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  1. sheeps

    Staff Changes.

    To respond to a bunch of other things: 1 - Leeds I'm going to leave. I'm not going to post outside this thread. I know you're in a rush to see me gone, but don't worry, I'll be gone soon. 2 - Fickle posters Throughout the years, the majority of posters thanked RD endlessly for what she did. The trade tickers, the avatars, the double-post deletions, the game threads, all the behind-the-scenes work, everything. When you think about what she has done for this site, it is ENORMOUS. And yet, when she leaves, the majority of people shrug their shoulders. And to those who don't, such as I, they accuse of taking it all too seriously. For the record, I'm not trying to win an argument. If I was, why would I be leaving? I firmly believe a more hands-on approach to this board is what it needs, but that's not what's happening, so I'm leaving. The fact is it shows a great amount of disrespect and apathy when you just shrug your shoulders to RD leaving. To pat RD on the back one minute and then shrug your shoulders when she leaves is despicable, as if she did nothing for this board and didn't matter. What a crock of sh!t. Everyone who has been at this board for a good amount of time (specifically a year or more) would know how important RD was to NJDevs. How amazingly fickle some of you are is disgusting. 3 - Real life vs. internet Guess what folks? Real people created the internet, real people power the internet, and when you're talking to people online, you're talking to real people. It is true that there are tremendous differences between one's online self and one's real self, but one's online self stems from one's real self. Am I treating this like the end of the world? No. It's no big deal. As I said before, the reasons that precipitated this "incident" had me post less and less. I cared about NJDevs less and less as it deteriorated. This is nothing more than the final thing that gets me out of the door. I see the path NJDevs is heading in and I don't like it. Some will like it more, some will like it less. Some will like it enough to post more, some will dislike it to the point of leaving - and I am by no means the only one. But please, please drop the "you're taking it too seriously" thing. I am taking this seriously because RD took this board seriously. She put so much time and effort into it, completely thanklessly, and now everybody is just up and moving on as if it didn't matter at all. All I'm asking is to give credit where credit is due. RD has earned A LOT of credit over the years. She's not getting it here. Unfortunately a lot of the posters who would speak up and say something have already left, whether before or after the incident. I'll say it again if no one else is willing to: THANK YOU RD
  2. sheeps

    Staff Changes.

    First of all, I apologize for the manner in which I presented my case. For the record, RD never told me she was specifically asked to leave by DM. My reasoning that she was asked to leave is thus: each admin stripped of their title outside of RD was let go without a given reason. RD, on the other hand, was given reasons why her title was stripped. These reasons come down to fundamental differences of opinion, differences of opinion I don't think could be easily resolved with RD on the board period. This forum was presented with a choice of taking the path of most resistance - by disciplining or banning posters even for small amounts of rule-breaking - or taking the path of least resistance - by relieving certain more hands-on admins of their titles. RD, as well as some other admins, always took the path of most resistance. She would correct problems as soon as they showed up. And I didn't see any favoritism; wouldn't she have ignored me when I said something wrong or did something wrong in the past? Well, she didn't. A case of rule-breaking was a case of rule-breaking, period. RD was, by far, the most prevalent admin. She would handle more problems than any other admin - and this is not to say that the other admins did nothing, far from it. Each of them contributed greatly, of course, it's just RD was the one who contributed the most. Did DM explicitly ask RD to leave? No. I apologize if it came off like that. But there's something to say for the fact she was the only one given reasons on why she was stripped of her title. For the other admins, it was more being relieved - just as Rock worded it - of a title than being stripped of a title. If I were in her shoes and I were given a list of reasons why I was being stripped of a title, I would take it as being asked to leave the forum period. That's just me. I apologize if you disagree, I apologize with the wording, I apologize for any miscommunication or semantics. However, I firmly believe DM didn't even think there was a 1% chance of RD returning after he stripped her of her title. I think it was clear to DM before he did what he did that, if he did what he did, RD would never come back. And that's what happened. I think the cases with the other admins were completely different - Rowdy's still here, for instance. I think there's a chance that one or more of them will come back. But with RD, I'd doubt it. And that sucks.
  3. sheeps

    Staff Changes.

