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  1. awesome, great to hear. very relieved I'll be getting all of the games. Thanks again for your help.
  2. thanks for sharing. It's odd on NHL.com for schedule it does list MSG plus as one of the channels for game 1 and 4, and for the link you showed that could still be just the pre game. this is also from the msg site and it doesn't list MSG as carrying the game. Game 2 on NBC is good, but hopefully MSG will have the other ones which are now listed on nhl.com but not on MSG. Thu. 12 at Lightning 7:00 PM Rogers SportsNet, TVA, Sunshine Sports Pre-Game How To Watch Sat. 14 at Lightning 3:00 PM NBC, CNBC, Sportsnet 360, TVA Pre-Game How To Watch Mon. 16 vs Lightning 7:30 PM CNBC, Rogers SportsNet, TVA, FOX Sports Florida Pre-Game How To Watch Wed. 18 vs Lightning 7:30 PM The Golf Channel, Rogers SportsNet, TVA, Sunshine Sports Pre-Game How To Watch Sat. 21 at Lightning TBD N/A Pre-Game How To Watch Mon. 23 vs Lightning TBD N/A Pre-Game How To Watch Wed. 25 at Lightning TBD N/A Pre-Game
  3. will the games be on MSG as well like all of the reg season games or just the national channels listed. I don't get NHLN and I don't know if I get the Golf Channel or not (probably not). if that's the case I would miss game 1 and 4, which sucks
  4. Agree about the frustration that would cause and as devils fans the Flyers and Jackets made us feel that way a lot this year too where it felt neither team would ever lose. It's nice to see our team get their turn this past month. One of the games that frustrated me the most this year was the last Panthers game which I felt was a 4 pt game that was stolen from us. Our team was better most of the night and got screwed over by one of the worst calls I've seen in awhile where the panther guy can crash into the devils goalie but that goal is good and that game cost us 4 pts in the standings with them and then last night they were gifted the 2nd point by that goalie interference call. they can crash into our guy for a win, but another team can't even gently put their stick on the goalie's pad. they were gift wrapped those 5 pts in the standings and didn't win the big time road games that our team did. We definitely deserve it much more between the tougher wins and the 5 pts we were screwed out of against them in the standings. f the panthers, I'm glad they are probably out. between that and those ugly jersey's and logos they switched to 2 years ago (after having one of the better jerseys and logos in hockey for years) they deserve to keep losing. I've always hated the Rangers and Flyers the most (carolina a close third), but I've grown to kind of hate the Panthers and Columbus this year too.
  5. me too, it was an a crime what the NHL did to the devils to promote their stupid disney team. I was thinking about that a lot during Brodeur's retirement 2 years ago when they should have brought out a conn smyth with the other many trophies Brodeur won, but because of their disney team they weren't able to.
  6. I agree with your earlier comments. Claude was my favorite devil from the early 90's through 95 and it was so upsetting to see him go. It's not a coincidence the Avs won in 96 and our team underachieved 3 straight years between 97 and 99 and then won again in 2000 when they finally got him back. They had no business losing to the pens (which they blew that game 6 before losing in 7) the senators or the rangers. I think Claude could have been the difference and they definitely could have had 1 or 2 more cups during that 94-03 run. you can't win every year, but I do think they would have 1 if not 2 more if he stayed. Just like Scott Stevens, every opponent hating playing against him. and what probably bothers me the most now is that there is no doubt his number would also have been retired if he stayed during the 96 through 99 years. He was so important to the devils, it's too bad not to see #22 up there as well
  7. I don't think they are against us anymore, but I really hated them in 95 when they tried to get the Devils to move to Nashville and when a devil did not win the conn smyth in 2003. It's a disgrace it didn't go to Brodeur, and if not him at least Niedermayer or one of the other devils. It was a crime to give that to the ducks. Brodeur had superior numbers in the 03 cup to Gibum and also played very well during the other 3 rounds. I mean 3 shut outs in the final plus game 7. I think 4 shut outs was a record for a whole playoff run prior to 03, which he also broke that year.
  8. Yeah they did sell out before the day of the Brodeur game too. I mean this should allocate a certain amount and then save some for the actual day of the game. Several of the store workers told me they sold out Thursday for the Elias patch. I do have to say though that while that is frustrating and I wish they could do better with this, I do like how they have more items in general. When Stevens retired they had a stevens stick and bobblehead (with no mention of retirement), both are cool items, but could be better and then you had the red puck that they used for the others. Dano just had the 1puck, Niedermayer had nothing and they released the red puck later in a different shade. For Brodeur and Elias they had a nice retirement logo, retirement pins, multiple pucks, a detailed stick with stats and the retirement logo. Definitely better job merchandising those 2. only thing is I wish they still had the nice sga photo they gave out for the first 3 and no Elias program is crazy. Every event night should have a program (not just Elias, but also the ring of honor last year should have had a program too as well as a patch and ring of honor puck). Does anyone have general email addresses to corporate, the store and marketing? There were somethings I wanted to compliment them on while making suggestions. Only email I know of is the general Devils website email which I assume some intern probably reads and doesn't send to anyone that actually makes decisions there. The team use to list them, but now they just list #'s also if enough of us complain about the patch and program maybe they will have a program eventually (they did that with the niedermayer puck releasing it later) and the patch should be released again.
