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  1. moustic

    Hughes or Kakko

    It's funny that this thread still got the name Kakko on it...
  2. First playoff point for my little Texier !
  3. So... we were lucky after all ; )
  4. Basically... We need some luck tonight. And we would have need some luck too if we haven't won the last game.
  5. So... We should have lost the last game or not ?
  6. I have a soft spot for Texier... (i know i know.. Colombus bla bla bla) ... but it's so unsual that a french player got something !
  7. If I had your number i would have text you too ! ; )
  8. It's the first time, i would accept a loss... But hey... If they wanna play and win... At least let's enjoy our last game right ?
  9. Finally it's over... (And the minute it will be over i will die to start again and october looks already SOOOOoo far away)
  10. How much are we worse than Ottawa right now ? With our current AHL lineup ?
  11. Take it back ! Take it back ! You haven't just say that ! TAKE IT BACK ! (but yeah... maybe) (but come on ! Nico ! Take it back ! )
  12. All this remind me the last time we were in this infamous race to the bottom... We were head to head with Vancouver who were dedicated to not win just as much as us. It was frustrating ! (but we love the lottery so hey.. )
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