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  1. All purpose general trade speculation thread

    Chances of prying Patrick Kane from Chicago?
  2. Olympic Hockey

    He also congratulated Gionta. Which has me thinking, do you think Gionta could help us down the stretch?
  3. GDT: Devils @ Philthadelphia Phailures 7:00 PM

    Package Kinkaid, Zacha, Stafford, Lovejoy, Zajac, Greene for Dalton Prout.
  4. GDT : Bruins @ Devils - 7:00 PM - MSG+2, NESN

    Greene is absent. Need some fire from your captain. The way Hall has been playing, captaincy may need to be considered for him. Team is playing like an inexperienced bunch. I equate it to the guy who gets a date with the hot girl (longshot date) and when he finally goes on that date, he sh!ts the bed. The Devils don't have the pedigree with this squad to know how to handle adversity. The novelty of their Cinderella start has worn down, and now they have to actually play big boy hockey and recover from bad calls against them and bad bounces - they just can't do it. Teams with guys like Marchand, Bergeron, Chara, Rask, Backes have enough class, experience, and talent to overcome crap like that. Who do we have - Travis Zajac? C'mon now.
  5. GDT : Bruins @ Devils - 7:00 PM - MSG+2, NESN

    Severson bringing back flashes of Scott Stevens was probably the highlight of the night, especially since it was on that @ss face Marchand.
  6. GDT : Bruins @ Devils - 7:00 PM - MSG+2, NESN

    Team just isn't of the caliber to make up for bounces against it. Earlier in the season, yes. But right now the only guy looking like he is lifting his game to appear like he gives a hoot is Taylor Hall. The others just are farting at will.
  7. GDT : Bruins @ Devils - 7:00 PM - MSG+2, NESN

    I couldn't see the puck cross the line on the replay, but let's put it this way, based on where Lack's glove and blocker were, if he was muffling the puck under them, it had to be over the line. Whatevs. Besides, Lack playing like a wanker with the puck cost us that goal...
  8. GDT : Bruins @ Devils - 7:00 PM - MSG+2, NESN

    Eddie Lack seriously? Overplaying the puck...unbelievable...
  9. GDT : Bruins @ Devils - 7:00 PM - MSG+2, NESN

    At least Hischier scored a goal, too bad it was on his own goalie.
  10. GDT : Bruins @ Devils - 7:00 PM - MSG+2, NESN

    Severson is an abomination. Imagine we were able to get Hall straight up for Severson. Just imagine. Greene is a 2nd/3rd pairing d-man at best. Our secondary scoring has dried up. Kink-aid needs a bandaid or medical aid...or mental aid because he plain out stinks. Scott Wedgewood anyone?
  11. GDT: Devils @ Boston 7:00 PM

    Kiss my Rask...wtf...
  12. GDT: Devils @ Boston 7:00 PM

    I missed the goal actually. I'm at work. Just tuned in now.
  13. GDT: Devils @ Boston 7:00 PM

    Seriously, Zacha needs to step it up. Guy leads the team in absenteeism.
  14. John Tavares - Do we make a pitch?

    I think Tavares has a winner's pedigree, even though he hasn't won anything in Long Island. The guy is a consummate professional, and alongside Hischier, Hall - I think the Devils would tip the balance of power scale in the East...
  15. John Tavares - Do we make a pitch?

    Does Shero jettison Zajac and make a pitch for John Tavares (age 27) to be the 1 - 2 combination at center along with Nico Hischier? Would he come here as a UFA at $9.5 X 7?