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  1. If there's one place where Shero shines, it's in trades. In a season where the team is at the bottom of the standings, and may have some pretty good assets to trade, you'd think ownership would want an experienced GM to be around for the weeks leading up to the trade deadline. Instead, they've got Fitzgerald, who I don't doubt is capable, but doesn't seem thrilled about the outcome. It doesn't add up. Lost season, so there doesn't seem to be any urgency to get rid of Shero. Plus his recent extension suggests that management was okay with the trajectory and the disappointing first several seasons. Maybe Ray wanted to get out.
  2. This doesn't surprise me. If the philosophical differences were centered around whether to go into another rebuild, I would bet that Shero wasn't the tank proponent. Harris can say a lot of things in press conferences, but we'll see if he actually cares about winning this season. It doesn't seem like he had that philosophy with the Sixers.
  3. I don't get the logic here. The timing is particularly strange. Maybe it has less to do with Shero and more to do with someone else they see more fit for the job (Fitzgerald or someone from outside the organization). The only other thing I can think of is that Shero wanted out. Otherwise (and more likely), this seems like a really bad move. If the long term goal is to get Marty to be the GM, it could be a really tough future for Devils fans.
  4. I have no doubt that Nico's vast improvement this season is similar to the Duchene Effect in Colorado when MacKinnon blossomed into one of the league's best centers once Duchene was traded. Maybe this is on a smaller scale, but there's no denying Nico looks like a different player since the trade.
  5. I'm surprised they didn't give Anderson the call up, since he's more likely a part of the Devils' future and he has had a solid season in Binghamton so far. But I guess they are rewarding Street for being even better. Maybe he gives the team a marginally higher chance of winning against a strong team like Colorado, given his experience.
  6. Definitely let us know what you think! It's always great to hear what people's impressions are since it's tough to get much direct exposure to our prospects.
  7. Holtz may not be tall by NHL player standards, but he would be an excellent fit.
  8. At this point (unless the Devils win the lottery again), the guy I'm hoping for is Stutzle. I caught one of the Germany games, and he looked great. Really high energy player and an excellent passer. He may not fill an organizational need, but I think he's an underrated talent in the 2020 class. I could totally see him being a great Devil.
  9. Just making a note of this now since it can get hard to track a prospect from game to game: Bahl now has 20 points through 28 games this season in the OHL - all 20 of those points in the last 21 games. Pretty impressive for someone who isn't advertised as an offensive defenseman. The Devils' scouts will have a good look at Marco Rossi (prospect eligible for 2020 draft), who is having a dominant season with the 67's.
  10. I was thinking about this today, and I really can't be mad about him leaving. If he had stayed, he would still be under contract with the Devils. That means there would have been a lot of bad years still to go.
  11. I definitely like the idea of moving Gusev back to LW, where I imagine he is more comfortable. It's tough to decide who would work well with Hughes. I think Boqvist might be a good option there.
  12. The Devils are definitely getting a first; it's just lottery protected this year. If for some reason it's a top 3 pick, we get the AZ 2021 first instead. That's the "condition".
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