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  1. I'm in the minority, but I thought that Mike Brown was an overall solid poster here. The semantics arguments were annoying, but he mostly stopped with that around the time he started with the game recaps. I actually appreciated those recaps for games that I missed, because they (along with recaps from other members) usually gave me some sense of how the team played. And even if you didn't like them, they were pretty harmless, and could easily be ignored. With that being said, posts like this were just too funny: GOALS AGAINST Goal 1: screened in front - can't really blame Kinkaid on this one Goal 2: 2 on 0, Greene and Severson hung Kinkaid out to dry - can't blame him for that Goal 3: perfect shot from the slot, no goalie is going to get that one Goal 4: Kinkaid was interfered with, but no call - can't blame him for missing that one SUMMARY Kinkaid really needs to show up if we're going to win any games
  2. everyone in the arena thought that was going to Zacha
  3. I'm not even convinced Mueller knows what sport he's playing half the time
  4. Subban looks like he's tired of losing
  5. Did anyone else see that it said the Devils are 0-4 when opponents score first? They're also 0-0-2 with a 4-1 lead lol
  6. This one stings a bit less than the others because they were out there getting legitimate scoring chances, just not enough puck luck. If their record was even 1-2 going in, I wouldn't be upset at all about the effort tonight. Players are getting more comfortable, they just need to build on it.
  7. nessus

    Fire Hynes

    Sure, sitting Zacha is not the difference between winning a game and losing 7-2. Taking him out just makes no sense, and that's why it is so infuriating. Hayden is so much worse. He was awful through nearly the entirety of the season opener. Between him losing every puck battle, rarely completing passes, and spending most of his shifts gliding around in the D zone, his positive impact on this team is so minimal. Meanwhile, Zacha is arguably the best forward on the team for the PK. Plus, he has done a fine job given his role on the team so far. Why is he the guy that comes out? Wood's spot in the lineup sure looks safe. Zacha definitely deserves a spot over anyone in that AHL third line that Hynes put together for today's practice.
  8. Maybe all he needed to thrive was your support
  9. Not that Smith deserved to make the NHL team, but he really needs tougher competition than the WHL. People are arguing otherwise, but he's got almost nothing to gain down there. I don't really have a solution, I'm just being another grouch.
  10. Maltsev is still pretty raw, but I definitely could see him being an NHL regular in a year or two. He could end up having a Coleman type of role. A year in the AHL will be good for him. I'm also looking forward to seeing how Zetterlund develops in the AHL this season. He's one of those guys with some serious tools, but hasn't put it together in any of the preseasons yet. It would really suck if Smith gets sent back to junior after being one of the best defensemen of last year's preseason and following that up with CHL defenseman of the year. Hasn't made the best case for himself though.
  11. Where is Zacha? How is it that his visa situation wasn't figured out in advance?
  12. I'm really interested in this too. Rangers fans are convinced he is the answer to their goalie situation once Lundqvist is done. It would be great if he turns out to be nothing special.
  13. nessus

    2019 Offseason Thread

    For sure, but I was more going for the idea that average or pretty good goaltending probably doesn't cut it for a Cup winning team, regardless of how good the rest of the team is. That's something that I don't think everyone agrees on.
  14. nessus

    2019 Offseason Thread

    The point isn't whether or not Binnington is an "elite" goalie. It's that he had an excellent (elite-level) season that carried over into the playoffs, and was a major reason the Blues won the Cup. Having a strong goalie is just as important as ever. Every single year, the Stanley Cup winning team has a goalie who performed very well during that season/playoff run. Who cares whether you can throw the label "elite" on Binnington or not? What matters is that his top level performance was critical to the Blues' success last season. Having an elite goalie means your goalie is more likely to have that type of season, which remains really important for winning a Cup.
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