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  1. Yea we’ll, now we’re stuck with these eye sores that don’t seem like they’re going anywhere anytime soon. Felt like they were wearing them every other game at the end of the season. It’s almost like they knew they fvcked up and we’re embarrassed so to try making it better they rolled out ugly ass “hat” hats… I mean who the fvck is going to walk around wearing a hat that says “hat” on the front of it.
  2. Those were another major fvck up. Blew a great opportunity to roll out an awesome third jersey. They wore black jerseys for something I can’t remember a warm up or something not that long ago and they looked fvcking awesome. It was just the Nj without the circle around it.. it was straight fire.
  3. I think that it could lead to be a distraction. Why do we need their whole family on one team? There’s no other players that are good enough to be traded for? This is ridiculous. Might as well change the team name to the New Jersey Hughes brothers and friends
  4. Only reason I wouldn’t want him is for the drama factor I think it would create. We don’t need all three brothers in one locker room, I think that would have the possibility to me a major distraction to the team as a whole. There are other quality players out there worth taking a shot at if we are looking to make a trade. 2 brothers is enough of a chance to be a distraction.
  5. Yea, like a blender and that’s exactly how this situation feels.
  6. Caps doing cap things, they’re going to continue showing the panthers that the post season is a whole different animal.
  7. Right, I was hoping they would be exploring some type of trade
  8. fvck sounds like we’re definitely getting Blackwood back. I was trying to be hopeful that maybe they’d be looking for a way out( I know he doesn’t have much of any value right now) but I really wanted them to explore a more solid option somehow
  9. I think the writing has been laid out loud and clear with ruff, he’s going to get another shot next season with a healthy roster before he is kicked the fvck out the door. Let’s see who he has working with him, hopefully they dont go right off to immediate dumpster diving.
  10. I was thinking about this before, its been beyond pathetic feeling as a fan for the over the top lack of success NJ has had in the past decade. I appearance in the last 9 fvcking years… makes me sick as fvck. Yet these pieces of sh!t have been in and consistently competitive basically that entire time. fvcking bullsh!t. NJ better figure it out and fast, like next season
  11. Lol, incase you aren’t joking… see Zach parise
  12. Hmm… don’t think I’ve ever heard one of them mention they want to come back and not actually mean it
  13. Start a go fund me and post it to the devils all day all night facebook group, a lot of blind gremlins in that group would probably put up their money
  14. I agree with all of this, i also believe that there hasn’t been much to really be enticed to play hard for since the teams position has been irrelevant and i think that could also have something to do with it.
  15. So you’re saying theres a chance he may never be the same… if that were the case, that would truly be our fvcking luck.
  16. Id like to not see him on the roster next year, if Zacha is gone and he’s on the 4th line than fine, but hopefully nothing more.
  17. Just curious, what happened to jimmy i sit when i pee vesey? I know he got banged up during that rag game but any news come out other than “will not play for a while” according to sals little blonde side piece Erika
  18. I’m going to go with bent over, but Montreal is no prize either so, hard to pick a winner between two dumpster fires.
  19. What goalie are we starting tonight? Trying to figure out what to do on Sportsbook over here and can’t find it listed
  20. fvck that x2. I want to try to pry away knight hard and I’d be willing to offer up two 1st’s + +, there is absolutely no way I’d move Hughes. He is becoming the superstar type player we have been longing for. The first player I’m excited over in years. Let’s hope they can find another way to get a good quality true starting goalie.
  21. I’d like to see Blackwood gone, but then we better have something in the works to bring in a real #1 goalie around here and we all know how hard that’s going to be. If they don’t figure out the goalie situation we might as well write off next season now. I’d be thrilled to not watch zacha on this team next year. I don’t care who says what, the guy is irrelevant so let’s stop pretending that he’s Travis Zajac. As far as Bratt goes, they’re going to have to pay him and he deserves it. I feel like offer sheets don’t happen often so id be surprised. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if bratt may want to move on, it seems like maybe the team doesn’t value what he brings to the table, I feel like what he provides is often over looked.
  22. That’s what I was thinking, poor kid got his sh!t pushed in.
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