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  1. You would hope, but I wont hold my breath...
  2. And that pretty much makes a Loki game winner a lock.
  3. You're looking at it through Red colored glasses... If you were saying that about Stepan, I'd agree, Callahan is a good 3rd/4th liner. Callahan fulfilled his obligations. Brown was a ghost.
  4. I have zero problem with Callahan on the roster. He left it all out there.
  5. That's exactly how I'm going to feel.
  6. I'd also take Clarkson at this current price over Zajac or Clowe.
  7. Better than the 4 or 5 Marty is going to give up.
  8. After what we've seen this season so far is this even a question worth asking?
  9. Gotta give people some reason to show up. That on ice product in Denver certainly isn't enough.
  10. Turning Henrique into Giroux would be amazing.
  11. Lets just fvckin dump Lotki before he breaks our hearts next year.
  12. Boucher will have to score 70 goals.
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