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  1. I hardly post here. That was the first time I linked anything up that involved your team in months. I frequent here occasionally. I think you'll find that I bring a lot more to the table than him. He's dirt. He proved it in his immature response.

    This place was a lot better before they chased all the great posters away.

    I don't know you. You have 800 posts. But I am Derek. And have been on this board off and on for over a decade. 

  2. when I was younger, I was different. Now I'm calmer. And loved by all. Feared by evil.

  3. Did anyone watch the BCS title game? Pretty crazy. RIP David Bowie. Legend.

  4. Be safe everyone. Stay inside if you can and drink lots of water. :)

  5. Ranger fans on HF talking about 6 for 36 for Stepan's next contract. I just can't.

  6. The only thing that matters is our family and friends who we care a great deal about. That will always mean more to me than anything else.

  7. It's a wonderful Fall day out. Time to hit up the park.

  8. Preseason is too long.

  9. Did some flashbacks yesterday. Who should be the Devil player and Sabre?

  10. Thank god for U.S. World Junior Camp.

  11. Hosting Pushing Buttons at 11!

  12. finally updated the new New York Puck. Our own domain! Psyched.

  13. 63 days until Opening Night

  14. Only 64 days until October.

  15. it could be worse you could be the Islanders

    1. Satans Hockey

      Satans Hockey

      it could be worse, we could have won 1 cup since 1940. Oh wait...

    2. MB3
    3. Derlique


      94 VHS still doing it for you?

  16. 2 new posts done 1 on Staal's hit and other on Tedenby penalty shot

  17. guess the reffing sucks everywhere they tried to hook up the Crosby Pens

  18. Staal's the most overrated/overpaid defenseman period

  19. should be excited for return of Gabby but just not feeling it

  20. i want to work out late but should i

  21. fact: I adjusted my birthdate to fit the Dolan vision of celebrating '94 :P

  22. I'm a loser I can't deny it what the hell am I doing here I don't belong here

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    2. Pepperkorn


      I hope those are just song lyrics! I miss you when you're not around Derek!

    3. MB3


      he's either misquoting 'creep' by radiohead, or he's making up his own song by borrowing a full line of lyric.

    4. Derek21


      lol yeah i kinda skipped around a bit that song is awesome

      awww PK I love ya!

  23. I love the way you brushed off HOI. Totally uncalled for. Nice to see your wit still coming through.

  24. per TG: Lou calls MacLean firing ridiculous has faith in him puts onus on players

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