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  1. I grew up in Jamesburg. In hs I worked at the Howard Johnsons at the Molly Pitcher rest area. People would come in and ask for Taylor Ham. I had no fvcking idea what they were talking about. LOL
  2. And in all the preceding 19 pages of posts, PK Subban was mentioned TWO times. Shero's best move to keep Hall was under the radar for months.
  3. How are we going to distinguish between Subban and our own PK, aka Pepperkorn?
  4. It's not quite the same getting beaten by a 61-64 speed as getting beaten by an 8 seed,but I see your point. If Cooper keeps his job.
  5. Crosby held to ZERO points by Isles. Crazy night in the NHL
  6. point

    GDT: Devils @ Rags

    This isn't going well.
  7. 1 whom do you expect to get for MoJo? 2 who would want him?
  8. If you grew up in Russia you would understand.
  9. So, as I asked my companion, was this on the coaching staff, or on leadership on the ice? How did this collapse happen? These are autopsy questions.
  10. Missed the first 2 minutes of the third. WTF!
  11. They are using the Startrek "cloaking device".
  12. Two road wins in the same week!
  13. point

    Road trip

    They need 60 points in 42 games. The road has been their biggest problem, obviously. Veteran players really have to get this crew to understand how to deal with road issues, not just let them think, yeah, well, we are on the road, it's a STILL A LOSS!
  14. point

    Road trip

    OK, the Devils have to turn around abysmal road work. NOW! Starting with this trip. 4-12-3 is a big reason they are where they are in the standings. 11 out of 38 possible points. Sure, there have been a crazy number of back to back road games, highlighting KK's need for breaks, but Hynes and crew need to turn this record around.
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