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Hey everyone


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That's ok. Like I sed, as long as it sounds French, that's the key. :uni: comprenez?

I doubt I wrote it right anyway. :noclue::ph34r:

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Guess this is now the MF-LHP chat room. :noclue::D

Yes, I did answer your inquiry. :hah::blush:

And for clarity, it would be French-Canadian, not France-French. :ph34r:

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I need to get blasphemy changed to my middle name :evil:

Man I hope he's got a good lawyer to bail him out when you pounce him :)

Poor goalies... look what we gotta put up with !!

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OH!!! Haha no hes not stupid...hes really smart. He got accepted into Harvard but umm he graduated high school in Canada and him && his brother wanted to get a better education and better scholarships and so they came in Connecticut....Notre Dame-Ffld to be exact :D and thats how I fell in love.

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......just watch this..this is my response(by the way that's my friend Shawna)

Okay so....like umm i already explained im afraid to talk to him. Lmao even though he likes stares at me...but like who knows what he's thinking?

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