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  1. I grew up through the Viet Nam Era. I really don't think it should be a topic of discussion in this section. When I was in high school I went to funerals of guys I knew in Boy Scouts. Please keep that out of this site. Thank you.
  2. At the very least Hynes has to clean out his assistant coaches. 0 for 7 on the pp really?!
  3. The Devils were atrocious in October, 2-8. In November they leveled off to 7-7 with today's game the opportunity to have a winning month- against NYR. Let's hope for good things .
  4. point

    Steve Cs micro stats

    Can some one tell Cangelosi that really no one cares about 35% of the stuff he crams into his broadcast? Its distracting from the game, and usually statistically meaningless. And I am a CPA, and know that most people have trouble digesting numbers without any perspective.
  5. The guys played well tonight. Let's see them keep it up.
  6. point

    Fire Hynes

    The only people who complained about the trap were those who wanted a team other than NJD to win.
  7. point

    Fire Hynes

    The disappointment arises fro m.j the off season acquisitions not only not improving the team, but going in reverse. I think it's fair to blame coaching. Does Hynes suddenly become smart and get the defense to clear the puck? Stop mid ice cross ice passes? Pucks stripped off Devils sticks in the offensive zone at leisure? I've seen so much poor play that must be corrected by the coaching staff, but continues. Let's just say I am very disappointed.
  8. The Sabres are discovering more problems for the Devils to cure. This game is terrible.
  9. Kyydax... that's a blast from the past. I had pretty much wiped him from my memory...thankfully.
  10. I grew up in Jamesburg. In hs I worked at the Howard Johnsons at the Molly Pitcher rest area. People would come in and ask for Taylor Ham. I had no fvcking idea what they were talking about. LOL
  11. And in all the preceding 19 pages of posts, PK Subban was mentioned TWO times. Shero's best move to keep Hall was under the radar for months.
  12. How are we going to distinguish between Subban and our own PK, aka Pepperkorn?
  13. It's not quite the same getting beaten by a 61-64 speed as getting beaten by an 8 seed,but I see your point. If Cooper keeps his job.
  14. Crosby held to ZERO points by Isles. Crazy night in the NHL
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