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  1. 2ELIAS6

    2019 Offseason Thread

    how about we give them all 3 and just call it a day
  2. 2ELIAS6

    Hughes or Kakko

    thats the complete opposite of how sheros entire attitude has been through out this rebuild. Everything has been be patient and let things develop, not lets make a shotgun move to see what will come of it today.
  3. 2ELIAS6

    2019 Offseason Thread

    obviously, zacha is space junk
  4. 2ELIAS6

    2019 Offseason Thread

    ha, and someone should talk to that guy ^ to see which Schneider he plans on being this coming season.
  5. 2ELIAS6

    2019 Offseason Thread

    if were able to move zacha for a good dman, on top of not having to watch him anymore..well id say thats an offseason win
  6. 2ELIAS6

    2019 Offseason Thread

    none of us see panarin happening. it sucks but I guess its just the reality of how it is. With eberle and skinner now off the table, it obviously all of a sudden seems slightly dull once again. Cant jump to conclusions though, at the same time don't expect hall to sign anything on July 1 its not going to happen, he already made that perfectly clear.
  7. 2ELIAS6

    2019 Offseason Thread

    damn, we don't need this kind of negativity in our lives
  8. 2ELIAS6

    2019 Offseason Thread

    you don't trade hall unless he flat out tells you or you realize he is not going to re sign with the franchise. Enough about trying to make moves and lose out just for the sake of hoping you pick up talented young players in the draft. We are never going to move forward that way. How about we appreciate the fact that we got 2 first over alls in the past 3 years.
  9. 2ELIAS6

    2019 Offseason Thread

    we've seen enough of a sample size to know what kind of a player he is. Im not the only one around that believes that. you're entitled to your opinion, well see what happens with him. Having him on the fourth line next year isn't serving any justice either.
  10. 2ELIAS6

    2019 Offseason Thread

    how are we selling low on him? and when did I ever say I expected to fleece another team into thinking they are buying more than what he is? nice job putting words in peoples mouths. Zacha blows, he is what he is.. time to move on and shake things up. If he stays here he's just going to be put on the 4th line anyway. As I was saying before you felt the need to be a douche was to package him with other pieces and get a different player in here that serves a better purpose.
  11. 2ELIAS6

    2019 Offseason Thread

    I'm over the zacha experiment, what you see is what we have. Would love to see him as part of a package for something decent
  12. 2ELIAS6


    so you're saying move andy Greene our team captain down to Bing.. right, he would lose his captaincy prior to that happening.. I can imagine the message that would send to the rest of the club. Jesus Christ, think before you post nonsense. We all get it and see it, Greene is in the last year of his contract (I believe) he still has a valuable role to play for us, unfortunately he is victim of playing in too much of a role than what he should be playing which we have been seeing with numerous players for the past several years. take it easy. You should hope that we make a decent trade to improve the back end this summer, Greene is not going anywhere thats a guarantee ..unless he is traded, which I also don't see happening
  13. St Louis takes it at home Sunday in front of their own crowd. You heard it here first.
  14. 2ELIAS6

    Hughes or Kakko

    he will be on the next pepperidge farm commercial.. " I'm Stan fischler and you should all remember, pepperidge farm remembers when I used to know wtf I'm talking about"
  15. 2ELIAS6

    Hughes vs Crosby

    exactly as Nessus stated above.. we should all be more than thrilled if this kid turns out to be what he is projected to be. You can't expect a Crosby or mcdcvid, but that shouldn't mean anything.. Hughes should be phenomenal.. we were thrilled with Nico. Obviously we made the right choice by choosing him, the flyers are already looking to trade away Nolan. with that said Nico is still a great player, this kid Hughes should be exceptional, be patient.. just because Edmonton has mcdavid clearly thats not the end all be all. we are going to be set up real nice with hischier and Hughes holding down the center position for our first two lines. What should be more of a concern is who they are going to play with. Hope that Hall re signs, and if he doesn't hope that we trade him in a package if need be to bring back equal to talent and continue to make upgrades where we can. as we all know this offseason is a big one for this franchise. moves need to be made up front and on the D.
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