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  1. Yes Price seems done as per tsn report
  2. Is this 2003 team the same incident that was discussed earlier with the list with McLeod on it?
  3. T Rex skull would be bad ass And don't try and sell me on any feathered dinos either. They were giant reptiles, not birds.
  4. I didn't call him a punk, just said I was tired of the circus that follows him. But... Honestly he's been a pretty low key team member for most of his tenure. Edit: aside from the slewfooting crap which I don't like
  5. Re: Suban I was totally against a contract of four million for Subban about six months ago and called a racist for my statement. Fast forward to today, and with the state of the dman market, four mill for Subban for like three years may actually be ok. Seems like the young guys like him, and you see a much inferior player like Gudbransen getting 4 mil from CLB and maybe I can admit I was totally wrong.
  6. @SterioDesign: What about Nolan Foote, is he completely hopeless at this point?
  7. Well can't we even let the team play with a full roster before we determine this is that bad of a deal? I suspected the Tatar deal was awful and it was, but Palat does way more important things on a team than just score.
  8. I think it's fine, just one contract and we have loads of cap room. We need some veteran skill anyway
  9. Ya I'd still like a veteran defenseman to take PK's minutes. Outside of Klingberg the list is very sad unfortunately.
  10. Yes because CLB is so much better than NJ. What a stupid ass post from some loser leaf fan.
  11. Yes very likely that was false media BS. Reminds me of when Leafs signed Marner a few years ago and the speculated salary was about two million more than he actually got...and that was from Darren Dreger and Bob McKenzie. So, even the best insiders are sometimes completely off.
  12. No idea what the Leafs are doing, bit don't really care if they make mistakes. Murray has been trainwreck awful in Ottawa.
  13. Ya Chara is trash and fake news. Reminds of all the news for Lundquist's heart condition. Like who the fvck cares outside his family.
  14. Montreal fvcked us over. Not much we can do about. Both centres are shrimps and we already have enough of those.
  15. Yes unfortunate. Hopefully they can end EDM tonight without him. fvck those stupid thugs and their sh!tty ass goalie
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