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  1. On the bright side it’s nice that we have a player we’re actually worried about losing lol. Been a while.
  2. Ah that’s right. So just Mark didn’t play with either of them.
  3. It’ll be interesting to see where JJ Watt ends up going in the NFL. He has 2 brothers currently playing for the Steelers, but it sounds like the Browns (a division rival) might actually be the frontrunner. I guess there’s something to be said for being able to see your family for the rest of you life, but your playing career is pretty short, and you should either get paid the most money you can, or put yourself in the best position to win a championship.
  4. I’m not going to worry about it unless young Luke also ends up in Vancouver... I know we’re all scarred from losing Niedermayer, but that was probably a pretty rare case. I feel like most brothers usually don’t end up on the same team. Trying to remember if any of the Staal’s ever did? And I kind of doubt Calgary or Ottawa fans sit around worrying about losing their respective Tkachuk. One thing I will say is I could absolutely see Quinn staying in Vancouver his entire career. It’s hands down the most beautiful NA city I’ve ever visited. I certainly wouldn’t leave if I was a star ho
  5. I might be willing to try him on the PK at this point...
  6. They have Adam Fox. They better start worrying about adding some centers for all those lottery pick wingers to play with.
  7. 50-100? I feel like it’s the same 10 people that regularly post here lol
  8. Two different coaching staffs have now put a letter on his chest even at his young age. They obviously feel he’s captain material. Anyway, it’s just a stupid time to harp on it. If he had a couple points would anyone be saying that?
  9. Eh, there’s plenty of good posters over there, too. I love this board, it’s just not nearly as active unfortunately. Also your GDT sucked! But I blame the other guys for breaking up your streak lol
  10. A lot them are, no doubt. Nico could be scoring a PPG right now and we’d still be losing with this PK. People need a scapegoat though. Whatever, I know you saw people saying the same thing on HF.
  11. A little surprised that’s what you guys are taking away from this. I was more agreeing with Lack.
  12. Just saying, I’ve seen several comments about Nico not being captain material now. It’s ridiculous.
  13. Hasek back in goal for Buffalo? Garbage pale Goose
  14. Hughes continues to draw penalties that we can’t score on. I think I’ve heard of him.
  15. I hate how passive or PK is. It’s infuriating.
  16. Pretty much. Hughes is going to be a star. Smith is as good as advertised. Blackwood is elite (most nights). And Nico will get it together at some point. Rough stretch right now for sure, but the most important thing I wanted to see this season (Jack taking a nice step forward) has happened.
  17. Can we please steal a game where we’re clearly the worse team? Happened to us a couple times already this season.
  18. Blackwood looks good. Severson looks good. Hughes looks good. Anyone else?
  19. Maybe to a point, but there’s no way this group of players should be this bad. Has to be at least partially the system.
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