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  1. Idk, after Hughes and Kakko, it seems Podkolzin, Turcotte, Byram, Dach, Cozens, Boldy, Zegras, are all fairly close.
  2. I don’t think it’s a strong consensus at all. I’ve seen a decent amount of speculation that Kakko should go #1.
  3. Tarasenko for Butcher. Trade in one for one.
  4. Butcher has been disappointing, but the PP has been absolutely abysmal all season, so it’s hard to judge him fairly. I never thought he was going to become a 1st pairing guy, so my expectations aren’t quite that high anyway. If he can be a top 4 dman that QB’s the PP I’ll be happy.
  5. Pretty much exactly why Butcher chose the Devils.
  6. Looks like it will be really tight down the stretch to see who comes in 30th. LAK won tonight, and have 2 games in hand on the Devils.
  7. I’ve never had a problem with him. Is his voice great? No. Does he ramble, and act like a homer? Yep. But there’s way worse around the league. You all should have heard how bad some of the early CBJ broadcasts were when they first got a team. They were awful lol I can’t stand Buffalo’s either. And then there’s some that are just flat out boring, and put me to sleep. I think Cangi and Dano are at least somewhat entertaining.
  8. Who would people even want to see replace him? I don’t think Sal has the right personality for it. Not upbeat enough.
  9. Now Marty is missing from the banner at the top...
  10. I don’t think he wanted to be traded anywhere, period. He was extremely upset to leave Edmonton, who sucked. If he had went to a Cup contender I’m sure it would have slightly lessened the blow.
  11. Sign or be traded. I mean, if it’s to a team Hall really wouldn’t want to go to it would only be one year, but I doubt he wants to go through that again.
  12. And I kind of doubt he’ll want to go through being traded again. He was pretty devastated the first time. If Shero does give him an ultimatum it might bode well for our chance at re-signing him.
  13. Absolutely must hit on picks that high. Another Zacha would be catastrophic.
  14. That’s why Calgary being so good worries me. Two of those guys went home, and the other wanted to play with his brother. Hopefully Hall is not interested in taking a hometown discount to play for the Flames.
  15. I mean, I’d add Yak as well, but those are really small sample sizes. Severson is having a nice overall season.
  16. Severson is pretty much the only bright spot on the blue line this season.
  17. Nose looks like he did last season.
  18. Ha the girl in Elias jersey sure was happy. Nice pass by Tangradi.
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