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  1. GDT: Devils @ Senators, 7:30 PM

    6-1. 31 goals for making us the 2nd highest scoring team only behind Toronto with 34. +10 goal differential. I'll take it.
  2. GDT: Toronto Maple Lous @ Devils

  3. GDT- The New Jersey Devils @ The Bolts 7 PM

    Can I seriously not watch the game again on direct tv ?!?!!! nvm- got it. Had to restart my box like someone mentioned last game.
  4. GDT - YOUR New Jersey Devils @ Florida Panthers - MSG+/WFAN

    Weird. I tried that one. The game is listed on info but it's just a blank screen.
  5. GDT - YOUR New Jersey Devils @ Florida Panthers - MSG+/WFAN

    This isn't available on Directv right ?
  6. Vesey signs with Rangers.

    Did anybody mention the fact that Cory met with him. And Cory being a Boston boy could play into our favor. Hell they could carpool on holidays and sing terrible 80s music together .
  7. Elias has Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

    Long time since I've been on the boards .... But I kind of have a feeling we may not be seeing 26 anymore. Wish he would be able to go out on his own terms.
  8. GDT: Devs vs. the Champs

    Not gonna lie. This team is kinda exciting to watch. Do they still have the gyro station somewhere in the concourse ? Not that it was healthy, but it was tasty.
  9. 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

    Nash seriously sucks in playoffs
  10. GDT: 2015 NHL Draft Lottery- 8PM, NBC

    Rantanen if I had to guess.
  11. GDT: 2015 NHL Draft Lottery- 8PM, NBC

    Well that sucks Edmonton again
  12. Devils Trade Deadline Thread

    Well I'm bored
  13. Stempniak for Klinborn too
  14. GDT: Devils vs Canes 7pm MSG+

  15. GDT: Devils vs Canes 7pm MSG+

    Not gonna lie, I really hope cammaleri and tootoo are still.on this team next season