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  1. nessus

    Fire Hynes

    That's like impeaching Trump, and then being stuck with Pence
  2. Boqvist has played well and has earned it. I'm happy for him. Similar to Gusev, he has figured out how to contribute and is now starting to make a positive impact. I'm not hating these lines. Also, Hall will still get plenty of time. He'll be on for the majority of each power play and probably will get double shifted if for some reason Hynes doesn't do his signature DBA line shuffle halfway through the game.
  3. nessus

    Fire Hynes

    I have to disagree about Shero's (Castron's) drafting. In 2016, the most impressive player picked after DeBrincat (picked in the early second) is Jesper Bratt. Sure, maybe they should have taken Chychrun over McLeod with the first round pick, but that draft class as a whole is not looking so strong. Anderson, Rykov, and Davies were all good picks. While Studenic and Zetterlund are not looking so promising right now, Castron got Hischier and Boqvist out of the 2017 draft. Talvitie looks like he has a future in the NHL, and Walsh could be next year's Adam Fox. I could go through the next two drafts too, but I think we all know that it's too early to tell with those. They aren't hitting home runs on every pick, but it's impossible to. Drafting is one thing that I think has gone well since Castron has been in charge.
  4. nessus

    Fire Hynes

    I used to be on board with keeping Hynes until Shero finds a long term solution, but I no longer think that has to be the answer here. When watching these games, I get the sense that this group is being overcoached, and I really think it is what's crushing the development of the younger players. This season, hopes were high because the team added so many new pieces that were pretty solid bets to contribute. Subban, Gusev, Boqvist, and Hughes have all fallen short of those expectations to some degree. That's not to mention Bratt and Hischier, who looked like they were each due for big seasons. And I'm not hating on any of these players - I think they all can and will be useful players for this franchise. But it won't be with this coaching staff.
  5. I don't agree. Sure, every team could use a Taylor Hall - that's not what I'm arguing against. I am also not arguing that Hall has anything to prove to other teams by staying with the Devils longer. I agree that any significant injury would be catastrophic - you're absolutely right about trading him sooner being a much safer move. What I am arguing is that 20 games into the season, teams do not know where they will be at the end of the year. Right now, teams are not going to be trading off significant assets if they don't even know how competitive they will be when it gets to be January or February. That's why I think his value goes up as the season progresses. If you have the opinion that any contending team wants Hall, it isn't wrong to expect there to be a bidding war. Separate from all that, I think Shero will wait to trade him in part because he's holding out hope that Hall will sign an extension, and in part because of the message that it may send that he has given up on the season. Whether any of this is worth the risk of injury by waiting until closer to the deadline is a decision Shero needs to consider. I happen to think he's going to take the "risk" and wait.
  6. What makes you think there won't be? Also, there are probably teams that aren't particularly interested at this point, but later in the season will decide they could use the help from Hall. That can drive the overall demand up. Teams really are paying for a playoff run. The 2.5 vs. 4 months beforehand likely make a marginal difference. In the case of him being rental, maybe it helps with the prospect of him re-signing, but who knows by how much.
  7. As long as Hall doesn't sign, I don't think he's gone until close to the trade deadline. If he continues to put up points, his value will only go up. I don't think Hynes lasts that long.
  8. I would definitely not object to getting Caufield. I think he will be a great player, irrespective of how he has done on Jack's wing in the past. I mentioned Primeau because he is such a great goaltending prospect. He has performed very well at every level so far, and I would bet on him being an effective NHL goalie too. Having a goalie his age with the rest of the core of this team would be a really good foundation for a competitive team. Also, regarding the article that @MadDog2020 posted, I would hope that Shero has enough insight to realize that if Hall is not signed near the trade deadline, he needs to be traded. I think there's a lot of middle ground between "great" and "terrible" where Shero would still trade Hall. Good thing Lou is gone.
  9. If they trade Hall to Montreal, Shero's got to shoot for getting Cayden Primeau as part of the return.
  10. Looking forward to your analysis this year. If this continues to be a rough season, it would be so nice to get one of those top 2 Swedes.
  11. Gusev is looking better every game
  12. I didn't think Boqvist deserved to sit today, but I guess Hynes felt the need to make a change. I'm glad Gusev is staying in at least. He still wasn't great last game, but was definitely better than his previous games. Hopefully he continues to improve. It's good that Zacha-Hischier-Bratt is back together too.
  13. It's looking more like the Devils' timeline for being a contending team is a bit further down the road than we thought, so trading Hall is only making more sense. I think trading Hall for a package similar to what Mark Stone got last season would be a really good thing. There are a lot of talented, young defensemen that have yet to break into the league, many of which can be trade targets. And possibly even better is the idea of trading for a young goalie that can be a long term solution. Some teams (e.g. Montreal, Vancouver, and to a lesser extent Columbus) may be willing to part with one in a package for a star player like Hall. I think Vancouver could be a very good trade partner for the Devils. They are ready to contend now, and they've got a lot of talent in their system. DiPietro, Demko, Podkolzin, Jet Woo, Nils Hoglander, and probably a couple of others could be good targets.
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