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  1. I said it yesterday, give me a team good enough that the coach can fvck it up.
  2. And I'm sure the fans with Lavi as a coach would've been like "PLAYOFFS OR DIE" and what kind of pressure on the kids would that have been. This is going to be a slow process, would rather be surprised than disappointed.
  3. And you don't know that. Give the guy some respect, he's 7th all time in wins? 2 gold medals as an assistant, played and been in this league for what 35+ years? The team isn't very good anyway, let's see what happens. We have bigger things to worry about than the coach.
  4. Even with social disntancing, crowds who are expunging air droplets inside of a building, cheering for their team and stuff - just seems super rough.
  5. Dec 1 - likely a wishful thinking. But a target because I think that month is usually pretty good for crowds post-college football, kids are home from school (if they are even at school). But hey why not, less than 5 months to hockey!
  6. I don't see how the hiring of Ruff signifies what you're saying. It's like the owners have a thing for Ruff, Lindy Ruff, of all people? If they wanted cheap or the easy way out, Nasreddine is already there. Could it be, Tom, Marty, Ownership agrees Lindy maybe the right guy at the right time. Tom is a smart hockey guy, been around a long time, he's done a good job so far. He knows everything about this team, even from being on the bench - he knows what's working and what's not working systemically, player wise, scouting wise, etc. So maybe Lindy has something this team can mesh with for the next couple years.
  7. Who says Ruff is a defensive coach, his numbers in Dallas say otherwise.
  8. A coach for 5M when the team stinks, what does it matter?
  9. You don't consider Weekes an insider, his goalie partner is the Senior Advsior to Hockey Ops....
  10. There's no pressure. Young team, no expectations, weird schedule year - might be the time to get guys experience.
  11. I think it was either Scott Wheeler - Athletic or Sam from Sportsnet saying he felt Rossi, Holtz, Laf and maybe Stuzle could make the jump next year. It was very specifically those 3/4 - on the 2 Man Advantage/Full 60 podcasts or 31 Thoughts.
  12. Let us pray for the 9th pick. 1. Laf 2. Byfield/Stuzle 3. Byfield/Stuzle 4. Perfetti 5. Drysdale 6. Sanderson 7. Rossi 8. Raymond 9. Holtz MAKE IT SO. Is this possible next year? Palmieri, Nico, Jack, Holtz, Rossi, Foote, Gusev, Zajac, Zacha, Kuokkanen, Boqvist, Wood, Bratt ?
  13. Yeah we need to root for the Rangers here. Van Obviously. And yeah - Nashville - I'll take my 87.5% chance AZ won't get Lafreniere. Let's hope Calgary or Winnipeg come away here the winner.
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