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  1. Not like people work for a living or anything. Could you imagine a NY/NJ or D.C. Metro area game starting at 6pm? There'd be 100 people in the building. I'd be furious if I was a season ticket holder in Anaheim with the early start. Tone deaf NHL.. but anything to bend over for the tv network.
  2. Kane was listed as weighing 162 his draft year...he's added 20 pounds since that time. While ~180 is certainly not enormous, no one is saying he's too small / too weak to compete in the NHL. Avoiding Marner because of his current weight would be way too short sighted.
  3. Most exciting thing all night might have been the montage tribute honoring the contributions Kevin Dean and Danton Cole made during the 95 Cup run. Yes, Kevin Dean and Danton Cole...got a montage...
  4. I think I know what the issue has been this post season...the gate's been closed. Time to open that bitch back up. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CIjGaDUp6FY
  5. NBC grabbing and running with every chance to mention or show a 94 highlight. Fvck off already.
  6. Why even make the offer though? The Devils will most likely be in the same spot they were this year, where there is no room for pissing away points...and they'll essentially be doing just that by dressing one of the worst statistical goalies in the NHL. Even if it was for 16 games, it just doesn't make any sense. It's time to move on as a franchise.
  7. Did Pierre really just credit Lemaire and the Devils with perfecting "center ice domination"???? Wait, it can't be...it's too far off script that they ruined the glorious peak of hockey from a year prior. Silly Pierre, he must not be feeling well.
  8. http://www.nytimes.com/2000/03/18/nyregion/soapbox-sticking-it-to-the-taxpayer.html McMullen wanted the air rights over the proposed arena site...which the state wasn't budging on. I forgot about some of the other intricacies of his Hoboken proposal...the most obvious eye popping one being that is was going to be in partnership with the Dolans.
  9. Not to beat a man while he's down, but this story about Ftorek always cracked me up. http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/vault/article/magazine/MAG1018837/index.htm Article quote: The Devils players, for their part, were not nearly as perplexed by the firing as they had been by Ftorek. Even while expressing sympathy for their former coach, players spoke of how high-strung he had been and lamented his tendency to complicate simple things. At one team meeting this season Ftorek wrote two letters on a marker board in the dressing room: a lowercase m and an uppercase W. "Who can tell me what this means?" he asked. Ftorek went around the room, demanding that players give their best guesses. Responses ranged from, "I don't know, Coach," to "Beats me." Finally an exasperated Ftorek said, "It's the little me and the big We? "How the hell were we supposed to guess that?" asks one player, who requested anonymity. "He was always talking in riddles. He didn't say things straight out, so you never knew where you stood with him." Ftorek did not return requests for comment.
  10. Seeing the replay of the Phoenix goal...Marty 100% guessed on the shot. He thought it was going high, and hopped off the ice as the puck went under his pad. What a joke.
  11. Wait a minute...what cup contender? The only time this organization has seriously "contended" for the Cup since 03 and not completely flamed out early, or missed the playoffs entirely was 2012; which Kovy was a very, very big part of. I agree that systems have a part, but at the end of the day, X's and O's will only take you so far...you still need players that have the raw ability and talent to both create and finish offensively. Right now, the Devils are seriously lacking in that department.
  12. Not cool resurrecting this p.o.s. Not cool at all.
  13. These epic meltdowns are becoming the staple of DeBoer's Devils tenure. At least we'll have a name for it once he's canned.
  14. There certainly was a backlash the last time...just not as vocal. There was also a huge positive response when the song came back.
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