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  1. I’d take it now- we need to get moving.
  2. Meh just leave him down there, bring back Merk.
  3. We play to win the games. If we lose, fine.
  4. At this point, I'm not sure what keeping Palms will do for us. He likely won't be here when the team gets good again, and so - if the doors are blown off with a trade - then that's what they should do. They can always sign him again 15 months if things are working out with the rebuild. They can sign or trade for veteran leadership, Travis is still here for now.
  5. I still think this is because of the dad's trip.
  6. I think Holik tells a story of him being wide open on a breakout in 2008, and White just couldn't see him to make the pass.
  7. White...also was blind in one eye.....
  8. HellOnICE

    Our Next Captain

    Zajac the rest of the season - then we'll see from there.
  9. Oh Colorado with all your injuries, be a shame to have playoff hopes damaged.....Palms/Butcher/Zacha for Byram
  10. ?????? Too soon maybe but Seth Jones and Bouwmeester out.....ladies and gentleman, Sami Vatanen come on down.....
  11. I think we need guys that are personal to this team, we should hold on to Kyle and Blake and even have them share captaincy responsibilities with Nico next year.
  12. This team is so bad. TANK. Summer comes, get rid of everyone coaching staff. Get this junk out. I'm done with Butcher - guy is terrible. Soft, Slow, no Size or strength.
  13. Elias wanting to move back to USA is interesting. Make it so.
  14. Lord please may that kind of talent make the roster.
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