    Everybody who posts here is somewhat anonymous - it's the internet so it's simply one of the things that comes with posting on the internet. Yet I posted my AIM name there for all to see and, even after the last post, have not removed it. Can I do something else for you? Perhaps my phone number, or address, do you think? P.S. If either present admin wishes to ban me, edit/delete my posts, or whatever, feel free.
  4. sheeps

    Staff Changes.

    People who don't know half the story are telling me I'm wrong... go ahead. Just the fact that people are saying "they are choosing to leave" tells me they have no clue what they're talking about. Choosing to leave and being asked to leave are two COMPLETELY different things. Leeds, you are a cancer to this board. It's extremely ironic how you are a person of authority in real life yet you show absolutely no respect at all for those in authority here. You actively try to push every limit that any admin on this board has set. If there's a no political signature rule, you use a "disguised" political signature that is so transparent it's half hilarious and half completely and totally sad. Are you straving for attention that badly? The other cancer is langsgirl. I wasn't going to name names but now I've reached the point where I no longer care what happens. This is another poster who constantly annoys the admins, constantly argues and thwarts their authority in public posts rather than PM's, and is, frankly, just plain bad for this board. That is my opinion. Guess what? I've had it for a while and it's not going to change. As for the ignore button, I don't need it. I can skip Leeds' and langsgirls' posts by using the scroll wheel on my mouse. Even suggesting I use the ignore button is a joke. It's not their posts, it's the entire threads they take with them. They strive so desperately to be the center of attention that general stupidity ensues. And instead of banning them, which should have happened twenty times each already, we lost RD. Biggest mistake in NJDevs history. I can't believe more people aren't upset about this. The most respected poster at NJDevs is asked to leave and people are saying she left willingly. What a joke. DM is saying that we need to be more civilized so, instead of banning the two most rabble-rousing, least mature posters, we ask our most respected poster to leave. And people are "correcting" me when they don't even know half of the story. I want to have a few more posts in this thread because I do want to stir the pot here. I think this issue is ridiculous. What's the worst that could happen - I get banned? I'm on my way out anyways. If NJDevs is going to continue people should at the very least know the truth. The truth is that our most respected poster and best admin you could ask for was asked to leave. And people aren't asking why, they're just telling people of my opinion that we're wrong without knowing half the story. What a joke. I stand by what I said. If we were to have a poll and it looked like this: What should we do to help keep NJDevs afloat? a. Ask RD to leave, keep Leeds/langsgirl/etc as normal b. Ask Leeds/langsgirl etc to leave, keep RD ...I think it's a no-brainer how that poll would have ended up. But we're too polite. Instead of confronting the posters that do little other than to cause problems, let's get rid of the admin that constantly deals with the problems they create. I've definitely caused problems on this board before. I've been banned from this board, on more than one occasion. But I changed after each time and tried to avoid doing what I did to get myself banned. If Leeds or langsgirl is yelled at, they act like they're being persecuted for something they're completely innocent of yet they knew the rules and knew they were bending the rules in the first place. And then, after getting told not to do what they were doing, they continue to do such in a subtle or "disguised" way (Leeds) or continue to bitch and moan about how the admins are all out to get them or that they're victims of being targeted (langsgirl). How self-centered can you get? You break the rules, you get yelled at. The end. Stop making it all about you already. I've said enough and probably too much but I maintain I am saying things the majority of this board truly thinks. But we're too damn polite to ever confront the problems, we just let them run rampant. We're too damn polite to ever call out posters by name. We're too damn polite to say this board would be a hundred times better without Leeds and langsgirl, which is the goddamn truth. People that cause more problems than they do meaningful posts aren't meant for NJDevs. I can't wait for all the anti-sheeps negativity for this post. Guess what folks - a lot of people agree, whether they have the guts to come out and say it or not. A lot of people have left or slowed down in posting before this latest incident, just as I did. People are saying I'm taking it too seriously - I've said nothing about it for months upon months upon months. I've watched this board slowly deteriorate without saying a word. And now that we've reached the final straw, I'm talking. Please. Talk about this. Don't brush it under the table. I can't believe our most respected poster, the person who put by far the most amount of time into this site, was asked to leave and people are saying forgive, forget, move on, all so non-chalantly as if nothing happened at all: it's disgusting. DM had two ways of solving this issue and he chose the wrong one - we may not realize this in the short-term, but we will in the long-term.
  5. sheeps

