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In Topic: Is Larsson Finished?

Today, 07:13 PM

I'm thinking Adam banged Pete's daughter.


I'd take Rob Lowe over Larsson.

In Topic: sansstick

Today, 05:48 PM

There are 2 schools of thought on this with about an 80/20 split with the heavy side towards staying on the ice. New school coaches tend to say go get a stick, they also do not subscribe to handing off the stick of a player already on the ice for the most part. Old school coaches are split on this area of handing the stick off as well. I always think it makes a bad situation worse. Imagine Gio handing Sal a stick.(Bump...Set....)


I teach them to evaluate the play for a moment, then go to the bench to get a stick or usually better a change. A good change can really speed up getting a player back into position faster. 

In Topic: GDT: Stars. Devils. Thank you, Chico.

Today, 12:45 PM

This is correct. The referee has to decide whether it was directed to another player. I think it is pretty easy to argue that is what happened.

But, as stated above, not reviewable by replay. The review was only done to see if The net was off

Ding ding ding.

In Topic: GDT: Stars. Devils. Thank you, Chico.

Today, 10:28 AM

the fact that it bounced off of the goalies skate is what made it a legal goal

WRONG. For the last time it is indeed a hand pass, which is not reviewable. The act Elias committed was an illegal play. Having it hit anything be for going to Brunner has no effect on making the play legal.

In Topic: GDT: Stars. Devils. Thank you, Chico.

Today, 09:25 AM

No it isn't really. Wasn't a hand pass either and they aren't reviewable if it was.

Yes, it is ABSOLUTELY a hand pass.