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  1. Vegas had 3-1 series lead Had a 3-0 3rd period lead Had an opportunity to kill the penalty Au Revoir!
  2. Oh I didn't distinguish really the pairings, just how I typed them out. But yeah the TOI would be Severson/Smith ahead of Carrick and Greene.
  3. Thinking about this week and how excited I am for next few months. Jack gives us the flexibility to know what we have down the middle for a while. We go out and get a winger, maybe even an Eberle on FA - could let us direct assets to acquiring a D. I do wonder if possible to talk to Trouba to get a contract - if WPG gets gone early - and some package involving Butcher/Wood/2020 1st lottery protected/2019 2nd ? Hall-Hughes-Eberle/Skinner Palms-Nico-Bratt Zacha-Zajac-Coleman Bastian-Rooney-Anderson Agostino Vatanen Trouba Greene Carrick Smith Severson 29/35 I would take a flyer on Simmonds for cheap for some toughness on top 6 - but not sure he's not got much left in the tank.
  4. fvck YEAH!H!H!H!H!!H!H!H!H!H!H!H!H!H!H!H!
  5. It's hard to go through seasons like this, I've checked out too.
  6. First rule about offer sheets, don't talk about offer sheets. Also - yes - you can offer one, and yes, the player has to sign it, and yes the team will likely match...but it's also a tactic potentially used to screw up another team's roster by messing with salary structure
  7. HellOnICE

    Kinkaid - GONE!!!

    Last I'll comment on this, because it's so stupid. Clemmer should've. But Lou didn't even give one to Niedermayer when he came back. Lou sucked in that department. KK played above and beyond last year, was a positive influence in the room, and the like.
  8. HellOnICE

    Kinkaid - GONE!!!

    Duchene was there for like 2 half seasons, mostly of losing. Keith picked the Devils to play for, spent 7/8 years here - cmon now
  9. HellOnICE

    Kinkaid - GONE!!!

    Because it doesn't matter. I'm very critical of KK, but he was a good guy, been here several years, was instrumental in getting us to our only playoff run in 7 years. So we put together a video package of saves, who cares? It's not for the fans, it's for the player and the locker room. Players can see that their work is appreciated, and that stuff is paying it forward. Who knows, maybe Keith comes back to the org one day.
  10. HellOnICE

    Kinkaid - GONE!!!

    True. But Kinkaid does, and like who cares even if Ilka Pikkrainen got one - at the end of the day it's a gesture. It's not retiring a number.
  11. HellOnICE

    Kinkaid - GONE!!!

    Def a tribute video. You guys are so short sighted. He played here for several years, lots of big moments last year, was a great guy in the locker room, and was a positive influence in the community aspect as well. He deserves a hat tip.
  12. HellOnICE

    Kinkaid - GONE!!!

    ALready called up
  13. HellOnICE

    Kinkaid - GONE!!!

    Yeah, but if you're columbus - why not trade a draft pick that won't be in the league likely by 2024 for that risk? I mean literally nothing to lose. haha or that Ray will be making that pick.
  14. HellOnICE

    Kinkaid - GONE!!!

    Columbus' backup isn't great, might as well have some insurance. KK played well last year, one could argue he may play better behind a better team.
  15. HellOnICE

    Kinkaid - GONE!!!

    THis is really stupid. Keith got us into the playoffs last year with Taylor, and was a great guy by all accounts. Give 'em a break on a tough year. Best of luck to him
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