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  1. We haven't drafted many, least in the last 10 years. Traded Rykov but he came over, Maltsev came over, Popaguev came over, Zaitsev too early to tell - but how often would a 7th rounder be signed/come over anyway?
  2. We cannot take a goalie at 7, agree with anyone here. If they were to trade 18/20 for #10 and take Askarov - I could live with it, but even that....
  3. I must say - I am all about having Staff who've had great success in this league and sport other than AHL-College-Development coaches.
  4. Shocking the multitude of the white suburban hockey fans who don't understand what black players across athletics are trying to articulate - which there's some real problems in systemic racism and inequality right now that disproportionately affects their communities. So you have 24 year old white hockey players who don't know how to react because they didn't grow up with the same vision, or even in the same continent, that are stopping for a second to listen to what their brothers are telling them. They should be commended. What the NBA has done to encourage their owners to open up arenas fo
  5. Brendan Morrisson is on 31 Thoughts Extra Podcast this week too - tells his Lou story on what happened with him too.
  6. Pierre LeBrun had the Nas thing too a couple weeks ago. It looks like there's fire there. I'm whatever on Nas, his PK was good, dis defense was crap.
  7. Nah Go fvck yourself. You've been condescending, and the analogy above is equally as stupid. I'm pretty fvcking liberal and have a sh!t ton of experience in thsi ways you have no idea of - even then - I can see that it's not socially unacceptable to celebrate that time period...I mean, I don't know - the BIGGEST media event of the summer was Hamilton - which is like pretty acceptable. So you're telling me if a team decided to base a name change and uniform celebrating the African Americans of the Revolution that would be unacceptable? GTFO - it would be heralded. Everyone has opi
  8. We won't agree, but I don't think the Revolution is off limits, as blacks were Revolutionaries - about 10- 15% of the army were black. If it was in that context, i think it could work.
  9. Ummm those Change.org 'petitions' are from the "right" not the left. And I disagree with the revolution generally being the source of a name. You wouldn't be naming them the "Jeffersons"
  10. The Babylon Bee is a Comedy news site....it's..not...real
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