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  1. What the hell ? 4 goals on 10 shots this period?
  2. This will be a ha5d fought contest. Both teams are coming in strong.
  3. You are entitled to your opinion. One might think of "The Jersey Shore" as one, culturally distinct region. It is, in fact, a mosaic of ethnic, class, and other demographic distinctions, delineated by legal municipal boundaries. If the two regions satisfies your concept of New Jersey, you are looking in black and white at a state that is very colorful. I feel sorry for your loss.
  4. The clam diggers in Point Pleasant Boro are of the opinion that North Jersey begins at the Manasquan River. Anyway, my family has lived in Monmouth, Middlesex , and what became Mercer Counties for over 250 years, I recognize Central Jersey. But the last 40 years I have lived in Point Pleasant Boro/Brick. It wasn't until I moved down here that I learned the difference between Essex and Hudson County accents. Then I picked up on the Philly accents when I served in aArmy Reserve unit in Trenton. The whole North Jersey/South Jersey divide might be blamed on the FCC, allocating wattage and directional coverage to radio stations decades ago, and of course, allowing NJ licenses to be transferred to NYC/PHIL, divvying up the state.
  5. The reason Ocean County residents think they live in Central Jersey is that they mostly moved to Brick and Tom's River from North Jersey and are in denial that they actually live in South Jersey.
  6. Well, I've been getting my Devils fix here since 2002, and appreciate all posters. We are a big family. I don't see any reason to tell anyone to leave, even the real jerks. Let them realize it's not the place for them. I really like all you people!
  7. Re SD & commenters This board is as much a therapy board as it is an informational/cheerleading/hockey analysis site. We all just share our support of the Devils, and the pleasure and pain it encompasses. Let's not grade each other, OK.
  8. I grew up through the Viet Nam Era. I really don't think it should be a topic of discussion in this section. When I was in high school I went to funerals of guys I knew in Boy Scouts. Please keep that out of this site. Thank you.
  9. At the very least Hynes has to clean out his assistant coaches. 0 for 7 on the pp really?!
  10. The Devils were atrocious in October, 2-8. In November they leveled off to 7-7 with today's game the opportunity to have a winning month- against NYR. Let's hope for good things .
  11. point

    Steve Cs micro stats

    Can some one tell Cangelosi that really no one cares about 35% of the stuff he crams into his broadcast? Its distracting from the game, and usually statistically meaningless. And I am a CPA, and know that most people have trouble digesting numbers without any perspective.
  12. The guys played well tonight. Let's see them keep it up.
  13. point

    Fire Hynes

    The only people who complained about the trap were those who wanted a team other than NJD to win.
  14. point

    Fire Hynes

    The disappointment arises fro m.j the off season acquisitions not only not improving the team, but going in reverse. I think it's fair to blame coaching. Does Hynes suddenly become smart and get the defense to clear the puck? Stop mid ice cross ice passes? Pucks stripped off Devils sticks in the offensive zone at leisure? I've seen so much poor play that must be corrected by the coaching staff, but continues. Let's just say I am very disappointed.
  15. The Sabres are discovering more problems for the Devils to cure. This game is terrible.
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