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  1. What a weird (and kinda impressive) penalty to take lol.
  2. Yeah, I saw Hamilton had one, but it’s kind of weird Subban didn’t. He wore it last year at times. I think Zacha did, too. And Jack had one during the preseason.
  3. Wonder if Hamilton keeps his A when Severson and Wood return?
  4. Yeah, I’m sure it will be a fun enough popcorn flick.
  5. I thought the last one sucked. Actually, I don’t really like any of the sequels except Halloween III tbh, which ofc isn’t even really a sequel. This new one looks like it’s getting panned so far. Jamie Lee Curtis showing up to the premiere dressed up like her mom from Psycho was pretty cool though.
  6. Heiskanen with the OT goal to take down the Rags.
  7. Audiophile guys sh!t on sound bars, but I’ve been using them for years. I’m like you, and don’t want speakers all over my living room. Sound bars are a NIGHT and DAY improvement over basic crappy tv speakers. Especially if you get one with a sub for some nice bass levels. Mine can literally rattle the floor (I have a Yamaha YAS 207). But if you’re looking for just a smaller soundbar to upgrade your tv speakers; Sonos makes some good ones. I think their “Beam” should fit in just about any entertainment center.
  8. If it’s Smith we’re in trouble. Isn’t he going to miss some time?
  9. Agreed. The hockey gods did not like it one bit the last time… As for ESPN+, that’s disappointing to hear it’s already having issues. I decided to just keep center ice since I like to DVR the games. Kind of pricey just to have that luxury, but for me it’s worth it since I’m never ready to start the games on time, and I’m out on weekends a lot. I still plan to sign up for the bundle (might as well since I already had Disney +), but I’m glad I won’t have to rely solely on the streaming app for hockey.
  10. Or maybe the 3 Cup winning coaches? I’m sure there are some Pat Burns signed pucks floating around out there.
  11. Doc would also be kind of cool. Bet he’d sign one, too, being as he seems like the nicest guy on the planet.
  12. I’m really coming around on that pick.
  13. To each their own. I’ve always liked that color scheme. I bet it would look better with a decent logo, instead of those flags. Beautiful.
  14. Can anyone with photoshop skills slap our logo on these just to see what it would look like with a black/red/gray theme?
  15. You might be right. I can never remember all the specific call-up rules. nvm just saw SH’s post.
  16. I’m just going off guys that were captains or alternate captains on their prior teams. So there’s at least some precedent there.
  17. The Devils have multiple young players that I could see as captain material (just hypothetically - - obviously we have Nico), Jack, Ty, Mercer…
  18. Would have been nice to see him get the 9 game look, but oh well.
  19. NEVER watch anything dubbed if subtitles are available. The only acceptable dubs are spaghetti westerns. And that’s just because it’s how the Italians made movies back then.
  20. Eh, we took a team that’s been to 2 consecutive NFC championship games to OT. I would have loved a win, but we went toe-to-toe with Rodgers the whole game. The 5 missed FG’s in a row at the end was just nuts though. I’ve never seen anything like it. But I’m cautiously optimistic about our future. We have our QB in Burrow, and the defense has been keeping us in games. Plus, Ja’Marr Chase is fvcking phenomenal. We just need a new coach.
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