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  1. Still, we don't have a realistic chance of catching NYR. But we don't need NYI on our heels looking for the WC spot. We have to suck it up and not be so thrilled with the Isles leading in this game. And as crazy as the Isle's record is, part of that is their record in the Metro Division 7-4-4.
  2. Whst happened in Canada stays in Canada. LOL
  3. 1. Enough of the fashion conscious comments on jerseys. 2. We are still outshooting PHI and have a 2-0 lead. 3. You guys should be calloussed enough by NY focused media attention. Get over it already.
  4. My take is that Hockey Canada settled civil charges quietly with this woman, very quietly. The players figured they were in the clear , but then the woman saw the players moving up the NHL ladder decided the take the case to the police. The reverse of a lot of cases where criminal proceedings come before civil damages cases. OJ Simpson was found not guilty but paid a ton in civil damages. She probably won't get addl $$ out of this, just satisfaction of seeing these guys careers blown up. Maybe fairly so.
  5. Who are the people at Hockey Canada who have spent millions to bury not just this case but apparently numerous other cases? These are the guys that deserve to be in the spotlight. How many other situations have they been able to keep out of the public eye or from justice? How many other NHL players have benefited from the National Equity Fund largesse? Whose money have they spent to protect wayward hockey players? This whole mess stinks. Hockey Canada is why it has taken six years for this to seep out from under the rug. Regardless of the guilt or innocense of the five men, and their professional futures, there are people with a lot of money pulling strings to affect justice in Canada.
  6. Back to the World Junior 2018 issue Isn't the real scandal here to do with Hockey Canada and its "National Equity Fund", as mentioned in the Globe and Mail article? Apparently Hockey Canada has a fund SPECIFICALLY set up to buy silence from victims of sexual abuse by players. Whether or not these five players wind up convicted of crimes; it seems they were told that Hockey Canada would "take care of this for them". Hockey Canada really has problems.
  7. How have the the Caps managed to have 11-6-1 record in the Met Div? OTOH, they don't have many div games to play the rest of the season.
  8. point


    The regularity of "I'm right and you were wrong" back and forth and back again gets tiresome, uninformative and rarely settles the disagreement. Let's just try to get the latest info on injuries, regardless of source. Time will prove the accuracy of the reports. And, quite frankly, I don't give two s**ts if any of you were correct or not.
  9. point

    Throwback Thursday

    Cleaning up my office and came across this. Who wants to own up to their image now? Of course, Devils Nation still exists, just under a different name and look.
  10. Anyone notice the graphic in today's game showing NYJ offense giving up sacks? The graphic misspelled "offenisve".
  11. Just read the update on Dougie. Is this why the D was in a funk? Coaches have to get the players heads in the game too.
  12. Looking beyond Schmid's #s, SJ defense had multiples of hits and blocked shots compared to NJD. Is our D only rated on goals and assists? Somebody had to pick up the slack from Hamilton, Haula and Smith (for what that may have been worth) being out. Just my 2 cents. I couldnt see the game, but was appalled at ALL the stats.
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