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  1. Elias scored an OT goal once in our retros. He wore the Irish hat when he came out as the # 1 star!
  2. My sloth like behavior in changing my name would not be necessary! Remember who called the firing of Hynes before the season!
  3. I hate to say I was right - and although the record isn't completely right - its probably not too far off. Lets hope he actually gets fired today!! What a SHAM of a team.
  4. Hope Boqvist plays. I do not see a reason to have him over here if he is a healthy scratch. Kinda stunting his development, no?
  5. Maybe not so far off?? Lets hope not!
  6. 1. Devils Start 6-13-1 and Hynes gets fired. (Before I even changed my username)
  7. it's the legend of the CMON I think it started with me as CMONBRENT, and LOTCB was CMONLOU I then changed to CMONPETEYD - i think LOTCB flamed out. I gotta keep the CMON! It is also an inside joke between Crasher, LOTCB and myself! I think this goes back almost 5-7 years if not more
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