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  1. Idk about a dog, but there’s definitely a rat in the fight. And I want him bashed!
  2. Rather STL not have to play all that extra hockey. They need to be able to beat BOS.
  3. Kind of a boring game. I’m ready for the final at this point. Hope STL wraps this up in 6.
  4. Seems that way doesn’t it? I’m more interested in this tournament than the playoffs right now tbh. And yeah he was all over the place with the lines. They couldn’t get any rhythm going for long stretches. I think Ferraro commented on it a couple times. USA is looking much better after a shaky start though.
  5. Nicomo

    Hughes or Kakko

    Is NJ pizza basically the same as NY? Didn’t get to try it either time I’ve been to NJ.
  6. Nicomo

    Hughes or Kakko

    This is exactly what I wondering a while back. There has to be a reason they’re not playing in a better league by a certain age right? What is impressive about Kakko is how well he’s played compared to some really high end NHL players that also came out of that league. But then again you can say the same for Hughes in the NTDP.
  7. Hughes got his first point of the tournament on a nice little backhand pass to set up Kreider in front of the net. Sounds like Cory played well too. 7-1 over Denmark
  8. The Van Morrison version? If so I disagree.
  9. Nicomo

    2019 Offseason Thread

    Imagine if the Rags get Panarin, Karlsson, and Kakko in one offseason...
  10. Nicomo

    2019 Offseason Thread

    My answers: *just going in general not last season like Todd Most Overrated: Vatanen Underrated: Zajac Best Player: Hall Key New Addition: Hughes Could Surprise: Studenic Takes a Leap: Bratt Prove it Year: Zacha
  11. He got his ass kicked by Chuck Zito. Bad.
  12. Fair enough. At least the boo birds didn’t come out though. They obviously realized their team had massively overachieved and made a pretty nice run. Idk I guess I just don’t hate Carolina as much as most of you. I would have preferred them over Marchand and the Bruins by far. Getting pretty sick of Boston sports teams winning everything tbh.
  13. Gotta hand it to the Canes fans. Pretty good send off for their team.
  14. Great, the most unlikable player in the league is going to the finals. Just what the hockey world wants to see. Having to watch that fvck hoist the Cup again will be almost as bad as it being the Rags. Almost.
  15. NFL is definitely way worse in general. They have a bunch of old dudes that do the sh!t part-time officiating the biggest sport in the country, and have an ever changing rule book the size of War and Peace that nobody fully understands. I cut hockey officials a little more slack due to how crazy fast the game moves. Probably the hardest sport to officiate honestly.
  16. Him and Eichel can’t buy a goal today.
  17. @Chimaira_Devil_#9 your boys should hold their heads up high after this one.
  18. He’s fun to watch. Even when he’s not scoring.
  19. Nico scores another! He is red hot. He’s only one point behind Nylander for the tournament lead now.
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