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  1. he is gone ... forever.
  2. 2ELIAS6

    Trade Taylor Hall

    I doubt they are looking into trading hall yet unless he behind closed doors has said he no longer has any interest in playing here, which may happen soon.
  3. A complete embarrassment and a waste of 2.5 hrs on my day off.
  4. You could give them away, if you’ve watched any of this game you would understand why people probably don’t want to waste their time showing up to this sh!t.
  5. and of course wood has to go crashing into the net. Wouldn't be a devils hockey game if he didn't do this at least once.
  6. would you expect much different after the way this team has started. Its deflating to watch your team blow leads every game.
  7. yes, I agree, I don't think he wants to play hockey anymore.. the NJD have ruined the sport for him.
  8. I think everyone like Boyle as a person, but I don't see him bringing much to contribute as far as fixing this quickly sinking ship.
  9. at this point I'm really not sure what to think. I still have hope that they can turn this into what we all thought it was going to be during the offseason.. but it has to happen soon and the goaltending needs to stay competitive. Win today and get something rolling
  10. have to win here to at least start gaining some confidence.. its becoming ridiculous
  11. 2ELIAS6

    Trade Taylor Hall

    I agree, the goaltending appears to be a major issue, but how do you fix it? Blackwood to what we've seen so far does not appear to be the answer.
  12. 20 games?! Absolutely not. If this teams chemistry doesn’t change soon not only will Hall not be re signing here but the entire season is going to be pissed right down the drain
  13. LGD! I’ll be there tonight in section 18. If they go 0-4 with this team someone needs to be fired immediately
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