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  1. Lou wouldn't let them, risk of injury too high. I hear Zajac was too busy doing his plyometrics anyway.
  2. I don't understand this post at all. Are the numbers their ages? Why are they listed like that? Are these people supposed to be good 5 on 5? If so, how do you know?
  3. I count 16 back-to-backs. Interesting that there are no afternoon games on there.
  4. His AHL numbers are what stand out to me. In the NHL he showed some flashes that might make you think that he was a great player who was being misused (or just who hadn't developed his all-around game enough yet). But if he was as good as he seemed (or as we hoped), he should be lighting up the AHL by now. He either lacks the talent or the drive, but he simply doesn't seem like he's going to make it as an NHL player. Too bad, because he does have some skills that are above-average NHL quality or possibly even elite level. Too many holes in his game though.
  5. I agree with you here. Defensemen are not like forwards, you can't easily say who is going to be a dominant one in a few years the way you can with some of the top forwards who get drafted. I would not be shocked if Merrill, Gelinas, Larsson, or Severson were our best defenseman in a season or two. They all seem to have the tools, it's just a matter of who can put it all together, get confident, and stay healthy.
  6. Why do you have to post that in such a condescending way, as if my opinion is completely idiotic? Can't I disagree with you and not be a moron? Can't other people feel differently than you and still be intellectual? For me, I would much rather have hopes that are not met than to not have any reason to have any hopes at all. When the Devils were mired in their terrible start under MacLean, I could barely stand to watch the games at all. There were nights where I knew the Devils had a game and I just chose to do something else besides watch their pathetic effort. Usually if there is a Devils game I look forward to it all day long and don't miss a second of it. This season I watched and enjoyed almost every single game to the end of the season, even though I was disappointed in coming up short many nights. Rarely did I feel that the Devils failed to show up or got blown out in embarrassing fashion. Being close is way better to me than not being close at all. I wouldn't feel nearly as emotionally invested in the game if I knew that the outcome of the season was already a foregone conclusion.
  7. In other words, "I would have been happier if the team was worse." I don't believe that for a second. How could anyone say they'd be happier being way out of the playoff picture than at least having a chance? Was it frustrating to get close and not make it? Sure. But it was a hell of a lot better than having meaningless games from January/February to the end of the season. At least we had meaningful games up to the very last few. The team had sh!t luck all year long and didn't have the talent to make up for it. That's how I'd sum it up. Next year, we make the team a little more talented with some smart moves, we get a little more luck, and I fully believe that we can get back to the playoffs. Maybe it's a semantics issue, but I could just never say "I hated this season". I love my team and even if they stunk up the ice all year I'd be happy to watch them and I'd enjoy myself. They did a lot better than stink it up, they just didn't quite make it where we wanted them to.
  8. iamtheprodigy

    We Got Rutuu

    I hate comments like these. Do you seriously think that Lou doesn't know that the team needs more scoring? Jesus, he's a great GM, and you're just some fan. Obviously he wanted to acquire scoring but wasn't able to given the assets that the team has and what was available. It's so easy to say "Get Vanek" or "Get Legwand" (neither of these players are even that good, but that's besides the point). You are not a GM. You don't know what the relationship is like between Lou and the GMs of those teams. You don't know if Lou made offers, or if Lou even would have been able to get any of those players for the price they went for (just because that's what they were traded for, doesn't mean that ALL teams could have made a comparable trade). Ruutu hasn't even been bad since he got here. He's fine. He just can't single-handedly correct the lack of offensive depth that there is throughout the entire organization. It's going to take years of good drafting and prospect development to do that. No amount of trade deadline moves or off-season free agent signings was going to fix the problems we have. And since you seem to think otherwise, Vanek or Legwand or any of the guys traded at the deadline are NOT turning this team into a playoff team right now, so any draft picks we would have had to give up for them would have been a waste anyway.
  9. My problem with the pickers is that they seem to almost exclusively target decrepit old people who have absolutely no clue about the value of any of the stuff they have. Then, they mercilessly rip off these old foagies and brag about how they paid $20 for this vintage piece of whatever and they're going to turn around and sell it to some hipster for $500. At least on Pawn Stars they're upfront with the fact that they have to buy low and sell high to keep their business going, and they tend to make more reasonable offers compared to what they plan to sell it for. At least, that's what they show on TV. Who knows what really goes on. Also Chum Lee looks like a complete tool with his capped teeth in the new season. Sorry for the non-Devils post.
  10. Outplayed a great team and lost. This Devils team just drives you crazy. Another game where Cory gives up only 1 in 60 minutes and it's not good enough.
  11. I'm not saying it's why we lost, but the refs really fvcked up this game. Only giving Tyler Myers 2 for that brutal hit to the head AND washing out a goal as an added favor to them, then calling Zubrus for 2 for a light shove with Myers flopping down to the ice like a fish? Give me a break. Devils should have done more to secure a victory against a bad team but the officiating still really pissed me off. Another Schneider start, another 2 GA, another loss. Come on, Devils.
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