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  1. It won't be that bad.. remember Tampa Bay and Tortorella? I thought so.
  2. Before the playoffs started, I felt we could win it for real so right now I feel kind of sour because it was a good opportunity lost. But I still won't forget this season. Lou as coach. Elias's comeback. Stevens and Dano night. 15 game win streak. Good stuff.
  3. The last time Carolina was at NJ for Games 3 and 4, we had Arturs Irbe running away crying for his mommy. Let's do it again.
  4. Throw this loss under the bus and have the driver back up. The Canes have used up their allotment of crazy, lucky bounces for the forseeable future.
  5. What horrible luck on the first two goals
  6. Is it just me or do Cam Ward's goalie pads look ginormous?
  7. Did anybody catch Elias on the TV after the last goal? He was like, "what happened?"
  8. If we do play Philly, we better have Pandolfo give Forsberg the Jagr treatment.
  9. Hope we can control our discipline. Full strength was pretty even before that Martin penalty.
  10. Turco... please... just go away
  11. What a way to end an awesome penalty kill.
  12. Let's pound the Rangers into oblivion with all their penalties.
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