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  1. Oh... and i'm not a religious person but MB3, you have all my best wishes for the difficult time ahead ! I wish you all the best for you and your family ! It will be fine !
  2. Let's go for another dead season altogether... It will quiet after a moment... We will have some highlight (draft, Bratt/Timo watch, Grave/Sevz situation, probably not coach changing news but who know... at least to keep CR1976 entertain ; ) ) But as usual, i will spend my whole day around here... Same routine since 20 years ! Let's have a good time together until october !
  3. First time in a while that i'm able to watch devils playoff game! What a blast!
  4. I see it as a pressure put on Blackwood in a " hey guy... you have also notice that this young guy is playing really good so show us something that will not make us regret sending him down" Tons can happen during 9 games... I'm almost sure VV & Akira will be our playoff goalies... And let's be honest, there is a strong chance that only VV see the ice anyway.
  5. And we were just as passionate back then... So congrat all of us too ; )
  6. Good Trade deadline day guys ; )
  7. Caps trading Wilson (who is still under contract and really effective) will send a sign to their russian captain that this is over ! They wanna offer him a (non possible) last run with a good team ! Even if they got more chance to win the lottery rather than the Stanley... I don't see them selling this key player ! .. or with a fat big offer ! Not sure we can still do this after sending our first draft pick(s)
  8. Come on ! We already have way too much people there ; )
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