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  1. That would be so awkward with Jack Hughes living with him...
  2. Hynes using Mirco Mueller in a shootout might finally be the last straw for me lol
  3. You should see the Bengals board I frequent lol
  4. Gusev has scored 4 goals in 15 GP. That’s more than Hall, Nico, Zacha, Simmonds, Zajac, or Wood have. He’s hardly “useless.”
  5. The leads are nice, but the lack of goal scoring is a bit of a concern. In our last 6 GP we’ve scored 2, 2, 2, 0, 2, 2. I understand our defense (and to an extent goaltending) is an issue, but we should be a better offense than that. Only CBJ have scored fewer on the season.
  6. I didn’t even know he was in Pittsburgh’s system now.
  7. *obligatory but yeah, there’s A LOT of hockey left to be played.
  8. So you strip yours before sending them in? I’m far too lazy for that, and I don’t want to mess up the jersey, so I’ll just pay them to do it. As far as the font, last year I sent in a blank Indo Adidas “authentic” heritage and had it made into a Hischier, and that’s what I did - asked for the closest to the most current Devils font they had. It looks pretty good.
  9. Better than the old ones though? Cause that’s the thing, the Adidas are by no means bad, but the old ones were close to perfect.
  10. Speaking of game issued jerseys, I got my first one from Meigray recently. It was a John Ramage #55 (no idea who that is), and I’m going to send it into EPS to have it stripped and redone with Hughes. Still don’t like the Adidas as much as the Edge, but it’s pretty nice quality wise. I do like how the mesh on the shoulders looks in person.
  11. Mac is finally back over 90% after tonight (.903).
  12. He certainly shows flashes of being a legit #1. It’s just hard to always remember he’s still so young. I’d definitely consider him part of the core to build around along with Nico, Hughes, Bratt, Zacha, Butcher, and hopefully Ty Smith.
  13. Man we have the Pens number. Nice win. Especially Blackwood.
  14. The book is out on where to beat Blackwood.
  15. Zajac and Coleman sure do love playing Pittsburgh.
  16. Not to mention the media will NOT be so kind to him when things are going poorly.
  17. I can’t even imagine Hall’s super sensitive ass playing in Montreal. That would certainly end well lol
  18. Ah yeah, true, but the fact that’s he’s now a 50 million dollar man is indeed quite a change. Even if it hasn’t started yet. So I doubt he’s too disgruntled like that poster purposes.
  19. I’m not sure I agree with this. The NFL has revenue sharing, so teams can suck for decades and still rake in piles of money. My team (Bengals) haven’t won a playoff game since the early 90’s, and haven’t fundamentally changed the way they do things. I’d say that’s accepting losing.
  20. You want to see more scrubs like Mueller and Tennyson??
  21. It would look better without it, but it’s definitely not ruined, imo. I like them.
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