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  1. I can see your prediction coming true because of the weak opponent (with no star goalie to steal a game or two) they’ll likely get in the first round.
  2. Not bringing in another veteran defenseman with that LTIR space was criminal and a major reason we’ve missed the playoffs. And it’s not like the universe didn’t beg Fitz to make a move - so many dmen got hurt, many at once at times; the goaltending continuing to show how bad it was; the major minutes unfairly thrust upon the young defensemen; the first goal conceded debacle; late goals conceded; giving up goals in bunches. And yet Fitz sat there….infuriating, especially given that the universe begged us to grab a playoff spot.
  3. The Rags will choke in the first round once again. They are not built for the playoff style.
  4. I guess Houston wasn’t as ready enough as Utah? Because SLC isn’t a very big market. Houston is massive.
  5. I was, as well. Did Nemec even agree to the fight? Or did Dummy just start throwing fists? If it’s the latter, how is that not a suspendable action?
  6. At least our offseason will be interesting to follow. New head coach, high-ish draft pick, trades… Also will give players chance to really recover from lingering issues. Jack getting hurt in St. Louis was the downfall for us.
  7. The good news is 1) they at least showed some fight with the line brawl, 2) the odds of us having a nice pick to trade this summer went up some more.
  8. I hope not but they needed to be sheltered this season. And I wouldn’t expect some huge jump in development with either one next season. If they’re playing the same role next season with no competent partner then we can expect similar results.
  9. Being out scored first. Not holding leads. Fitzgerald can take all the blame for icing a bad team and wasting this year.
  10. Siegenthaler was good for half a season in his first full season in NJ. He’s been pretty bad otherwise. For me, he’s the most overrated player on the roster. HOW WAS THST NOT A HOOK ON JACK??
  11. And to shelter Hughes and Nemec while they grow into the huge roles currently being asked of them.
  12. This is the team Fitzgerald has thought would make a playoff spot. I kindve don’t trust the guy.
  13. The defense desperately needs a couple solid veteran players next season.
  14. Why were they even trying to win the game instead of taking out key Ranger players??
  15. This team plays scared in third periods. Another blown lead.
  16. It is certainly up there. They’re allergic to clearing the puck.
  17. This is pathetic. Just like the Sabres game. They must be playing ‘scared’ again.
  18. Panarin is still out there skating and not in the medical room. Someone make a move.
  19. The sad thing is this team is so soft that it’s highly likely no physical retribution or response is even dished out.
  20. Hoping MacD is good to go for tonight. There has to be major penalties tonight. Bottom 6 players should expect the most shifts they’ve seen all year. I don’t want to see Jack out there unless it’s a PP.
  21. Well if Smith was sent down ahead of this physical rag game I wouldve been even more confused. The one thing he does well is play physical and can fight. The directive for this rags game should just be to go run their players into the boards.
  22. Because he’s a young defenseman who is currently slated as being part of our future. And you are mixing definitions of failure. Re-read my definition of it. Has nothing to do with personal progression or their ceilings. On a side note I am glad to see there’s no name calling or embarrassment of a failed grammar lesson from you today 👍
  23. It’s a shame because I think he’s tried to throw his body around more. The problem is his hockey IQ needs a lot more work. And out of the 3 young dmen he got the most sheltered minutes. Yet the improvement has been only marginal. And again here’s my problem with Luke. He’s failed this season, and here is my definition of failure: Did he help lead his team to a playoff berth in his top-4 role? The answer is no. He was forced into a role that he was not yet ready for. In fact a lot of the blame falls on management for not sheltering him more. From his partners in the system, to his deployment. He’s been put in positions to fail and not learn from mistakes fast enough. Every vet dman was hurt for an extended period of time this year, some of the injuries overlapped. Yet Fitz sat quietly on Dougie’s LTIR and didn’t bring in reinforcements. Add in the glaring goalie problems and you have to scratch your head at Fitz for not bringing in support. You can’t throw these kids to the wolves and expect them to succeed in leading the team to the postseason. The very average DiSimone was brought in near the freaking TDL and he instantly brought a boost to everyone. Fitz couldn’t have brought in support sooner? And don’t get me started on Lindy’s system which was asking too much for young defensemen to handle consistently. But watching Luke play this huge role he wasn’t ready for, especially when the games got meaningful, has been very rough and detrimental to the team imo. And btw the same applies to Nemec and Bahl.
  24. Fitz has a lot of work to do. And he only has himself to blame. A top-tier goalie is the obvious. Then the bottom 6 needs a lot of work. McLeod needs to be replaced, possibly Bastian as well since he added little. Willman and Tierney cannot be on NHL rosters, except in the one or two emergency games. Sandpaper and grit to balance out the top 6 would be needed. The once reliable Mercer can be expendable. Maybe Stillman is ready? He was drafted to fill a bottom 6 role. Then, I’d like to see an upgrade to the d-corps. We can’t expect Bahl, Luke, Nemec to make an exceptional jump over the summer. They need to be sheltered more to not only aid our playoff pursuit, but to aid their own development. If someone like Siegs can be moved out maybe we can get an upgrade on defense there. At the very minimum, depth on defense would be nice so that rotation can be utilized.
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