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  1. The story is really hard to believe. I'm hoping for sake of humanity she was making some of that stuff up. Otherwise, wow what an evil psychopath he is. I have a 5 year old daughter and that comment about his really hit me hard.
  2. I don't like Buffalo the city or teams. But having said that, what the fvck are they doing to their fans there? Totally gutted the team and very little hope for the future either
  3. We could maybe get Bastian back from Seattle, Washington got their goalie back. I honestly have no clue what the fvck Seattle is doing. Their team has zero scorers and they draft three goalies and then sign another one to replace them all and ship one out for a second round pick.
  4. I gotta say that I love this board. I was reading comments all day but couldn't reply at work. Hilarious stuff. I was miserable with anticipation until signing was official. Oh, and props for someone finally making fun of Hyman's name with some crude humour. I mean, his name is such an obvious joke goldmine yet never got even a brief mention by emo media here in Canada.
  5. Absolutely nothing to the Devil's. I just find him an overrated joke of a goalie who I obviously have a personal bias against. It would be the equivalent of Lundquist signing here to some people.
  6. Thank goodness we weren't in on Fleury. Trying to cheer for him in Jersey would have been tough for me...
  7. Ya Rob ford was crazy, but we are discussing federal politics and he was a city Mayor who is now quite dead
  8. Canada has five federal political parties at the moment actually, although number five had maybe one seat only in parliament and one of the parties is Quebec only. I prefer it to yo-yo democrat/ republic swings myself where you put a party into power just because 'its their turn'.
  9. This Hamilton talk is very exciting I hope it works out Also hard no on Holtby who was atrocious last year
  10. And no moron like Dave Tallon or whomever the boob was in Florida to completely fleece this time either.
  11. I just meant the highest profile guys. There is no reason why we can't also go after mid tier players as well. Who do I mean? Guys like Chiarot in Montreal. He was a late free agent pickup who I had wanted in NJ who just had a massive impact on the playoffs this year yet was never considered a top free agent.
  12. Who cares about Larsson? He was awful in the playoffs, check his stats. Hamilton or Coleman should be the only high end targets.
  13. 'tenacious winger' If only it was true More like 'tetanus infected'
  14. That's kind of fvcked up actually. What if they had an ex player on Montreal from last year? That would have been very awkward
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