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  1. Rob_Ottawa

    2018 Offseason Thread

    A typical butt-hurt ranger fan typed up that list; he couldn't help referring to the Devils as boring even when mentioning our best players of all time. I guess winning three cups and appearing in 5 sure is boring...
  2. Rob_Ottawa

    Who do you want in the playoffs?

    Beware Tampa! I see them as the best team and they are playing possum right now. Just look at that roster! They are also aware of their 'window' and the time is now for them. I personally would like to face Boston, just cause they seem to choke in the playoffs (see last year vs Ottawa) Let Columbus and Pitt destroy each other, same with Toronto and Tbay, and Was to crush Philly. Just my 2 cents.
  3. Rob_Ottawa

    GDT: Devils @ Senators 2/6/18 7:30PM

    Burrows is a horrible hockey player at this point in his career. Ottawa would love it if he got a really long suspension. I say don't suspend and force them to play him. Or, maybe we want him out of the lineup so Ottawa wins a few more games and has a worse chance at winning the lotto.
  4. Rob_Ottawa

    GDT: Red Wings @ Devils 7:00PM

    I was at the game, my first ever live in New Jersey. I was blown away by the prudential center. What an amazing arena. I have seen games in Toronto and Ottawa and both arenas are crap compared to the rock. The scoreboard! I couldn't stop starting at it, even when play was live Crappy game outcome, but at least I saw one live Jesper Bratt needs to shoot the damn puck more. He tried several cutesy pass plays We need a mule in front of the opposing net. Hardly any traffic made it way to easy for Detroit goalie Devils Den... big disappointment. I have a really hard time finding decent NJ merchandise in Canada so I was really hoping for something here. Sadly, the store was filled with nothing but cheap Chinese garbage knock offs. Newark was fine, I had no issues. I stayed at the Hilton Penn station and it was an easy walk to the Rock. I would do that again for sure.
  5. Rob_Ottawa

    All purpose general trade speculation thread

    Hi All: I live in Ottawa and listen to the hockey talk shows regularly. Bobby Ryan's hands are so injured (multiple fractures) that he literally cant shoot a slap shot any more. Definitely stay far, far away from him. Also, I see a lot of Sens games and Karlsson is a shell of himself after a crazy ankle surgery and repair. I would be very cautious about giving too much for him. He is a also a defensive liability this year, so if his ankle never fully recovers then you are screwed.
  6. Rob_Ottawa

    2017 UFA Thread

    Shattenkirk cost Washington at least one game against Pitt. He let a 40 year old Cullen steal the puck off him for a breakaway, then couldn't catch up to him... A 40 year old centre... Couldn't catch him.. does that sound like a number one defenseman to you? Good riddance.
  7. Rob_Ottawa

    2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

    Look ok, I hate the pens more than any team, and I'm sick to death of Crosby, but come on, that hit was dirty as fuq on him. Cross check to the back of the head that Crosby had no way of bracing himself for after he was trying to score. Saying stuff like it shouldn't be a major and he only got the penalty because it was on Crosby is ridiculous. This reminds me a lot of Carter on Anssi Salmela that pretty much ended his career. Salmela scored a sweet goal, Carter crushed him right after from behind, and the worst part was no response from the rest of the team. We shipped him to ATL shortly after.
  8. Rob_Ottawa

    DEVILS WIN #1 PICK ****2017 Draft Lottery Thread

    shattenkirk just cost Washington the game tonight. Avoid at all costs, acquire young talent.
  9. Rob_Ottawa

    2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs thread

    Holtby and Bobrovski both are likely Vezina candidates and both are sending their teams to early playoff exits. Holtby was cover-your-eyes awful on the first and third goals last night. You simply can't win anything with goaltending like that. Letting the Maple Laffs put up 3 a night with a rookie squad was also a large warning sign. F U penguins, I don't see anyone stopping them again. P.S.: Nick Bonino is a playoff stud. We should have gone all in for this guy when he was free.
  10. Rob_Ottawa

    Was this the worst year ever to be a Devils Fan?

    Nope, that would be the 2008/2009 season losing to Crapolina in game 7. Two goals in about 2 minutes at the end of the game, Mike Mottau on the ice for both. Seriously, why on Earth did we not have Colin white Andy Greene Bryce Salvador or anyone else on the ice over him? Terrible coaching by Sutter before he ran away and just a horrible gut stab feeling. With the roster we iced this year, I expected to lose.

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