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  1. When you make a deal like Zibanejad and a 2nd for Brassard and a 7th, Fall into the likes of Fox and Panarin and then are able to trade guys like Hayes and Zuccarello for what they did, it is easy to rebuild quicker. When they decided to rebuild, they still had a decent team. When we decided to rebuild, we had scraps.
  2. Do we really need another of these types.
  3. Is it conceivable to say we could land Rossi and Stutzle with our top 2 picks? Or do you see them going for a D with a pick?
  4. right now - I would say the Coyotes have a very good shot at missing the playoffs. Their next 10 is brutal.
  5. Elias scored an OT goal once in our retros. He wore the Irish hat when he came out as the # 1 star!
  6. My sloth like behavior in changing my name would not be necessary! Remember who called the firing of Hynes before the season!
  7. I hate to say I was right - and although the record isn't completely right - its probably not too far off. Lets hope he actually gets fired today!! What a SHAM of a team.
  8. Hope Boqvist plays. I do not see a reason to have him over here if he is a healthy scratch. Kinda stunting his development, no?
  9. Maybe not so far off?? Lets hope not!
  10. 1. Devils Start 6-13-1 and Hynes gets fired. (Before I even changed my username)
  11. it's the legend of the CMON I think it started with me as CMONBRENT, and LOTCB was CMONLOU I then changed to CMONPETEYD - i think LOTCB flamed out. I gotta keep the CMON! It is also an inside joke between Crasher, LOTCB and myself! I think this goes back almost 5-7 years if not more
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