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  1. nessus

    GDT: Devils @ Minnesota 8:30 PM MSG+

    Parise looks much better than I thought he would at this stage of his career.
  2. nessus

    2019 NHL Draft Thread

    Thanks for sharing your post. My understanding is the team that drafts Hughes can expect to get an Eichel-level player. Then Kakko doesn't look like he's very far behind. What is your opinion on the ceiling of someone like Podkolzin? He looks very impressive in the videos I've seen, and he did have a strong world juniors performance, but don't his numbers in the Russian leagues seem a bit low for someone who looks to be the consensus #3 in this draft? He doesn't seem anywhere close to being at the level of some of the recently drafted Russian players who have had major success at the NHL level, judging by MHL/VHL stats alone. Would you say that he is comparable to Kravtsov from the 2018 draft in terms of upside? It seems that this is a strange draft in the sense that there are a lot of reports saying that the top 10 forwards after Kakko are all high level prospects, but it doesn't seem like many of them have put up points to suggest that this is a particularly strong draft class. Maybe I'm missing something here, but it almost seems like Byram wouldn't be a bad pick if you're outside the top 3.
  3. nessus

    GDT: Devils at St. Louis at 8pm 2/12 - MSG+

    I really could have used a @Mike Brown synopsis for this one, because I missed the game and would have liked to know how many of those goals were actually on KK.
  4. nessus

    2018-19 Prospects Thread

    There were a couple of nice plays by Yakovlev in that highlights video. He really belongs in the NHL. Granted, his English words/60 are below average, but that's something that can be fixed.
  5. nessus

    GDT: Carolina at Devils at 3pm 2/10 - MSG

    Bratt seriously has some skill that not many other players do. That was one of the nicer players I've seen lately. And on top of all that, the goal pumped up MoJo's trade value even more.
  6. nessus

    GDT: Rags @ Devils (Finally) - 31 Jan @ 7pm Eastern

    I saw that Nico's goal was listed as unassisted. Pavel Zacha keeps finding new ways to "almost" get a point.
  7. That bottom six is late Lou-era level bad
  8. nessus

    The Pavel Zacha Thread

    Although the "almost" joke gets thrown around here so often, I feel like "sometimes" is a better word to describe this season's Pavel Zacha. Zacha is a talented and smart player who has shown that he can play like a first line center, but he only does it sometimes. And it is done far too rarely. He has had games this season where he plays just as good of a game as anyone else on the ice, but then he'll regress for a week or two until the next time he shows up in full form. We've seen that he's got a great shot, some pretty nice speed, and he's a very solid passer (to both teammates and opponents), all while being responsible defensively. But I do not think that he's a case of "all tools, no toolbox". Otherwise, we wouldn't see those bursts of what looks like a very strong player. In my opinion, it's Zacha's mental game that holds him back the most. It seems that there was never a time in his career so far that he has had any consistency. This has made his season so frustrating for us as fans, because we can see that there is a really good player in there somewhere. I think he needs to elevate his intensity if he's ever going to succeed at the NHL level. He could learn some things from Coleman who really has what Zacha lacks most. It also could be that Zacha does not possess those scoring instincts that make a player like David Pastrnak so good. In contrast, you'll see Nico score a lot of goals from in tight because he can anticipate how a play will unfold, and he knows how to get to the right place at the right time. At the end of the day, I think all the Zacha hate arises from the idea that good teams are strong down the middle, particularly at the 1C and 2C spots. The Devils don't have that strong 2C, and because Zacha seems like the best candidate in the system for that spot, he gets all the hate for not living up to that spot. There are plenty of Devils prospects that have been far more disappointing. I'm not sure why there are all these comments to call McLeod up, who has been nothing more than an okay AHL player so far. Despite his dip in scoring, this has been a somewhat encouraging season for PZ. He has had a couple of games this season that were far better than anything he has shown in the previous 2. He also has looked very good on special teams, both PP and PK. I do think that we will get a good player out of Zacha in time, but he really needs to put in the work.
  9. nessus

    Beating the Deadest of Horses (Parise)

    I remember hearing that the "finalists" back in 2012 were NJ, Pittsburgh, and Minnesota. This is the first I'm hearing that Chicago was seriously in the running. With the mess that Lou left behind by the time he left the organization, it's easy to blame him for something like this. In my opinion, there's nothing wrong with how Lou handled the Parise situation. It would have been foolish to lock Parise up long term after he missed almost an entire season with a serious knee injury. He was a point per game player before the injury, and he hasn't been close to that level since then (until this season). It really was not a bad move. And I think we're all glad we don't have Parise's contract on the books for another 6 years. It was a good thing that Lou didn't overpay.
  10. nessus

    2018-19 Around the League Thread

    If the Kings are going for 90s night, then it really doesn't get any more 90s than that!
  11. nessus

    Devils 2018-2019 news and notes thread

    Was Mueller playing poorly over the last couple of months? I missed most of the games in November and early December, but I'm wondering what the organization's long term plan is for him. He's a RFA this summer, and he hasn't had much of a chance to prove his worth lately.
  12. nessus

    GDT: Hurricanes @ Devils 12/29/18, 1:00 pm

    I feel like Zacha gets a ton of undeserved hate. Last game, he was arguably the best player and there were a lot of negative comments. Greene is an easy scapegoat due to being an underperforming captain, but he has also had his fair share of bad plays, in my opinion.
  13. nessus

    GDT: Devils @ Bruins12/27/18, 7:00 pm

    Blackwood was actually having a really good season in the AHL. He got lit up for a couple of games just before being called up, but prior to that, he was one of the top goalies in the league. His play so far in the NHL is a pleasant surprise, but it certainly has been more than a flukey run for him. Zacha had a monster game, I thought. 7 shots, and was making nice plays all night. Hynes should keep him on the powerplay. He was really giving that PP unit some life. The problem isn't that Zacha consistently plays like this and doesn't produce. He simply isn't playing at this level every game. This, to me, was a step in the right direction. Definitely not a "same old Zacha" kind of game, so I don't see how all the negative comments are relevant today. Finding that consistency will be key for him, and I really do believe he can become a productive player if he can accomplish that. On the defensive side of the game, he had a weak play on a shorthanded rush, but was otherwise very good. This was the first game in a while where Quenneville was impressive on several occasions. Also, it really shows that Nico put work into his shot during the offseason, but can the dude learn to win a faceoff? I don't think I saw him win a single faceoff tonight.
  14. nessus

    Devils 2018-2019 news and notes thread

    This is exactly my thought on the whole thing. I'm not going to angrily look back at it as if this was the one move that destroyed the franchise. But I still disagree with Lou's logic there. I think that he believed that we would be picking near the end of the draft order over the next several seasons, so to him, it theoretically wouldn't matter so much which year's pick was forfeited. Even then, 2012 was never advertised as a deep or talent-heavy draft, so it was not the best time to take that chance, in my opinion.
  15. nessus

    2018-19 Prospects Thread

    Jesper Boqvist is now leading his team in points, and is tied for 8th in SHL scoring. At least we have him to look forward to!

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