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  1. https://twitter.com/amandacstein/status/1240807351814422529?s=20
  2. France is closed .. and probably more closely tonight after the macron'speech. We are confined in house and can't go out if it's not to get some food or meds. Rumors says that it will be for at least 45 days.
  3. Apart of the fact that it's not a "regular flu" (i will enter this debate.. it's pointless) there is no reason not to do anything possible to avoid putting life of old people and people with severe conditions on the line because of sport events or all that. Let's be serious and responsable... Let's have less activities for few weeks and that will fine.
  4. https://twitter.com/Dylan_Griffing/status/1237389415539830784?s=19
  5. Here all even with more than 1000 people are cancelled until further information... (this is a good way for the governement to try to shut down the massive strikes that take place in France these days ; ) ) But for example, the big champion ship match of Paris in Football (yeah.. that's the name of this sport ; ) ) will be without people in the stadium. This is a critical game for Paris but they have shut it down (that will be a really weird game to follow on tv)
  6. Here in France this is pure madness but i kind of get it why. Yes, that deadly affect mostly old people or people with severe condition... But it's really deadly for them !! It's on us to block the contagion. Sport events & co can wait. That being said the total meltdown of people rushing to get good & toilet papers ... this is stupid and irresponsable. But this is not a tiny little flu. (and we don't have a vaccine yet)
  7. Thanks Chimaira for keeping this thread up to date ! I appreciate !
  8. Or the Ultimate Warrior Mask !
  9. And Yakupov was a year older ... At this age, it's somehow capital !
  10. The Bobby Ryan come back with a hat-trick is a great story...
  11. You won't survive being a Devs fan in Europe ; )
  12. With these kind of games... I can watch the end of it when i wake up ; )
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