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  1. Looks like we can rule out fan favorite, "the Swedish guy" as a coaching candidate for now.
  2. Picking 7th is actually a really solid place to be in this draft. It's right in the middle of that second tier of players after the top 2/3, so there will be several great choices when the Devils go to pick. I wouldn't count out the possibility of Rossi or Raymond being available when the Devils go to pick. I could see some GMs really falling in love with Sanderson or Perfetti, who could leap ahead of some of the other guys.
  3. This is just great to see, and also quite impressive considering his relatively slow and worrisome start. Ty was on an absolute tear for the second half of the season. Can't wait to see what he brings for training camp!
  4. Stutzle would be a great fit with the Devils, but it unfortunately looks like he's a lock for the top 5, if not the top 3. I think I'd be about equally happy if the Devils drafted Rossi or Drysdale, although I think I slightly would prefer Rossi at this point. Rossi simply looks like such a complete player with no clear weaknesses in his game. He's a little undersized for an NHL center, but he definitely is not someone to shy away physically. His vision, creativity, and especially passing would bring a lot to this team. Drysdale, on the other hand, has some of the best skating in this draft class, and thinking of him QBing the Devils' power play for years to come would be really awesome. Like Rossi, a phenomenal passer with lots of creativity. Either of those guys would make this draft a big time success for the Devils. The two best fits in my opinion are Holtz and Quinn - two guys with incredible shots who look like they'll be goal scorers at the NHL level. Holtz's shot is particularly impressive, with a very quick release and crazy accuracy for someone at his level of development. Taking Quinn with the first pick would be a mistake IMO, he's someone to target at 10 probably. Raymond, in my opinion is arguably the most underrated early first rounder in this draft. Another high level playmaker, but he can score some impressive goals as well. What I like most about him is how effectively he can play the game at such high speeds. It's certainly not on the level of McDavid, but maybe comparable to what we saw in Hughes with how he seems to be able to always find the guy to pass to even when his bursts of speed drag several opposing players toward him. It's pretty safe to say we'll end up with one of Rossi, Drysdale, Holtz, or Raymond. All would be excellent additions. Although unlikely, isn't completely outside the realm of possibility that one of these guys drops to 10 and the Devils are lucky enough to come away with 2 of them. I'm not quite as high on Perfetti as I am these other guys, but maybe he's the guy that drops, which would also be a great selection.
  5. Honestly hoping a few teams' (not the Devils) draft boards look like that. Coming out of the draft with Rossi or Raymond at 6, Holtz at 10, and Amirov at 17 would be a major success. Quinn at 6 seems ridiculous, but you never know.
  6. Are you not a fan of Byfield? I'm in two minds about it with Askarov. On one hand, there's a huge bust potential with goalies, and even if you get him at pick 20, there are still some really solid choices that are going to be available at that point in the draft. Typically, I have felt that taking a goalie in the first round is not the best bet. On the other hand, I think goaltender remains an organizational need. Other than Blackwood, I'm not sure any of the goalies in the Devils' system have shown that they're NHL quality yet. Plus, Askarov isn't just your run of the mill first round talent, like Malcolm Subban or Zach Fucale were. Scouts are comparing him more to a Carey Price-level prospect. If the Devils are picking 3 times in the first round, maybe they could afford to gamble on one of them, especially if that pick is the third of the three. At the end of the day, I'm leaning towards not taking him, mostly because of how deep this draft looks. But also, it's hard for me to base my opinion on anything other than what scouts are saying. By watching video, I can't tell if he's actually a future top goalie in the league or if he's Thatcher Demko.
  7. The Devils would be really fortunate to draft Rossi. It seems like the only knock on him is his size, but when you watch clips, he doesn't play small at all. There are so many things to like about his game, and he's really beating up the OHL, even if he is on a really good team. Even if you're picking 3rd overall, a case could be made to take Rossi there. Hopefully some teams will worry about his size, but I have a feeling he'll be gone before the Devils pick. Quinn would be an awesome addition too, and more closely fits the mold of what the team is lacking now, a true goal scorer - even if he doesn't have the size. Sanderson is someone I'm not sold on yet. He looks like a really good player with great shutdown abilities, but you wonder if there's someone else who may be available at around 10 who has higher upside. Regardless, if those are the three players that the Devils take in the first round, it'll be a major success.
  8. Kuokkanen looks like he really could be something. Boqvist has scored 7 goals through 16 games in Binghamton. Maybe he can develop into that goal scorer we have been needing at the NHL level.
  9. I won’t be mad if Vancouver misses the playoffs this year, and the pick slides to the 2021 draft. IIRC, the pick is not lottery protected. With how the team is playing now, it wouldn’t be too surprising to see them miss the playoffs again next season. It could be a very good pick in 2021. I guess you would miss the opportunity of having 3 first round picks in a single draft, which may make trading easier. But that could end up being the worse of two scenarios when all is said and done.
  10. There is a total of 3 players on the team that have produced more points this season than Pavel Zacha, and still he is somehow the board's whipping boy. As for Jack, I don't think it's unreasonable to have some concern. I think he'll get there eventually, but it's hard to deny that his adjustment has been far less smooth than expected, regardless of the circumstances.
  11. Three of the prospects (Bahl, Foote, Kuokkanen) that the Devils have added via trade this year are arguably among the top 5 prospects in the organization. The only prospect I would say is ahead of those three is Smith. An argument could be made for Walsh as well. The only other player is Boqvist, who would also be in the top 5 if he's still considered a prospect, despite playing over 30 NHL games this season. Anderson is looking like he may be in the NHL to stay for now.
  12. The return for Vatanen really isn't that bad. If we were on the other end of the trade, I would be nervous to give up a decent prospect for a pending UFA who has been injured for a month. If Vatanen had been healthy, that's a different story. This one isn't on Fitzgerald, it's just bad timing. From what little I know of Kuokkanen, he seems to have a playing style that will keep up with the direction the team is headed.
  13. "periphial, I said it right this time, Cangi!"
  14. nessus

    Coleman to the Bolts

    Does anyone know if Dhaliwal is legit? It would be insane of Vancouver to do that.
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