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  1. Yes they do, Don Sweeny, ex defenseman. He inherited most of the current team, aside from a few lucky picks like Pastrnak
  2. Beat the heck outta Crosby and Malkin. Screw them and their Kurt Warner-esque goalies!
  3. ya McLeod is the one on your list that really stands out. Why are you so high on him?
  4. why Cory again? FFS. I hope we lose 7-6 with Nico getting a hat trick. fvckoff with playing Cory so much
  5. While I have always thought that playing an undersized 18 year old in the NHL was an absolutely horrible and irresponsible idea, all of these people calling him a bust are being just silly. I would let him train in the summer, see how he looks at camp, then decide whether he should go down to Binghampton or not at that time.
  6. He cant be exposed, he has to be protected due to his contract. NMC I think.
  7. To think it would be a quick fix even with Shero still in place is silly. Our entire defensive corps is a mess and probably the worst in the league. You don't fix that overnight. We have one decent goalie who has never started more than 50 games in a season and no one to back him up at all.
  8. Yes, I meant that Yzerman in Tampa would have never been that stupid to pull a trade like this. A first for a fourth liner? WTF?
  9. It seems to be true. This and the Simmons trades are the most bizarre of the day. I can't see Yzerman ever making a trade of this suckitude. Tampa better win or else down there...
  10. Tampa gives... a first for some stiff named Barclay Goodrow? What in tarnation is going on... That has to be a typo on TSN...
  11. now reports of Car getting brady Skjei as well. Crapolina is all in. I wish I knew what we are getting..
  12. Depends if he likes playing in NJ or not. I doubt there will be a huge market for him with all the injuries. Yes, there will be some teams but nothing like a Jacob Trouba.
  13. Yes, salary floor is the only way this deal makes any kind of sense
  14. Why would Buffalo do this though? Favour to Fitz for future?
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