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  1. Raty or a trade are really what I’m wanting at 29.
  2. Did they just Poile from the bars to announce the pick?
  3. I swear I keep hearing Buccigross calling Weekes by the name of Kenny
  4. Jeff Gorton is horrible at this TV thing
  5. Luke just recruited Quinn lol
  6. Jack’s pure awesome reaction is more than worth it!
  7. Better be Luke otherwise Jack is going to look pretty pissed
  8. Hopefully we’re not trading #4
  9. Commercial after top 2 picks? At this rate we’re done at midnight
  10. Less than 24 hours until Luke, the best skating defenseman with the highest ceiling, joins the team. Also less than 24 hours until some good trades go down league-wide!
  11. Gtfo with that mentality man. The Rangers suck. Always have.
  12. Remember only 23 players make an NHL roster. They have to have some players that they can stuff in minors or move around.
  13. All true, it wouldn’t be a huge loss but from a standpoint of being competitive for this upcoming season, losing PK would hurt. I think our kids need to keep building and take next step in being a competitive team. Another losing season can take its toll mentally and further pushes any potential FA’s away from here.
  14. Take it with a pinch of salt because there’s bias involved but there was a recent article with Tarasenko’s latest surgeon who said his shoulder is better than ever now. If healthy, Tarasenko is going to have a massive chip on his shoulder.
  15. Seattle picking PK instead would make the day more sh!tty.
  16. Hoping that by the end of today we are minus Johnsson and plus Tarasenko!
  17. Thus, signaling the end of their window.
  18. Man I sure hope we don’t lose PK. Filling his minutes and his cap hit will be tough. He’s a top-4 dman. Plus he’s a fun guy to have on the team.
  19. That’s a fantastic pickup! Very underrated, huge defenseman
  20. Meier would be a nice add but I’m afraid he’d cost a bit more than that. Probably need higher prospects added.
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