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  1. Short video I found on YouTube, a compilation of some of the past game 7 magic our boys have had Let's go Devils!!!!
  2. Shouldn't the Rozival pick count as 0 for 2 also? Rozival to Atlanta 0 for 1 Rozival to Columbus 0 for 1? Making the total 1 for 10 haha
  3. eheaps

    Jeff Finger

    The only way someone like Huet would even consider signing with the devils, nevertheless the devils signing him is if Brent Sutter comes out and says we're going to a two-goalie system, heavily resting Brodeur. Very unlikely that would happen, but that's the only way it would.
  4. I also like what they say about the Toronto Raptors and renaming them the Toronto Maple Leaves "to further annoy hockey fans."
  5. Definitely good to hear it's not life threatening. Seems like he will be ok and return next season. Personally, I won't miss him on the ice, but in no means do I wish him a serious injury.
  6. We're in a really bad situation in which we either have to be really competitive and make a monetary run at a cup change or we need to suck. The reason I say this, especially the latter, is that we are a team that will always make the playoffs, usually the upper end of the middle of the pack. When Marty retires, we will go downhill, for a couple years at least. The only way to avoid that is to suck more these next two years, build up some new young guys (draft a top notch goalie) and start up (see Pittsburgh, but not to that extent). The other option would be to go out and spend money on a guy like Campbell and an equivalent on offense and really make a push at the cup with Brodeur in his last couple seasons. Winning the cup will then attract some other FA to our team in the future (including possible signing or trading for a young goalie). It's actually a really hard situation and I never like to see my team not be competitive. The Devils tend to always be competitive regardless of how many superstars we lose (Stevens, Neidermeyer, Gomez, Rafalski all gone in a matter of 3 or 4 years and we still make the playoffs each year). It'll be interesting to see, especially with Lou running the show, but somehow, someway, it'll work out in the end. All we can do right now is predict and speculate, but Lou will do his magic, and Sutter will lead this team back next year (even if we're supposed to suck).
  7. eheaps

    Avery & Brodeur

    There's two ways to look at this. First, there's Avery's way...the "I'm a douchebag, he's Martin Brodeur, an overrated crybaby who I like to piss off and shrug it off as nothing, we all know I'm better than he is, our team is better than there's, it's in the past, they can't even play hockey." Then there's the Brodeur way: "I'm Martin Brodeur, one of, if not, the best goaltender to ever play the game. I will be remembered for 3 (or more) Stanley Cups and probably setting the wins and shutout records, going into the Hall of Fame as one of the best between the pipes ever. He's Sean Avery, he will be remembered...oh wait, he won't even be remembered..." Basically, Brodeur is way out of Avery's league to even care about his sh!t antics. If someone made fun of your personal life from 5 years ago you wouldn't shake the man's hand either. That just proves that someone like Avery is not needed in the game. It's sad that the Rangers need him to win, because it makes the team as a whole look bad. And the other time I remember this happening was in 1997 I think when Stevens didn't shake Holik's hand.
  8. eheaps

    Rangers Fans

    I remember walking across the bridge from Continental after game 7 vs Toronto chanting "We want Pittsburgh", not "We want the cup" and we had just made it to the Conference Finals.
  9. eheaps

    Rangers Fans

    As we are all (or mostly) biased Devils fans, I will try to add my reply in an unbiased way (but I am most definitely a biased Devils fan). In terms of one team's fans saying they can't stand or hate other team's fans, it goes for any team. A few of my closest friends are die hard Rangers fans, as well as my own brother (although he's more of a bandwagoner only follows when they're good or beating the Devils). However, I love my friends to death because there aren't too many other hockey fans around (there are, but they aren't all around us like they should be). Anyway, if I was a Rangers fan (it hurts to type it) and they were Devils fans, I would equally hate them to the extent I hate them now. There's no pinpointing a specific fan to a specific team and their antics. We all hate the Rangers because they're our rivals. We hate their fans because they are our rivals also, and we can't stand to see them happy. Another thing, I was saying to myself, damn why do they hate on Brodeur so much, he's one of the best goalies ever, show some respect. Think about it though. Brodeur owned the Rangers for so many years. How good does it feel for a Rangers fan to finally be victorious to some extent over Marty. It's the closest they'll get to winning a cup (had to dis them somehow in this post). When another team has a player who consistently beats you, their fans will dislike him (see Boston Red Sox: David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez to Yankees fans (big win tonight!)). My point is, this is sports. It's a rivalry, it's fun to hate. The bigger the rivalry, the better it is for the game, the more hype, the more the fans get into it. Devils-Rangers is huge right now because theres actually some competition, unlike when we went undefeated against them for 22 straight games. Sorry for my rant, and I know we need something to whine about. Especially when your best friend's brother immediately posts on your facebook wall as soon as game 4 ended...But in the end, we're all hockey fans. For the love of the game! Let's Go Devils! We'll show up in game 5 in front of the home fans and push this series as far as it goes.
  10. The overtime loss point was introduced in 2000, when ties still existed.
  11. Yes, the games back column would have to be implemented. That gives the system a lot more credibility actually. Good idea!
  12. I think that's one of the biggest things. The way I see it is that if a game goes into overtime more than two points are being awarded in total. A 3-point system, although with some flaws as people have been pointing out, would negate the so-called "extra" point that a losing team gets in an OT loss. In other words, 3 points total would be given out regardless of the outcome. In my mind this makes the most sense for a point system, where bringing the game past regulation rewards the losing team. As someone said, when there were ties, each team getting a point made sense (although the whole overtime loss thing still existed then). I feel like one of the main things that would prevent this from happening is confusion among casual fans. Obviously everyone here knows how the point system works. But say a casual fan sees in the newspaper that his team is down 6 points with only a few games left in the season, he might feel that his team has no chance, only to be confused that a win would count for 3 points, not 2. As a result we would see escalated point numbers, obviously, again causing confusion to an extent. However, I do feel like this kind of system makes sense-plain and simple- if you are going to give out three points in one game and 2 in another you develop a point inbalance as the NHL sees now. I don't know, it's just how I feel about it. Another thing is, as somebody said, this would create more incentive to win in regulation.
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