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  1. I live in Italy. First few athletes here tested positive. Doesn't look good for Serie A or the UEFA Champions League either. Never thought I would see something like this in my lifetime.
  2. Just listened to Shero's press conference in its entirety - Well, I think either he's delusional or he is really in the beginning phases of denial for what he has done thus far with this team. He kept rambling on without any sense of conviction for any of the things he was communicating. Is this guy literally out of touch? What I find interesting was that he suggested, in his various rumblings, that Harris and Blitzer essentially had to give a blessing for him to trade Hall. Which for me suggests that either A) Blitzer and Harris essentially told Shero there was no way they would
  3. So, I'm assuming we all agree that what we've seen for the better part of the last decade is not indicative of the NJ Devils most of us have grown to love. If a regime change / culture change is in line - what would you guys think about something like: General Manager: Nieds / Marty Coaching staff: Patrik Elias / Scott Stevens / Bryce Salvador / Ken Daneyko / Sergei Brylin Injecting "winning" NJ Devils blood into the organization that has been molded by Lou Lamoriello. Ideas?
  4. Here we go: https://www.nj.com/devils/2019/11/devils-to-place-cory-schneider-on-waivers-after-recalling-goalie-louis-domingue-from-ahl-what-it-means.html
  5. Cangelosi sounds pissed in the post game. About time.
  6. Mitico12

    Fire Hynes

    What coaches are available that can help jumpstart this team? Don't know much about Boucher. You think Jacques Lemaire would come back? I know he's about 90 years old, but I would take him over Hynes any day.
  7. Mitico12

    Fire Hynes

    I didn't watch the game because I'm over in Italy, but from the sounds of it, it was a situation where the team essentially began to show "chicks" in the armor late in the 2nd period and all began to unravel from there. I've seen it all too many times under Hynes. This team has NO defensive structure, doesn't know how to defend a lead, and is too weak 5-5 in their own zone to really protect a lead. This loss is on the coaching staff. You can't blow a 4-0 lead, opening night, in your barn. Sends a bad signal to the team, to the fans, and puts doubt in people's minds. You're not go
  8. Agreed. No use in having picks in the draft when we end up picking up players that are nothing more than glorified high school players.
  9. I reckon this was a psychological and tactical move on Shero's part. Having a coach that expires at season's end, with the current season not going according to plan, could have spelled out an absolute free fall for the team in the 2nd half of the season. Players would stop playing - especially knowing that perhaps their coach was a lame duck. Instead, now signing Hynes to an extension, the ownership has backed the coaching staff, which means the players will either have to put up or shut up. Hynes, in theory, doesn't have to worry about his job. Now, do I hope that Shero has some kin
  10. Look, I get what Shero is saying. It makes sense. You just can't hire and fire people because of a stretch of 20 games. I see why he hasn't fired Hynes. He likes him, Hall likes him, and in essence, he is a fundamentally sound head coach. He takes the "silver linings" in both the business and hockey side when he mentions the "Behind the Glass" piece and the whole "Global Series." I guess that's a victory for Harris and Blitzer. Happy owners, that satisfy the bottom line, are ones that keep GMs in business. But, I challenge Shero to get the best lemonade out of these lemons as h
  11. Mitico12

    2018 UFA Thread

    You have to give to get. I think Palmieri is the type of player that Torts likes. Severson is not a bust, but definitely not the second coming of Brian Rafalski. A first rounder, which should be a mid to late first rounder in 2019 should the Devils make the playoffs, is a jettisonable commodity. If Panarin would take 7 years at 7 million per, or even better, 5 years at 8 million per, you have to pull the trigger on the deal and call it a day. A double scoring threat on the left side. I like Panarin - but the only thing that worries me is his commitment to the team.
  12. Mitico12

    2018 UFA Thread

    Yes. I would do that. But, I would want a 2nd rounder in return to come with Panarin. Keep in mind, Panarin was traded for Saad straight up. I know the Blackhawks had to dump salary and that's why they got rid of Panarin, but look at it this way, would you trade Palmieri and Bratt for Saad? Palmieri is the kind of player Torts wants. His salary hit is much more advantageous than Panarin's future contract. It may be worth it for them, especially since the player doesn't want to re-sign there.
  13. Mitico12

    2018 UFA Thread

    I think Severson's stock was overly inflated by a good, unexpected rookie season. However, I can't put all of our defensive eggs in the "Severson basket" and therefore, I would be willing to ship off Severson - find a stopgap solution in the interim - if it meant being able to land Panarin. I am more than happy with Santini.
  14. Mitico12

    2018 UFA Thread

    Apparently Panarin negotiations have hit a halt in Columbus. I would LOVE to see Panarin in NJ. How about sending Palmieri, Severson, and a 1st to Columbus for Panarin (with extension)?
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