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  1. Someone stated it correctly by saying that JG did not want to play either in Calgary or New Jersey, after all, if he did, he would have signed in either of those two places without a hiccup. Therefore must be more to the package in CLB that we are not talking about here - quality of life and perhaps the feel of the club. Did how the state of NJ handled the COVID situation have an effect of JG's long-term decision? How about how it was handled in Canada? If I'm gonna sign-on to live in a place for 8 years, I better do my due diligence to make sure where I'm going to live is top notch overall - raising kids, quality of life, healthcare, etc. That my employer means business, has a good corporate culture. It's pretty apparent that the Devils do not have a good team culture - affirmed by the lack of results in the past decade. JG made the right choice. He will be the next Rick Nash there.
  2. Mitico12


    I think with the right motivation, this guy still has it. One of my favorite Devils of the last 20 years.
  3. Mitico12


    According to reports, Kovy is considering a comeback to hockey at age 39. Would you take him on the cheap to complete the circle? I would.
  4. I find it a bit odd as well that Cangi is stepping down without much fanfare. As far as I know, he didn't really mention anything or taking a curtain call the last few games he called for the team. I'm guessing there are a few possible motives: 1. World Cup Qatar: I'm assuming Cangi will be part of the lineup calling games for the WC in Qatar. This will easily take him out of the MSG lineup for at least 1 month. Not sure if MSG wanted that. Keep in mind, the WC is right after the MLS season, where Cangi is also calling games. So, between the MLS season and the WC, Cangi would be stretched pretty thin if you were to add in early fall games for the NJD. 2. Someone just doesn't up and leave a gig in a major market like the NY/Tri-state area. So, either he got a better offer and can't announce it yet, or the Devils have decided to change directions with a new PBP announcer. 3. Possible internal issues that they are dealing with (synergies with ownership, producers, or even the club).
  5. Looking at it straight-up this way, yes, seems like an unfair advantage for Vegas. But, let's break it down - each club benefited financially from Vegas' (and now Seattle's) entry into the league - this to the tune of like $20 million per team in distributed funds derived from the entry fees paid. So - if you're Vegas or Seattle - you're like..."Screw that - I paid to have these expansion rules favor my team - so I'm not feeling sorry for anyone" $600 million is a lot of money to enter a team into competition. That's just a fee to enter the league. That's not talking about brick and mortar, logistical, human resource costs - which can drive that amount up another 50%. Imagine paying the $600 million expansion fee, and being as dreary as the Senators or Sharks in their expansion years. Not happening. It benefits the league having a competitive team right off the bat, and it also helps guarantee a generous and quicker return-on-investment to the ownership group of the new franchise. It's all calculated my friends.
  6. I would use the 1st the Islanders gave us, for sure. I would hope next year, Fitzgerald and Co., have us competing for a playoff spot. There would need to be some technical and character upgrades to the team for this to be done (including an assistant coach refresh), but it is not outside the realm of possibilities. A solid backliner, and a good, bonafide sniper can change a team's fortunes. I think Kane is exactly that. He is a player that certainly would meld well with Hughes or Hischier. He isn't the "final piece" of a cup winning team, but can be a crucial part of getting us back to the playoffs. Losing Bratt and Zacha isn't the end of the world. Severson is a major disappointment and maybe a change of scenery will help him too. The 1st is a late round pick, so it is hit/miss if it pans out. For 2 years of Patrick Kane - definitely doable. And if he re-signs, definitely a bonus on top of that.
  7. Send to Chicago: Zacha Bratt Severson 2021 1st For: Patrick Kane Kane would pair up well with Hughes or Hischier, not to mention that he brings cup experience, and is on the younger side of 30. Would inject life back into a franchise that is kind of down on it's luck, and still allow for us to build around Hischier and Hughes without parting ways with too much. Thoughts?
  8. Shero is still under contract - even though he was fired - and so he most likely has to abide by a gag order or risk not getting paid what is owed to him. He will come alive as soon as his present contract with the NJD comes to an end.
  9. I live in Italy. First few athletes here tested positive. Doesn't look good for Serie A or the UEFA Champions League either. Never thought I would see something like this in my lifetime.
  10. Just listened to Shero's press conference in its entirety - Well, I think either he's delusional or he is really in the beginning phases of denial for what he has done thus far with this team. He kept rambling on without any sense of conviction for any of the things he was communicating. Is this guy literally out of touch? What I find interesting was that he suggested, in his various rumblings, that Harris and Blitzer essentially had to give a blessing for him to trade Hall. Which for me suggests that either A) Blitzer and Harris essentially told Shero there was no way they would spend that money on Hall in the offseason so therefore, trade him or B ) They aren't as cheap as we're thinking they are because they had to approve Shero eating salary for Hall, which essentially would impact the bottom line of the organization. I had a smidgeon of faith in Shero before all this, but after listening to him, I for certain think this guy is not the man to lead the NJ Devils forward. If we're doing "Rebuild 2.0" let's get proven NJ Devils blood in there - Stevens, Brodeur, Elias...etc.
  11. So, I'm assuming we all agree that what we've seen for the better part of the last decade is not indicative of the NJ Devils most of us have grown to love. If a regime change / culture change is in line - what would you guys think about something like: General Manager: Nieds / Marty Coaching staff: Patrik Elias / Scott Stevens / Bryce Salvador / Ken Daneyko / Sergei Brylin Injecting "winning" NJ Devils blood into the organization that has been molded by Lou Lamoriello. Ideas?
  12. Here we go: https://www.nj.com/devils/2019/11/devils-to-place-cory-schneider-on-waivers-after-recalling-goalie-louis-domingue-from-ahl-what-it-means.html
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