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  1. My reactions scared the c**p out of my wife. What an ending!
  2. Born and raised in Middlesex County, NJ. Family dating back to 1765 in CENTRAL JERSEY. Anyway, married a Rangers Fan, she was raised in Bergen County. Never saw much of the Devils till 1994 playoffs. It was eye opening, and fell in love. Finally got cable in 1997 or so. Insisted on getting a partial season plan 1999 over spouses objection. Still married, but we see about 120 games Devils and Rangers, a year on cable. To summarize, the Devils did not exist, as far as mass media were concerned. The NYR were on free TV for 40 years, developing a fan base. A steep uphill climb for a team try
  3. Hendrik basically took several pitiful teams on his shoulders and made them less than mediocre. I always felt sorry for him. And a pretty class guy too boot. I was always puzzled by the Queen Hendrik referenced here. Sure, he turned around the Brodeur domination of the Devils over the Rags; both teams have been in some sort of redevelopment ; but, like Schneider, deserved a better team in front of him.
  4. I don't know why I keep going back to this thread.....Moustic couldn't even redeem it.
  5. Let me start by saying that I interview applicants to my college alma mater, a well known institution that admits about 16% of applicants. Well, they sure didn't back when I was accepted. LOL. #1 Financial subsidies of higher education are bad. Every dollar in subsidy gets hoovered up by the system. Loans, tax credits, they all go straight to the bottom line of colleges and universities. #2 College is not the best career path for many people. Or the wrong option at the wrong age. Hey, my father graduated from Rutgers when I was a sophomore in high school. Years and years of night s
  6. Now you know how the professional pollsters feel! Seriously, the last 4 years have been exhausting. Actually I was hoping that whoever won it would be by a landslide. Stay well Jimmy.
  7. Learning languages gets more difficult as one ages, in my experience. I was exposed to Polish in grammar school (South River, NJ) , Latin and German in HS, actually studied; had native Spanish speaking roommates in college, and my wife and I took Irish classes much later. Now I have some Chinese clients. My brain felt different after each Irish class, like it had literally been stretched . Anyway, you get further East it gets sketchy. Greece is ok if you had Latin, once you figure out the alphabet. Turkish is another world entirely, I was told it had more in common with Japanese than Western I
  8. Talking about bringing up young d men, I was always surprised back in 2000 when Colin White came up in March, played 21 regular season games and 25 post season games. So I looked his record up. Colin played over 200 games in Albany waiting for that opportunity. Ty Smith will not have that kind of time to learn his trade, apparently. Not sure if Nas is the best coach to bring him along, though.
  9. And the Stars come back from down 3-1 . That was a game that shows what is needed to win the Cup. Regardless of which team you expected to win.
  10. Shots Flyers 17 Isles 41 Score tied at 4. Hockey is a crazy game.
  11. I find myself withdrawing from a lot of current news. Even international news is just too depressing. I've never read so much of the NYT arts section before. Political discourse has become exhausting, and I have grown up breathing politics. And I doubt the environment will change on November 4th.
  12. Unfortunately, on the political side, the "poverty industry" really hasn't done jack s##t for the people they supposedly represent. Just another decades long war we as a country have not won, the war on poverty, drugs, blah blah blah. No wonder we as a country have become jaded. We expect politicians to solve problems they really have no control over. We the people have to solve these problems, not politicians.
  13. Having an open conversation about race with black people after a certain age is probably impossible. In 1968 when I was in high school I had a conversation with a coworker. He was president on the local high school student body, this was a small town (very small). Blacks were a small but integrated part of the community. My Mom had black girls in the Girl Scout troop she led. Anyway, talking with Tyrone about the riots in Newark and Plainfield, Tyrone just lowered his eyes and said "Bill, you just don't understand". The pain in his voice and the look on his face told me I will never understand
  14. Didn't Madden lead the league in shorthanded goals with 6 one year, IIRC?
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