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  1. nessus

    2019 Offseason Thread

    Shero should look into trying to get Nylander from Toronto. They're up against the cap, most likely not on the best terms with Nylander, and his value is at an all time low. Seems like an opportunistic Shero type of move waiting to happen. Nylander is a really good player who would fit in with the Devils' timeline. Despite his relatively low value, I still don't think it would be cheap, though.
  2. I thought Boqvist was going in the mid-late 20's in 2017, so it certainly could happen! Also, I really do not want the Rangers taking Seider with their second pick in the first round.
  3. Thanks for sharing! I was hoping for Hoglander to the Devils at 34, but after reading your assessment, that seems like wishful thinking. There will be some good players available there, regardless.
  4. nessus

    Hughes vs Crosby

    Players like Crosby and McDavid were so dominant at every stage prior to the NHL that it was a pretty safe bet to say that each one would eventually become the best player in the world at some point. Both of these players were the best in their respective league in their draft-1 year, and put up points good enough to be drafted 1st overall a year before being eligible for the draft. With the thousands of kids that go through juniors, scouts have an idea which ones dominate to the point that there really haven't been other players that have kept up with their trajectory in years. To me, a "generational talent" is a player who, year after year, is the best player in the league. That just does not happen very often, especially with how much talent is in the NHL these days. I don't think Hughes has separated himself from some of the other players that have gone through the US Development Program to the point that he can be called "generational". But that doesn't mean that he won't be an elite center in the NHL very soon. Matthews isn't considered "generational". Neither are MacKinnon, Eichel, Malkin, or Tavares. Some teams get lucky and win the lottery to draft the next Mario Lemieux. Others get lucky and are able to draft someone projected to be a top 5 center in the league. We should all be super excited about that. This is a legitimately strong first overall pick.
  5. nessus

    Hughes or Kakko

    I was joking about the Kreider part
  6. nessus

    Hughes or Kakko

    Maybe it was the clip selection, but that was among the most impressive Hughes videos I have seen. Some of the things he pulled off against better competition show that Hughes is a future NHL star. He's McDavid-like all throughout this video. It isn't just the speed, it's the vision, anticipation, and top notch passing. It's great to see that he's so proficient in both the north-south and the east-west directions. He needs to work on his shot, much like Nico had to (and Nico has come a long way in that regard). Once he does, he will score a lot of goals. 2:04 and 2:28 show just how amazing Hughes will be. I also think one of the reasons that Hughes put up so few points is that Kreider didn't finish any of his feeds - Kreider wanted Kakko to look better in this tournament.
  7. nessus

    Hughes or Kakko

    Hughes is still pulling off highlight reel plays on nearly every point he gets. He made a lot out of what little time he got.
  8. I know there's a lot of interest in trading up for Caufield, but if there's one guy I would look at trading up to the mid first round for, it would be Zegras. This kid makes so many sneaky plays, and has incredible vision. When I was watching some of those World Juniors games, I kept asking myself who #11 was because there were so many NHL quality plays he was making. Players like Turcotte, Cozens, and Dach seem to have passed him in many of the rankings. He'll be a steal, IMO. As far as the Devils' first pick in the second round (or maybe one of the other 2nd rounders), I think Lassi Thomson could be a good target if he's available. Seems like an all around defenseman with some serious offensive upside.
  9. nessus

    Hughes or Kakko

    It can happen. I think you, in particular, are familiar with one of the Devils prospects who "grew" after turning 18.
  10. nessus

    Hughes or Kakko

    Let's let this rumor blow up so the Rangers take Podkolzin
  11. As Devils fans, we are by default anti-Rangers fans, and should keep this in mind during this playoffs season, with all the conditional draft picks that the Rangers have acquired from teams in the post season. The Rangers get Winnipeg's first round pick this season, so the further the Jets go, the worse that pick is. They also get a first from Tampa if Tampa wins the Cup (otherwise it's a 2nd). And lastly, the Rangers have Dallas's 2nd rounder, which becomes a first if Dallas wins two rounds. (Side note: let's hope Zuccarello has a really bad rest of his time in Dallas so he doesn't re-sign and the Rangers don't get The Stars' 2020 pick too!). So, let's go Jets and any team playing Tampa or Dallas!
  12. nessus

    Hughes or Kakko

    Is Vancouver really that desperate for Jack Hughes to go to their team, just because his brother is there? Or is this more of a media take? If it's the former, that's actually kind of pathetic that they attribute so much of their "success" to the Sedins being brothers that they are clinging onto some brotherly connection like that. that said, let's bring Quinn here
  13. nessus

    Hughes or Kakko

    I'm sure I will change my mind a million times from now until draft day, but I've been leaning towards Kakko lately. I think he is an underrated playmaker, in addition to being an elite goal scorer. And as SterioDesign posted, he has outperformed nearly every U-18 Liiga player, and I believe set a record for goals as a rookie. And he continues to dominate in the playoffs. His vision is just incredible, and he has that ability to be a couple steps ahead of everyone else, and anticipate where his teammates and opponents will be when it's time to make a play. Add in the fact that he's got a great shot and he has that element of physicality, Kakko really is the whole package. I also think Kakko fills some of the voids that the team lacks, but this really should not play any role in the selection, in my opinion. Then there are just as many arguments for Hughes. It's always a good idea to build down the middle, and having 2 #1 centers is how Shero was so successful in Pittsburgh all those years. Plus, Hughes, to me, is the future of the NHL. He is so good at such high speeds, he just stuns his opponents. It's kind of like how McDavid is a gear or two above everybody else. The puck control that Hughes has is amazing, too. The only knock on him is that he's a bit undersized, but I don't think this will hold him back much. Basically, I'm ecstatic at the idea of having either one of them, and will not be slightly disappointed with whoever is selected at 1.
  14. This is so ridiculous and irrational, but I guarantee we all feel the exact same way.
  15. I vote that Triumph makes this thread every year the Devils miss the playoffs
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