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  1. And no moron like Dave Tallon or whomever the boob was in Florida to completely fleece this time either.
  2. I just meant the highest profile guys. There is no reason why we can't also go after mid tier players as well. Who do I mean? Guys like Chiarot in Montreal. He was a late free agent pickup who I had wanted in NJ who just had a massive impact on the playoffs this year yet was never considered a top free agent.
  3. Who cares about Larsson? He was awful in the playoffs, check his stats. Hamilton or Coleman should be the only high end targets.
  4. 'tenacious winger' If only it was true More like 'tetanus infected'
  5. That's kind of fvcked up actually. What if they had an ex player on Montreal from last year? That would have been very awkward
  6. But this must be from last year? The dates in the article are fvcked. He was no where near the cup this year.
  7. Definitely don't want Parise back here. Bigger traitor than Niedermayer
  8. If I'm Seattle, I would take Price. Yes his contract is awful, but you need to make floor somehow. Plus he is from that area so he would be super happy to go there. Then Montreal would be screwed.
  9. Some really great names available. Price, subban pelat duchense. That's really not a bad starting point for a new team.
  10. No to Landeskog at ten million. He's a great player but we aren't at a point in team building when we need that
  11. No thanks to Hyman. Landescog wont happen. Our best bet is Coleman.
  12. So, just imagine what Nashville would be now with the picks from Philly instead of the Weber albatross contract. They could have had Nolan Patrick I guess.
  13. Lots of guys wouldn't screw a team like that. Just look at the contracts in Boston for instance. Just shows what his character is.
  14. Well, aside from his complete backstab to Nashville for signing that rediculous Philly offer sheet. But I don't care about Nashville anyway, fuq them.
  15. What about getting Merrill back as a number 8 defenseman? He wasn't awful in the playoffs...
  16. Is this because NBC lost to ESPN? This makes no sense for him: Far from his home, likely less money than NBC, not even the GM to control personnel and you have to work daily with a batsh!t crazy owner. Couldn't he have joined the Rangers or something? Confused.
  17. I saw that Karlsson decline all the way. People on this site were wanting him, but living in Ottawa the sad truth was that he is just Perma-wrecked. That deal really fvcked San Jose
  18. No one could have predicted Montreal's run. On paper their team was sh!t.
  19. Rob_Ottawa


    The answer is Stamkos actually. He was laughingly bad. His skating is just super slow now.
  20. Rob_Ottawa


    Thank fvck those trapping no talent thugs lost. Three wins from a cup was far too close for comfort. Nightmare season finally over
  21. I like Gaudreau a lot, I'd be down for a big trade for him. Calgary is very isolated compared to Newark so I could see him resigning.
  22. Rob_Ottawa


    That's a shame. He is awful and I was happy he was playing. He got two to three fluke goals this playoffs so they were keeping him. The ot winner against Toronto was especially bullsh!t.
  23. Rob_Ottawa


    The real issue here is cap avoidance. No one argues with sitting Kucherov until the playoffs, the issue is that his salary should have counted against the cap, and then Tbay would be over. For instance, Montreal sat Carey Price for about a month for an 'injury' before the Playoffs, but his salary still counted against the cap, to the point that they couldn't even play Caufield because they were too close to the cap.
  24. Rob_Ottawa


    Pretty sure Lou already did stuff like this, didn't he? I seem recall someone being sent to Russia or something
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