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  1. How many voices do you usually hear in your head at any given time?
  2. This. Any athlete thinks they should always be at all star levels. See Brodeur at age 40.
  3. Really liked PK. Although he didn’t live up to expectations playing in Nas’ system, I didn’t think he was terrible in his stint here. Surprised he's retiring now as I think he had another year or two as a third pair shut down defenseman in him. With training camps showing teams what young players of theirs are not quite ready, I would’ve thought a team would be out there to take him on a cheap deal or something. But credit to him for going out his way.
  4. His skating didn’t look like that yesterday…
  5. Told you guys Holtz is going to be right in the Calder running this year. And yeah yeah I know it’s only the rookie tournament but his skating also looks improved.
  6. I’m in. I vote for keeping the 3 keepers, although if 2 is consensus I’d be fine with that, too.
  7. Where do you see that games will be streamed? That linked article only mentions the Sabres games, and for the local market only.0
  8. Thanks for joining as commish. Feel free to reach out on anything we can do to help. That said, I don’t know how I feel about removing keepers. I know players have strategized for years to have certain players as keepers. Additionally, how much of a challenge is it really to get new managers? to the point where the entire keeper system is blown up? At the very least, I’d suggest putting that to a vote.
  9. Didn’t rookie camp start today? Haven’t seen anything from Stein or Novo.
  10. He loves looking like an all star in unofficial offseason workouts. By November they’ll know what he’s really all about.
  11. TG Q&A w Nico: https://www.nhl.com/news/new-jersey-devils-nico-hischier-discusses-team-and-playoff-hopes/c-335420196?tid=332915192
  12. Would be interesting to hear how season ticket sales are doing with this being the first full, normal, post-Covid season. Always amazed me how a pro team in this area, where there are tons of corporations, money, and people, can’t sell a good amount of season tickets and get the luxury boxes occupied.
  13. He called the 2001 and 2003 finals like he was more interested in the Avs/Ducks winning. Screw him.
  14. Them demanding a trade to the Rags after winning cups with us would crush my soul. I’d take the business as usual scenario, please.
  15. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: Holtz will finish in the top 3 of Calder voting, if not outright win it. Book it. His shot is just absolutely filthy. He’ll score 30 next to Jack just by parking himself in the slot.
  16. Haha pins and needles brother! Hopefully we get an announcement soon.
  17. I wonder when we’ll hear more on McLeod’s Team Canada assault involvement. If he was involved then there’s no way we comes back. 4C would be up for grabs. I expect they keep Boqvist at 3C.
  18. A lot of Fitz’ offseason has been ‘he tried but can’t fault him’ (ie Tkachuck, Gaudreau, Slaf)). I gave a C. Pros: Removing two absolute on-ice liabilities in Zacha/Smith. Removing the assistants and replacing them with two gems. Adding on ice leadership in Palat, which was sorely needed. Cons: We still desperately need an elite winger. I don’t believe Sharangovich can consistently fill the role of the lethal, efficient sniper. We need more players that can finish for Hughes. Hopefully Meier is still in play. Missing out on Debrincat really stings. We had the prospects to pull a deal. Fiala, too. More should be made of our goalie situation. A lot of you seem very satisfied but I’m still scared sh!tless. We are banking on Blackwood’s terrible rebound control being injury related. And, Vanecek is decent yes but who is our third stringer? THATS seriously been a big issue. When these guys get hurt at the same time (and you know they will), are we going back to Daws? I hope Fitz is better prepared this time. Thomas Tatar and Andreas Johnsson are still on this team.
  19. Jeff Skinner, OEL, Duchene, Johansen…all signed $8mill+ before the age of 30. I’d take Bratt over those 4.
  20. And additionally, those were his development years. If he was a 28-year old winger then a lot more weight would be put on his preceding years. But for a young player, you evaluate based on his ppg and skill set growth. Last year’s ppg pace could be the breakout. He was our best player last season and no reason to think that was a fluke.
  21. All true, although you’d be giving up those 3 ELC contract years and almost six years in age. I’ve said before how I think Holtz is going to be a star in this league, and may be as soon as this season. I think 30 goal seasons can be the norm for him playing next to Jack. So for me, he’s got higher value than Timo. The other piece to this is that our prospect pool is absolutely stacked to the point where we could produce a package without Holtz, Hughes, Nemec that could still entice San Jose.
  22. Yup they’d love to pair him with his buddy Eklund. That’d kickstart a rebuild.
  23. Given their embrace of a full on rebuild, I don’t see them having interest in Minus Man. I’d think two top-10 prospects and a 2nd rounder would be the start.
  24. Just saw he’s an upcoming UFA. Maybe we could get on the cheap.
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