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  1. moustic

    Fire Hynes

    That's what happen in Pittsburg for Shero...
  2. moustic

    Fire Hynes

    Shero didn't fired Bylsma... He seems like a smart guy that can learn from his mistake.... I'm still convinced that he will not fired Hynes yet but it's clear that he doesn't have any more choice
  3. Pens fans would told you that he deals it by keeping his coach.
  4. moustic

    Fire Hynes

    One of the reason Shero was fired from Pittsburg (alongside some problem building the D) was to stay faithful to his coach until death. Does he learn from that ?
  5. Great. You really think Blackwood is the answer right ?
  6. Let's see what a pissed Hugues can do
  7. Must be cool to have a good PP or PK team...
  8. I never was in the train to trade him or anything like that... I was more into the train "We aren't the Hall Team, He is part of the team"
  9. And more important... I see the good old Hall waking up as well...
  10. Ok to make this night a turning point.. Let's do some damage on the PP
  11. Put Zacha with good players... And look what happen ; )
  12. Wood is not good with the puck ok... but he is perfect for create chaos and pressure... The Butcher's goal is there thanks to Miles !
  13. Zacha is back to turnover machine... Don't do that Pavel ! please...
  14. Our first line still got some magic ! Great goal !
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