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  1. Hoping for some scoreless minutes from Blackwood tonight. Subban and Greene could help him...
  2. Same with the Joel Ward incident, which was also vs Boston and sparked racist remarks from Bostonians. Boston is an amazing city, one of the cleanest with lots of great restaurants and things to do. The people though... well, lots of 'old white money' families still there. I am a white Canadian and even I was treated with disdain when I lived in Mass for a year.
  3. Seems like a reasonable deal. Now why couldn't they do that with Karlsson? Or Stone? Perplexing how they keep changing how they run things
  4. Yes, you said it, goaltending is key. If Blackwood regresses at all, we are in trouble. I have zero faith in Cory's fitness at this point in his career. If Blackwood stays on the same track as last year, then we should challenge for 7-8 spot
  5. I dont get it. The contract is worse than the 11 mil for seven years that was rumored. Unless that rumour was bullsh!t.
  6. I don't. I was just running with the scenario that Bob had stated, that it was all a mastermind plan of his agent.
  7. and sometimes you have to realize that your agent is only it for themselves. 11 million is more than fair, and even at that still handcuffs the leafs. Is it better to sit 6 months to hold out and have a craptacular year, then get put out in the first round vs Boston again? I donk think so, but ask Nylander.
  8. Especially since the Ottawa sh!tty Senators had something very similar last year, 'Ottawa rising' Being compared in any way to the Senators... is very bad
  9. All that list shows is that he is even dumber to turn down the 11 mil deal. He's rolling in cash, so why not sign the 'team friendly' (er not really) deal to try and keep the team competitive? Or maybe he doesn't care about winning. Seriously, I can't stand the Patriots, but just look at the model that Tom Brady sets of how to build a winner. Take a bit less cash, sign more and better players, keep winning, then make a second fortune with endorsements, and a third fortune with a model wife.
  10. according to TSN, Marner turned down 11 mill for seven years. If that is true... omg what an idiot. That deal is directly in line with his abilities. Edit: Article isn't clear if that is $11 per year for seven or 8 years Either way, there is no excusable reason to turn that down. I hope he rots out of season like Nylander last year
  11. That is a fantastic contract in a time when scabs like Kevin fvcking Hayes can get seven million. Great job Ray, on a continued amazing offseason.
  12. Ya I stayed at Penn station hotel last Jan. and it was great. Super easy to walk to the Devils game.
  13. MAF didn't win sh!t. It was Murray who brought home both cups. MAF was the winning goalie for one cup back vs Detroit and that's it.
  14. Ya the Luongo jersey retirement surprised me too, but honestly who else could they retire the jersey for? It's just an excuse to get a fuller crowd in their building, at least for that one night. Maybe we could do a Doug Gilmour jersey night too to get a full house? He played for us for a few games anyway.
  15. Report just out that TB is shopping Domingue instead. Hard pass, his numbers were awful on pretty much an all star team Have to look elsewhere I suppose
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