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  1. Lord please may that kind of talent make the roster.
  2. Agreed. I'm not sure what the thinking is on a top-6 guy playing sh!t minutes hurting his development. Send him down and leave him there. Give Bing some help
  3. Probably also Waiver Eligibility and roster spots.
  4. I don't doubt Marty may have said a thing or two ownership, but if Ray left himself open via his 'closed communication' sphere as has been reported by several, when it was clear ownership wanted more collaboration - then Ray wasn't a fit anymore.
  5. I don't know about that - Marty holds a lot of cache with ownership, as he should given his accomplishments. He saw first-hand how Lou ran things, and then learned after he retired, why not use his expertise?
  6. I'm perfectly fine with Stevens in there as coach. Understands the game, can work with people this age, and understands the politics of the sport. This team has a very high amount of former players who are very very smart - the Elias, Madden, Pandolfo, Niedermayer, Salvador, Holik, to name a few. We have guys who have won here, I think we should be keeping them actively involved in hockey ops - there's a lot our young guys can learn from them.
  7. Also Ray's getting paid, not going to disparage an organization. It's a small club.
  8. Ray wasn't given a choice with Hynes, but that came from the team. Not ownership. The team quit on him, once that happens, forces the hand.
  9. That’s moot with John. I’m sure Ray will get some cash, maybe take a consultant role with David Poile to keep warm.
  10. HellOnICE

    Rebuild 2.0 Thread

    I think we’ll get it. I mean they had last night and on the road now, tough timing.
  11. I went back through the drafts from Ray, and yes too early too tell - but one thing that strikes me is how few defemsemen he's picked with the higher picks he had. Taking out Nico/Jack where he had no choice, but his first three drafts he didn't really pick a lot of D, and most were later later picks which are more crapshoots. We're picking Ray apart now, but that's the gimmick when one gets fired. I still think this game is won by D 1st - and we didn't invest enough in it.
  12. What does it matter? Owners own, they can hire and fire whomever they want. If the team stinks and it's Marty's fault - believe me -e veryone will be on the fire him bandwagon. Sakic, Neely, Shanny, Francis, others - these guys have been positive.
  13. Not going to doubt you here. I think Marty is the Shanahan role.
  14. I have limited issue with the picks so far - his draft picks are still mostly under 21. We just don't know. I think what I wrote above was the thing, and once there is a thing, you go back and look at other decisions and think - "what if they got rid of Hynes earlier when sh!t was terrible?" "Could we have kept Hall, could we have done X,Y, or Z differently?"
  15. What else is he supposed to say? That's the most generic thing to say...
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