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  1. I live in Montreal and still cannot believe people saying the Devils still playing the trap it is just...amazing! I believe it's simply because the fan base here is so huge so.. most of their fans are just... I'll be at the game so GO DEVILS GO!(1st game since 2006.. last time Devils won 3-1 )
  2. damn I know it is usually 2 games per year but this is the only one to be in Montreal lol always good fun going there Go Devils go
  3. Just wondering if there'll be some Devs fans going this sunday 6pm!
  4. I remember back in 2005-2006 when I went to see a Devils at Habs game at the bell center.and I was those little crop of Devils fans, thought it was cool til I was a Ranger jersey.. I was like what the fvck is he doing with a Ranger jersey, til he turned back and I saw what it was written on his back;'' Rangers sucks... Go Devils'' something like that couldn't that laughing and the fact I think we won the game 3-1 or 3-2 ;P
  5. Was prolly one of the worst calls i've ever seen and I strongly believe it had changed the rythm of the game. In a way which it cut what ever momemtum the Devils had. How can you not blow a fvcking play off when the ref behind the net CANNOT EVEN SEE THE fvckING PUCK IT'S RIGHT UNDER BRODEUR PAD, HOW CAN YOU NOT BLOW THE fvckING WHISTLE. It's disgusting, '' I can't see the puck, let the play continue for another 3 secs where the player keep hitting underneath the pad to get the puck'' fvck Buttman, fvck CBC, fvck you CBC seriously, never seen such a fvcking broadcoast against the Devils, my god, I had to endure this sh!t the entire series vs the rangers where they never EVER spoke about the Devils, always about the fvckING RANGERS. and they tell me that's a good goal? fvck off.
  6. this is not even comparable to the 2001 Devils losing to the Avalanche,...Brodeur is up there no one else to help him. I cried for hours after they lost vs the Avalanche(9years old) 11years later and it's...
  7. pretty nice jerseys I'll always remember going to a Habs-Devils game at the Bell center back in 06..I saw a Rangers jersey and I was like '' What the fvck''... Little did I know, I turned around and saw '' Rangers sucks... Devils for life'' on his back of his jersey I was like LOL
  8. imma resume this thread in 1 sentence people feeding a troll Shut your fvcking trap Matteau#32, imagine some lonely Devs fan trying to defend all the obnoxious things we've heard ever since marty step into the league from the sh!t he got from Rangers fans on a rangers board yeah Makes no sense at all only Ranger fan that was truly tolerated was Derek(?) he went overboard sometime, but most of the regular could deal with it I'll say this once and for all; I'm a Dev fan and I don't give a flying fvck about Henrik, I'm not gonna fantasize about calling him puffy cuz of his gear, not gonna call him a queen...Why? Cuz I'm not a retarded fan that'd follow what a 31year old retired guy would say ''fatso'' and chants of ''marty'' in msg so on, I care more about my team than hating a fvcking goalie that I don't give a fvck Cya.
  9. kinda the trend that is continuing from Sens-Rangers playoffs fvck em.
  10. huh... he did huh... ''interference Staal''.... dear fvcking god Rangers can only score either on the powerplays THEY DON'T DESERVE and lucky bounces off a sh!tty ice fvck them
  11. fvck the refs seriously 2goals with such STUPID PENALTIES yeah sure let's forget Clarkson's slash at end of the 1st period..wait we'll call Elias for ''roughing'' while Callahan goes for boarding... oh wait let's not call Mcdonagh leaving the ice to hit Parise, but instead after call penalty on Zajac(stupid one but..) fvck these refs,Bettman wishes there would be Rangers-LA final fvck him, So upset at these refs, even missed an interference call at the end and they review that Brodeur save play? why the fvck did THEY NOT REVIEW when Lundqvist stood ala same play as Marty did fvck them.
  12. no man brodeur is nothingness without lemaire,nieds,stevens,daneyko so on without dat trap broduer is nothing mottau,the hit everything but i cant play d Vishnevski,paul martin,mike mottau, johny oduya scott gomez were all helping marty getting better without em hes terrible damn lets throw dat towel they get in playoffs aready man
  13. no man brodeur too old he can barely lift himself up he needs ome help man we lost vs dat rangers, we fvcked its over man!
  14. yo devs sucked so bad tonight man broduer should retire forget that he helped scrubs that are barely in the NHl right now and made em good uknow fvck dat we lost dat series rangers 4-0 quote me bitches granpd ais now to retire man wedgewood=prolly coulda stopped those pucks man lou too man we gonna lose another series vs those rangers man omg fvck my life!!!!
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