NHL history. I hear you, it was the good old days when we had an all-time great playing 80% of the games.
  21. I know we lost but what a finish. It's hard to be mad about this game overall, at least that's how I feel about it. Good hockey.
  22. From the little I've seen of Studenic, he seems like a player who could stick on a checking line. I like what I see so far.
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