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  1. Why the hate for Ruff ?
  2. If we forget about the sour feeling right now... We will end with a really good player at 7... and with any luck 2 more good players in the first round ! I'm still confident about our future
  3. With any luck a guy like Raymond will slide... I'm pretty sure Rossi is not out of reach (Raymond is more in the out of reach category)
  4. Ok... but who will we get ? Still a shot at Rossi at number 7 ?
  5. Plus Lafrenière in Ottawa will piss off Montreal.. so.. it's also a huge positive ; )
  6. I have a good feeling about this lottery.... Or I have a feeling... I can't tell anymore with my quarantine... I social distancing myself a lot !
  7. (The mysterious coach is Rikard Grönborg disguise as Ruff... As North American office members are waaaay too shy about hiring European coach... He has to disguise as an angry canadian... )
  8. they are funny looking for sure... but each of them are killing machine and rrrrrrrreally hardcore guys...
  9. Swiss army isn't (that) a joke... You will find more members in this army than in Spain army for example (Or Italy) ... And slightly less than UK & Germany ! They are heavily involved in plenty of place around the world... And yes, they still keep their " neutral " position all the time. Swiss army is more a national militia rather than what you will call an army ... And at some point you will have to talk about the Swiss Guards ; )
  10. But you take enough time to be sure it ends at 100% ! Congrats
  11. I'm ready to take this risk ; )
  12. The " European Guy" will make his name easily recognizable soon !
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