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  1. Yep. And I don’t think he’ll be good for the kids at all.
  2. Right? I had to roll my eyes at the Rags likely going for Lav. He’s the king of all retreads.
  3. Well the next guy gets to inherit a power play that consists of J. Hughes, Hischier, Meier, Hamilton, and L. Hughes. Shouldn’t be any shortage of takers. I’m kind of indifferent towards Brunette leaving tbh. Glad it’s not Columbus though, just in case he does turn into a decent HC again.
  4. So a Vegas - Florida finals just like we all predicted.
  5. Sounds like the Rags are going to hire Peter Laviolette. Just what their young and underdeveloped players need.
  6. Still can’t embed tweets, but McKeen’s Hockey has the Devils with the #1 prospect pool in the league. Nemec, Luke, and Holtz are all in their top 10. https://twitter.com/mckeenshockey/status/1663254682733608960?s=46&t=LbTlicr2R-wpEQlojJz9Sg
  7. He just scored a great goal. Looked like a power forward.
  8. Great save by Hill. Broadcast giving Sean Burke a lot of credit as the goalie coach in LV.
  9. If they let Jack make personnel decisions then we probably wouldn’t have ever traded Ty Smith for Marino. Jack should definitely have a voice in the room (along with Nico), but at the end of the day Fitz has to have final say. It’s his job on the line, not Jack’s.
  10. I thought that too at first, but other sites are letting me embed tweets no problem.
  11. I’m not sure the world is ready for him and Torts in the same division.
  12. It obviously wasn’t all inclusive fellas. Tage was a pretty big (no pun intended) omission though.
  13. What a goal for Robertson. USA hockey is going to be absolutely filthy for the near future: Robertson M. Tkachuk J. Hughes, Q. Hughes, L. Hughes Matthews Fox McAvoy Eichel Slavin Zegras
  14. Having trouble embedding tweets right now for some reason, but Todd Cordell makes a good point on why you don’t make that trade if you’re the Devils: Kind of funny you hear the #NJDevils , for example, won't go anywhere until they get a marquee goalie and the only one still playing is Oettinger (.895 SV% these playoffs). Bobrovsky was benched to start R1, Hill has a career high of 27GP, and the Hurricanes use a $6.5M tandem. The prudent move is to see if Akira is the real deal. He certainly flashed enough to get the chance.
  15. Ok that was pretty. 3-2 Florida.
  16. The Panthers being bold and going out and trading for Tkachuk is looking damn good right about now.
  17. And the roster will be a tad better this time…
  18. Stars are toast. We might see sweeps in both conferences.
  19. Idk, people are already digging old stuff up…
  20. They just said Oettinger played 41 of 47 games down the stretch going into the playoffs. He’s clearly out of gas. Same thing happened to Vanecek. They just don’t make ‘em like Marty anymore.
  21. I literally said “I guess” in my post.
  22. https://theathletic.com/4543071/2023/05/23/connor-hellebuyck-trade-jets-nhl/?source=user_shared_article I don’t even really agree the Devils should be all that interested, but here’s her take: The other team linked to Hellebuyck on the trade board is New Jersey. After an abysmal year in 2021-22 in net, New Jersey found a bit more consistency with Vitek Vanecek. The Devils didn’t make their goalie face a ton of shots, but he responded well to his workload until some late regular season struggles that may have been attributed to him adjusting to an expanded workload. The playoffs are when their goaltending issues really became costly. For the second straight year, Vanecek lost his starting net early in the playoffs. And he was below average in three of four appearances against Carolina, too. While Akira Schmid stood tall against the Rangers, he stumbled against the Hurricanes and only earned one quality start. With New Jersey’s window opening this year, management has to capitalize on it. That’s why there may be more emphasis on the goaltending position, despite some of the highs of this past regular season. Hellebuyck is as ‘right now’ of an option as it gets, and the free agent market isn’t exactly inspiring between the likes of Jonathan Quick, Semyon Varlamov, Tristan Jarry, Frederik Andersen, and Antti Raanta. The most attractive options likely include Joonas Korpisalo and Adin Hill, but they may be spoken for if they stick around with their current teams. So management may have to look for a goalie via trade if they aren’t comfortable and confident in what they have. But acquiring Hellebuyck would create a roadblock for Schmid, especially if he looks for a deal that’s more than three or four years. The Devils, like the Sabres, can spend to acquire a high-end goalie. The cap situation may take a bit more balancing, though, because there are two key forward contracts, among a few other pending free agents, to manage first.
  23. I actually kinda like the shift time counter on the bottom of the screen that TNT is doing. Would have been funny to see Jack’s in that one game against the Islanders.
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