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  1. 2ELIAS6

    It’s Keefe

    Happy to see his name isn’t ruff or Greene honestly, I think this guy has a lot of potential to be good for our group. Next season will tell, let’s hope they come out looking like a brand new team all together. Now let’s see what happens for a legitimate goalie.
  2. Canes truly are the devils south.. fvcking bums.
  3. Let’s fvcking go canes!!!
  4. Damn may be the last game of parise career
  5. sh!t if it was a devils card he’d be declined
  6. Without a doubt. If he fvcks up this coaching hire and the team is worthless yet again, absolutely fired, no questions asked, good riddance.
  7. Without a doubt, but that’s not getting it done by itself.
  8. Well this is terrible, how did they let that happen
  9. Oh I love this, another year of cheering on other teams because our own embarrassed us.
  10. We’re getting pumbled again, look complete shot
  11. fvck yea with this game so far, love everything I’m seeing
  12. Yea another one, have to feel bad for all those people that made the trip down there to that sh!t city in this sh!t weather to have to sit through this.
  13. None of my anger is towards him, he gave us every single chance and alot more than I think most of expected from him. Every single other player on this team absolutely let every single one of us down tonight. It’s finally over.
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