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  1. We don't know how Taylor feels. Is there a situation where I see Taylor look at this team, maybe a new coach, gets traded brings back assets, he could very well join a team that loses in the first round - gets to free agency - looks around, sees what deals are on the table and decides to come back. It's certainly unusual, but it's not crazy.
  2. I think we're somewhat in agreement there.
  3. I don't think it's acceptance of mediocrity, it's reality. We're in a rebuild, starting from a way worse place than even a Rangers did. We had ZERO assets. I haven't really minded the leash until now, because I don't think the team is this bad. I'm not so sure losing Hall would be the end of the world, especially if it's for a good return in a trade and where else that money went to. I mean the Islanders had a decent rebound after Tavares, I think the situations could be similar.
  4. I disagree. This isn't a Cap-Free world, maybe pre-cap sure - but this isn't "hey let's throw 5M at this guy" - you're talking about paying top dollar for a core player, which brings me back to my original point - which is what "Hall wants to win a Cup now" team can afford this kind of contract for 7 or 8 seasons at a big big number. Teams that are "win now" have those core players. Especially on wing.
  5. Yzerman did it, but it's one thing to create room for guys who are already on the team like a Kucherov or Stamkos. The only person was McD he brought in, and he wasn't going to be making 9M. I can't see Hall coming in to Tampa, and making more than Stamkos? Do we? And yes, Tampa's much better than we are, but the standings today? oooooof. I think there's few teams who want to pay Taylor the kind of money his agent wants him to be making. And maybe I'm wrong, and he's not looking for a Tavares like deal, but something in the 9M range, which makes him more affordable. Also, and I've said this previously, aside from Marian Hossa and Zdeno Chara (oddly enough both Slovak and 10 years or more years ago), when was the last-time a mega free agent changed teams, became their highest-ish paid player, and won a Cup?
  6. We're in a different spot. Most "closer to a Cup" teams have their core players either signed already long term or coming up fast. The Devils are still developing or looking for Core players, stars to be cornerstones either short-term, like a PK while we try and develop younger talent - like Hughes or Nico. But if you're the GM of Colorado - it's not just Makar (and you have to plan, just like we are with Jack, that these young stars who will be around for 8-10 great years will be making big money)...and they have other guys to worry about. The cap number fluctuates about 2M/Year - are you risking losing Mackinnon, Landeskog and having a sh!t time with Makar - for a 28 year old Taylor Hall?
  7. The Avs...they can't afford him long term without putting him above major players on their line up. Look at the numbers...let's suppose they give Hall a deal, let's assume, 10+ M - He becomes their highest paid player. In the next 3 seasons, these players are up for deals: 1. Cale Makar (likely up for a 12+ M contract if he develops like this up from 900K) 2. Mackinnon (6.3? Already he's worth more than Hall) 3. Zadarov (if he's still there, more than 5/6M) 4. Grubauer (if he's their starter, at least 5-6M) 5. Landeskog (8M+) The Isles sure, maybe - but it's tight and does Lou seem like the guy to go out and make an outsider their highest paid player by almost 30%? Barzal is also above for a 8-9M increase after this season. The Preds highest paid player is Roman Josi, given how tight David Poile runs his structure, again - do we think Hall takes a pay cut OR does Poile blow out his structure for Hall? Filip Forsberg is also coming up. Yes- Turris is an issue, but he's signed long term and probably no takers coming up. Also, is Nashville that much closer? Even this year - 9-8-3 - what's their window like? Their goaltending is iffy these days as well. Pens - maybe - but again, how much closer is Pittsburgh to a Cup than we are? Malkin/Crosby still great, but not kids anymore. Letang isn't either, and has his own injury battles. Is Rutherford going to have Hall come in and be their first player to make more than Malkin, who's been their ceiling?
  8. Again though - what team is "close to win now" that can afford 7/8 years at 11M plus? Plenty of teams on a rental, sure - but where is Hall going to go for this kind of contract that'll be "so much closer" to a Cup - who have the space for a long term contract like this. Edit Add: Maybe Buffalo, Carolina, or Vegas? But are those teams willing to make Hall their highest paid player outside of their current salary structure. Are those teams going to pay Taylor, who has had some injuries and less productivity than Jack Eichel, Mark Stone, or Sebastian Aho? This is supposing Hall is going for a 11M+ long term deal, I guess it's possible he agrees to take less than 10 to play in Buffalo...or is it? Is Buffalo that much further along than we are?
  9. HellOnICE


    Babcock isn't an interim. You hire him or a Cooper with multi-years and money. If the Devils wants to fire Hynes and go Interim until they find a fit, whether they go a week, a month, the summer - cool by me. I still don't think Hynes or his staff is going to lead this team to the next level.
  10. HellOnICE


    I mean, tbf, different situations on the hire. 2015-16 roster was interesting...
  11. This doesn't mean anything. Which team that's "win now" is going to afford likely a 7-8yr/11+ M contract?
  12. HellOnICE


    Cooper/Babcock - sign me up.
  13. I wonder what the end game here is for Cory. Clearly, he needs to play in order to get his sh!t in order, at this point- likely to become tradeable even at a retention. So, we can put him down in the A, but is that a place where you can really build your new reputation? If anything, he gets brought back up to NJ and they only play him sparingly around Blackwood -and this is assuming Dominuge doesn't win the back up job...so now what? How can Cory assemble any body of work that would be even bring up the possibility of a trade partner? Is it possible that Cory can move on loan to the KHL, Swiss or SHL for the rest of the year, if he has a starting job there? Is this even a thing?
  14. If this team starts to do well, I think most fans want Ray to move him regardless of record, because given our time in rebuild, we just can't let him go for nothing. I still go back to how many great teams that are Cup contenders can add a salary like that, that'll make his wish of being a Cup winner that much closer to the nucleus we're building here? Also, when was the last time a guy of this caliber signed with another team and won a Cup quickly? Hossa? 10 years ago. We have no idea what his thought process is, and he's a smart dude. It never happens, but boy do I wish he colluded with Ray knowing we aren't a Cup contender yet, go get moved at the Deadline for a ransom, knowing he's signing back here for like 8x9.5 or something like that.
  15. Darnell Nurse + 1st and Conditional 1st for Hall and Butcher
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