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  1. 2ELIAS6

    Hughes or Kakko

    let us remember that the guy was playing hurt dude, and then after he came back from surgery is when he was having issues finding his game. The only time during his tenure here when the devils were even some what relevant was last season.. the devils have sucked during his entire run with us this far.
  2. I couldnt really care about the fish sticks.. I think its great that they had Tavares walk on their asses and they came back this season to find success. Im glad they beat the pens but from this point on, I wouldn't mind if they get flushed down the toilet.
  3. 2ELIAS6

    2019 Offseason Thread

    I don't want malkin or kessel, no thanks dude.. not saying they aren't good players etc. but I don't want them, if we are going to give up assets there are players out there that will fit our team and needs better. Ray has already brought in enough penguin experiments to this team.
  4. 2ELIAS6

    2019 Offseason Thread

    except I never said anything about selling him low.. we've had him for a long enough time to know what we have with him.
  5. 2ELIAS6

    2019 Offseason Thread

    I've seen enough of dacha to know we got screwed with picking him at 6th or where ever it was. Hopefully ray can use him in a package and move on
  6. depends on who you ask, some people on this board will argue that in some way this makes them worse
  7. is there anyone else thats really worth offer sheeting that wouldn't cost us such a big return?
  8. I just saw this hit... dirty dirty, have to wonder what is going through your head to hit someone like that while they are on their knees
  9. I can see the Long Island fish sticks sticking it right up the birds asses ..and during their first season without their beloved Tavares, at this rate I think id prefer it
  10. 2ELIAS6

    Hughes or Kakko

    hall, Nico, palms, Hughes and bratt are on their way to change that... lets use some of those picks to make a move to improve the D and hope that smith will be ready to make an impact next season. All of a sudden we can feel that we have a lot to look forward to very soon and more importantly for years to come
  11. 2ELIAS6

    Hughes or Kakko

    a less rapey Patty Kane all day lets go!
  12. ah ok, thanks for informing
  13. I don't know anything about any picks that they traded to NYR so this is news to me
  14. If Tampa loses this game, I think they are going to be fvcked. After that type of season kind of wanted to see them have some success too
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