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  1. So the devils don’t have a feed on optimum for this game? We have to watch the islanders broadcast?
  2. Pavel zacha eats corona virus
  3. bout time PK now we need one more lets gooo
  4. its understandable, hopefully it doesn't take him long to get his legs going again if he's feeling it
  5. Nico coming off kind of like he can't be bothered there to talk to Erica.. maybe its because he knows she's married now
  6. Nico and change both back, sounds like a nice afternoon for a devils W to continue this winning streak
  7. he came off as a good sport, player pretty damn well id say while he was here and gave us something fun to watch.
  8. lol, still don't get the hate against hall.. nj never even offered him any type of extension from what was reported... let it go! people think he should've been begging to stay here when he never chose to come here to begin with!
  9. Blackwood has looked great, pretty refreshing compared to what we've been used to dealing with prior.
  10. butch would obviously make a lot more sense
  11. zacah again? if so, what are the chances
  12. zacha... shame on all you people who have been calling him space junk
  13. yea ok, I don't know if maybe you haven't been watching since he's been drafted at 6 over all.... he's trash and contributes nothing for a "6th selection" ... see brazal.. yea we got screwed. keep drinking the Kool aid.
  14. Fun game to watch, 3 out of 4 pts not too shabby. Zacha still sucks more dick then the local whore house, I can’t stand watching him anymore. Useless.
  15. Why would you expect him to have any type of loyalty to us? He wasn’t drafted by us, didn’t sign here in the offseason, he was traded here. Had no say in the matter. While he was here he seemed to make the best of it if he didn’t really want to be here he never really indicated that, went out and tried to make this team better every shift. People need to stop this loyalty bullsh!t. This is a business, just because someone didn’t pick us who cares move on, hall is an elite player it was fun having him on the team while he was here.
  16. (drama aside) kovy has certainly aged, I remember how absolutely electric he was every time he touched the ice... if thats not a generational player in our sport i dont know what is. he was certainly lost a step, everything happens for a reason.
  17. right... unfortunately I hate to say it but, for a team that has gotten 2 first overalls in 3 years.... seems like the 1oas around us have been much more significant of players.
  18. is what it is, hard to complain when we've won it twice in 3 years... have to wonder how their fans felt when we hit it a 2nd time. besides, sure seems like none of the 1oa's in the past few years have really turned out to be all that so far anyway.
  19. in other news, just to point out a stat that I just saw televised, this is kovys first playoff game since 2012..almost like he never left the devils all along.
  20. of course, I'm sure he's not going to be a Kane. those don't exactly grow on trees. but it would be awesome if he did end up developing into that.
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