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  1. All purpose Patrik Elias memories and love topic

    Freaky love you Patrick !
  2. PLAYOFFS: The "Don't Jinx It" Thread

    I dejinx it... You're welcome!
  3. PLAYOFFS: The "Don't Jinx It" Thread

    In order to restore some good Karma in this infamous Jinxy thread... Some victory news ! http://www.journaldequebec.com/2018/02/11/les-petits-nordiques-en-enfer Peewee team just won a tournament !
  4. PLAYOFFS: The "Don't Jinx It" Thread

    (i blame this thread)
  5. GDT: Devils @ Senators 2/6/18 7:30PM

    I remember screaming like a maniac when this goal happen... Such a good time !
  6. GDT: Penguins @ Devils 2/3/18 7:00PM

    What the news about Cory btw ?
  7. GDT: Devils @ Sabres 1/30/18 7PM

    He is angry because of fisher come back?
  8. All purpose general trade speculation thread

    I may have something like a broken english... You're welcome !
  9. All purpose general trade speculation thread

    https://media.giphy.com/media/74cy42j5xsYrS/200.gif Circle works as well ! (like " cercle d'amis" )
  10. All purpose general trade speculation thread

    Not really. You could use both word in this case but we got " Clan " and " Famille " the same way. In this context, family means close family and clan will be his family + his close friends + trustfull agent etc etc... Basically, the same as in english ; )
  11. All purpose general trade speculation thread

    I watch the whole video in French... And there is absolutly no real rumor or anything. Certainly nothing certain for the " couple of days". yeah they talk about the Pacioretty clan, they think he will be trade soon. But it's based on nothing. They more talk about the good idea to trade him and for what important piece coming back to them etc...
  12. PLAYOFFS: The "Don't Jinx It" Thread

    So if we don't win a single game since that thread exist and we don't make the playoff... I cannot call it a Jinx ? Correct ?
  13. Devils to play games in Europe next season

    Chris Johnston of Sportsnet was among the first to report the news on Twitter. He clarified that this Devils-Oilers game in Sweden would be a home game for New Jersey
  14. Devils to play games in Europe next season

    At the very least the hour of the game will be easier for me.. And best situation... I Freaky go to SWEDEN !
  15. GDT: 1/25/18 Preds @ Devils

    He didn't believe the staff when they decide to keep Gibbons and Coleman... I will let them do their more than good job now.. If they wanna use Rooney, All good!