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  3. Im starting new year of videos with action moments with the first game of the season of Daniil Orlov #62. 19 yo Devils top-10 prospect\top-5 defensive prospect, devils fans are not familiar with. Playing for Spartak(KHL), played his D+1 in MHL\VHL(AHL analog in Russia)\KHL, was injured big part of the previous season. https://www.eliteprospects.com/player/665898/daniil-orlov -statisticks Defenseman Daniil Orlov is #62, red jersey. Spartak vs Kunlun. 2 sept 2023. Orlov made five shots on goal, recorded an assist, and spent 12 minutes and 23 seconds on the ice. He did not play for the special teams. In general, a pretty good game, except for the moment with the fourth goal - Spartak plays deep in the opponent's zone, the Kunlun players taked away the puck and Orlov didn`t work well on backcheck. Otherwise, he closed the gaps well, blocked driving on the net, joined the cycle deep into the offensive zone several times, making his way to the net sneaky. Excellent skating, physics is there, helps in transition, good puck control, faster and mobile on the start.
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  4. this kid might turn out to be a steal
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  5. Couple of preseason games of Lenny Haminaaho #29. Goals and assists here. Guy is awesome. I had only one issue with him and it was his skating. But his compete level and iQ are great and it looks like he is developing his game. There is a player with top-6 potential. Will see. https://vk.com/video-683353_456241529 Holtz is working on skating with the puck https://vk.com/video-683353_456241527 Karpovich score goal in preseason game. Malek played strong game in Champions league.
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