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  1. Let's just say that we have more chance to grab Bobby Ryan : )
  2. I'm born a 20 July... What does it do to me? : )
  3. Mike Green is another one (for example) https://twitter.com/mikemorrealeNHL/status/1282094697960308745/photo/1
  4. Why the hate for Ruff ?
  5. If we forget about the sour feeling right now... We will end with a really good player at 7... and with any luck 2 more good players in the first round ! I'm still confident about our future
  6. With any luck a guy like Raymond will slide... I'm pretty sure Rossi is not out of reach (Raymond is more in the out of reach category)
  7. Ok... but who will we get ? Still a shot at Rossi at number 7 ?
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