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  1. It just dawned on me that Ryan Graves must feel like absolute sh!t right now…
  2. And Weekes is saying the opposite, so who knows…
  3. Let some joy into your life, buddy lol.
  4. Imagine him not even being the best player on your team. What a fvcking squad.
  5. No idea. It came from a verified account so I figured it’s legit. I had the same initial thought though.
  6. Not to mention problems with the sound all the time.
  7. Pretty much. Keller is a good player, but overall - they’re not even close to what the Devils already currently have in the NHL, or in their pipeline. It’s full on doom and gloom to even try to suggest they’re remotely the same based purely off standings or playoff appearances.
  8. Nicomo

    What to do with #2?

    Chicago isn’t.
  9. When and where was it announced Fitz is personally picking the new assistants anyway? I must have missed it.
  10. Yeah, he went a bit dark with the cancer, but as an analogy - it’s spot on.
  11. Nicomo

    What to do with #2?

    And exactly what we are lacking, too. We need to get harder to play against. Nichushkin in particular would be a great pickup.
  12. I wish we would stop fvcking around and just hire Trotz already.
  13. That fanbase is so spoiled.
  14. Nicomo

    What to do with #2?

    Yep. The only rumor is that Fitz checked in with Chicago on DeBrincat. Nothing has come out of their camp as far as price though. I’ve seen a bunch of Hawks fans online talking about wanting 20A + Holtz, but that doesn’t mean they’ll get it. And if Fitz trades next year’s 1st (unprotected) he should be fired immediately. Especially with our lottery luck over the years.
  15. Maybe during the original 6? It would definitely suck to be known for that lol. But at least he already has the ring from Anaheim regardless what happens.
  16. Nicomo


    Yep. He was just flat out hard to play against for most of his career.
  17. Nicomo


    That’s awesome. I never hear anything but good things honestly. I love when Gomez talks about him on Chiclets lol.
  18. Nicomo

    What to do with #2?

    Right? I’ve jumped hardcore onto the Slaf train at this point, but I’d trade the 2OA for DeBrincat in a heartbeat. I don’t think people realize just how rare the opportunity would be to acquire a 2x 40 goal scorer who’s only 24 years old. Pairing him with Jack could be our version of Hughes - Caufield.
  19. Or if the Avs win, for Corey Perry to lose his 3rd Cup in a row.
  20. Nicomo


    I was a big Colin White fan, too. Some people might remember him more towards the end of his time in NJ, but those early years (especially pre-eye injury) he was actually really good. Guys like him, Madden, Pandolfo, etc really exemplified what those Devils teams were all about. I actually just got back a jersey from EPS not to long ago that I had done into a White - with a A.
  21. Remember this? I am so glad I’ll be able to just enjoy the finals now. I don’t particularly like either team (in fact I’ve always kind of slightly disliked the Avs because of 2001), but this is about the most star studded matchup we could have hoped for - outside of maybe Avs/Leafs. Should be a good series, and we won’t have to suffer any anxiety (or boredom) from the Rags playing for the Cup.
  22. Fitz has reportedly checked in on DeBrincat.
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