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  1. nessus

    What to do with #2?

    Hilarious that Romanov is included in that list of players, as if there's any chance the Devils would trade 2 OA for him.
  2. nessus


    Kovalchuk truly was something else. You really wonder how his career could have been different if he had spent more time surrounded by some talent. The guy had basically every tool you could hope for in a player. Passing, shooting, stickhandling, playmaking - everything was elite. I wouldn't want him back at this stage, but his departure from the organization shouldn't take away from what a player he was while he was here.
  3. The idea of Gaudreau in the Devils' top 6 really is amazing, but I am fully against any major "win now" moves until the goaltending situation is figured out. Can't be wasting prime years of UFA signings if the goaltenders don't give us a chance to win.
  4. That is just insane, nearly 45 years straight of a Jagr teammate in the finals. I'm glad we have Jagr in our team's history, even if it was for a brief time near the end of his NHL career.
  5. nessus

    What to do with #2?

    To echo what @Nicomo said above, most of the deficiencies in Zacha's game are strength's in Slafkovsky's. Slaf just oozes confidence, and he is relentless along the boards. He has that high energy, high intensity game that Zacha lacks. He's also one of those players who will drive the net, and always finds a way to be in the middle of the action. I get that there's a natural inclination to compare the two since, they're both big guys who can skate well and have impressive skill sets. But I wouldn't worry so much about Slafkovsky following a similar trajectory. Slaf went to Finland at age 15 to work on his skating and defensive game. He really buys into the lower event Finnish system, which in part explains the discrepancy between his production with team Slovakia vs. his production with TPS. When he gets some freedom to do his thing, he really just goes off. I think this makes him such a difficult prospect to evaluate. You wonder if there's more to the story regarding his lower Liiga production. Recent prospects like Lundell produced at a far higher rate. I get that Slaf started producing in the later part of the season, so his stats are weighed down by the pre-Olympics performance, but you'd still like to see him rivaling the production of other recent first rounders if you're picking him 2 OA. I still want the Devils to select him at 2, but just another prospective there.
  6. nessus

    What to do with #2?

    Interviews from the combine on the Devils' YouTube channel. Slafkovsky is a funny dude, great answer at 5:20.
  7. Definitely accurate. Holtz was without question the best shooter in his draft class. Can't say the same about Slafkovsky - but it is definitely trending up. His shot used to be a weakness, or at least something that was not utilized nearly enough. He has shown immense progress in this area, as evidenced by his performance at the Olympics. I don't think people would call it a weakness anymore. In fact, I've seen people calling him a "shoot first" prospect. I'm not sure that's accurate, but maybe in time, his shot will become a strength.
  8. nessus

    What to do with #2?

    At the risk of being called a stat nerd: put into context versus other recent players, it is even more impressive. The year that Laine got his 12 points, Finland made it to the finals. He was tied for the team lead in points, but Finland was good enough to have multiple players who were scoring at a 1 point/game pace. Matthews was on a decent USA team, that made it to the semifinals, also was tied for the team lead in points. Kakko was tied with 2 other players for 2nd on his team in points, on the team that went on to win the tournament. All that to say that Slafkovsky was on a team that didn't even make it out of the first round (quarterfinals), and was first on his team in points - the only player who scored more than one point per game on his team. In second were several players with 6 points, and while a 3 point differential doesn't seem like much, that means Slaf had 50% more points than the next best player on his team. Really impressive performance there from Juraj. Pretty cool that Nemec made the list, too.
  9. Knight is also not totally proven at the NHL level. No chance the Devils would trade their second overall pick for him. I can’t see either team being in favor.
  10. That was such a fun run, in part because it was such an unlikely bunch. Josefson, Harrold, S. Gionta, Bernier, and Fayne were all on a team that made it to the finals? And players like Salvador, Ponikarovsky, and Carter stepped up and played major roles for that team. Of course there were a few star players in the mix there, but that group really found a way to put it all together and make an impressive run.
  11. nessus

    What to do with #2?

