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  1. 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs Thread

    It's amazing to me that this Caps team made it to the Cup finals. It wasn't the team from those dominant years back when Mike Green was killing it for them. It wasn't the team that still had Williams, a newly acquired TJ Oshie, and even Jason Chimera scoring a bunch of goals for them. It was the team that appeared to be on its way down this past offseason and had just lost two important players in Nate Schmidt and MoJo. Year after year, it was supposed to finally be the Caps' year, but just when everyone had moved on and thought it was Tampa Bay's turn, Ovi and co. pulled through. What a series that was.
  2. 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs Thread

    You've got to imagine they don't want to give it to a non-Russian player who is NHL-bound, but this is just ridiculous. It was an objectively worse season than Tolvanen's for Kravtsov, but he's someone I wouldn't mind the Devils taking at 17 in the draft this year. He's got tons of skill.
  3. 2018 Offseason Thread

    Come to think of it, Mike Brown has been awfully quiet around here lately
  4. 2018 Offseason Thread

    Letang really struggled in the Caps series. I'm just waiting for the announcement that he was injured, because he looked uncharacteristically out of place at times. Especially if that's the case, I can't see the Penguins parting ways with him.
  5. 2018 Offseason Thread

    In defense of everyone who wants to put Tavares on a different line from Hall in this scenario, none of them actually would try to sell Tavares on coming to NJ to play 2nd line center with linemates who haven't been great. It's more that they'd sell him on a team that's on the upswing, pay him like an elite center, and place him where he fits best in the lineup once he signs. With a max length contract, I don't think he would have very much to complain about, especially considering how much of his career has been about elevating his linemates' games. It's not like playing him with MoJo and/or Palmieri would make scoring very difficult for JT.
  6. 2018 Offseason Thread

    The urgency hasn't always been there for Zacha this season, but he's got nearly all the tools to be a great player. I really believe that it's his mental game that needs the most work. He started making some really slick plays near the end of this season and actually helped the team win a few important games right near the end. I agree that most of the time, his impact isn't anything great, but there have been several games this season where he pulled off some plays that only a couple of other players on the team could have. I would feel really bad selling low on Zacha if he's just a late bloomer. He and Bratt should go see Bratt's sports psychiatrist over the summer.
  7. 2018 NHL Draft Thread

    Thanks for sharing these. Ty Smith is one of the few first round D that I haven't had much of a chance to look at yet, and this dude's posts have been great for getting up to speed. Pretty interesting, you see a smallish D with a ton of points and you kind of suspect he might not be great defensively (at least I did), but it seems that his defensive game is just as strong, if not stronger, than his offense. I doubt he'll make it to the 17th pick, but there might be a couple of reasons for him to drop. Size for a defenseman might be important for some GMs, and there are a bunch of other guys in this draft who are already 6'2 and above. Plus, if it's that obvious that he isn't NHL ready yet, that could be another factor that causes him to drop. Honestly, from that writeup, it seems like Smith is just the player that this team needs, and I would be thrilled with someone who fits this description. Maybe he's worth trading up, if Shero has the opportunity.
  8. 2018 Offseason Thread

    Tkachuk is not even close to those other two, but seems like just the player to get some dumb team excited. Can't wait to see who it is.
  9. 2018 NHL Draft Thread

    With my current knowledge of this draft class, it seems to me like there are 3 tiers of potential first round D-men in this draft: Tier 1: Dahlin, Boqvist, Hughes - standout guys who have accomplished a lot at high levels, tons of skill. Tier 2: Bouchard, Dobson, Smith, Wilde - also very high level prospects, 2-way defensemen, dependable, a cut above most of their peers. Tier 3: Sandin, Lundkvist, Miller, Alexeyev, Woo, Merkley, McIsaac, Samuelsson, etc. - lots of potential, but not yet considered elite in their respective leagues. I think that the Devils should really look at a forward if everyone in those first two tiers has been selected. If all 7 of those guys are taken, that means the Devils are getting a top 10 forward in the draft. Despite this draft being advertised as a draft for defensemen, there will be a lot of good forwards available when the Devils select. Veleno, Bokk, and Lundestrom could be available at 17, and those guys would be tough to pass on. With all things considered, I could see the Devils taking Bode Wilde and being quite happy with him. I still feel like Bokk might be the right guy, but there's a lot left to learn about these prospects as we get closer to draft day. This is why the Grabner trade is killing me. Not Shero's fault, but it was just so much to give for someone who didn't turn out.
  10. 2018 Offseason Thread

    Good luck! Be the Taylor Hall that this company deserves!
  11. 2018 NHL Draft Thread

    I highly doubt Dobson will make it to 17, but things like this sometimes happen. Chychrun was advertised in a similar way (solid, smart, very skilled, but without the dazzling, Karlsson-like style) , and he ended up falling all the way to 16. Chychun also was considered one of the top few D in that draft for a large part of that year, and the only one of the group to crack the lineup at the beginning his D+1 year, for whatever that's worth. I won't count on it, but there's certainly hope.
  12. 2018 NHL Draft Thread

    I've also read that Merkley is not very good defensively, which is another factor contributing to him being a risky pick. You don't want a David Rundblad situation, who coincidentally was also selected 17th overall (2009).
  13. 2018 NHL Draft Thread

    I'm always a best player available kind of guy, but this should especially be Castron's mindset going into this one, in my opinion. Given that the Devils aren't picking at the top of the draft this year, selecting a D in the middle of the first is very unlikely to help our D significantly for at least a couple of years. That said, this draft has a lot more promising defensemen than last year's, so maybe the BPA when we select will be a D anyway. I like a lot of the top D in this draft, and if someone like Dobson slips through the cracks and makes it to where Carolina is selecting, that's where Shero has got to pull the trigger on a trade. Part of me is hoping they take a risk on Dominik Bokk if he continues to shoot up the draft rankings, as he has so far this year. My knowledge of him is still somewhat limited, but he looks like a real stud in the videos I've seen.
  14. GDT: Devils @ Tampa Game 5 4/21/2018 3:00 PM NBC, NBCSN

    We won 3 in a row against them in the regular season. It's not impossible. LGD!
  15. Devils sign Joey Anderson

    I actually am slightly higher on Anderson than McLeod at the moment, as ridiculous as that may sound. I think that McLeod has all the tools, but still a lot to prove. He consistently comes up big in the playoffs, which is nice, but he wasn't all that great during his OHL regular season this year. The same could be said about his World Juniors performance. Also, I don't know about anyone else, but I haven't seen much in preseason from him either, though that's only from watching scrimmages. And these are all examples that could be explained by other factors, but he also hasn't really blown anyone away since playing in Bing. On the other hand, Anderson was a key player for his team that won the national championship, plus he captained the World Juniors US team. Anyway, I hope McLeod finds his groove soon and I'm wrong to criticize his performance so far. As far as Anderson signing here now, I wonder if he/his agent had some leverage. How likely is it that the agent said, "Joey will sign here now, or finish college"? Not sure if that's a real possibility, since I'm not very familiar with these situations.