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  1. Coming up from practically Delaware but I'll be there. Sec 213 Row 4. As Bart Scott says..."Can't Wait"
  2. So I'm responsible for 2 of the 3 total votes from Salem county...lol
  3. maltieri


    Looks like I had a post back in '07--maybe time for an update. Basically any IPA with Alexander Keith's being a favorite I learned about whilst in Toronto. Can't find it in NJ/PA/DE though which is a bummer....
  4. South Jersey checking in with a few $$.... Pumped about this year--thanks for all you do DM.
  5. Congrats. Glad to hear it worked out for you.
  6. Glad to hear you are getting some results. Hope it works out for you.
  7. As an aside..I don't normally write posts that long..i'm more of a reader/lurker than anything but I feel for anyone trying to find work and I'm a Rutgers grad. University College New Brunswick 1998.
  8. You mail campaign isn't a bad idea but it probably doesn't have a strong likelyhood of getting you an interview, much less a job. If you think about all the hurdles to going in blind like that you'll understand what I mean. It has to get to HR and someone has to take the time to actually read what you've written. They would need to have a job opening that fit's your skills and experience (sounds like you are fresh out of school). If they have that opening, your information would have to make it to the hiring manager, etc........ It's a long string of events that would have to break your way--e
  9. Welcome. I'm a Rutgers Alum living in Flyers territory so I feel your pain. Keep the faith. Go Devils!!!
  10. The bit in here that he repeats a couple of times about Pronger sneaking in and stealing the pucks gave me a great mental image and I literally laughed out loud. Good stuff.....
  11. Indeed (says the guy living in South Jersey)
  12. Gotta agree with you on this one. Was taken aback at first when I saw the video but if you take the time to watch what was happening there the cop needed to get control of the situation--he was in some real danger. And you're right, maybe he could have wrestled the first girl to the ground before the second one approached but one article I read said that he didn't do that initially because that often causes injury to the suspect. Some cops can be bags o' douche and abuse the authority they have but this guy was just protecting himself. Stay strong on this one.
  13. This. Additionally I can't see anyone wanting to suck to get high picks. Who's to say those top 5 picks don't end up being busts then where are you? I'll take consistently making the playoffs and having a shot--it won't work every time regardless. Also like the quote from the interview with Vanderbeek “We made the playoffs for 19 of 20 seasons, we set a record for the longest number of years over .500 of any active team in the four leagues, so it’s 132 teams,” Vanderbeek says. “That doesn’t come by accident. We’re going to continue to do whatever it takes to make this team the best it can be w
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