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  1. Tennyson and Severson are the experienced d-men. And neither deserve ice time. Severson left Kreider open on the PK, and Tennyson was way behind the play, tried to make up for it by blocking LaF into Blackwood. With defense likes like this?
  2. I have two jerseys. Holik, the year before he walked, and Rafalski, th ed year before he walked. Needless to say, I haven't purchased any since.
  3. Can a team decline to accept a power play, like declining a penalty in the NFL,? Jesus, this team can drive you nuts.
  4. I whacked my sister on the back of her head with a hammer when I was like 3yo and she was 4. I could never explain why I did it, but I still remember doing it. And, I guess I caught hell for it. My sister took it pretty well. She graduated college Phi Beta Kappa, and still talks to me! But these days, you have situations like Roethlisberger's antics, Ray Rice's incident, and Kobe Bryant"s charges all putting athletes' actions in the spotlight. It all puts Wilbur Mills and Fanny Fox dip in the DC Tidal Pool in perspective. (Look it up.) These are all adults, and should be judged as
  5. So what is with the PK? Has this gotten into their heads?
  6. NBC did a great job on this. Doc is a truly special person.
  7. point

    Who are you, anyway?

    Did I kill this thread?
  8. point

    Who are you, anyway?

    Another old guy, like vadvlfan. 70 yo. Grew up in Jamesburg, not at the reformatory, aka State Home for Boys. We lived around the corner from our great grandmother, who got the house from her parents. Anyway, lets just say I have a serious devotion to the Garden State. My wife was/is a Rangers fan, growing up in Bergen County. She got me watching hockey . Then in 1994 my world changed when I got to see the Devils in what was arguably the best playoff series in NHL history. Been on this board from the start, seen the gradual turnover of posters. Missing PK's ardor for Scott Stevens, LOL. I
  9. Even Flyers announcers pointed out the discrepancy in penalty calls in the last game. The boys have their work staying out of the box. So far so good in th ed first period. I don't know why Comcast is giving me the Flyers feed and not MSG.
  10. My reactions scared the c**p out of my wife. What an ending!
  11. Born and raised in Middlesex County, NJ. Family dating back to 1765 in CENTRAL JERSEY. Anyway, married a Rangers Fan, she was raised in Bergen County. Never saw much of the Devils till 1994 playoffs. It was eye opening, and fell in love. Finally got cable in 1997 or so. Insisted on getting a partial season plan 1999 over spouses objection. Still married, but we see about 120 games Devils and Rangers, a year on cable. To summarize, the Devils did not exist, as far as mass media were concerned. The NYR were on free TV for 40 years, developing a fan base. A steep uphill climb for a team try
  12. Hendrik basically took several pitiful teams on his shoulders and made them less than mediocre. I always felt sorry for him. And a pretty class guy too boot. I was always puzzled by the Queen Hendrik referenced here. Sure, he turned around the Brodeur domination of the Devils over the Rags; both teams have been in some sort of redevelopment ; but, like Schneider, deserved a better team in front of him.
  13. I don't know why I keep going back to this thread.....Moustic couldn't even redeem it.
  14. Let me start by saying that I interview applicants to my college alma mater, a well known institution that admits about 16% of applicants. Well, they sure didn't back when I was accepted. LOL. #1 Financial subsidies of higher education are bad. Every dollar in subsidy gets hoovered up by the system. Loans, tax credits, they all go straight to the bottom line of colleges and universities. #2 College is not the best career path for many people. Or the wrong option at the wrong age. Hey, my father graduated from Rutgers when I was a sophomore in high school. Years and years of night s
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