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  1. Problem is he has to want to play here and sign an extension at time of trade. Second problem is, there are others interested and making offers and some of those teams that will be looking into him will be Carolina, Buffalo etc. which could hurt us twice as bad if he goes to one of those teams
  2. I threw money on them as soon as they went down 2-0… and the best part, I wasn’t concerned at all.. this team competes, it’s overly refreshing the never quit attitude they have
  3. They’re going to pay him, he’s not leaving. Our focus should be Meier, if we can acquire him this team will be absolutely lethal when healthy
  4. Why would he have any desire to leave his current team..
  5. I agree, I think Parise is going the other way for what they are looking to do here.
  6. Let’s hope this is what it is. If we don’t get Meier I’ll definitely feel some disappointment, but hey, let’s look on the bright side.. we’re all kind of used to that so Atleast it won’t be a new feeling! But seriously, if it’s meant to be it’ll be .. let’s hope. This team would be extremely dangerous if they can pull this off
  7. I feel a bounce back coming! Hibachi in net the team will play
  8. The more and more i watch the more i hope SHARAN goes the other way Batter!
  9. Blackwood in tn..saving VV for tomorrow, smart move
  10. And we’ll throw in 2 rolls of toilet paper for when he sh!ts himself leaving Newark and a vest just incase a stray round come flying
  11. Right, the bidding better come with a maxed out extension
  12. But wait, where did the circus clowns go crying when it was 2-1?! … let’s goo now, keep the momentum up!
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