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  1. Personally, i hope they’re real because i love it.. should’ve been the third jersey all along.
  2. little early for this, yes I know.. but anyone know if these are for real?
  3. Solid of him, I figured the devils would give some type of discount to have the number changed or jersey swapped
  4. The whole thing is just super weird, I’m sure they’re happy to have gotten rid of him. .. side note, when does training camp start for the regular roster
  5. Why would he even feel the need to do that?
  6. What’s the story with this? He showed them an offensive picture?
  7. Could’ve done without this, hopefully we never even end up seeing him.
  8. I don’t really understand the whole getting rid of cable thing.. I pay $115 for internet and two boxes.. yea I have every discount they have but that’s also with the sports package ($15 option).. by the time you’re done with all the streaming services fubo whatever you’re probably well over that. as far as the devils msg contract ending, I hope they don’t do something stupid and end up signing a contract with some app service. Major league sports should be televised through cable, when Thursday night football was only on prime you couldn’t even watch the games in a bar.. not good for anyone.
  9. My man has chicken legs, stop.
  10. No way, pack on some muscle.
  11. Good now go gain some weight.
  12. Did Meier ever publicly make a decision on what number hes going to wear going forward? I wana order a jersey but heard he was thinking about switching
  13. Man that makes 2 of us, atleast football is soon im itching for sports since the Yankees aren’t worth watching anymore.. been watching pre season football, probably going to hit the jets/giants tomorrow night. $50 lower bowl seats, something to do sports related
  14. God this place is boring in the off-season…..
  15. I saw that too bro, how refreshing to see that stat… love every second of it!
  16. If anyone needs a solid offseason thought, ranger fans hate Timo Meier.. and hes going to be here for another 8 years 😏
  17. I believe he’s 6’5 about 225lbs, that’s a big heavy body out there which can absolutely be useful in some of our heavier hitting match ups
  18. Is that just posted to their website or where could one get that podcast? .. Jesus, I’m 32 feelin 72 asking that
  19. I like the bahl deal, thats a high reward, low risk move right there. Seems like our off season is just about done now. If a deal is made for a goalie i expect to see it at the deadline, nothing major is going to happen the rest of the season on that front.
  20. Sounds like nosek is going to be more of a physical presence. 6’3 a little over 200lbs
  21. I don’t usually eat when I go to games unless I’m actually hungry but I prefer to wait to eat elsewhere. I will buy several beers though lol
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