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    For league minimum and just nostalgia purposes, yeah maybe, but he hasn't played in a full year and the last time he did play he already didn't look great. Maybe it would work as a 13th forward that you could throw in in a pinch and play on the second PP unit
  2. They could have gone 8 skaters and protected all of their d-men, but if they went 7F/3D they would have had to leave one of Spurgeon, Brodin, or Dumba exposed. They did that in 2017 and had to pony up Alex Tuch to Vegas to keep Dumba or Brodin, can't remember which one they left exposed back then.
  3. Lmao it really is the offseason, after all
  4. If Arizona is selected for one of the lotteries, it's just a re-draw for that selection. If, for example, the Devils won the first drawing and then Arizona's numbers came up for the second selection, that wouldn't negate the Devils winning the first selection, they would just re-draw for the second selection.
  5. There's a currently a ~33% chance we stay in the Top 4, ~80% we stay in the Top 5, if we stay there I think there's a fairly good chance we'll be able to get one of Power, Hughes, or Clarke. I agree with nessus, I think Edvinsson is a bit of a reach if one of those three aren't there, so I would prefer looking the way of Beniers, Eklund, Kent Johnson, or Dylan Guenther in that situation. I'm just really hoping we can grab one the big defensemen with our first pick because I'm just more enthusiastic about the forward options in the early-20's than the defense options. Ceulemans is my favorite after that top tier or d-men, but something tells me he's probably gone before our second pick. Lambos, Svozil, or even Jack Peart would be options but I would rather have the luxury of being able to take one of the forwards there. Brennan Othmann would be an awesome grab at the Isles pick.
  6. I do find it pretty neat, though, that a number of the players that will be available in our range already have connections to current Devils. Luke Hughes -> Jack Brandt Clarke -> Graeme Clarke Matty Beniers -> Played with Jack on the NTDP and U18's William Eklund -> Holtz's linemate for Djurgarden Even Jesper Wallstedt was Holtz's teammate at the U20's
  7. I don't think Jack or Quinn immediately look to jump ship to where ever their brother is playing. However, I do think it's very possible that if Quinn hits UFA in 4-5 years and both of his brothers are sitting in Jersey there's a decent chance he would come here to join them. The three of them seem very close, I think if the stars aligned for them to all play with each other in the NHL that would be something they would be interested in. The Staals never did it, but there was never really a circumstance where they would have been able to. Marc and Eric played with each other very briefly for the Rangers, but they didn't have the cap space to keep Eric and Jordan was already locked into a long term contract with the Canes, so it's not like Jordan had the option to leave and join his brothers without demanding a trade. On the flip side, when Eric and Jordan were together in Carolina, Marc was locked into his contract with the Rangers and was focused on playoff runs with them, the stars just never really aligned for the Staals to all go to the same place.
  8. Yeah for sure, I think it's a no brainer for this team to take Luke if he's there at #4 or #5. On top of being Jack's brother, he just has a lot of attributes this team should be looking to add. He's not as dynamic or Jack or Quinn, but he's still a fantastic skater and can move the puck out his zone easily, and he's not a shrimp either, kid is already 6'2" at just 17.
  9. I'd wager Luke is gone before 5th, but won't say it's impossible he's there. Simon Edvinsson is a big wild card that it seems like NHL scouts are very high, he was 2nd on Bob McKenzie's last poll, he's someone I could see getting taken ahead of Hughes. Throw in some guys like Clarke, Matty Beniers, Eklund, Guenther, and there are scenarios where Luke could be there at 5th Overall. This draft is just very hard to predict, I don't want to say anything definitive because it could all just go to sh!t on draft night, but obviously I'd love to win one of the two lotto spots so we can get a more guaranteed crack at Luke. Owen Power is the only player I feel like I can say with confidence is going to in the Top 3, after that the draft really opens up, there's so little consensus this year.
  10. Owen Power is #1 on my board, but Luke is right behind him at #2 and the team at FC has put Luke at #1 in our past two rankings, if we end up holding the 1st Overall pick I'd want them to take Luke because of the Jack factor on top of him and Power being so close. There definitely isn't a large chasm between Luke and other players, but I will say that Luke is one of the youngest players in this draft, he's nearly a full year younger than Owen Power. If Luke was born a week later, he would have been in the 2022 Draft instead.
  11. If we get Luke in the Draft, we're going to pull Quinn away from Vancouver in a few years. I can just feel it, we need it
  12. It’s a very real possibility he could be there at 21, there’s a chance he could still slip just inside the Top 15 but he’s almost certainly been passed by multiple forwards (Beniers, Eklund, Guenther, Johnson, Lysell, likely McTavish). He’s a very toolsy player but hasn’t quite put it all together on the ice consistently enough, which I think should sound a lot like Pavel Zacha to a lot of us. EDIT: Full disclosure, Räty is at 23 right now on my personal board, the rest of the team at FC placed him at 19 in our last ranking. I would take all of those forwards I just mentioned over him at the moment, but that isn’t to say I’d be upset if we took him at 21.
