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  1. Ofc, but like RWtD said everything else GRRM writes is so good the sex stuff is always super out of place by comparison.
  2. Haha his sex scenes are the WORST.
  3. Nope. I had this username before we even drafted Nico. I usually like to pick usernames that are somewhat close to my own name (Nick), so I went with Nicomo from First Law. Hilarious character.
  4. I mostly only read comics/graphic novels, but along with the A Song of Ice and Fire books one series I’m really into is Joe Abercrombie’s First Law. It’s actually where I took my username from. Good old Nicomo Cosca lol. There’s a new book coming out this September. My #1 of all time is probably Cormack McCarthy’s Blood Meridian. I like the Dune books, too. Especially the first couple. I’m super hyped for the movie. Denis Villeneuve is one of my current favorite working directors.
  5. I’ve actually been on a manga kick lately. Just got done reading a bunch of Junji Ito horror books (Uzumaki, Tomei, etc). I’m also trying to get caught up on Berserk. It’s such a bummer the creator (Kentaro Miura) just died without finishing it. That’s always a risk with getting into these unfinished series (looking at you GRRM).
  6. Actually definitely DO NOT watch it until you’ve finished season 3. Major spoilers. I’m watching it now and it’s not actually a prequel, it’s a spin-off that picks up right after the S3 finale.
  7. The comic is great (Jeff Lemire is one of favorite writers). I haven’t watched the series yet, but I heard they toned it down quite a bit, which kind of had me worried when I first saw the trailer. Seems like it’s been a hit though. Pretty sure it’s already been picked up for a second season. I’ll have to get to it eventually. @Jerzey have you watched The Immortal (Gomorrah prequel) yet? It’s out on HBO MAX now.
  8. Did you watch the return or whatever it was called that came out a few years ago? I had mixed feelings about it.
  9. We owed you guys this one after that last game. Joey Votto has just been absolutely unreal lately. 7 games straight now with a HR. At 37 years old.
  10. Nah. It was discussed. Look a couple pages back.
  11. The thing I expect Hamilton to help with the most is sustained pressure into the offensive zone after guys like Jack or Bratt carry the puck in. WAY too often last year one of those two would make a clean entry only to have no support trailing. This was often when Jack would just try the miracle passes that seldom found another Devil. Now we’re going to have one of the best in the league back there.
  12. I definitely think it’s more the latter. Hell, just the amount of hate I saw online over the Hamilton signing was ridiculous. You listen to half these people Dougie is one of the most overrated players in the league and we’re going to end up regretting the deal two years in. I have a feeling if that exact same contract was given out by a more popular franchise there would be a very different reception. Anyway, fvck em indeed. Let them hate.
  13. Well sure, buts that not really what I’m talking about. Many non-Devils fans think the Cups were 100% the defense and the trap. Like any decent goalie could have been in there. It’s super annoying.
  14. It’s unbelievable that the winningest goalie of all time could actually be underrated by large factions of supposedly knowledgeable hockey fans. But he is in my experience. So many people think it was all the defense in front of him. Like he never won two Vezina’s after Stevens and Niedermayer were gone.
  15. What’s Cam Jansen up to these days?
  16. Haha I actually saw one review compare it to elements of Holy Grail. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/07/29/movies/the-green-knight-review.html
  17. Well what did you think of Green Knight?
  18. He’ll show them when that stache reaches its final form.
  19. You can clearly see there’s a plan for what Shero/Fitz want on defense.
  20. What are your top 3 MCU movies? For me it’s probably Thor Ragnarok (I’m a huge Taika Waititi fan), Winter Soldier, and the first Guardians of the Galaxy. The only ones I haven’t seen yet are Black Widow and Ant Man & the Wasp.
  21. I haven’t watched this yet but I heard he gave Marty a lot of credit for selling him on NJ. And I know Bernier said the same thing. I absolutely love having Marty in the FO. He obviously brings a lot of respect (and always will), which can only help having a very green GM.
  22. What are you seeing? We’re seeing The Green Knight this weekend.
  23. Deadwood is my #3 show of all time after The Sopranos and The Wire. The dialogue is definitely second to none.
  24. Always is a bit much. The last two seasons obviously, but before that he played in 76 or more games 5 years in a row.
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