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    Hughes or Kakko

    # 1 for Petterson and take Caufield with #10? :):):)
  2. Devils should take a look at Basking Ridge Kid, Marc Del Gaizo as a late round flier. https://thehockeynews.com/news/article/more-than-just-makar-meet-frozen-four-hero-marc-del-gaizo He is 19 and already a freshman at UM Amherst playing in Frozen Four.
  3. Dellow was working for Edmonton when they traded Hall for Larsson.
  4. Anyone concerned there is no rumblings from either side about Davies? Nothing from Ray and nothing from Davies. This is how it went with Kerfoot, and Kerfoot wasn't as regarded as Davies. Walsh, I am not concerned for, he needs 1 more year of seasoning. Devils should trade for Fox's rights and then bring him and Walsh on together!
  5. If you think about it.... Lets say you are a great team, or well on your way of being a great team. You anticipate having picks between 20-30. The chance of those picks working out, are probably 50-50 and at what level? In addition, if your team is now constantly winning with a franchise player it is worth i We have had 4 1st rd picks in a row that have amounted to nothing. If you aren't drafting well, it seems like a no brainer! LOL! Biggest thing here is does the player want to come to the team!
  6. I think this is a fair statement, but at the same time, you have to hit those 1st rd picks and hope you do something in a later round somewhere. 2015 draft has some bits of hope, with Blackwood being the biggest one now, but he really just started to come on this year. Lets hope we have something more than an "Andrew Hammond" type explosion. I think we do too!
  7. This is 100% correct. Right now is the time that the kids who were drafted from 2011 - 2015 are starting to peak, and we have very little that came out of those drafts.
  8. Hey guys - from a sheer drafting standpoint, i thought it would be interesting to take a look at the Devils vs Flyers Recent 1st rd Drafting History. Really it shows a few major misses and makes you wonder what could have been, especially with Lou and Conte running the ship. 2018 Devils: Ty Smith (17th Overall) Flyers: Joel Farabee (14th Overall) & Jay O'Brien (19th Overall) My Take: Too early to tell, Smith looks great, but Farabee is having a great freshman season too! (Incomplete) 2017 Devils: Nico Hischier (1st Overall) Flyers: Nolan Patrick (2nd Overall) My Take: Devils made the right choice here, but I truly believe this will be a 1a and 1b draft. (+1 Devils). Note: Boqvist in Rd 2 looks like the real deal. Don't know about Isiah Radcliffe (but he has 47 goals in 59 games for Guelph) 2016 Devils: MIke McLeod (12th Overall) Flyers: German Rubtsov (22nd Overall) My Take: I am going to call this Incomplete as well, as both players are still too green. McLeod needs some work, but where we drafted him 12th, he probably feels more like a player that would have been drafted 22nd like Rubtsov. 2015 Devils: Pavel Zacha (6th Overall) Flyers: Ivan Provorov (7th Overall) My Take: Flyers get a double bonus on this one. Our team would look very different with Provorov on the backline right now. I still have hope for Zacha, but not the best choice here. (+2 Flyers) 2014 Devils: John Quennville (30th Overall) Flyers: Travis Sanheim (17th Overall) My Take: Sanheim really starting to develop into a quality NHLer, something Quennville wouldn't. This was part of the Kovalchuk Debacle, so I forget where the Devils would have picked here if the pick wasn't moved to 30th. (+1 Flyers) 2013 Devils: No Pick Flyers: Samuel Morin (11th) My Take: Bust for Flyers, No Pick for Devils - No Contest 2012 Devils: Stefan Matteau (29th Overall Pick) Flyers: Scott Laughton (20th Overall Pick) My Take: Matteau a nothing, Laughton is a servicable 3rd lind grinder. (Flyers +1) 2011: Devils: Adam Larsson (5th Overall) Flyers: Sean Couturier (8th Overall) My Take: Yes Larsson led to Hall which is great, but for the purposes of this, Couturier has developed into an awesome 2-way NHL Selke Type Forward. Great Pick by the Flyers, and Larsson is nothing that the experts expected him to be. His offense is much less than expectations were for him (+2 Flyers) From 2011 - 2018 (With 2 INC Years): It is clear to me that the Flyers have eaten our lunch drafting in the first round. I really think Lou and Conte did a horrible job using this as a comparison. So Far Castron and Shero have righted the ship (from what we can see), but I believe it is going to take 2-3 more years to start seeing the fruits of these drafts, like the Flyers are seeing from 2011 - 2015 now. Sorry for the long post, I've just been thinking about our drafting woes and watching some of the flyers kids develop has made me kind of envious! I do believe in what Shero and Castron are doing with the kids. It is just hard to watch with the injuries and stay patient with the kids who are still developing. I am always curious to see what other like minded Devils fans think!
  9. I'd like to see them Sign Davies this year after his season is up, burn a year of his ELC and get him here now. Kid is already 22.
  10. I think the Devils need to do more than trade up in the draft. I would go on record to say that if they do not make at least 2 major splashes in either the trade or free agency market which show Hall that the Devils are committed to winning now and not wasting away Hall's prime years, that he is not going to stay. This is the year that they will need to overpay on someone or make another Palmieri deal. The fact that the Mueller deal really hasn't panned out, coupled with Johansson not being here anymore takes us down a few pegs.

    Habs @ NJD

    That’s broken
  12. Lemieux and a Conditional 1st?
  13. Yes - but he was not a UFA when we acquired him.
  14. I would like to see Shero get creative and try and dump a player like Greene and retain some salary. What if we were able to Trade Johansson & Greene (Retain 50% of his salary) to Calgary for a 1st and maybe a prospect.
  15. did they say for a 5th?
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