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  1. I will be surprised if Parise doesn't score 40 this year, unless he's injured (knock on wood)
  2. The game is going to be broadcast on MSG+2 which doesn't have an HD channel. What the HECK! I got my HDTV to watch the Devs in HD and two games into the season they're getting pushed aside on MSG+HD by the Islanders vs. Blues!?! SERIOUSLY!?!
  3. nyrsuck26


    Now we know why Bobby Holik left ATL.
  4. Martin-Salvador Oduya-Mottau White-Salmela bench-Brookbank I think Vrana is gonna overthrow Rupp as a starter at foward.
  5. Travis Zajac. We know that Parise will score plenty of goals. If he gets good feeds from his center (Zajac), then he'll score even more.
  6. what a moron "Madden is 35 but coming off a career-best 43 points last season. He will likely be asked to be the top-line center. " DON'T ANY OF THESE WRITERS KNOW ANYTHING!
  7. Given the salary cap situation i have to agree
  8. I guess that's one way to advertise
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