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  1. I am not, but im also looking to ditch cable. I wonder if this works with Sling tv and their NHL Network addon. If so this would solve 90% of what i have now through optimum.
  2. https://www.yonder.tv/services
  3. jonnyd91

    Ilya Kovalchuk to look at NHL return this summer

    If he came back it would be under a new contract.
  4. jonnyd91

    GDT - Devils @ Carolina Hurricanes, 6 PM

    Lets not suck. Thats all I got. LGD!!!
  5. jonnyd91

    generalfanager.com closes up shop

    Id be willing to possibly get in on this. <<<---- Software Developer.
  6. jonnyd91

    Promotion--2 Free Tickets If you Download NJ Devils App

    Got free tickets for the lightning game. Section 132
  7. jonnyd91

    Vesey signs with Rangers.

    steve conroy‏@conroyherald Peter Fish, J. Vesey agent, said reports that it's down to NYR and Chi. are not accurate. Said a handful of teams involved, including B's
  8. jonnyd91

    Kovalchuk removed from SKA after 1 Playoff Game

    Guess this wasnt totally true: Aivis Kalniņš ‏@A_Kalnins 1h1 hour ago Reports that Ilya Kovalchuk has been released by SKA are not true, both sides are still working on a solution Aivis Kalniņš ‏@A_Kalnins 21m21 minutes ago SKA have offered Kovalchuk a compensation of 1mil dollars if he agrees to terminate his contract after April 1st. Discussions ongoing Aivis Kalniņš ‏@A_Kalnins 11m11 minutes ago #BREAKING Ilya Kovalchuk will stay with SKA until atleast April 30th, but won't play during the playoff. Guess money still talks....
  9. jonnyd91

    Kovalchuk removed from SKA after 1 Playoff Game

    SKA Saint Petersburg has dismissed forward Ilya Kovalchuk. fb.me/IBAdtHUA
  10. jonnyd91

    Kovalchuk removed from SKA after 1 Playoff Game

    Here is another: Complete Hockey News Like This Page · 19 mins · Ilya Kovalchuk's agent has confirmed that he has requested to have his contract with SKA Saint Petersburg be terminated. He has also been in contact with one NHL GM about returning to the league.
  11. jonnyd91

    Kovalchuk removed from SKA after 1 Playoff Game

    No Clue who this guy is but: Aivis Kalniņš ‏@A_Kalnins 18m18 minutes ago Kovalchuk's agent confirms that he hasn't had a serious conversation with any GM in the NHL, but has talked to one about possible arrival Aivis Kalniņš ‏@A_Kalnins 15m15 minutes ago When asked if it by any chance the GM is Shero, he stated that he will not confirm or deny it. Aivis Kalniņš ‏@A_Kalnins 4m4 minutes ago I'm told that if Kovalchuk can't get something done today, he could stay with SKA until the end of the post season.
  12. jonnyd91

    GDT: Winnipeg @ Devils 7:00 PM

    BTW - This is on MSG+2(SPTH2) Ch. 206 on optimum.
  13. jonnyd91

    July 1st- UFA Madness

    Tom Gulitti retweeted Dave Molinari ‏@Molinari_PG 5m5 minutes ago Pens sign Semin. One year, $2 million.
  14. jonnyd91

    GDT: 12/9/14 MC Hammer v. MechaGodzilla

    Does it even matter at this point?

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