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  1. Since you stop using relationship analogy.. 'you are the undisputed King of Analogy SD
  2. He is ready.. waiting for us ! (this is not the article say .. this is what I say ! )
  3. Rikard Grönborg is the perfect answer ! Our season is doomed... the rest of it will gave Rikard enough time to get adjusted (and he is a quick learner) ... to be efficient next season ! He is a master of the game
  4. The ones who try this weren't from there and had a "very French name"
  5. Pied-Noir got more jews from north of Europe name than pure typical arabic... But really good try ; )
  6. If anything Nasreddine is more an arab name rather than a french one (ok Alain is way more french... as it's the first name of my father)
  7. They were talk recently about his request to be relief of his right ... Rumors tells that he want to taste to the NHL ... But yeah, that's rumor for now... But it's someone I would love to have !
  8. I will start my campaign to get Rikard Grönborg as our new coach !
  9. moustic

    Fire Hynes

    It's official ...
  10. I know i won't... Enough of destroying my health by sleeping only 4h while watching a team that don't gave any effort... I will just wake up, check my phone, check my head, doesn't see a thread about the coach being fired, go to work slightly more rested but heavily pissed.
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