    Staff Changes.

    Outside of several personal reasons, I've been posting less and less on NJDevs because of an overall increasingly immature atmosphere. So now we have one of the most mature admins booted because of very immature poster(s). And I'd bet my life savings that, given the choice, the vast majority of people here at NJDevs would rather have RD back and have one or several immature posters booted. Instead of standing up to those who constantly cause trouble, we lost the best thing NJDevs has. Instead of cutting out trouble at its root, we lost our heart and soul. Big mistake. During this thread, people keep saying that NJDevs is a community. Well, no offense to you DM, but I think NJDevs as a community would disagree with you if you had given them the choice. Now it all seems irreversible - what a shame. Although you have the total right to make the decisions around here, such a drastic decision was guaranteed to cause dissent. Why not do a private poll with the top 25 non-admin posters? Hell, why not do a public poll? I simply can't believe RD is no longer a part of NJDevs and yet several rabble-rousing idiots are running rampant. Yeah maybe I'm rabble-rousing right now and some people think I'm an idiot, so I'll do you all a favor and leave as well. NJDevs wouldn't be NJDevs without DM and msweet, true, but for my money, NJDevs can never mean the same thing to me without RD. I think that, in the future, this decision will be looked back at as the worst thing to ever happen to NJDevs. I truly believe that the situation was once reversible but, with RD being "fired," we have now reached the point of no return. Goodbye, all. To those who don't have it, my AIM name is mrsheeps. Peace
  6. Man, Jersey and Big Government. Then again, New York is king of Big Government. I hear New Hampshire's nice.
  7. 1. That episode was amazing. 2. Trey Parker with a nice one.
  8. Gotta say I think this should end up being a state by state thing. This issue really divides this country and I'd rather see abortion legal in certain states than illegal everywhere. I think a move towards state's rights and a shift away from the focus on the federal government would provide the spark needed to revitalize this country.
  9. sheeps

    The Manwagon

    I'm considering the Mazda3 5-door, which is a compact hatchback, so it's kinda wagon-y, and it is sporty, though it isn't very powerful, so I dunno if that would "count"...
  10. sheeps

    Google Fight!

    HELLS YES Grateful Dead vs. Phish
  11. It's like in Montreal, where they were(/probably have finished) expanding the metro out to Laval. Well, that saves a ton of people and bridge traffic all in one go, plus a decent boost to mass transit. Unfortunately mass transit is most effective when there is a subway involved, but seeing as that's primarily seen in larger cities, there isn't widespread availability.
  12. Should Cheney have offered the bird a gun, to make it even? Hunting is naturally lopsided.
  13. Don, I live in a city. Emer could take the bus to school, which takes an hour and a half, or a car, which takes ten minutes. In DC, taking the Metro was faster, so I used it. But where's the incentive to use it here? You have your personal incentive, but you are one of the few on this board to be on that plane of thought, therefore you are one of the few to have that incentive. In order to make the public use public transportation more, the public needs a non-ideologically based incentive; in other words, it has to be better than taking a car. In DC, it was. In Albany, we're down to using it only when inebriated.
  14. I don't know what you're talking about NZT, alcohol is considered one of the most addictive drugs in the world.
  15. sheeps

    My cat died

    My cat passed away the day after Christmas... it sucks.
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