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  1. One of my son's classmates in grammar school mother's name was Cheri Topping, and that was by marriage.
  2. Do the all black uniforms make it difficult for goalies to pick up pucks when teammates are screening? Just asking....
  3. There is a dirth of unskilled labor. And skilled labor....well, CDL drivers can pretty much name their price, and seamstresses? Well, you just can't find them. You wanna buy a commercial vehicle? Put down a deposit and get in line. Heavy vehicles have an 18 month waiting line, if you are very lucky. Labor issues, supply chain issues, are tying up the economy MASSIVELY. Welcome to the post pandemic world. If those jerseys come back in under a year consider yourselves blessed.
  4. Not that I am expecting any sympathy, but my wife and I are nearing the end of a totally disastrous Georgetown mens' BB season. I talked to a guy who broadcasts college basketball today and apparently Ewing is as distraught about the results this season as Hoya fans. Regarding the recruits who have transferred to other programs, the consensus is that Ewing expects his players to work as hard as John Thompson did his players; and players today don't have that kind of work ethic. It's been a sad season for Hoya fans. Please don't throw that criminals play for GU at me. Tell me about players' lives after they played at XYZ program and not before. What did XYZ program for them??8
  5. One of the new owners, from what I understand, has an interest in at least one minor pro hockey team. I'd have to look it up for more details. I was happy to see a crowded parking lot. No new name on the bldg yet.
  6. Ocean Ice Palace in Brick NJ was closed for a while after being sold. Lots of cars, mostly SUVs, in the paring lot Saturday. Fmr Devil Jjim Dowd played HS hockey there.
  7. Sorry, but this conversation has hit a dead end. Let's just move on, before the level of discourse devolves, OK?
  8. A nightmare, as a dream, would have been preferable to this reality. I was playing regularly years ago, and had a chance to break 100. (I have no claim to any particular athletic ability.)Broke it off to get home, on the 17th tee, can't remember why. Still haven't come close to 100. OTOH, I had a hole in one in another round. Golf is a funny game. Sorta.
  9. I can't see the game, but 13 NJD players are at least -1. Plenty of blame to go around.
  10. My nephew was 27yo at the time. BTW, age of consent in California is 18. No argument over your proposed sentence. His grandmother thought he should get a vasectomy at the least.
  11. What do these guys learn in school or on the street? S**t, back in the sixties it was common knowledge " sixteen will get you twenty,". I've got a nephew who is a registered offender for underage interaction. Totally baffling.
  12. I'd like to note that that POS Blackwood has actually stopped 23 of 24 SOG.
  13. My wife and I went to a place outside Fairbanks Alaska a couple of times...in December. Mostly to view the aurora there, but the place had hot springs too. Relaxing in a hot spring fed pool when the ambient temp is -15F is a pretty unique experience. Yeah, your hair gets frozen. The dash back to the indoor shower is the challenge.
  14. Yes, so if we all are watching and can see clear as day, why keep beating the dead horse? You can all keep crying on one another's shoulders if that is what you need. I just expect a higher level of discourse here.
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