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  1. Ok and DM has specifically stated in the rules that excessive name calling and vulgar terminology is not allowed…Just pointing it out.
  2. For someone pretending to play the Forum Cop the other day regarding rules, you sure do break a lot of them.
  3. It’s 5 whole games in, let’s pump the brakes lol. Last night was the first game Nico looked bad. The first four games he had a goal, had one disallowed, hit a couple posts and played well. He’ll up his game as we go.
  4. Thank god we didn’t get Tarasenko
  5. I’m sure their beat writer does just as much as Chris Ryan.
  6. Keep in mind newspapers are going out of business. Sending beat reporters is becoming more and more an outdated model. I’m sure we’re not the only team seeing newspapers pull the plugs on. It is sad though that we are left with none.
  7. Bratt is being asked to carry top line performance and he may not be that (at least not yet). I wish we had pulled a deal for Tarasenko. Looks like he’s off to a good start.
  8. He’s not a breaking news guy. The subscription isn’t to his Twitter feed. It’s for his feature articles.
  9. Daws set to make his NHL debut
  10. Yes they were but game hasn’t been called both ways. Seattle has gotten away with tons of trips and cross checks.
  11. That would be absolutely gut wrenching, depressing and kill so much enthusiasm and optimism.
  12. Msg thinks it’s a good idea to interview Mercer family before a power play?
  13. It would be so unfair for this kid to be hurt long-term. He's looked too good for a game 2 injury. Hoping he can shake it off during the intermission.
  14. LGD…no Severson or Smith. No update on Wood but he’s probably out, too. Blackwood out recovering from heel surgery yet he played in the preseason so who knows his deal.
  15. Agreed it is below-average right now. And bad skaters don’t end up being great ones. But I think it’s possible to improve skating to some degree…improving from below average to average I’d think is doable. Hopefully he can make that happen because he’s got some good skill.
  16. Foote’s got a lot of other tools where even being an average skater at best would allow him to be a solid NHL player in the future, parking himself in front of nets like a JVR.
  17. I guess the 12:20pm abortion debate is off the table then?
  18. He missed over a year of hockey due to covid shutdown and a lengthy injury. Let him get valuable ice time in Utica. If he can improve his skating he’s got the tools to be a solid NHL’er down the road.
  19. McLeod looks good. Johnsson again not so good.
  20. It better with the silver spoon your team starts with every year!
  21. Draft is tonight at 8. Happy drafting everyone.
  22. Her posting this is basically akin to saying ‘shower me with praise, followers! Tell me how untrue this criticism is and how great I really am!’. And she gets just that with the bizarre groveling replies. And it’s yet another tweet about her instead of anything else Devils-related.
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