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  1. I saw that Josh Harris has been very hands on with picking their next QB in Washington. At least in NJ he seems to leave Fitz alone to run things how he wants. This is 100% on him as far as I’m concerned. As much as I can’t stand Lindy, it’s Fitz that keeps him around. He’s also the one that did nothing with Dougie’s LTIR money.
  2. He was in SJ for the Sharks game.
  3. The owners should be furious with Fitz for this failure of a season. They opened up the checkbook and allowed him to sign both Timo and Bratt. They were rewarded with no playoffs. Weird he was tweeting the whole game.
  4. Jack has certainly looked like himself the last couple games. And that’s with him probably not even being 100%. Nemec continues to be near the top of these most nights. Quiet game for Nico. Bahl and Marino were real bad. Lindy’s man crush near the bottom as usual.
  5. I’d rather see Holtz get those minutes anyway. Too bad he likely still won’t see the top 6 even with Toffoli gone.
  6. Well sure, fvck him, but he played well tonight. The save on Timo in the 3rd will piss me off just as much as the penalty shot tbh. Thought that was tie game.
  7. Credit to the goalie though. He didn’t bite. And it’s hard to be too upset with a guy who had a 3 point night, and carried the entire offense. It should have never come down to that.
  8. They have no one to blame but themselves (well - besides the Coach & GM). They can’t string wins together, they can’t beat bad teams. They don’t really deserve the playoffs.
  9. Yeah, he’s never been good in them. Bratt would have been my choice.
  10. Wish that could have been Bratt
  11. Good recovery after that missle pass though.
  12. He set up both Tierney and Lazar for prime chances tonight. He can’t score for them.
  13. Colin “1 out of 5 Fulton Reed” Miller
  14. He does go to Maine every year with the extended family (the Tkachuk’s always go). Maybe he’s bunkered down there hiding from Novo and the rest of the bad people.
  15. Great, so we’d squeak into the playoffs as a bubble team. Lindy is not the guy that they will win a Cup with though. Which means he needs to be replaced.
  16. They are generating absolutely nothing outside of Jack.
  17. Down 2 and the Ducks are the ones pressing. Pathetic.
  18. You don’t need to be a hockey savant to see Lindy Ruff is not a good coach in 2024. Our own GM admitted he still coaches the same way he did a decade ago.
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