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  1. Glad the canes are gone, honestly, can’t believe they got swept out like that. Also, what Florida is doing is pretty incredible. With that, I’d like to see Vegas win it all.
  2. Yea, sometimes you’ve gotta take a chance, I’m not sure that guy is the answer.. but I also don’t think vv is either.
  3. Glad he made the decision sooner than later and will be fully recovered in time for the start of the season. Wonder what it was exactly
  4. Definitely don’t go visit Atlantic City or there’s definitely no chance of him signing here 🤣
  5. Yep and Meier did that on a sh!t sharks team. Bratt did what he did playing with talent next to him. Regardless of the lack of playoff points from both players, Meier played a major physical role that bratt doesn’t have the size and strength to play if he wanted to. Meier was a total pest to shesterkin and was clearly aggravating him all series long. He was also playing the second round with a busted nose and had some other lingering issue going on which held him out of that first game of round two. Not saying bratt was 100% but I don’t recall him coming out with any ailments.
  6. Lazar provides next to nothing offensively. Tatar I can’t see coming back either, definitely don’t want wood back.
  7. When was fanatics supposed to be taking over the jerseys? Was it this coming season 23-24?
  8. Yep I could imagine this being an issue behind closed doors. I think Meier is the better all around player. Bratt seems like he just wants to make as much money as possible and if that’s the case then this is really the place for him.
  9. Apparently fitz has also reached out to meiers agent, get this locked up long term asap so I can order a jersey, thanks
  10. He was kind of alluding to the frame work for the bratt deal being laid out and both sides wanting to get the thing done. Stating bratt wants to be here and we want bratt here. I, for one am not completely sold to being married to the guy. If you can move him solo or in a package for something possibly better or better in anyway I’d certainly entertain all good offers
  11. This is funny and I didn’t get it until I finished reading it through.. clearly, no way this is real.
  12. What happened with knight off ice?
  13. I mean, I’m not sure why you would feel that extreme but I do agree he’s not going to get any better than what he’s put on the ice at this point. But there is risk for decline. I’m not sure how I feel about this. Probably just stay away from it
  14. He’s already 30 which is kind of a concern and he’s going to want a large contract
  15. Anyone hear any rumors about us and buffalo being interested in a certain goalie from Winnipeg?
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