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  1. Happy with where we're at. Johnsson is still finding his place here, and we have some competition coming with Nico/Bratt coming back. It's all good things.
  2. Mack is just a joy to watch. So tight and controlled. Makes the big saves. McLeod and Bastian did the job they needed to do and I'm very happy with that. Use the speed and size to corner and cut guys off. IIRC they drew a good penalty. Yegor - what more can you say - so confident and poised. Didn't throw pucks from what I say, drew what - 3 calls? Ty looked better as the game went along. The pairing though was not great- I think Sami should help in that department. He needs protection, which is fine given age/experience. Hughes got two points, made the first play happen
  3. I'm thankful we're back in action, don't expect much, I just want the kids to play well - and they gonna be RUSTY!!
  4. haha October at this rate. Nico has to be at least a month away, if I'm betting.
  5. I'm excited with Nico and Bratt back, I think at least it'll be young and fun, we'll see what we have. Their compete level should be good.
  6. Yup love the Fubo. Everything I need, the Cloud DVR is great too if you travel for work, etc.
  7. Agreed. It's personal related, and the smoke signal is alluding to something to do with just not wanting to play, whether it be family in Chicago while he's in NJ, or he's had a long career - and maybe he's just done. I'm worried more about cap implications than anything, and for that - I'm annoyed. I'm hoping they can clinically diagnose him with something and we can LTIR him.
  8. In 61 NHL games no less, mind you - that's more/less the most games he had played for a team in one season.
  9. I think it's any attendance, not just "more." Can't see anyone in buildings for a while.
  10. I enjoyed the game and had a great time despite the result. 'twas cold though. But 24 games outside in the middle of winter....that'd be a no from me dog, unless all the home games were like Sat/Sun 1pm for the Sun...I'd probably want to go to 5-10 if that were the case. Could they get 5K/game socially distant at RBA? I think they could. Be interesting if they did a neutral site for NYR/NJ at the Meadowlands or RBA. Lots of Rangers fans aren't schelpping into the city especially w/mass transit - and few are working in the city anyway.
  11. I don't know if that's accurate. I think if the league took the season off and started up fresh on-time next season- things would be fine. Not to mention it's an Olympic year. I had these same thoughts myself around like "do I even care at this point" - and I can't tell if it's because we are rebuilding and the expectations are low - so like whatever. In terms of teams losing the revenue, I mean - I bet there are teams who would lose more playing than not playing. We're probably one of them. A lot of this has to do with the tv deal. It's up after this season - so they need to burn i
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