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  1. Those rebound control numbers would look MUCH worse if it was just for this season.
  2. Just checking in here while I’m watching football my boy ok?
  3. Blackwood is really turning into final years Cory Schneider (without the good years beforehand). Always injured, usually good for 4-5 goals when he does play, team literally plays better with anyone else in net, etc.
  4. Have either of you ever made a single positive post? JFC. Literally the day after a huge win against one of the best teams in the league…
  5. What a fantastic goal call. Can we hire that guy? And yeah, these teddy bear nights are great. My local ECHL team occasionally does them, and they have a police suv cruiser drive out onto the ice and they pack them into the back of it. I guess police departments like to have a teddy bear or stuffed animal or whatever in their vehicles to give to frightened and upset kids during certain domestic calls and whatnot.
  6. You and me both. I just caught up with the Devils game on the DVR. What a night for my teams.
  7. Dude is jacked. I wouldn’t mind that one bit.
  8. Ha all I got from that post is the lucky bastard is outside enjoying playing golf. It’s freezing balls here in the Midwest right now.
  9. Nicomo

    Draft 2022

    Wasn’t there a bit of that with Zacha? I seem to recall some rumblings about Pavel not being super into hockey, and that his father was the one that pushed him towards playing hockey professionally.
  10. Has anyone sent a jersey into EPS during the pandemic? I’m just wondering if their turnaround is even slower than normal right now. I sent one in back in September and still haven’t heard back from them. I feel like the longest I ever waited in the past was about 3 months, but maybe my memory is off.
  11. Yep. Obvious statement is obvious, but they’re sorely missing his offense.
  12. Nicomo

    Draft 2022

    I was going to say this checks out (Connor McDavid, Kyle Connor, etc), but then I remembered the one we drafted (Connor Chatham) never even made it to the NHL.
  13. Nicomo

    Draft 2022

    Glad you’ve come around a bit on the “sugar puppy”
  14. Nicomo

    Draft 2022

    I see at least a couple names Dano won’t be able to pronounce on that list…
  15. I mean, before Knight and Askarov - Carter Hart was supposed to be the next big thing… goalies are just so hard to predict.
  16. Jesper Bratt is our leading scorer, and the only good winger we have. I’m not trading him for an unproven young goalie.
  17. So much of goaltending is between the ears. And he ain’t got it… he’s made it this far by being 6’4 and somewhat talented. That’s not enough to succeed in the top league in the world.
  18. Not sure on Nico, but I linked the Blackwood part in this thread last night. Don’t watch it unless you want your opinion of him to plummet even lower.
  19. I guess. Anyway, Jack and Bratt are obviously both playing really well this season. One guy is 23 and the other is only 20. That was pretty much my whole point that started this. There’s some really nice young pieces to build around.
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