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GDT: Your New Jersey Devils Devils vs. The Toronto Maple Leafs


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we'll forever disagree with this but the amount of shots doesnt mean anything on a PP, you can take 5 very bad shots that has no chances of going in during a PP or you can score off your one and only chance cause you made a great play. Or obviously its not impossible that our extra shots from this year would be great chances. Thats what stats are not telling you. 


Amount of shots don't mean everything, but they certainly mean something. Shot quality does vary somewhat, but not so much that looking at shot counts is meaningless. Generally speaking, shooting 5 times on your PP is going to get you more goals than shooting 1 time on your PP. Shots lead to goals.



Stop looking at the stats look at them play for the love of god. Our PP is NOT GOOD, it's pretty damn obvious by looking at them play.


This part of your post is unnecessary and can only lead to more petty arguments. I'm so sick of the go-to diss around here being "You must not even watch the games!" None of us would be here if we didn't watch the team play. Everyone watches the same games, we just all see them differently. Please try to accept this and stop telling people to watch the team play.

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