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  1. You find Wood has a reasonable contract? Really have to disagree with that
  2. Yes. At his age and performance, if he wants $4 mil then I will drive him to the airport myself. BTW, just because we gave out horrible contracts to Simmons, Wood etc doesn't mean we have to keep making the same mistakes.
  3. not a fvcking chance. His numbers don't warrant more than $2 mil per year
  4. This is fine, he can stay. Just as long as he has zero expectations of getting any kind of money from us in the next contract.
  5. Exactly. Step on down defensive stalwart.. Mr. Paul Coffey! He had +/- over 50 in the early eighties with EDM, then never ever came close to that once he left.
  6. Whatever happens, please no Claude Julien part 2. Can't stand that guy and he isn't what I want in a coach. Give me drill sergeant with an iron will please.
  7. Ya I'm actually one of the few who does believe that +/- is a valid stat, especially for defensemen. Sure, you can get unlucky and step on the ice right before a goal is scored, but over the entire season those flukes will balance out. The fact that Damon Severson has such a huge -ve value over his career is no accident or fluke. Same with Scott Stevens having a career value of +395
  8. They are most useful for pro scouting only. For instance, look at the numbers of a guy like Jake Gardiner in the playoffs, and you can see why it's a good idea to stay far away from a player like that. So, imho, the negative stats are far more useful than the positive ones. A guy having great puck possession metrics doesn't mean he's going to help you win, but a guy like Gardiner who the opposition scores easily on in high stress times is a definite red flag to avoid.
  9. Letting Schneider play ever again for Devils is a slap to face of fans. Please owners Fitz whoever, just send him the fuq down again!
  10. If it's true that Shero wanted to block Blackwood on the team, then I'm definitely ok with him getting fired. Blackwood has been one of the very few things I'm hopeful about this year. It would be very similar to Hextal getting fired in Philly for taking too long with Hart.
  11. While funny, this post is also quite true. Why not give an analytics team a chance to sculpt our roster? It's not like the traditional one man show has worked for us for the last decade. I scoffed when Arizona hired a rookie analytics GM, but now they seem to be putting together a decent team.
  12. Unfortunately we are not in the position to be shopping out PK for anything other than a proven NHL defenseman coming back. Our D is absolutely horrid and we still need a guy like him for 3-4 slot. Yes, his contract is abysmal but we didn't give it to him. I say keep him unless like I mentioned above we get a NHL defenseman back. No prospects or picks would be acceptable.
  13. I hope they fail miserably. I really like DeBoer as a person, but I cant stand that franchise with their BS luck and sneaky expansion draft rigging.
  14. Ya this firing is madness. Who could have got more out of a group of castoffs and rookies? Losing teams firing coaches makes sense, but this is mindboggling. At least they didn't send him to the curb to call a taxi himself...
  15. Of course we didn't draft a lot of good defensemen, that is the Pittsburgh draft model. Sink all money into top end forward talent, then go out and get a bunch of scrubs and castoffs for defense and a goaltender to hopefully stand on his head and win cups. Seriously, look at the defense corps for Pitt on their last 2 cups and show me how those teams won the cup? However, as much as I dislike the Pittsburgh model, Gary Bettman and friends love it and have been adding in new rules to help those teams as much as possible for years. So, from that standpoint in makes sense to draft that way now. Sinking high picks and money into defense and goaltending doesn't usually work anymore. St. Louis has a great and expensive defense, but their goalie is on a rookie deal. Compare that with the albatross of Carey Price in Montreal, which makes our Cory deal look pretty good.
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