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  1. Not to mention working with professional trainers and developing lower body strength. Holtz’ skating will be fine. There are plenty of all stars in the NHL that aren’t top end speed skaters (Tarasenko, Kopitar, Suzuki, Forsberg, etc…)
  2. Oh man Montreal better not get any ideas
  3. Should’ve been an interference on Killorn, as well
  4. Great opportunity to get rid of Dano. Nows the time to do it.
  5. And you can get the fack outta here! Don’t let the door hit ya
  6. Studenic is seeing a lot of big minutes here. He’s looked good tonight and hasn’t looked out of place at all throughout the series. Was disappointed losing him for nothing.
  7. NHL referees are the worst. They’re back to the inconsistent officiating where hacking, mugging, grabbing players is legal again. All the talk of calling the playoffs like the regular season lasted a handful of games, if that.
  8. Pens should be embarrassed blowing multiple leads all thru the series and being up 3-1. Can’t wait for Carolina to destroy the rags. Also, the rags got every damn call go their way. So many non calls go in their favor. Those idiots will actually think they’re good.
  9. Utica loses in OT. Series tied at 1. Shakir not only plays his first game but gets on the scoresheet with an assist. Holtz also with an apple.
  10. Durzi looking like a dumbass giving up on the play
  11. I have been watching closely this series and, no lie, have had the same thought. He has a lot of Zacha moments where he either misses an open net or cannot handle a simple pass, doesn’t take initiative on the attack, etc..
  12. League needs to get back to 1 thru 8 seedings. Enough of these seemingly prefixed matchups that add no drama to races down the stretch. Not to mention the lopsided matchups.
  13. Great job screening your goalie, Anderson
  14. Of course there’s a reason they do it. They’re not doing it to see themselves on TV lol.
  15. Absolutely. He can be a winger of the future. I am just believing more and more that Slaf is the higher ceiling player and hope he is our pick.
  16. I’m tired of players and coaches with their heads down on the bench looking at iPads. Watch your flubbed miss in between periods. Also, it used to be when a goal was scored you’d get a shot of a pissed off opposing coach. Now all you see is his head down and the ref standing around waiting to see if the goal will be challenged. Riveting stuff.
  17. Garland + 15th overall for 2O? Lmaooo
  18. That writer is delirious
  19. I hope Montreal doesn’t get any ideas about taking Slaf. The way his stock is skyrocketing, he is approaching first overall territory. We definitely cannot trade this pick away.
  20. What’s the overflow channel for the LA/EDM game? lol: true tv
  21. Lol looked blocked. Two bad icings by Tampa. They’re really playing with fire.
  22. What the hell is Toronto bitching about? It was a Clear high stick.
  23. 5 on 3 now for almost two mins. If Tampa cant get it here then they’re done.
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