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  1. I know it's only preseason, but I'm so done with Johnsson. As someone who can appreciate advanced stats, I really do not care what they say about Johnsson, because the eye test is just so obvious. Blackwood looked very good. Hughes is still incredible. Rough game from the defense. Bratt didn't play well, but not concerned about that. We need Nico back ASAP. Okhotiuk is an animal, and this kind of thing is what I think Fitz will value in his game:
  2. I'm annoyed that the simple solution to Nico being injured was to put Boqvist in his spot. Instead, they'll shift Sharangovich out of the position he has played for his entire NHL career so far so that Johnsson can stay in the top 6. Boqvist deserves his place on the team, and should not be lost on waivers.
  3. That was a fun game. This half-roster that is missing the team captain, arguably the team's best player from the previous season, and 2 of the top 4 defensemen - still looked better than some of the recent regular season lineups we have had. Lots to be excited about. There really are going to be some tough decisions for Fitz. I agree with @MB3 with how the lines seem to be shaping up. If they do end up going with: Palat-Hughes-Holtz Sharangovich-Hischier-Bratt Wood-Haula-Mercer That leaves 3 spots for: Zetterlund, McLeod, Bastian, Boqvist, Tatar, and Johnsson. I think that of this group, Zetterlund deserves a spot. I would also take Boqvist over McLeod. I have no idea what Fitz plans to do with the rest of them. I wouldn't be too upset to see McLeod and Bastian go. Johnsson and Tatar will be more challenging to get rid of, but I could see Tatar having some degree of a return to form. I really hope Holtz doesn't become a casualty of this logjam of bottom six players, since he is still ineligible for waivers. In that instance, Tatar probably takes the RW3 spot, and pushes Mercer up a line, and then Sharangovich up with Hughes and Palat. Although with this "cramping" situation that Nico is having, you never know whether there will be another opening.
  4. Marino can really move. I think we're going to like him.
  5. Best game I've seen from Bahl. I've been on team Okhotiuk, but maybe it's Bahl who wins that last spot on defense. Foote didn't have a great game, but I thought he had some good moments. Mostly, it was his skating that I was most impressed with. Much improved from last season. He'll need to show some more if he wants a roster spot, though. Bratt was dominant out there. Nico was looking amazing while he was playing too. I was pleasantly surprised by Halonen and Vilen. I had low expectations for both, but I thought they looked decent tonight.
  6. Didn't catch the whole scrimmage, but that Palat-Hughes-Holtz line could be something special. Holtz had 2 goals, the second of which was him just finding a way to get open as Hughes was attracting all the attention of the defense. Nemec looked good. He had that nice assist posted earlier, and also set up a goal scored by (I think) Haula off a rebound from his point shot. Nemec isn't exactly flashy in the conventional way, by holding onto the puck for a while or skating circles around players, but he does make some nifty moves pretty often. It just comes off so controlled and composed. Dougie and Marino both played well. Marino was really shutting guys down, which was good to see. Siegenthaler of course stood out as the best shutdown guy IMO. Wood was really moving out there too. I am surprised he looked ready to play. Brennan will be our top goalie prospect soon IMO.
  7. Holtz just had a pretty nice goal! Skated the puck up the middle from the D zone, passed to Palat on the R wing entering the zone, and then received the pass right in front. Nice little move for the goal.
  8. nessus

    Nico or Nolan

    I really feel bad for him. He had that amazing D-1 year, and even though he had some near-full seasons in some of the following years, I doubt he was ever fully healthy. I always wonder what kind of player he would have been without the health concerns. But definitely have to be thankful that the Devils' front office favored Nico so much. As much as it sucks to have missed on Makar in that draft, the Flyers made out so much worse in that draft because Patrick was by far the consensus pick at 2 overall, so I doubt they were seriously considering anyone else.
  9. Nikita Okhotiuk, trying to make the team, did not hold back from beating up on his GM’s son in defense of Nemec. Not the first time Nikita has fought him either. Love to see that psycho energy from him.
  10. He's definitely got some things to work on. His decision making seems fine, but he has some careless lapses and he also would benefit from filling out his frame more so that he can win more physical battles. I think these things will come with time. Overall, pretty encouraging to watch that video. He stakes very well. His passes are still looking like a strength. But the most encouraging thing about that video is how well he moves the puck and how confident he looks when he has possession. In the past, Shakir seemed more likely to go for the simple play, but he took some risks in that video that paid off. Seems like a good power play QB too. I think he should shoot more. He's got a great shot, and the one shot he launched in that video resulted in a goal from the rebound.
  11. Thank you for all your hard work. This is great!
  12. I always really liked this play from Holtz (video should start at 0:25) from last preseason. Kind of cherry picking here, but it's an example of him being more than a one-dimensional sniper. Obviously a great pass, but also very good awareness of where other players were going to be as he was turning around.
  13. It seems that there's this narrative around the fanbase that Holtz is not on a good trajectory, he's got low IQ, he's one dimensional, etc. I'm not saying these people are going to be wrong about Holtz's future, but I don' t know where it's coming from. When Holtz was drafted, if you told me he'd be a point per game rookie AHLer in his D+2 season, I would have no complaints. Holtz has improved each year, and produced at every level. He's not the type of player who is likely to regularly take games over on his own, but he's a hard working kid with a top notch skill set. I would say he is a good bet to be an NHL regular sooner than later. And if he can take his skating to the next level, he could easily be a top 6 staple for this team. I've said this before, but if it weren't for Mercer's incredible showing in the preseason last year, I think Holtz earns a spot. Not much more he could have done, and I expect him to be even better this time around.
  14. I liked all his moves, really can't complain, so it's a B from me. Would have been really stoked for the season if Slafkovsky and Tkachuk made it into the organization, but there's not too much more I could have asked for. And missing on those two players was not Fitz's fault in the slightest. Definitely the best offseason in quite a while, but just can't call it perfect. About as close to an A as you can get.
  15. I realized today that if the Devils actually did want to sign Bratt to a huge deal (e.g. 8x8), they don't even have the cap space. Maybe the plan is to lock him up for that kind of deal during the upcoming season for once Tatar and Johnsson are off the books, and the 1 year deal was part of that plan from the start. It's possible that there really isn't and never was anything to worry about.
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