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  1. I have nothing against Maroon personally, just annoyed that he jilted the Devils after we went out and moved his sorry ass out of hockey Siberia. The story about him and his son was way overdone as well. It reminds me of news where they report the death of reporters or similar. That isn't news. Also, I don't detest Boston, just sick of them winning everything. I actually love the city, one of the best I've ever visited.
  2. Blues, but I'm not watching the finals. Maroon is a whiny crybaby. I don't care about this stupid son in crime ridden St. Louis. Boston can lose in all sports for 200 years and that would be fine with me.
  3. So, Evander Kane has been absolutely terrible this playoffs. Zero scoring and not even great at an 'energy' game. So glad we didnt pursue him.
  4. What I miss even more is standing up for teammates after someone gets cheapshotted. These days, assclowns like Marchand can run around and do as they please because there is no retribution.
  5. I miss those days. Captain Crunch would be suspended for half the year if hey played now... sigh
  6. Ok, he was decent, just not elite like Marchand levels of scoring.
  7. No, he just ran fourth liners face first into the boards. Great comparison by the way, Claude and Marchand have a lot of similarities. Only big difference is that Claude only turned it on in the playoffs and didn't really do much in the regular season. Both are talented goal scorers who know exactly how to piss off the competition.
  8. To conspiracy theorists: The refs missed a clear cut puck over glass from St. Louis in the same game. It was a textbook example of the penalty and they didn't even review it. Then, St. louis went on to score 2 goals in like 3 minutes after. I have no issue with the blown call in overtime, it's human error and sh!t happens. I don't enjoy sitting through minutes of boring reviews from Toronto. Less replay, faster hockey games please.
  9. Ya from what you guys are saying, Myers is mediocre at best so hardly worth the 6+ million he will want. Pass on that
  10. Ok, could you explain a bit? I don't get to see Myers play a lot so don't know much about him except he started with Buffalo. Is he slow, inept, plodding, poor teammate?
  11. From TSN Free Agent tracker: Who knew that a 55 year old could still play... Anyway, do we try and throw the bank at a guy like Myers? Or is that not a good idea? Karlsson is obviously the best offensive dman available, but I feel we need pure defense at this point.
  12. Dynasties are polarizing. I mean, I would love the Devils to rip off 5 cups in a row, but if it's not your team then it really turns you off from the sport. Perfect example are the Cheatriots; it's now to the point where I wont even watch the Superbowl if they are in it. Kind of makes a mockery of the whole league and especially their division.
  13. Is there any wonder that the Oilers are such a fvcking gong show? Look at the assclown they have in management: Trenchcoat mafia and mad scientist all in one? Edit: turns out that is the owner! What a kook.
  14. I saw zero angles that showed it as being any where close to legit. Anyway, so happy that Vegas is out. I honestly didn't see anyone else stopping them from the cup this year. Very loaded team. Gallant is an arrogant POS, Stone and Patioretty are douchebags and William "I sold my soul for one good year" Karlsson can now enjoy the golf around Vegas. Hopefully San Jose can contain the speed demons from Colorado now.
  15. Yes, we had a terrible major that cost us the cup so I really don't want to hear any whining from spoiled Vegas fans. Also, no one mentions the clear high stick goal for the second one from Vegas. That was a blatant high stick and I turned off my TV assuming the fix was on. Very happy to wake up and see the end result!
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