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    Pick a futility streak for me to break

    Schneider 3 wins in a row

    Pick a futility streak for me to break

    Quennville’s pointless streak in NHL this year!

    Devils 2018-2019 news and notes thread

    I'm actually fine with this, just say it! lol

    Devils 2018-2019 news and notes thread

    I think in this case - they are perplexed and do not know what is wrong maybe or to what extent even. He got hurt in practice, played 2 games, aggravated it and then was out. Then he skated again a few weeks back and hasn't been on the ice since. I think this would be a different case if we as fans saw the injury happen. Usually an injury that is caused in a game is usually reported on and followed up on in a more informative way. I don't think i've seen an unknown injury like this linger on for so long since George McPhee's infamous Groin Injury in the 87-88 season

    Devils 2018-2019 news and notes thread

    I am actually quite surprised that no one can provide a report on what is wrong with Hall and why no one can provide a timeline. It's mindblowing. If this were Toronto or NY, the media reaction to this would be much worse. He skated once about 1-2 weeks ago and then nothing. No news - very frustrating

    2018-19 Prospects Thread

    Would be nice to see some real prospect Arrival Rankings somewhere. Something like this: Smith: '19-20 Boqvist: '19-20 McLeod: '19-20 Studenic: '19-20/'20-21 Davies: '20-21 Talvatie: '21-22 Walsh: '21-22 What do you guys think of the above? Any changes?

    2018-19 Prospects Thread

    I am ++ on Seney, Anderson, Studenic and Sharangovich I am - - on McLeod and Blackwood I know it's 2 games - but that is how it is feeling at this time. Also - I really need a new Username.

    2018 Offseason Thread

    Classic Bend and Spread deal for Ottawa. San Jose doesn't own a 2019 pick at this current time, Buffalo has it from the Kane deal.

    PLAYOFFS: The "Don't Jinx It" Thread

    I'd say at a minimum we need a split of next 2 games. Would like 3 of 4 points.

    PLAYOFFS: The "Don't Jinx It" Thread

    The concern here should only be Florida. Last nights game was pretty important and we lost an opportunity i think. We still should do it, but Florida is the team that will be there at the end

    GDT - Devils @ Panthers 3/1/18

    Hey - If an Admin wants to change it for me - lets go

    GDT - Devils @ Panthers 3/1/18

    Looking at Sportsclubstats, if the Panthers lose in Regulation, they drop to about 31% chance. a Regulation win bumps them to about 50%. This is big for them
  13. Now i feel like we are all in for playoffs. They should not stop here. I would like to see one more piece on D. If you are going to make a move, now is the time. I am not saying we need Karlsson, but would be ncie to pick up another piece to sure some things up.

    SRO Suite Tickets - Anyone experience this?

    OK Guys. So I got the tickets for 49 a piece for the suite for Standing Room Only Tickets. Our suite was completely full. The suites to the right has some openings so It is a game of chance really. There were some extra chairs in there and my kids got to sit for the majority of the time. My wife and I had to stand , but it wasn't that bad. Having the private bathroom outside of our suite was really nice too. I guess the owner of the suite could sell the 15 seats, the 5 chairs at the Bar and then 4 standing room only seats. I do not know if i would do it again with the Kids, but if it were a buddy and I, It is a good cheap option. Great game to be at though due to the outcome and the hero!

    SRO Suite Tickets - Anyone experience this?

    They are clearly Standing Room Only Tickets in a Suite. I didn't pay a crazy amount for them. I thought I was getting them on game day from someone who needed to unload. We are going early, going to hope that we can get a barstool table, and hopefully the seats arent full outside the suite.

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