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  1. Aaron dell ... Elsa & Anna are happy about that ! (only really tired parents will get it ... )
  2. Per leBrun, we just claim out of Waivers Aaron Dell ... So another Goalie
  3. i'm still not sure people here understand my broken english... And i'm pretty sure they are reading it in their head with a classical french accent... ; )
  4. The love fest on the team was something so good to see !
  5. (i have no faith in our shootout abilities.. so.. let's win there ! )
  6. He was relatively good during his first season... and since that... Ultra-Meh. Everyone playing tonight to this place is just there while waiting Vats !
  7. Et comme je le dirais moi : " PUTAIN ! PUUUUUUTAIIIIIIIIN ! "
  8. ALLEZ NOUS ! PARIS PARIS PARIS IS WITH YOUUUUUU Let's go Us let's go Devils ; )
  9. Move along people... This one is for me. This young guy with a weird name clearly needs me and my broken english !
  10. Sharangovich on the first line... I can't see this guy not making the team McLeod on the team.. can't wait to see Nico back !
  11. (oops sorry.. i did post this after on another thread) (my bad!)
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