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  1. Either way, without the playoffs being cancelled NJ likely goes into the lottery at 6, 10 and 17. To think ten years ago we would be happy for 17th pick once in a while instead of mid 20's. If NJ can avoid the reaches on Askarov and Sanderson, they may end up with 6.) Stutzle/Rossi 10.)Raymond/Holtz/Perfetti 17.) Cormier/Poirier/Quinn/Amirov. I know some don't believe we should keep all three but I think we have enough young players to move for instant help on defense. I also think UFA should be used.
  2. It is completely wrong. Their confidence will be shot immediately.
  3. I would say he is an upgrade 5 on 5 over Vatanen, it would only be a 1 or 2 year contract. I'm not sure anyone has the space to add him long term anyway. Last, it allows NJ to move Vatanen for a forward, preferably the LW version of Vatanen on an expiring contract. You can't hold grudges for choosing one team over the other, NYC is a beautiful option for a professional and his family. This is all just a business.
  4. https://www.blueshirtbanter.com/2019/4/29/18512692/2019-report-card-kevin-shattenkirk-new-york-rangers-defenseman I would like to think NJ will be aggressive on Shattenkirk if NYR were stupid enough to buy him out. He was unlucky last season and actually one of NYR better 5 on 5 players despite playing injured since December. He still provides value on the 2nd PP unit. This leaves Vatanen as a trade option to beef up the forwards. Butcher - Subban Smith - Shattenkirk Greene - Severson There are a lot of play drivers and offensive weapons from the back end.
  5. http://devilsinthedetails.net/features/2019/7/24/the-kid-from-the-pizza-shop-nikola-pasics-journey-to-the-nhl-entry-draft Really solid article on Pasic, I didn't really notice him playing alongside Boqvist at camp but playing in the Allsvenskan, he should develop in a quality league, hopefully like Bratt who was in a similar position. Edit: Two thing that gets ignored quite a bit when a player get drafted is PIM and +- . Since 2016 he is a +45 and 14 PIM in 172 games. If he makes the NHL as a waterbug or as the next Bratt, he will probably draw many more PIM's than he takes. +- shows someone atleast attempting to be responsible or someone who possesses the puck.
  6. On a different topic, I am very open to trading Vatanen. Given plethora of PP capable defensmen, Vatanen at 5 on 5 isn't worth much more than Carrick at 5 on 5 IMO, if at all. Carrick is quite good at creating offense. Subban will replace his minutes short handed. This is an opportunity to get some value for a guy who likely won't be back. I also wouldn't mind signing a PK specialist incase that is an area of concern after a month.
  7. Slight overpay but a reasonable gamble considering how strong he was 5 on 5 once in the offensive zone. Just keep him away from the PP at all costs. He and Smith would be a nice 3rd pair based on strengths.
  8. While it doesn't matter in the long run since it is only one year, this is probably half a million overpriced for a one year contract.
  9. Just posting less, the daily witch hunts on here and at HF are a little too much for my liking.
  10. Lovejoy is far too important on the PK to take out of the lineup.
  11. He is probably going to share time with Lovejoy. Santini on 3rd pair with a PMD is fine and will probably flourish. If he is playing with Mueller I still think the pair has trouble.
  12. Reilly Walsh and Jeremy Davies will both sign next offseason.
  13. Scott Stevens in 1994. If metrics existed during this time I believe they may have been much more favorable to Stevens than Bourque. Ray had 39 ESP, 53 PPP and was a +26. Stevens had 52 ESP, 26 PPP and was a +53. His season was miles better than Bourques 5 on 5. Give Stevens Oates's 112 points or Neely's 50 goals in 49 games and see what Stevens new numbers would be. In today's game it is the equivilant of Ryan McDonaugh putting up 70 points next season with 2nd PP minutes.
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