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  1. Looks like this move has been in the works since September, shortly after the Senators announced they were leaving Binghamton. http://blog.timesunion.com/hockey/what-you-may-not-have-known-about-the-albany-devils-move/22112/
  2. Good to see you guys too. Nice to still see so many familiar faces around here.
  3. You rang? I haven't been around much this season, but I stopped by once I saw the news to see if it had made its way here yet. So, hi. I can't say I'm surprised. Well, actually, I am somewhat, because I didn't think it was going to happen, but the rumor's been out there for a while now, and it really started getting hot and heavy this week. And as bad as attendance has been, I don't think it was as much of a factor as most people are going to say it was. The Devils were running the show themselves in Albany, and Binghamton has a local group (the current owners of the Senators) wh
  4. To be fair, he's covered gymnastics for NBC for the last 15 years or so. One would think he's picked up at least something about the sport in all that time.
  5. I was talking about Steven M's post, which goes to the AHL Live schedule page.
  6. Click on the link in the post above yours. You should see a headphones icon next to "Albany Devils". Click on that and the Devils' radio feed should start.
  7. North Division Finals – Series “J” (best-of-7) N1-Toronto Marlies vs. N2-Albany Devils Game 1 – Wed., May 4 – Albany at Toronto, 7:30 Game 2 – Fri., May 6 – Albany at Toronto, 7:30 Game 3 – Sun., May 8 – Toronto at Albany, 5:00 Game 4 – Tue., May 10 – Toronto at Albany, 7:00 * Game 5 – Thu., May 12 – Toronto at Albany, 7:00 * Game 6 – Sat., May 14 – Albany at Toronto, 3:00 * Game 7 – Mon., May 16 – Albany at Toronto, 7:30 *if necessary... All times Eastern
  8. I misunderstood this post and thought you were saying that the Lightning couldn't draw for crap, and I was about to come back with this well-researched rebuttal about how Tampa actually tends to draw rather well, and then I reread it and realized you were talking about baseball instead. But yeah, the Rays are just pitiful when it comes to attendance. Lately Cleveland has been right down there with them, and the Marlins usually aren't too far off. I'd be careful about dissing the Panthers, though. Granted, they only drew a little over 11k this past season and a little over 14k the
  9. Albany's playoff chances heading into the final weekend of the season: Slim, but they're still in it. .................Pts..MaxPts ROW MaxROW...Wed. 4/15....Friday 4/17....Saturday 4/18...Sunday 4/19 7 Worcester.....86....92....38...41..................@Providence....@Manchester.....vs. Portland 8 Portland......83....89....35...38..................@Manchester....vs. Providence @Worcester 9 Springfield...83....87....32...34..................@St. John's....@St. John's 10 Albany........79....85....32...35....vs. Syracuse..@Wilkes-Barre..vs. Hartford ROW = Regulation/OT wins (Tie
  10. It's too bad you guys couldn't get Richmond back in the ECHL, or, even though it's allegedly worse hockey, ended up with a SPHL team.
  11. The thing with Evander Kane is, you won't know whether he's the type of guy who's going to be a cancer no matter where he goes or he simply needs a change of scenery until he gets that change of scenery. I don't remember if he got into any trouble when the Jets were still in Atlanta, but it's pretty clear that the move to Winnipeg has not suited him. By the same token, it's hard to predict how Kane would deal with the expectations and restrictions inherent with being a Devil. Much like a certain other Thrasher before him, a little bit of structure and discipline might do him good and enable
  12. They probably will. I'm pretty sure they use it on their college hockey coverage; I remember hearing it during the Frozen Four last year.
  13. Some people think that's where we're eventually headed. I have no idea if there are any official (or even unofficial) plans to that end, though. The AHL was pretty clear that their goal was a full 30-team complement with each franchise paired up with a NHL partner, and they finally achieved that a few years ago. AFAIK, the ECHL does not have a similar manifest destiny mindset. I suppose it's possible that the NHL will push the ECHL toward a tighter relationship as more ECHL teams fall under NHL ownership, but I don't think there's any sort of timeline on that. Not a flippin' cl
  14. The worst-kept secret in the AHL was made official today in a press conference in San Jose featuring AHL president David Andrews, representatives of the 5 NHL teams involved, and, of all people, Bill Daly. (Don't know WTF he was doing there.) If you've been following this thread (or the situation in general), you already know what's up, but just to recap: The Kings will move their franchise from Manchester (NH) to Ontario (CA), where their ECHL club currently plays. The AHL team will likely assume the Ontario Reign identity from the ECHL team.The Sharks will move their franchise from Worc
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