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  1. Cool is right. The place is fvcking arctic cold in the winter. And literally a days drive from civilization of any realistic definition. But hey, it has lots of amethyst there if rocks are your thing.
  2. So hypothetical scenario: we get rid of blackwood due to covid bs. What do you guys think about a 1-2 year offer to tuuka rask? I know he's a perennial playoff choker, but he could get us there at least.
  3. Mercer is an overage junior. What could he possibly gain by more time in the minors? Holtz maybe too young though. We don't want to 'Montreal' his development.
  4. So do I, but guys like Kaprizov and Tkachuck are no where close to worth the 8-9 million dollar contracts they are getting. So my point is guys are asking for money totally unrelated to actual skill levels.
  5. Well I'm legitimately frightened of the deal after the stupid Minnesota deal and the greedy a$$hole tkachuck holding out for a fortune here in Ottawa. It could be in the ten mil range for Jack depending on how he plays. I miss the days of Lou's iron control of salaries, but that's all I miss from Lou.
  6. Yes this is mind boggling. All that talk about contracts being set lower due to covid losses was obviously a bunch of BS. Now those Philly contracts don't even look so bad at all compared to this one.
  7. No worries,I already blocked all posts and mentions from the troll.
  8. Yes I put a one liner reply in to a proposal for 4 mil a year for subban And didn't explain it enough. I agree with that and had already said I didn't write it well to mfitz in the same thread.
  9. I don't know why I'm a racist if I find four million dollars a year is too much to pay for a guy who has been mediocre for years, who happens to be black, but whatever. I personally find him a decent individual who gave a lot of money to charity but does unfortunately draw too much media scrutiny.
  10. I choose not to bother spelling his name correctly since I could care less
  11. Did any of you guys actually watch kokanemi play? I have for three years
  12. 'Roth, he played this one beautifully' Bergevin gets a lot of flack in Montreal, but wow did this work out. Kokanemi is awful, he dumped him for two picks and then swung one of them to get Dvorak from Arizona. Combined with the robbery trade of Anderson and the amazing free agents last year I find he doesn't get enough credit. Unfortunately that draft of the kid with sex crimes was pretty brutal, but overall I'm impressed.
  13. Yup this seems like a pure revenge move. Which is very strange for a money driven league. I can't stand the player personally.
  14. So Philly with a batsh!t crazy signing contract for Courtourier today. Was way more than I expected. Does this mean more correction for covid not happening as expected or just typical Philly stupidity?
  15. He wasn't clear with that and my reply wasn't either. Basically Savard just signed for $14 for four years in Montreal. Montreal usually has to pay more for free agents due to Canadian dollar and taxes. Imho Savard >>> Subban, so that's how I can get to a 2.5 to 3 mil contract. This is just a recent comparable, I'm sure there are more.
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