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  1. Thanks for bumping this thread, always fun to see how early projections end up panning out. I think it's funny how I thought only slightly higher of Rantanen than Zacha, but both of them way higher than Crouse. Turns out Zacha is much closer to Crouse than Rantanen. I totally forgot how high I was on Barzal at the time. I really do believe that scouts are so much better than most of these mock draft/draft rankings guys, but it was so painfully obvious that Point was a first round talent. I don't know what they all were thinking by skipping this guy. But I suppose if we took Point, we woul
  2. Rough tournament for Sweden. As a whole unit, they seemed off for the majority of these games. I think that in the past, Raymond and Holtz worked together really well, but their supporting cast was much stronger. In this tournament, almost every time their line was out, it seemed that the opposing team knew to smother those two. As a result, there was rarely sustained offensive zone pressure. I was surprised that they were never put on different lines. It took far too long for them to get a decent center, too. The powerplay was a disaster. I don't think it was by coincidence that Gunler s
  3. Maybe I'm wrong and William Ekklund (<-- avoiding the text filter) goes on to have the best SHL draft year of all time, thanks to Holtz.
  4. The SHL is a fine league. There are plenty of fringe NHLers who ended up excelling in other leagues. It's not like Josefson was one of those low talent, high character guys. He had some skills, he thought the game reasonably well, but he couldn't put it all together at the NHL level. Plus it's a pretty small sample size. Players go on hot streaks all the time. I wouldn't be surprised if their teammate Š„klund (2.3% accurate) hits a cold streak and doesn't finish the season with anywhere close to Holtz's points total. With all that said, we definitely do want to see Holtz separating from t
  5. Remember when there wasn't a single player in the Devils' system who had any bit of a scoring touch other than Palmieri? Now we have players at multiple different levels really lighting it up.
  6. One thing I love about Holtz's game is he seems to always pick the perfect time to shoot. He's great at using the defenseman to create a screen, and his release comes at a time when he just barely has enough space. On that assist, he did something similar, where he had to bring the defenseman with him out from the goal line to create a passing lane.
  7. Guadana is easily the poster of the year
  8. Kulikov is a defenseman who actually belongs in the NHL even if he's your 6th or 7th guy, so as far as I'm concerned, that's an upgrade.
  9. I wasn't necessarily arguing that Mukhamadullin was Fitz's plan A at 20 going into the draft as much as I don't think it's the best take to say that Mukhamadullin was a panic move just because Schneider went 19. When the Devils went up to pick at 18, they must have known that there was a possibility that their next choice would be gone by 20 if it was Schneider. We really don't know how the Devils scouting team had ranked the defensemen in this draft. And this is a whole different argument, but I don't buy the idea that all of these journalists' rankings are reflective of actual scouts'
  10. There aren't too many high end Russian defenseman drafted in recent years who have played in Russia in their draft season. There's Alexander Romanov, one of the Habs' top prospects. He was drafted in 2018, and has been relatively productive in the MHL and in international tournaments. In the KHL, his season high (last season) was 7 points in 43 games. Mukhamadullin already has that many points in less than half of the games played, despite being a year younger than Romanov at the time. There's also Alexander Alexeyev, also drafted in 2018 (Caps), but out of the WHL, where he was nearly a
  11. Triumph was an awesome member here. Whether or not you agreed with his posts, he definitely added a lot and created discussion on many different topics. Hopefully he decides to start posting on here again, but I can see why he stopped being a regular.
  12. Any idea why he isn't playing in the SHL? Maybe contract reasons.
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