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  1. Devils select D Ty Smith 17th overall

    From what I am reading rarely do you find a defensmen his size that has the hockey sense/offense matched with speed matched with defense. Ryan Ellis had 1 of the 3 and took time to develop. Ryan Murphy had 2 of the 3 and busted. Ty Smith has all three so I think chances he ends up outside the top 4 are slim. I would liken him to an elite skating butcher with better structural defense at the age of 18. If there is one thing he maybe missing it is one on one game breaking ability.
  2. 2018 Offseason Thread

    The following year he looked some good.
  3. 2018 Offseason Thread

    Looking back at that contract 100 million over 15 years would be very manageable in todays NHL. I was still very happy he retired and got that contract off the cap.
  4. Assistant Coach Geoff Ward leaves NJ, goes to CGY

    To continue on Joe Mullen, all he did over the course of 9 years running the Philadelphia power play...Averaged 20.5% over those years good for 3rd among all teams, Washington and San Jose were 1 / 2. Philadelphia was 13th in POINTS% so they didn't take advantage of this PP.
  5. Assistant Coach Geoff Ward leaves NJ, goes to CGY

    Joe Mullen time
  6. Devils sign Joey Anderson

    One year is gone already regardless if he plays now.
  7. Devils sign Joey Anderson

    Maybe Hynes tries to catch lightning in a bottle...plenty of pun intended. I just don't see why NJ does this without getting him in the lineup for at least one game. Either that or Anderson's agent just bent the Devils over.
  8. Devils vs. Lightning Series Discussion

    Everyone who plays with Moore plays terrible, so instead of choosing between Severson and Mueller how about we shift Mueller to his strong side and play Severson with him. Wood has to come out, he was simply terrible this game. Caused us a goal on a stupid penalty, turned the puck over numerous times and simply isn't ready to play against top teams. Gibbons just hasn't been effective on the PK or 5 on 5 lately. Sure he plays with the anchor that is Boyle but you have to do something with the puck when you have it and he simply isn't. Hall - Hischier - Palmieri Coleman - Zajac - Noesen Johansson - Zacha - Maroon Grabner - Boyle - Bratt Also, how impressive is it that Butcher has carried his pair with Lovejoy all season. This kid should be given more responsibility next year. Out of everything I said, Miles Wood must come out for NJ to have a chance IMO.
  9. This Incredible Forum

    HFBOARDS since 1999 and I thought I was here before 2002, what was the board here called before the site change?
  10. Devils sign RW Marian Studenic (Round 5 pick from 2017)

    He is a very weak finisher IMO, he gets a boatload of scoring chances for himself and his teammates. in terms of pure skills he is as fluid a skater as you will find in the Devils system, so effortless. His shot accuracy is quite poor. His stickhandling and hands are acceptable. For whatever reason the points don't follow him, based on the games I watched I would have expected a little over a PPG.
  11. GDT: Devils @ Preds - 10 Mar - 8p Eastern

    I fully expect NJ to miss the playoffs now but that seems to be when they start rolling off wins. Either way playoffs would be really nice but a potential #1 defensmen would also be really nice, especially with how young our team is.
  12. All purpose general trade speculation thread

    I hope this trade doesn't work out for Bruins..worse teams in the playoffs is a good thing.
  13. 2018 WJC Thread

    I'd take the kid in a second, played through a pretty serious injury and played well.
  14. Pavel Zacha

    Maybe moved for Hayden Fleury, Carolina has too many defensmen.
  15. Devils aquire Sami Vatanen for Henrique + Blandisi + '18 3rd

    NJ should have 3 defensmen above 1 point per 60 minites 5 on 5. He will also nearly double any of our defensmen in PIM drawn per 60 min. This maybe the best offensive group NJ has had in years.