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  1. What's up everybody, long time no talk.... anyways.... I purchased two tickets to tomorrow night's game against the Sens. I bought them through StubHub and they were instant downloaded tickets from ticketmaster. After I printed them I noticed the tickets were issued to a David Clarkson. I was wondering if players get a certain allotment of tickets and if they don't give them all away do the Devils sell them on StubHub? Or there is some random guy named David Clarkson with season tixx. I'm in section 13, so not the best for a player, but not bad at all.
  2. I got Kovy... my dad got Salvador haha
  3. Yeah they probably will... I have a feeling the tickets are going to be in a really good section... like low behind the goal.... or the somewhere in the 200's. I mean they are free plus a free calendar, so I really don't mind.
  4. I don't mean to double post, but I did too! I was sitting in class bored out of my mind and I saw CONGRATS in caps... free tickets... can't wait. Do you know where the seats are?
  5. Even though it's not emails, did anybody else get a call recently from a Devils ticket rep asking what your plans are for the future? They are really trying to push those flex plans.
  6. Solid win... they still have work to do to get ready for Canada but I have faith. I can't wait for that game. USA!
  7. He was just talking about Brian Rafalski and how much expierence he brings team USA and he brings up how he won a cup with the Red Wings... but of coure not mentioning that he won TWO with the NEW JERSEY DEVILS in 7 seasons. He will always be Flyers trash even if he was only there for short time.
  8. I will be at the game tonight... it should be a great game and pregame with the 2000 cup team. LGD!
  9. Congrats Marty... awesome achievement, just another supporting fact that he is the best goalie of all-time.
  10. Hey guys I started a College Football Bowl Pick'em league on Yahoo. Feel free to join and invite anybody interested. ID: 449 password: ncaa Thanks.
  11. I am soooo pumped for this game... I finally get to see the Devils play here at PSU. And to make things even more ineteresting, my roomate is from Pittsburgh and is a big Pens fan. Hopefully we stay hot tonight and keep our road record spotless and be in 1st all alone. LETS GO DEVILS!
  12. I'm pumped I can finally watch the Devils on TV... even though I have to listen to the Pens crew. Big win on Thursday, hopefully the Devils can keep it up beat the red hot Pens in Mellon. LETS GO DEVILS!
  13. I'm so pumped I can watch this game tonight at Penn State since it's on Versus. LETS GO DEVILS!
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