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  1. nessus

    GDT: Devils @ Sharks 10:30 PM MSG+

    I've been thinking this too regarding Nico. I think he might be able to do more if he were split up from Hall. It seems too often that he's looking for Hall when he could be creating a chance on his own. Although I haven't been high on Zacha lately, he might be the best option to stick next to Hall. He may not be producing much, but at least he can keep up with Hall's speed. Maybe it'll get Zacha's offense going too.
  2. nessus

    GDT: Devils at Anaheim 12/9 - 8pm MSG+

    Bratt is just so good. Such an awesome zone entry by him on that play.
  3. nessus

    Devils Goaltending

    I wonder how many more games the Devils would have won if they had even average goaltending this season. I feel like we could be in a similar position to last season if goaltending wasn't such a major issue. It seems that this problem is making everything else look much worse than it is. I don't see there being too many potential moves out there for Shero to consider at this point, but if the Devils goaltending stays on this trajectory, the Devils can expect to finish right near the bottom this season. I wouldn't be totally opposed, if it means getting one of the top players in the 2019 draft. But definitely by the start of next season, Shero has got to do something.
  4. nessus

    2018-19 Around the League Thread

    Timo Meier has become a point per game player this year. Thinking back to the 2015 draft, I remember that it seemed that there were 4 players that the Devils could possibly select at 6 overall: Zacha, Rantanen, Barzal, and Meier. I suppose Crouse was in the mix too, but that was more of a perceived nightmare scenario. I also felt that any of the defensemen were even less likely. All of 3 of those other players are or have been point/game players at the NHL to this point. Zacha really needs to get it going soon, and find some consistency. I never would have thought that Zacha would be closer to the guy I was praying we wouldn't take than to Barzal or Rantanen.
  5. nessus

    2019 NHL Draft Thread

    Nothing will ever beat "Devante Pith-Smelly" for me
  6. nessus

    2019 NHL Draft Thread

    Is there any reason that Kakko isn't getting a ton of hype yet? All I've seen from draft analysts is that this is the Jack Hughes draft so far. Kakko has 17 points in 23 games, and 4th on his team in points in the top Finnish league. I don't even think Laine was producing like that at this point of his draft year. I'm just starting to familiarize myself with this draft class, but there seem to be a bunch of players with high end skill. Seems like either Kakko or Podkolzin would be an excellent fit for NJ. We can dream...
  7. nessus

    GDT: Lightning @ Devils 7PM

    It has reached a point where a loss by 4-5 goals is a bad game, and a loss by 1-2 goals is a good game.
  8. nessus

    GDT: Lightning @ Devils 7PM

    I like how the cameraman always zooms in on Hynes's expressionless face after every goal against.
  9. nessus

    2018-19 Around the League Thread

    Toronto is going to be in cap trouble during the offseason with both Marner and Matthews needing to be re-signed. Here comes an opportunity for Ray.
  10. nessus

    2019 NHL Draft Thread

    #LetGoalsInForPodkolzin Shouldn’t be too hard if Hynes keeps playing Schneider. Thanks for sharing your article. Lots of good insight there.
  11. nessus

    GDT: Devils vs Canadiens - 11/21/18, 7:00pm

    I hope Hynes keeps the top 6 as is for a while. That was one of those games that make you forget about that awful road trip - lots of fun to watch the team last night. MoJo stepped it up, making the second line really dangerous. In addition to Yakovlev's assist, I'm sure his nose picking/60 was off the charts. That second Zacha goal was so nice to see. A couple weeks ago, he would have passed the puck the second one of the D got in position or pressured him. Really impressive game from him all around. Hopefully this is the beginning of a turning point in his NHL career. He could be on an Adam Larsson-type of trajectory. Keep it going, boys!!!
  12. nessus

    GDT: Devils @ Canes 5:00 PM MSG+

    Is Zacha the only player that can score on this team anymore?!
  13. nessus

    GDT: New Jersey Hischiers vs. Philthadelphia Patricks, 7:00 PM

    Did anyone else hear Dano at the end there? "Do you guys have any water in here or no?"
  14. nessus

    GDT: New Jersey Hischiers vs. Philthadelphia Patricks, 7:00 PM

    It's amazing how much they look alike
  15. nessus

    2018-19 Prospects Thread

    It's a really nice feeling to see our two top D prospects (other than Smith) achieving so much success so far in college this season, while the one Ray traded away (Rykov) seems to be struggling a bit with 2 points through 14 KHL games this season. I know this isn't the best measure of success, but I'll take anything to hate on a Rangers prospect. Also, I was curious to see how productive Boqvist has been compared to the top SHL scorers (he is tied for 14th in the league currently). Leading the league in points, though, is none other than Devils legend Jacob Josefson. Mattias Tedenby is 4th. If nothing else, Conte sure was good at selecting SHL talent

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