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  1. I was worried about defensive depth before season started, but I never expected this.really hard to fix it since adding one descent defenseman won't be enough. We are the 95-2005 penguins right now.
  2. No to this. Get rid of entire staff, cleanse all the bad ideas and bad coaching. Surely there must be someone out there who is better?
  3. I was laughing to myself in the offseason when Montreal radio was chirping how much of an upgrade KK was for their goalie backup. Obviously they never watched him play last year.
  4. I watched second half of the game. We have one of the worst defenses ive ever seen. A lot of it is fundamentals. One play in particular stood out, Tennyson defending a guy in the devil's right end corner, skated along beside the guy and then let him easily cut into the front of the net. That can't ever happen in the NHL, and I'm sure coaching could fix that kind of stuff. Hynes and staff need to go or spend a tonne of time trying to fix this mess.
  5. I just looked at the standings, something I have been avoiding. Yup, our goose is cooked Can we please fire the coach now?
  6. I don't throw all the blame at Ray for this mess, but Hynes has to go. Question though: did we rush both Nico and Jack? Why did we have to play them right away. Why not let them develop in the AHL for two years to bulk up? Is it only for cap reasons that they have to play right away these days? I see the same thing happening all over the league, jasperi kokenemi and Nolan being two other examples.
  7. Rob_Ottawa


    You mean we need a coach just like Pat Burns. Damn we had him for way too short of a time.
  8. Rob_Ottawa


    thank you voice of reason. Babcock hasn't won in playoffs in ages. The league is always going to be 'what have you done for me lately' except for some reason we keep our turd coach...
  9. Rob_Ottawa


    No to Babcock. Perennial playoff loser. He's lost touch with the today's faster paced game.
  10. Ya, I meant goalie number 2, aka the backup Is Domingue the guy, or is Ray shopping?
  11. Sad day, but a must for this team to go forward. Unlike others Im not mad at Lou for his current contract, because the guy really was a star at the time. I think his injuries have just become too much to overcome at his age. Big question though, who is our new goalie?
  12. Brodeur did about 41 in his first full season but our backups were way better. Not to mention two hall of fame defenseman in front of him.
  13. Blackwood is an nhl starter. He was brilliant last night, and often left on his own. I will go back to my earlier desire for him to start at least 41 games, but who can we start for the rest? Maybe Hynes will just ride him all the way.
  14. No. Id rather see some other vet dmen brought in and then slot PK in the 3-4 hole. Just don't make him part of the top tandem and he will be fine. He was ok in Nashville in the 3-4 role.
  15. Losing at home to Sens... This has to mean immediate coach firing. We've had this clown for years and enough is enough. P.s.: that Mr Rogers clown meme makes me lol every time, nicely done!
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