    Disaster might be a bit of a strong word. I find Brady to be quite overrated, though, and certainly a considerably lesser version of his older brother. I appreciate that he brings some grit, and he definitely is not the type of perimeter player that we seem to have a surplus of here. But he is signed long term at > $8 MM cap hit, while the Devils already have Dougie, Nico, and Jack locked up long term for comparable amounts. Bratt's next contract might be up there too. Meanwhile, there's an opportunity to get a cost controlled Wright or Slafkovsky, which is looking more and more promising with each day that goes by.
  12. nessus

    What to do with #2?

    I would agree if it weren't for "Not all Mackenzies are afraid of tiny needles"
  13. I’ve heard that comment about Holtz’s skating quite a few times. I’m not sure where it’s coming from. He’s not a bad skater, and as Nicomo mentioned above, he is not a one dimensional sniper. I don’t think his skating will hold him back at the next level. Is he being confused with Foote?
  14. nessus

    What to do with #2?

    On one hand, it makes sense as a GM to say you're open to moving the pick and looking at all the options. Maybe some teams will put an offer on the table that would really blow you away. On the other hand, hearing that is a bit concerning. It makes very little sense to move this pick, and difficult to find a scenario that would be worth it. You have the opportunity to take a player who is likely no more than a year away from making an impact at the NHL, and he'll be cost controlled, and most likely filling a major organizational need. I'm with MD2020 in that it'll have to be a Matt Tkachuk level player, or Mikko Rantanen, or Igor Shesterkin, for me to think this makes sense. And I highly doubt that any of those types get moved for 2 OA. Rumors are that Ottawa is trying to get that pick. If it involves the wrong Tkachuk, that would be a disaster for this organization. The narrative of "Juraj, stop playing so well so the Habs don't get any ideas" is going to quickly change to "Juraj, keep playing well so Fitz doesn't get any ideas".
  15. nessus

    What to do with #2?

    This Wright/Slafkovsky situation is kind of funny. Wright has been the unanimous #1 pick for years, so we assume we'll get the next best thing in Slafkovsky. So we get attached to that idea, and watch him a bit closer. We see highlights of him dominating at the WC, and now we hope that Montreal doesn't get any ideas about taking our guy instead. When in reality, that just means we would take the unanimous #1, which we should be very happy about. It wasn't long ago that the world (me included) felt that Wright was head and shoulders above everyone else, and that there were many players who could conceivably go second. I certainly am not above that mindset. I think that Slafkovsky may be ranked second overall, but his upside is probably higher than anyone's in this entire draft. I think Wright will be a great NHL player, and I think he is ready to come into the NHL and be productive right from the start. Slafkovsky needs some time to smooth out the edges, and a few things need to go right for him to reach his potential. I see it as high risk/high reward for Slaf, but low risk/high reward for Wright. To me, this is similar to the position the Devils were in back in 2019. They had a top center in Hischier (Suzuki), and had an opportunity to surround him with a big, strong, goal scoring winger in Kakko (Slafkovsky), but it made so much more sense to draft the highly skilled future franchise center in Hughes (Wright) to solidify the top 2 centers for the foreseeable future. Obviously not a perfect comparison because each pair of Hischier/Suzuki, Kakko/Slaf, and Hughes/Wright is not made up of super similar players - but definitely makes for a comparable setup when leading up to the draft. Now if you're Montreal, picking first overall in front of your fans (draft is in Montreal this summer), who do you take? There is a lot of pressure to not mess up your first overall pick. As much as I like Slaf, I think you have to take the player who has been the consensus top player from this draft for years. Shane Wright's numbers have been slightly lower than what you'd normally expect from a unanimous #1 overall, but scouts know that he had a slow start (after not playing much the previous season), and subsequently went on a tear. They also know that he ended up with that kind of production while spending the year focusing on developing the defensive side of his game. I'm confident that Montreal will make the...Wright choice. But if there's one team to go against the grain (e.g. pick Logan Mailloux in the first round after he asked not to be drafted at all), it's Montreal.
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