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  1. These would look sharp as hell with red numbers and font.
  2. It’s just so much more active over there. Especially the prospect threads, draft, etc. I wish this place would get even half the amount of traffic.
  3. I’m trying to read the main boards less and less in the short time since I joined up over there.
  4. Facebook and YouTube comments you say...
  5. How the fvck could anyone hate him??? I lose yet another shred of hope for humanity hearing sh!t like this.
  6. Good luck not getting choked up watching this...
  7. Some great stories and memories in here. I don’t have anything like that, but Doc was a big part of my Devils fandom right from the beginning. I started following this team in early 2000’s, and right away it seemed like nearly everything about the franchise was top notch. From the product on the ice itself, to the coaching, to the jerseys, the GM, and definitely the guy that called the games. I would watch broadcasts of other teams and I just didn’t like any of their guys nearly as much (especially Jeff Rimmer for CBJ who I watched a lot of). And it wasn’t even a matter of being a homer,
  8. My NFL team blew a 21 point lead, so I’m currently in a I hate sports mood.
  9. Patrick Kane didn’t play with the corpse of Wayne Simmonds and Miles Wood. Hard to put up points playing with guys like that. Even if Jack had scored like 20 goals himself his totals would still have been extremely low primarily playing with those scrubs. Now you can point out that he also didn’t produce when he was on a line with Nico and Palms, which would be fair, but he also wasn’t playing his natural position, and it should have been clear it wasn’t working right away. That experiment lasted way longer than it should have. Jack put up insane totals in the US program because he
  10. First things first, let’s see how the kids who have only ever played for Hynes and Nas look under a new coach.
  11. Again, idk about “the next 10 years” but the people who’s jobs depend on it (mainly Fitz) have named him, Nico, and Mac, as the core they’re planning to build around going forward. So is not just fans being hopeful or whatever.
  12. You come up with the weirdest sh!t.
  13. The team felt good enough about both Jack and Nico to pass on Rossi for a scoring winger, so they obviously aren’t too concerned about it. Idk being “set for the next decade” but Nico has already proven he’s a top 6 Center, and I expect Jack will within the next couple years. He’s not Pavel Zacha. There’s just way too much skill there for it to not translate. The thing that literally everyone seems forget when discussing Jack is it was predicted (correctly) that he was going to take a little more time to fully develop than the more physically mature players that come in that young.
  14. Jumbo Joe to the Leafs. One year 700k.
  15. Scott Wheeler put out his top 50 prospects list for The Athletic. We have 2 of them. Holtz (6) and Smith (41). Interesting that he has Holtz ranked ahead of both Stutzle and Drysdale. 6. Alexander Holtz, RW/LW, 18 (New Jersey Devils — 7th overall, 2020) Previous ranking: N/A If you were to survey scouts for their own rankings like this, Holtz probably sits outside the top 10 on a majority of lists. I think that does him a bit of disservice, though. He belongs among the other names at the top of the 2020 draft class as well as the top non-NHL prospects from previous drafts. He has
  16. Their jerseys remind me of a Monster energy drink can.
  17. No bullsh!t. Straight to the point. I like it.
  18. Has he been going to Zajac’s barber?
  19. Idk we already signed one dman who can’t stay healthy...
  20. Hard to argue with your list. Might put Dano in the 15-30 group instead of Zajac because of the Cups though.
  21. Parise, too. Good things tend to happen when we pick right around there...
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