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  1. Some of the regular season games last year felt like we only sent half the team…
  2. Here’s the Jack goal for those who didn’t see it.
  3. I didn’t get to watch the game either, but I see Hamilton had 3 points. He’s having a nice preseason so far. A nice bounce back year from him will go a long way.
  4. Good game, @MadDog2020. I’m not a religious man, but I’m sending positive thoughts out there for Tua. They just said on the broadcast he’s being discharged from the hospital, so that’s good. Valiant effort by Teddy, tonight too.
  5. Confirmation he still has all his limbs, so that’s good. Although the more I look at the picture…
  6. I so hope Palat - Hughes - Holtz becomes a thing. That line seems like it could be a perfect blend of different skill sets to really compliment each other. Encouraged by all the different goaltenders, too.
  7. Tbf that shot beats most goalies.
  8. Well those 2 look good together.
  9. Beardless Palms looks so weird.
  10. Those are gorgeous. I’d love to get one done up with Nemec (assuming that’s where he’s headed).
  11. Idk what to expect for Thursday night tbh. Our defense has been really good all 3 games so far, but Burrow played the worst 2 games of his career to start the season, and our newly re-built OL is still a work in progress. They did look much better against the Jets though. I’m hoping for a shootout between probably the 2 best WR groups in the league, but watch it be a low scoring defensive type game lol. Everything good with Tua btw? That was some scary stuff when got a little wobbly yesterday.
  12. We also have to worry about the Russian kid that will go 2OA. Don’t want anyone in the division getting either one of those 2.
  13. Has a Torts coached team ever finished bottom 4? I’m sure he’ll at least have them competitive.
  14. Nicomo

    Nico or Nolan

    Poor kid. I wouldn’t be surprised if he just retires once his deal is up next year.
  15. And apparently he gave Mercer a watch for #18. As a non-watch guy that’s pretty boring to me, but I’m sure it’s a nice one.
  16. Palat is a tough looking dude.
  17. Yeah, a lot of Gomez’s best stories didn’t come out until years later.
  18. PK probably had the most entertaining personality of any Devil off the ice since Gomez. Good luck to him whatever comes next.
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