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  1. You're hooked How is your girlfriend doing with the thought of being with Henrique? She must be excited ! You should ask your parent to get you a new cell phone with lessons. Do you still have nude photos of your girlfriend on your cell phone?
  2. Who should have kept his mouth shut?
  3. The 76ers set a record last night tying the NBA record od 26 straight losses. If the Devils fail to make the playoffs the owners have many dates backed upped for the arena that make more money for them.
  4. What a dumbass you can't even take a good clear picture. She should bolt but then there is the money.
  5. I would love to call you out to your face. What will you do be a bully and beat the sh!t out of an old man that has your number? Be careful I am trained. I thought you put me on ignore? Lying again?
  6. I won't speak about Avery but Marty has been that way for years never taking ownership always someone else's fault.
  7. OH right, just Rhetoric, no supporting documentation, as usual, spoiled rich kid.. He won't see this message because he blocked me out, because I called him out. Some people get thrills having their girlfriend being chased by an sports star, so they think. What a waste. This isn't the first time either. What will be the next experience "he isn't better".
  8. How many posts have you posted this season?
  9. Nice story, where are the selfies to support this event. I want to see one with you and your girlfriend. I told you that before. Why is she with you? I forgot your parents have money. Did you snap a picture with Marty? Enjoy
  10. I agree with Albany is in the hunt I expect them to remain the same and maybe as suggest Gelinas and Merrill might return, I think they should, if Devils lose tonight. With a Devils loss tonight, what message is sent to Marty and Cory regarding playing the remaining 10 games? Personally I don't want to see Marty resigned for next season or beyond. I could actually see us losing both Marty (next season) and Cory (season after).
  11. What Lou needs to do in the off season is retire. + 1000
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