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  1. I think the CRM spin to this is right. They won't use whatever the fans want or vote for...obviously. But the people who engage with this are very dedicated fans, likely to more likely maybe to buy a package...in theory.
  2. Yeah it's a huge difference. I think Friedman did the comparison.
  3. haha I had a good time. Nice and cool inside, quick 90 minutes, some giveaways, jovial atmosphere. Boom.
  4. I just don't see point in offering 4 first rounders for any one player.
  5. Are we signing a goalie for the A too? I assume we're happy with Blacks and Cory, but we should have some sort of serviceable insurance policy - assuming Johnson isn't back down there? I saw Wedge signed with TB, PP 1 somewhere like Subban Hall Hughes Palms Simmonds
  6. Low Risk, High Reward - do it everytime.
  7. Wishlist: Ken Appleby or Wedgewood - replace Blackwood in AHL
  8. Any thoughts on someone like Gunnarsson to round out the third pairing left-D situation to help with PK?
  9. Have you heard them talk about Hossa's skin thing? That's a really hellish life. I forgot who was telling that story on 31 Thoughts Podcast, but holy sh!t. Cally sounds like he has what Sheamus in WWE has, really tough. Is it Stenosis?
  10. Nothing makes sense.
  11. He's worth taking the risk. Let's make some moves in the next month, sign him long-term and go.
  12. Vegas had 3-1 series lead Had a 3-0 3rd period lead Had an opportunity to kill the penalty Au Revoir!
  13. Oh I didn't distinguish really the pairings, just how I typed them out. But yeah the TOI would be Severson/Smith ahead of Carrick and Greene.
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