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  1. My wife asked wby I am not rooting for Leafs. Two words Ti Domi. In the West we are both supporting Kraken, since our oldest son lives in Ballard section of Seattle. And Adam Larsson is playng well for the Kraken.
  2. While Makar's hit to McCann' body was well away from the puck, I would have been willing to give him 2 minutes if a whistle was blown at all, but Makar slammed McCann to the throat with an elbow to finish the hit. That really deserved the suspension IMO.
  3. FWIW it may be to make travel arramgements for teams. My wife and I booked a room in Boston in October years ago to see the Head of the Charles crew races. Turned out the Red Sox reached the World Series that year against the SL Cards. Now Head of the Charles draws teams from across the country. Rowers from high schools, colleges, clubs, masters all compete over 3-4 days. My son was coaching a HS girls boat from Everett Washington to give you some idea. Anyway, ALL the hotel rooms within 25 miles of Beantown were absolutely full. Not even a Hotel 8 was available. The Cards wound up getting rooms WAY outside of town. It was amusing to read how pissed the Cards were, because they were extremely vocal about the situation. Anyway, though I'd like to see reseeding after each round of the playoffs, teams have their own take on the issue.
  4. The Kraken are on quite a roll. They shut out Bruins on the toad this past week. My oldest son lives in Seattle and has been to a few games and has tix for the Devils game.
  5. In other words, you don't learn from your successes. You learn from your failures. And smart people learn from other peoples' failures.
  6. The Dutch have underperformed for the last couple of WC competitions and their recent competition does not give many clues to their strengths. Wins over Qatar, Senegal and a tie with Ecuador aren't exactly impressive. Maybe got a good draw in the seeding. Still Netherlands would be my second rooting choice after USA. My mom's name was Quackenbush!
  7. I squeezed in between the two of you. Its been an entertaining time.
  8. What is really impressive is how a game day thread turned into an 8 page (so far) discussion of Bratt's contract. Good work guys!
  9. I started a topic for WC 22 in the "Locker Room" section. Germany will have a tough time in the same group with Spain and the loss to Japan.
  10. So Saudi Arabia just beat Argentina. Try to explain that.
  11. At least Gary, Ron and Keith did have to suffer publicly last nights game. What is the phrase, " not with a bang, but a whimper"?
  12. Mariners are in a wild card contest too, not just playing spoiler. Nice to get support from the West Coast
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