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  1. Great seeing devils content again. Same old Amanda Stein with the boring convoluted questions though. Hockey is back!
  2. Although what’s stranger is that KK has an AHL contract with Chicago Wolves. So, who knows how that plays out.
  3. I read somewhere that Daws is going to miss a ton of time this season? So KK is likely AHL backup.
  4. Keepers start round 6, correct?
  5. Most are ESPN+ unfortunately. Possibly the worst sports broadcast in all of sports.
  6. How are things looking? We will need to confirm draft order once we have all teams confirmed. Slot selection based on order of finish has been the norm.
  7. I don’t know think the organizers have a hard line where they would have a problem with say a Jack Hughes if he decided he wanted to play. More visibility for the tourney and better competition.
  8. Anyone can participate, theoretically. But doubt Luke would play as he is a projected NHL starter.
  9. Maybe because it’s early August but I’m kindve surprised at the lack of season/individual ticket advertising. No billboards, tv/radio, or even the algorithm of my internet ads. The organization better be pushing the hell out of this team. Now is the time in our window where you can start capturing new fans. The novelty of being a winning team after so much losing is still in play. There are no more attendance excuses for us anymore. We’re not playing at CAA, not playing a defensive structure. We just beat the Rags in 7. This is the most exciting Devils team coming into a season I can ever remember. I plan to be at a ton of games. I’m curious to know how season ticket sales are doing.
  10. Getting a good depth player with some tools for free is some tidy business by Fitz.
  11. Wow that’s not an insignificant pickup. He was once a touted prospect and big part of the Tampa pipeline.
  12. I’m down for a 4 team playoff, but also fine if the consensus is to keep as is.
  13. Fitz had made it clear that he wants Holtz to take a top-9 spot and prove his worth. Another year of Utica isn’t going to help him now. 15 min/gm of NHL experience with two vets will do it. I wouldn’t call him taking the next step as out of nowhere either. We see young players take big leaps all the time. He showed well in Utica last year. I don’t think he’s going to grow there anymore.
  14. Hell of a salary to pay for Bahl. Very favorable for us. Another cheap deal to a solid player, Fitz keeps making magic.
  15. Holtz is scoring 20 in the NHL this year. Playing on the third line with productive veterans like Haula and Palat will be just what he needs to play free with confidence. 15 mins a night with some PP time is perfect for him. Let home come in without all the pressure.
  16. I always thought if he could improve his skating to just be average that he brought a lot of elements (physicality, shot) to be a useful depth piece for us. He’ll be a good replacement for Wood, albeit much slower but much smarter.
  17. I hope we keep Boqvist’s phone number on speed dial in the event McLeod won’t play due to the investigation. I thought Boqvist was starting to turn the corner.
  18. No thanks to that cancer.
  19. Didn’t realize the schedule came out
  20. I hope the fan base responds in kind with season ticket sales. What a fvcking hell of a team we are trotting out next season!
  21. Also I guess my dream of pulling off a surprise move for Tom Wilson looks ever more distant now. But for Toffoli, I’m more than happy. Forwards are stacked. Timo deal needs to come through now.
  22. Fitzgerald is nailing every move! Getting a physical, experienced sniper full of playoff pedigree for so little is tremendous work.
  23. No you’re not exaggerating. He pouted and bitched about the fans booing him. His stupid ‘I can’t hear you’ reaction after scoring a meaningless goal was a silly taunt to the fans. And I don’t recall in his interviews hearing him outright say ‘I’d love to remain a Devil’. If he did, it was very passively.
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