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  1. I would think signing vantanen would be a no brain move. Just do it fitz.
  2. soo... an entire year of drama, whining, double guessing, GM fired... and he picks the fvcking Sabres? Are you fvcking serious? I... really dont have any idea how this happened. But basically, fuq him I hope he fails.
  3. I love this. Solid depth in the most important position. Just need more defensemen please
  4. The name that seems like the best fit... is Sami Vantanen lol. No way the top d men come here, but maybe he would come back instead. Edit: Something wrong with your list, it doesnt even list Vantanen Must be based on top point getters I guess
  5. worst case scenario was that Ruff started the season with Cory in net and rode him for 15 games because 'hes the vet' Thankfully that cant happen now
  6. praise the lord they finally saw reason!
  7. WTF are the pens doing? Dumping their 2 time cup winning goalie for spare parts? They must really like Jarry. Also, when can the Devils buy out Corey, and if now, why the heck are they not doing it?
  8. rask is soft and always been. I would be fvcking furious with him if I was a teammate for his pansy move at this time. Opt out before hockey starts or not at all. Zero cases of covid in the bubble. Also, wtf twilight zone world am I in where Montreal is suddenly good? This is the same team where they were for sure missing the playoffs and kokanetti or w.e. his name is was so bad they had to send him to Laval. World makes zero sense to me.
  9. Ive always liked Ruff's coaching style. But what really matters to me is that Cory never plays with us again. Maybe for an injury call up I could allow it, but please don't let him on the team. Otherwise, we will get off to the same garbage start. Then again, who knows when I can even see the Devils play again to complain about the lineup?
  10. Yes they do, Don Sweeny, ex defenseman. He inherited most of the current team, aside from a few lucky picks like Pastrnak
  11. Beat the heck outta Crosby and Malkin. Screw them and their Kurt Warner-esque goalies!
  12. ya McLeod is the one on your list that really stands out. Why are you so high on him?
  13. why Cory again? FFS. I hope we lose 7-6 with Nico getting a hat trick. fvckoff with playing Cory so much
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