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  1. moustic

    2019 Offseason Thread

    "You" make this forum really tough to appreciate these days... This is painful to watch, to read... Let him troll and think whatever he wants about Shero. He is in bullrage mode... What's the point to argue with him anyway ? Let's wait that the smoke of this few days fall and let's enjoy Draft-day ... Damn, it's supposed to be fun remember ?
  2. moustic

    Hughes or Kakko

    Ok but... Kakko got a good tournament no ? And Hugues never play against men ... and... Oh... nevermind nevermind...
  3. moustic

    Hughes vs Crosby

    I can do that job.. I'm here to defend French accent! It's a fight that must be done! And you need an exotic pick to be in a movie... Coz yes, they will do a movie about us!
  4. moustic

    2019 Offseason Thread

    It has been said ten thousand time already but yeah.. Greene is way too valuable for the team, he is respected everywhere in the Franchise. But yeah there is an obvious problem with him. I would say that no way we should buy him out, but we should have an offseason that reduce his ice time, reduce his ice responsability .. I'm sure he is not done once put in a more adapted role with this team !
  5. moustic

    2019 Offseason Thread

    ahahahaha I was thinking all the time while reading all these messages " Damn ! They are all stealing SD moves ! Bastards ! "
  6. Yeah ok but your analysis doesn't match with what i want... So i would rather not read what you say type and pretend you are not there. Go away Jonathan ! (yeah courtesy of SD, you are now Jonathan ! )
  7. he wants to win and to have big money. All that is more than fair. The last part is not really a problem for the Devils right now. The first one, it all depends on how much he trust Ray & the Staff. As the article says, it will be difficult to find a team that offer as much money and a strong team to win now. I'm as sure he signs with us that we draft Hugues in 2 weeks !
  8. Belarus organise the next one... So they will be automatically qualified
  9. Good luck ; ) On the bright side.. you avoid Russia/Finland/USA/Swiss on the not so bright side.. you have Canada/FInland/Czech/Germany/Slovakia and one spot taken for suviving the relegation... Oh wait... Yes you are doomed ! But just because I really like you... I will root for GB ! ; )
  10. moustic

    Hughes or Kakko

    Yes you are biased ; ) Because if we were on the Ranger position... We will talk non-stop about all the records Kakko just destroy while winning all international competition at his age.. and his scoring... That he knows how to win etc etc... We would say that Hugues will go to the Ranger and that he would not play at the level people tell... That so far it's only potential with him... That speed is not everything etc etc... That being said, i'm happy whatever happens (and Hugues will happen) (i'm 99% sure)
  11. moustic

    Hughes or Kakko

    I have no idea who are we gonna pick (ok we are gonna pick Hugues) but i've learn from my previous mistake with Shero : I will not doubt his choice (I was on team Patrick... How silly i feel now ! ) IF he thinks Kakko is the real deal for our team even if i'm seriously doubt it right now, I will trust him
  12. moustic

    2019 Offseason Thread

    Free agent coming soon... What's the history of Ray with Ufa? With the Pens... Does he got some big fishs there? (big fish like these days Panarin or EK) I know he always was a killer at trading (for us but for the pens too like for Hossa and Dupuis for example) but I can't remember how ballsy he was at the Ufa day
  13. I don't care who win... as long as it's either Nico & Sevs who scores! (but ok.. to be honest... Go Swiss!)
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