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  1. No doubt, they’re seeming to be a power house and they did it with missing parts.. unlike our system where the floor falls out with one player out for 5 games.
  2. Never want to see them win hurts more while we’re struggling
  3. Of course the rangers won again, makes me sick.
  4. Do we think vv could be dealing and working through some type of injury and that’s part of the reason they chose to play schmid after having faced (I believe) 40ish shots just the night prior? I couldn’t wrap my head around why they were playing him back to back especially after that kind of work load the night before.
  5. Gotta be honest here too, with all the hype of him coming in I honestly thought timo was going to be more than what he is. He’s definitely good at certain things, fills a void for a more physical role.. but Iam far from convinced he was the guy we should’ve gave that haul up for and locked down. Starting to realize he wasn’t the answer I think we thought he was. With him you have to realize yes he had like 40 goals last year on a sh!t team but he was the go to guy. Now he’s on what’s supposed to be a deep talented team, he’s not the go to guy anymore and he’s not doing enough for that haul and salary.
  6. And I’ve noticed and have been saying this for a while here and people were after my head. It is what it is, last year was a career year for vv I knew he wasn’t going to do that again( I don’t have a magic 8 ball but I was pretty damn certain) and every time I said goaltending was going to be a major issue I got attacked, now everyone is finally coming to terms with what it is we have here.
  7. This is honestly concerning. I missed most of this game due to work but am watching all the recaps now. This season is honestly just turning into a huge disappointment. Needed to win this game to get a stab back into the standings and from what I’m collecting, wasn’t even close. Glad I chose to work Ot because I almost gave it up to go tonight. Would’ve been wasted money.
  8. Looked like palat was feeling pain in the left wrist when he was just getting off.. that’ll be the next issue(not that he’s done much) but still.
  9. Hughes line is literally the only thing of value we have going.
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