  13. I'll be rooting hard for a Vancouver win tonight to lock in that 4th slot for the lottery odds, even an overtime loss will do but the further they can finish outside of the Luke Hughes zone the better. My only real wish is still that we can get one of the big three defensemen in Power, Hughes, or Clarke, and if we stay in the Top 4 I like our odds at that. There are a handful of wild cards - Edvinsson, Beniers, Guenther - that can push one or two of those guys down, so I really hope we can pounce on one of them regardless of where we're picking. If we can get Luke, that's obviously my preference so we can potentially Niedermayer Quinn Hughes in the future. The more time that's gone by, the more excited I've gotten about the Islanders pick. They took a little stumble down the stretch and that pick currently stands at 21 which is more like 20 since the Coyotes are being forced to forfeit their pick. I've gotten more excited about the middle portion of the 1st round in this draft class the past few weeks, a lot of intriguing options could be there at 21. If Cole Sillinger is there at 21 I'm doing cartwheels, but there's a more than decent chance we could have our pick of someone like Brennan Othmann, Francesco Pinelli, Fyodor Svechkov, Logan Stankoven, Simon Robertsson, Nikita Chibrikov, Xavier Bourgault, or even Aatu Raty. July can't come fast enough.
  14. Rules go into effect this year, but the restrictions on how many times you can win isn't being grandfathered in, count starts with this year, so we're still eligible to win.
  15. Re: Wallstedt, we're very high on him over at Future Considerations, #2 on our last ranking. I think Wallstedt makes a world of sense for Detroit, they have a marquee piece at every position in their pool except for goaltender and Steve Yzerman is the one who drafted Andrei Vasilevskiy in Tampa, I wouldn't be surprised to see the Wings bite on Wallstedt in the Top 5. For the Devils, my main hope is that we can grab one of the big defensemen - Luke Hughes, Owen Power, or Brandt Clarke. There are folks at FC who are also very high on Simon Edvinsson, but I'm not as convinced. Luke Hughes is the one I want the most because of the obvious connection to Jack and his ability to transition the puck is top notch, but to be completely transparent I have Owen Power at #1 on my personal board for my rankings.
  16. The officiating tonight is insanely one-sided, I’m fvcking livid
  17. They always lose in the retros, since these are the reverse retros, maybe they'll reverse lose instead
  18. I feel rather confident we'll be seeing Holtz in New Jersey in 2021-22, it's possible the organization could want him to marinate an extra season in Sweden but I think he would be ready to ride shotgun with one of our centers in that sesaon. We could be in for another big youth push next season, because I'm also expecting both Bahl and Mercer to make big pushes to make the team out of camp in 2021-22.
  19. That's probably onside, it's kind of close, but considering the shape of our penalty kill I wouldn't have wanted Ruff to hedge his bets by challenging that with just a one goal lead if the challenge is unsuccessful. Smart of Ruff not to challenge.
  20. Also, can we talk about the start Zajac is off to? He only has the one goal so far, but his on-ice results so far have been fantastic to start the season if advanced stats are your thing, his line as a whole has been great as well. Travis Zajac, 5v5: 63.64 CF% 65.12 FF% 68.25 xGF% All while starting just 20% of his faceoffs in the offensive zone. If he sustains this for a full season I could see Trav getting some love from the analytics community for a Selke nomination.
  21. Jack Hughes vs NYR: 3 GP, 2G 2A, 4P (3 Even-Strength) Kaapo Kakko vs NJD: 5 GP, 0G 1A, 1P (0 Even-Strength)
  22. I don't care if it got sloppy last night, fvck that felt good. Jack was on fire and you can see him blossoming into the star we drafted him to be. It can't be overstated how big of a piece Blackwood is to this team moving forward, he himself is blossoming into one of the best at his position in the league. Smith coming right into the NHL and continuing to contribute, just get that bag of bricks Tennyson off his pair and he'll be golden.
  23. For me, the easy choice is Lucas Raymond, who I have #3 on my board. When you're talking about a complete package of mobility, skill, creativity, and defensive maturity, I don't think Raymond is matched by the players listed above. His processing speed is top notch, and he already plays a very mature defensive game for a player his age. People point to his production this season as a red flag, however, that's with the missing context that Frolunda only played him ~9 minutes a night with no powerplay time. When he was given more ice time during Champions Hockey League games, he naturally produced more, and he's been a top player at both the junior and international levels, including a massive Gold medal game last summer at the U18's. If he's there at 7th, I don't have much doubt in my mind he's the best player available. I wouldn't be surprised if the organization has their eyes on Jake Sanderson, but Raymond would be my choice.
  24. Again, Ruff is not who I would have ideally chosen and I wish they would have just paid Laviolette the money he was allegedly asking for, but I don't know how Ruff wasn't the 3rd best option out of what was reported (Nas, Ruff, Gallant, Lavy, Stevens). What has John Stevens done in his entirely mediocre career that would have made him a better option than Ruff? It's also entirely disingenuous to suggest he's been bad since 2015, the 2015 Stars missed the playoffs as the 10 seed because of the league's 3rd worst save percentage despite having optimistic underlying numbers, the 2016 Stars won 50 games and finished in 2nd in the NHL that season during the regular season, 2017 was admittedly rocky, and then he was hired to be an assistant coach in a role that didn't suit his strengths as a coach. Again, I'm not jumping for joy over this, but forgive me for trying to be optimistic instead of trying to see the worst in every situation when it comes to this team.
  25. I imagine a new staff will come in and it's likely a courtesy of giving the current staff a chance to talk and see if Lindy thinks there's a fit, Nas is the only one I'd be interested in keeping on since he's done a great job with our PK but I wouldn't be incredibly excited to keep him either. We know most hockey coaches have their group of guys they like to keep with them though, James Patrick has been an assistant on every team Ruff has head coached since 2006-07 so he likely gets a call, I know Patrick filled the role in the past that Nas is in right now so I'd have to imagine if it came down to those two, Ruff would probably go with his guy.
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