  9. Thanks for sharing, definitely hope that's the case. All fans at the game definitely deserve one. Do you know if they will have a commemorative ticket again like they did with Brodeur, that was a nice surprise last time with that.
  10. thanks so much marty. the picture looks amazing. Same exact style as the other 3 (with the cup and banner). also a great touch with the retirement logo in the bottom corner. Also thanks for the advice on how to get this printed. I will try to do so this week. Like I said, I wish you worked for the devils this past year. Awesome job! thanks again. on another note, anyone that still needs patches or just wants extra, they finally have them on e-bay now. I found a couple of auctions which the seller has more than 10 at a very good price, and they also have them on that patchcollection website someone else shared on this board. so plenty of patches available between e-bay and that site (of both versions) http://www.ebay.com/itm/Martin-Brodeur-Retirement-Jersey-Patch-New-Devils-Jersey-30-/222037331733?hash=item33b274cf15:g:qRMAAOSwDuJW01XB
  11. I was wondering if you guys noticed or not if they have the Brodeur items at the store again and if so which items. I'm especially trying to get the patch with the retirement logo (I have most other items that they sold)
  12. very well said. I feel the same way and I couldn't have said it any better than you did. This is my only favorite team where I feel like I grew up with them team. I'm also a LA Lakers and NY Giants fan and I got to witness great things with both of those teams over the past 25 years, but they also did a lot well before I followed the team or was even born. Where as you said I went to plenty of games where they only had 1 banner up there and I feel the same pride in the Devils by having witnessed all of their best players entire careers. I remember how fun Niedermayer was to watch as a 19 year old rookie (and his whole career) how fast he was and it just looked effortless or when they first brought in Stevens or not liking Brodeur his rookie year (because I was a big Terrari fan and wanted him to continue being the main guy). the 93/94 year was really special. that was the first time I got to see the Devils as a legit contender. All year them and the Rangers were the 2 best teams and that was one of the best series of all time that ended in heart break for us, but that also led to 95 and what was to come later. It's truly amazing looking back on it and everytime I'm there I definitely make sure to soak up the banners. You and myself and people our age have seen this team grow up over the last 25 plus years and that's an amazing experience. Tuesday night made me proud to be a devils fan. that was a first class ceremony in every way (only complaint was the sold out patches and center ice or photo like we had for the other 3), but a perfect night and like all of you there I was very emotional. It was a great way to cap off the amazing run our team had (only the red wings matched them in that time period for reg season and playoff dominance) there are still more nights to enjoy the great run (at least 2 more, but possibly 4 more) Elias and Lou are no brainers, but the other 2 should get a special night too. I still hope to have a Larry Robinson night and a Jacque Lemaire night honoring both of them (no banners, just a special night to celebrate them and their contribution to the devils). and of course a night for Lou (which should have a banner for him) and then of course a night for #26. and as I said before they should consider a doc emrick banner with a microphone and the devils logo on it.
  13. I can't wait to see #26 up there too. It's hard to say for the rest. Personally I would love to see a banner for Lou and Doc Emrick (Doc's has the devils logo, a microphone, his name, and years there, the Lakers did this for Chick Hearn and it looks amazing at Staples, Doc has the same type of importance to the Devils that Chick had for the Lakers. Lou would have his name/devils logo/years there and maybe total wins, 5 conference titles and 3 cups listed on the banner (of course have both as sga's too) As far as old devils, I was always such a huge fan of Claude Lemieux. It's too bad he left after 95 (not only did that possibly cost the devils a cup, but I wish he finished his career with the devils from the early 90's until he retired. He would have been a no brainer, but his leaving in that 5 year gap and also leaving again after the 2000 cup hurt his chances. John Mclaine was also a special devil and had one of the most important goals in devils history. Those are 2 that I would have strongly considered. Parise and Kov would have had a chance if they both didn't screw the devils over a few years ago and finished their careers in NJ, now no way on both and no fan would want to see it anyway. Almost all fans hate those 2 now, as do I. as far as guys on the team now, I think Henrique and Schneider have a chance if they play the rest of their careers in NJ and continue to play on the level they have. I would only want to see #14 and #35 there though if they both play at least another 8 to 10 years with NJ, continue to be as productive as they have been and also win a cup. I think the Devils should only retire jerseys from players that win a cup with them. But I think #35 is an amazing goalie and hopefully he'll keep this up another 8 plus years and will actually get goal support one day so the devils can get on a run with him and #14 already has huge big time goals just like Elias, Lemieux and Mclane have had in years past.
  14. that's awesome. good job by them. I'm going to the Flyers game, so that would be great to see the two patches then. thanks for the info with how well this merchandise did, that would be great if they got banner pins for the other 3 (which they never had before)
  15. thanks for the link. Definitely want to get the patch they wore as well as the retirement logo with the goal patch they've used all year.
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