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  1. nessus

    Holtz signs ELC

    Always great to see a proud new Devil! Here's a quick interview: https://www.nhl.com/devils/video/raw--holtz-041921/t-277437418/c-8117470
  2. Maltsev has quite the release. That one shot that hit the crossbar early in the game was on and off his stick in an instant, and was a total rocket. That play that Foote made on Nico's goal was very impressive. It's his first NHL game, and he's got 4 Rangers closing in on him on the boards. Not only did he stay with it so that the Devils came out with the puck, he had the awareness to find the open man across the ice (Merkley), who also made a nice pass to finish off the play. Tough to have a strong game when you're thrown into this sort of situation, but I liked some things I saw from F
  3. Did you guys know that there are cancer centers...and then there are NCI-designated cancer centers?
  4. I wouldn't say we were within inches of winning yesterday, but maybe we were within a...Foote DM, if you need to ban me for that one, I understand
  5. Nolan Foote is on the taxi squad. So excited to see him play, hopefully he gets into a game soon.
  6. The Devils are now 4th-to-last in the league in points percentage at 0.405, with the Ducks just slightly behind them at 0.398. If the Ducks end up passing the Devils, the Devils will enter the draft lottery set to pick 4th overall (after Seattle at 3). In this situation, they could not pick any later than 6th. That would mean one of Power, Beniers, Hughes, Clarke, Johnson, or Eklund (or Wallstedt) is guaranteed to be drafted by the Devils if they want one of them. At this point, I have a hard time deciding which of those players I would want to draft. Maybe the draft position makes that d
  7. It is so painful to watch Hughes create so much that never leads to anything. Can't wait for Holtz/Mercer to be ready.
  8. Severson is a true Devil if for no other reason than his sheer hatred of the Rangers.
  9. The reason I don't think Fitzgerald handled the Palmieri situation poorly is that there were expectations this season that the Devils could fight for a playoff spot. And even if the team wasn't quite there, I much rather would have had Palmieri on board to come close to it than to give up on the season before it even started. Instead, the team got slammed with COVID, Crawford bounced, and our best player was out for a good chunk of the season. We weren't anywhere close to a playoff spot, but it was definitely not wrong to think that things could have gone the other way. Some more luck on
  10. A must win game for this reason alone. Adding two Swiss players to the lineup tonight. It will go well with the Swiss cheese model our defense will have now that Kulikov is gone. Excited to see what Siegenthaler brings.
  11. If @Triumphisn't around for the Race to the Bottom thread, this will have to do for now. Scheduled for July 23-24 Difficult year for evaluating prospects, but another year where the Devils can expect to pick in the top 10. The Devils currently have: Two first round picks (NJ, NYI) One second round pick (NYI) One third round pick (NJ) One fourth round pick (NJ) One fifth round pick (BUF) One sixth round pick (NJ) One seventh round pick (ARI) I haven't been able to keep up with many of this year's prospects, but here are a few quick thoughts: Owen Power: 6
  12. To be honest, I thought a 3rd would be fair value for Kulikov. If his track record had been more consistent with his play this year, maybe you get conditions to turn the pick to a second. But he very well could have not even been in the NHL this year if the Devils hadn't signed him. I won't complain about this return, especially because I think Edmonton could win a round.
  13. Yeah, I was a bit surprised by this too. Maybe management gauged interest in him, and felt that if they couldn't get a 5th or 6th rounder, they'd accept the risk of losing him on waivers. Still makes me question why he was waived in that scenario, but Vatanen hasn't been great for us, so not much of a loss anyway. Still not super happy about it though.
  14. The reason this is encouraging is that the Caps have a few solid defensemen that would be left unprotected at the expansion draft. Of those, I wouldn't have thought Siegenthaler would necessarily be highest on Seattle's radar. The fact that the Devils gave up a decent asset for Siegenthaler suggests they must really like him, and that this isn't as much a move for the Caps' benefit to salvage an asset for a player they expect to lose. Now that is your first string weed dealer. If anything, this is a Merkley replacement.
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