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  1. 2ELIAS6

    GDT: Devils at Anaheim 12/9 - 8pm MSG+

    seney with a goal, now Schneider will be sure to let one in for the ducks as he probably doesn't remember what his exact job is out there
  2. 2ELIAS6

    GDT: Devils at Anaheim 12/9 - 8pm MSG+

    would really like to see this team string together some wins and get out of the basement. Don't start Schneider theres no need to put us through that at least give us a reason to think theres a chance here.
  3. 2ELIAS6

    GDT: Devils at Los Angeles 12/6 - 10:30pm MSG+

    probably watch the first period and then do the same thing the rest of the team does and just go to sleep
  4. 2ELIAS6

    GDT: Devils @ Panthers - 11/26/18, 7:00pm

    debating if its worth changing man of steel for this.. normally I don't miss a game if I'm home
  5. 2ELIAS6

    GDT: Devils @ Canes 5:00 PM MSG+

    what a fvcking joke man.
  6. 2ELIAS6

    GDT: Devils @ Canes 5:00 PM MSG+

    on the other hand, Schneider hasn't won in so long the odds should be in his favor.. you could say he's due?
  7. 2ELIAS6

    GDT: Devils @ Canes 5:00 PM MSG+

    I don't even want to see Schneider in net right now. We need to keep grabbing as many points as possible until we are in a comfortable position.
  8. 2ELIAS6

    Devils 2018-2019 news and notes thread

    Bratt is a great piece, especially because he was more of a surprise then anything. Being a 6th round pick I don't think he was expected to be anywhere near what he has been for us. Nico has played pretty much next to hall since he came into the league.. take that away and I'm not sure exactly where he would sit. No doubt I'm sure the two of them compliment one another but, id like to see Nico put on more size. I feel like every game I see him being man handled a little too much. Yes before someone says it I know he's only 19? just saying.
  9. 2ELIAS6

    GDT: Detroit Rock Sh!tties @ Your...New Jersey Devils

    trying to make it out to this one last minute
  10. 2ELIAS6

    GDT: New Jersey Hischiers vs. Philthadelphia Patricks, 7:00 PM

    What radio station is this game on, not on 660am
  11. Give them Cory Schneider, the trade will be 1 for 1
  12. 2ELIAS6

    GDT: Road Trip from Hell, Part 7 - Devils @ Jets

    It’s sad to see Schneider in the form that he’s currently in. We obviously wonder if he’ll ever bounce back to the Schneider that was stealing this team wins when the offense couldn’t score more then two goals a game. What really sucks is we wouldn’t even get any kind of a return for him in a trade right now either.
  13. 2ELIAS6

    GDT: Road Trip from Hell, Part 7 - Devils @ Jets

    have to find a way to win this game before were in a hole so deep we won't be able to climb back out of it. Please don't disappoint us, again.
  14. 2ELIAS6

    GDT: Devils @ Maple Leafs, 11/9/18 7:00pm, MSG+

    I was just trying to say, I don't get how they could've regressed this much from last year the team is more or less the same.. at the end of the day someone should have been acquired during the off season in some shape or form to better a position on this team and absolutely nothing was done. We brought back Drew Stafford LOL
  15. 2ELIAS6

    GDT: Devils @ Maple Leafs, 11/9/18 7:00pm, MSG+

    who did we really lose that we didn't have for the majority of last season? we acquired Maroon, that waste Grabner and someone I can't think of right this second after we knew we were really making a playoff push. The only player we really lost off the roster that I can think of right now is gibbons?

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