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  1. How has Murray looked this year? Really hard to see Devils games up here in Canada. I look at the stat sheets and his numbers are great, a plus 2 on a night we gave up 5... Im a believer in plus/minus for D men even though others are not. I recently heard an interview with an NHL D man, cant remember who it was, and he stated directly in the interview that his goal was to improve his plus/minus this year, so it seems nhlers value it too.
  2. I almost had a heart attack when I first read Blackwood on IR. Hopefully he recovers fast, if he has any symptoms at all. Can't win all the games as much as I would like. Also, I'm happy to see Wedgewood back in the organization after we dumped him a while back, he's definitely put in his time in the minors for us.
  3. It's so refreshing to have a real coach for a change. Hopefully he stays with youth even when we will eventually hit a slump somewhere.
  4. Then he signs with buffalo...yup there's a perennial playoff beast if I've see one...
  5. He wouldn't even discuss a contract with Ray. Zero loyalty so screw him
  6. Sabres are 1-2 That's the only number that matters. Fuq them and fuq hall
  7. I feel really dumb and out of it. When and where exactly did we pick up this kid Sharongivich? Late round pick?
  8. So you haven't played hockey in over 8 months, you are trying to earn a roster spot in some cases, and the best you can come out with is... 4 shots? Good grief
  9. Very happy for Ty. I'm also happy with organization for not rushing him, which happens way too often in this league.
  10. Ya that's a very questionable pickup. I would have prefered a veteran to mentor Black, not another AHL goalie. I really hope our scouts know what they are doing...
  11. Stay far far away from Craig anderson. Washed up bum who was way overhyped here in ottawa. Basically just run rookies... Or... Florida is desperate to get rid of bobrovsky, eat half the contract for a pick, then florida is able to run in knight. And we aren't even in same division... I mean, who else could eat bob's contract out there?
  12. Hooray for hockey. Now fitz, please go sign vatanen for depth and then we can begin.
  13. The reason he had such a lousy season is because he should not have been in the league at that age. Running an 18 year old vs professional men and expecting high production is non-sensical. Should have just sat him in AHL until he develops into a man.
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