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  1. To be honest, their roster is sh!t. You have a bunch of no name defensemen and goalies who play a stifling trap system and the system works for the team defense. On offense you have maybe two guys with some real skill and the rest just 'fit the system'. I'm sure people made the same arguments vs the devils in the 90s, but I would point to our hall of fame defensemen and goalie as a counter to that.
  2. It's still very obvious that Zacha highly underachieved for his first few years, so people calling him out had every reason to. I'm very happy he turned things around and that the team seems to be growing well together. Offseason Mission: Get some NHL quality defensemen please! I'll take 3-4 at least. Thanks
  3. We lose and Rags are out. Still, fvck Boston. I don't want any more losses.
  4. Good. Vatanen has been a disaster
  5. Yes yzerman is a moron. Stop fvcking helping the lightning ffs.
  6. Yes this kind of sucks. We have traded Zajak Palms and Coleman in consecutive years, veteran heart and soul leaders. Then again, we set new levels of futility every year so why the fuq not trade them.
  7. Yes mounds and bounty are very similar. Both feature shredded coconut, which is 'not my bag'
  8. Meh you're just not a nougut fan. I love three Musketeers. Mars bar is also a solid choice.
  9. Boucher was a really great and fair announcer. At one point he mentioned the 2010 Patrick Kane cup winning goal and I was surprised since I thought he was the goalie on that one, but turns out it was Leighton. That has to be one of the most embarassing goals ever scored. Especially since biased tv coverage ignored it was scored for several minutes lol.
  10. Writes 'season over' in notebook. fvcking covid wiped out our goalie I guess.
  11. We really needed this. Please ffs work on the PK!
  12. I'm sad that Julien was fired, I was enjoying the same results every year for Montreal. He's actually a really bad coach right now, gets nothing extra out of his players. Michel Therrien was a way better coach who somehow got a terrible roster into the playoffs every year and competing. Just listening to Tony Marinaro on TSN radio right now, his temper tantrums over the Canadiens are must listen radio.
  13. No replay showed maltsev put in or net. His stick was all over the gaddam place. Good win!
  14. Gaddam deflected into our own net
  15. Lol buffels losing again. Eat it Hall!
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