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  1. I really want the Devils to come away from this draft with Jack Quinn. He's probably a slight reach at 7, but he almost definitely will not be there at 18. If Fitzgerald can take advantage of a cap strapped team in the 10-15 range (i.e. Edmonton) or try to trade up a few spots, that would be huge. I think Quinn is being underrated because he is on a stacked team, and people assume his stats are padded by playing on the same team as Rossi. But he really is a complete player, despite being labeled as a pure sniper by many. Not that I'm a fan of drafting for need, but can you imagine a tande
  2. This is a great video. This guy knew the Devils needed a coaching change long before Devils' management did. And hopefully it'll star to convince some people that Hughes is much better than his point totals suggest.
  3. You're getting more subtle with these jokes every day
  4. I know that a lot of this board seems to think Zacha's value is essentially 0, but if you look at it objectively, Kapanen and Zacha had similar production this past season. Zacha did it on a significantly worse team, and he's a year younger, and he's a very good PKer. I wouldn't have made that trade if it were Kapanen for Zacha straight up. To think that Zacha is the throw in piece on top of a mid first round pick, which is already an overpayment, is insane. Good for Fitzgerald. Now if a different Fitz were GM...
  5. I like this guy (#19, right hand shot) for one of the Devils' later first round picks. He has got a great shot, amazing hands, and underrated playmaking ability. If you check out this video, you can see the intensity level that he plays with. Strong defensively, good on the PK, and impressive vision. It seems like there isn't much to dislike about his game. He's a 6'0 right winger, which incidentally fills a major organizational need.
  6. Walsh has been a strong NCAA player since his freshman year. I definitely think he can be something. Glad he is signed.
  7. It just seems like the rangers are going to win this one which would especially suck because I really don’t want to hate Lafreniere.
  8. The Coyotes series just goes to show you how important good goaltending is. They looked like a lock for the playoffs early in the season, when Kuemper was playing out of his mind. Once he got injured, they were declining to the point that there looked to be no chance at the playoffs for them (pre-COVID shutdown). Then they play the Preds and get outshot every game, and still come out on top because Kuemper was back to pre-injury form. I'm not one to be in favor of drafting goalies early, but if Askarov really is a Carey Price-level prospect, who knows - maybe it makes sense.
  9. Bummer about the only playoff series that mattered to us. I was hoping the Devils could walk away from that draft with two of Rossi/Raymond/Holtz/Quinn/Drysdale/Perfetti. The silver lining is that the middle of the first round in this draft still has some good choices: Amirov, Jarvis, Peterka, Lundell, Gunler, etc. All of those guys arguable have first line upside, with Gunler likely being the highest risk/reward, highly underrated IMO. Lundell probably fits as more of a middle six guy if he were on the Devils. With Vancouver down against Minnesota now, I can't say I'll be mad if they en
  10. For me, it's either Rossi or Raymond at the moment, with a slight edge to Rossi. Rossi seems like the total package. Just about every aspect of his game is strong, without a single red flag that I've been able to identify. I think he'd be in the top 2 discussion with Byfield and Stutzle if he were just a few inches taller. While I think Holtz is the exact type of player this team needs, Raymond's skill is too hard to overlook. His skating, passing, intensity, and creativity really show that he's got what it takes to be a great NHL player if he can put it all together. While he's advertise
  11. Looks like we can rule out fan favorite, "the Swedish guy" as a coaching candidate for now.
  12. Picking 7th is actually a really solid place to be in this draft. It's right in the middle of that second tier of players after the top 2/3, so there will be several great choices when the Devils go to pick. I wouldn't count out the possibility of Rossi or Raymond being available when the Devils go to pick. I could see some GMs really falling in love with Sanderson or Perfetti, who could leap ahead of some of the other guys.
  13. This is just great to see, and also quite impressive considering his relatively slow and worrisome start. Ty was on an absolute tear for the second half of the season. Can't wait to see what he brings for training camp!
  14. Stutzle would be a great fit with the Devils, but it unfortunately looks like he's a lock for the top 5, if not the top 3. I think I'd be about equally happy if the Devils drafted Rossi or Drysdale, although I think I slightly would prefer Rossi at this point. Rossi simply looks like such a complete player with no clear weaknesses in his game. He's a little undersized for an NHL center, but he definitely is not someone to shy away physically. His vision, creativity, and especially passing would bring a lot to this team. Drysdale, on the other hand, has some of the best skating in this draft cl
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