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  1. That Sissons deal with NSH (7 years at $20 million total) is another super steal for them. Solid all around player who can play several positions and on different lines. Does state income tax really make that much of a difference? I lived in Mass for a year and my total income tax was almost identical to Canada, with only a very small portion of it being state tax.
  2. What the Hell is Chicago doing? First they grab Shaw from Montreal, and now Smith from Ottawa, both fourth line pluggers. Shaw isn't even cheap, so no cap savings there. Do they have some kind of new coach who can resurrect these guys or something? Edit: turns out it was a salary dump for the cap. Still, a terrible trade for them
  3. What a stupid story on TSN today about Rangers trying to clear cap space. Duh, every team is trying to do that except us and Phoenix. In other news, grass is green and ice is cold. Likely a story leaked from NYR to try and get more calls about the crap they are trying to offload.
  4. Sigh. All I'm saying is that he is a 2 faced liar. He said several times in the media about being happy to be in Ottawa, doesn't care about $, whatever. Then, Ottawa tried to resign him in Jan 2019 and he stalls and stalls, until finally they have no choice but to eject his ass. Not wanting to stay in Ottawa is ok, as long as you don't claim otherwise and then handcuff the team to accept scraps at the trade deadline. Seriously, you guys don't live up here so you have no idea the sh!t he was saying in interviews. Actually, I would argue he did 'stop playing' after coming to the Sens; he was terrible in 2018 fall
  5. No, I was referring to Ottawa, not Montreal. Ottawa tried desperately to resign him but he jilted them for more cash on the open market, despite the fact that Ottawa gave a king's ransom to bring him to the team.
  6. Living in Ottawa, I've had more than my fill of 2-faced Duchene. He had constant interviews throughout last year saying bs about 'oh I don't care about the money, I just want the best fit for me' blah blah blah Then, he claims to be a Canadians fan, visits them, and then likely turns down more cash from them to play in NSH. Basically, you can't trust a word that guy says. He's a cancer in my opinion, whined his way out of Colorado, then came to Ottawa on one of the worst hockey trades in the history of the game (for OTT, Colorado made out like bandits), and performed like crap for the rest of the season while the Sens nose dived. Im certainly no Sen fans, but that guy is a real POS and NSH gets to see that for the next few years as well.
  7. So... are we saying that Hall gets the same cash as Marner here? I honestly don't know the value of players these days, especially 2 such high profile ones. After Douche-shane took such a ridiculous low deal in NSH, I'm kind of unsure what these 2 players will get.
  8. I was assuming that Hall would be signed by Toronto. If Hall has no contract in place, then Toronto doesn't do anything like this.
  9. No, of course not. But Hall plus 2 firsts is ridiculous for Marner. Make them second rounders, and now I consider it.
  10. No, and gfy Dubas.
  11. No issue, just commenting on the gutting and decline of CLB. I don't really care, but it is amazing to me how that team was gutted so fast.
  12. I just want them to move that's all lol. I'm not saying it would be in the best interest of the team, I would just prefer them in Quebec City, which is only 4 hours away from me.
  13. And the dismantling of Columbus continues... Images of tumbleweed blowing across their ice surfice Screw them. Move to Quebec already.
  14. budget for sport nutrition? W T F??? Just a joke of an organization. I've heard of nickel and diming before, but this takes the cake. I'd be shocked if there was still a NHL hockey team in my city in 5 years. Quebec anyone?
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