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  1. If you thought that "cash back" was coming from credit card company generosity, I am sorry your bubble has broken. The vendor accepting the card is getting whacked for that cash back. So vendors price accordingly. The Federal Reserve is the only entity that creates cash, legallly. One way to think about it is that your vendor is kicking you back the 2% to get or keep your business, not the CC company. Gasoline retailers, who work on miniscule margins, have charged more for cc sales for decades; now that is trickling down to other businesses.
  2. Xfinity and MSG in a typical pissing contest. Any other way to watch?
  3. point

    2021-2022 schedule

    Has this been released yet? The NHL site is littered with video . Not hard info.
  4. point


    He didn't say he liked them. He said he missed them. Imagine the Metropolitan division if NYR still had that d-bag Avery playing. Fireworks every game?
  5. 19 years here and I still haven't figured out how to quote even my own posts. Anyway my reply to the original from 10/12/2002 has been resucitated.
  6. Jimmy Leeds game me the heads up on this appearance by Lou. Thanks, Jimmy!
  7. point


    And led the the league in goals scored by a huge margin. I'm too lazy to look it up right now. IIRC it was like 90 goals.
  8. point


    The "trap" is the defensive strategy that the Habs used in the 60s and 70s. You can look up how it worked out for them.
  9. I still am at a loss as to why there is no NHL franchise in Houston. It's a top 5 in population. Must be enough peo0le who have migrated from the north to support ice hockey. For sure a better option than Arizona ever was. And a natural rivalry with Dallas.
  10. point


    So playoffs kick off. Starting with Caps and Bruins. Two teams I struggle to find affection for. John Carlson is a Jersey guy, went to my high school. And I actually like Hall for coming back from injury and emerging from Buffalo purgatory.
  11. Vatanen and Subban were supposed to be the big d-man signings. Putting alot of hopes on free agent signing hasn't exactly been the road to success, but I guess you have to keep trying. Of course Ty Smith has literally come out of nowhere. I have no idea how the farm guys size up. And that being said, Scott Stevens wasn't really considered a HOF defensive dman till he came to NJD. Random thoughts.
  12. Let's just say, it ain't overtill it's over. This game is anyone's guess. Fun to watch.
  13. Tennyson and Severson are the experienced d-men. And neither deserve ice time. Severson left Kreider open on the PK, and Tennyson was way behind the play, tried to make up for it by blocking LaF into Blackwood. With defense likes like this?
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