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  1. I was the one who said that about two years and two cups ago. Obviously I was wrong.
  2. Morons on ESPN also said game was in Tampa, so likely where you heard it. They also said at least two times that 'tampa has a chance to win three games in a row tonight' which is false as well. At least pretend to care about hockey ffs.
  3. Bob is gawdawful. Wtf is Florida doing?
  4. Ya I was just thinking the same thing, on cinqo demayo itself. The universe really loves irony.
  5. Yes but can we still draft Penizyn Seider is the real question.
  6. Go Panthers go. Don't want anyone else from the east.
  7. They all have to go. Anything less is catastrophic.
  8. Win please! Eliminate these cap dodging a$$holes!
  9. Losing to losers is rough. But... We need to win the next one no matter what. We can help eliminate Vegas if we beat them! Just win this one for me please team;
  10. They really need to change rules on injury news. This is a joke.
  11. I turned in for the first period, saw the abortion that was the first goal against us, turned off game immediately. Not wasting my time on peewee goaltending.
  12. I'd also argue yzerman as most successful. Current Tampa team is all his doing and Detroit is progressing well.
  13. Kreemin lol. Reminds me of the old Buster Hyman jokes from some movie.
  14. Saving it for a month or not, that still made my day.
  15. After all the sh!t we put up with in regards to him and now this? Ship him, find a vet and build Daws up.
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