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  1. which he very well may if we can work a sign and trade for a team he wants to play on, could work out for both parties
  2. I cannot agree more, even at this point if he is still dragging his feet going on about wanting to see what the team does, start shopping him out. This offseason has been way more then what one could have asked for Imo (realistically) we don't need to prove anymore to him as far as what the commitment level from this management is as far as finding success. I love the guy, but we don't owe him anything and if we allow him to wait that deep into the season he will be walking for nothing and I have faith that our management will absolutely not allow that to happen.
  3. I've come to the same thought about this, however I would like him to come forward and make a decision one way or the other so we can start to prepare to move forward. Best case scenario if he doesn't want to stay, no problem.. ask him where he would like to play and start discussing with those clubs the possibility of extending hall and trading him with another piece for an elite talent back to us. at this point, gotta keep it moving.
  4. at this point if he doesn't want to stay that fine, but he should come forward and tell us this and where he would prefer to go. If we can move him somewhere he wants t sign an extension and trade an extended hall obviously the return would be much larger. Hope we don't allow him to just string us along like a bunch of dopes, and not end up getting maximum return for him
  5. I just want this guy to sign already so we can move on
  6. 2ELIAS6

    2019 Offseason Thread

    like I said man theres a lot of upside to it if its minimal, however with that said, I don't think he is going to be getting a minimal deal.. and on top of that, after seeing that hair he rocks, its going to need to be in the contract that he either needs to wear a hair piece or do something else that doesn't resemble bozo the clown.
  7. 2ELIAS6

    2019 Offseason Thread

    on a one year deal, cheap if it could be had..absolutely. a lot more upside then downside to it. if he sucks he sits, who cares.
  8. 2ELIAS6

    2019 Offseason Thread

    people need to put their hurt little feelings aside, if it makes sense to do you do it. Just because the guy wanted to play for the rangers and not nj doesn't mean if it makes sense you don't bring him in here to see what he can do. especially if he allows you the option to move vatanen to replace some picks that were spent on other pieces.
  9. if this is what "upsets" you, then you need to leave your house more often.
  10. id say that we did, we've had him for a while now unfortunately through his time here its safe to say we've been unsuccessful but that has nothing to do with him as a player obviously. the guy has come in and performed extremely well for us since he's been here, injuries aside they happen to everyone. I just listened to that interview, and while obviously aside from him saying he has to make a decision soon I didn't really catch the vibe that he was looking to bounce either. he noted how well he's been treated here by everyone and a couple positive things about living in the area. of course he is going to have a love for Toronto thats where he is from.
  11. it is going to hurt if the return for hall is just a handful of picks, especially after all of the talented acquisitions we have just made, hopefully if he needs to be moved it can be for another high talent player
  12. hmm.. Toronto you say, sign and trade hall for Marner
  13. atleast he is starting to be a little more straight up about this, hopefully he will come forward if he does decide that he doesn't want to stay in NJ. Unfortunately even through trade, how would we be able to replace the hole that he would leave.
  14. hopefully his game translates into the nhl, we've seen how this has backfired before.. look at kovy when he came back he was space junk. If he is the real deal this team is going to impress
  15. neither side is in any type of rush, they made it clear that they both have an agreement and understanding that they want to take their time with this and they will do that for hall. We need to be patient, whatever happens happens, but I'm sure as summer comes to an end if sheer realizes this guy is not going to sign options will start being explored. Either way the rebuild is over and this team is moving forward, for that we should all be excited.
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