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  1. This elitist crap is what's annoying about this debate. Stop pretending you're more mature than everyone who disagrees with you. It's untrue, insulting, and, quite frankly, immature. My parents are a pair of military/civil service retirees who are morally conservative and volunteer at their church every Sunday. At the home opener when Bon Jovi played instead of RnR Pt. 2, my mother leaned over and said "What happened to 'Hey! You suck!'? That was always so much fun!" Thank you for repeatedly calling them immature 20-somethings throughout this thread, just because they enjoy doing something that's completely harmless but you, for some reason, take personal offense to. Not the best example. Rangers fans sometimes start their Marty taunt before the opening faceoff, and frequently before the first shot on goal is tallied, let alone a goal scored.
  2. OK, so no matter what, the footrace will never again play out the way it used to? It will either be blown dead or waived entirely based on the linesman's judgement call of who would reach the puck first based on where the players are when they cross the dots?
  3. I don't see any benefit from this. Like leeski said, dangerous plays like the Pitkanen video above would play out the exact same way since the players would be close enough that the refs would opt to allow the footrace rather than blow it dead. Am I missing something?
  4. We traded Barch for Robert Downey Jr.? Sweet deal!
  5. So what exactly does this app offer? Is it anything I don't already get with ScoreCenter and the Fire & Ice app?
  6. This is the 2002-03 team reincarnated. Two years removed from losing in the Final, big names leave, scrappy players enter. If DeBo can push buttons half as well as Burnsie did, then this team could surprise a lot of people.
  7. And seeing Electric Worry made me think of this little feller ... (can either start at 2:04 or 2:17)
  8. What about the last bit of "Beer" by Reel Big Fish? (skip to about 2:45) Or we could always revive an old classic like Brass Bonanza.
  9. Nice list! Thanks for compiling and sharing. Saw Locksley's "The Whip" a couple times and decided to YouTube it. Maybe I just think all music today sounds the same, but it sounds almost exactly like "Chelsea Dagger" to me. Interchangeable, IMO. Nice to see "Electric Worry" getting used. Clutch friggin rules. And, again, maybe it's because I'm out of touch with new music, but does the Flyers song make anyone else think of this?
  10. I don't care if people think we're stealing it from the Blackhawks ... I'd love to hear Chelsea Dagger after goals.
  11. You know you're overanalyzing a sports chant when the words "inferiority complex" start popping up. At that point, even Freud would probably say, "Jeez, it's just a sporting event. Not everything has some deep, underlying meaning. Lighten up."
  12. So then it is about the word "suck"? Look, if the crowd stopped saying "you suck", I wouldn't lose any sleep over it. But there is something extremely New Jersey about it that kinda makes me hope it sticks. The whole state has a giant "fvck you" attitude and I love it. Especially since moving to MD. Every time I see a middle finger, I get a little homesick. Honestly, is there anything more Jersey than pumping your fist and yelling "you suck"? The only thing missing is a car horn.
  13. Meh. That's over-analysis IMO. It boils down to one simple thing: We are Devils fans. Whoever we are playing -- no matter what the standings say, no matter what the scoreboard says -- sucks. And they suck not because we're ahead of them in the game or ahead in the standings. They suck because they aren't the Devils. They suck because they aren't our team. That's it. And besides, if you only support your team a certain way when they're on top and then tone it down when they're behind, it feels fairweather to me. There's something admirable about a fanbase that doesn't back off of the visiting team and stays just as rabid as ever, no matter what the standings or score says. To me, it'd be weird if we celebrated goals one way when we were ahead, and another way when we were behind. It'd feel like our support of the team was conditional. I feel slimy just thinking about it. But maybe that's just me.
  14. This debate is stupid. We're fans of a game that allows bare-knuckle brawls. When one of our players takes a stick to the face, we hope he bleeds so our power play will be four minutes instead of just two. He make heroes of players who scramble other players' brains because the hits were within the parameters of the rules at the time. We're fans of the most brutal, savage game on the continent. And we're getting all bent out of shape over the word "suck". Yeah, this debate is stupid. Painfully stupid.
  15. Game 4 is in Vancouver, but still, I think you're probably right. It kinda sets up well to start the season with the tandem splitting 50/50 of the first four starts. Those four games are a pair of back-to-backs with travel between: 10/3 Game 1 @ Pittsburgh: Brodeur 10/4 Game 2 vs. NY Islanders: Schneider 10/7 Game 3 @ Edmonton: Brodeur 10/8 Game 4 @ Vancouver: Schneider
  16. Ovechkin used to also have that mirrored visor, until Brodeur complained that it gave him an unfair advantage (goalies couldn't see his eyes).
  17. So now here's the big question: Since the Devils open in Pittsburgh, and then host the Isles the very next night, who starts the home opener? Do they start the 41-year-old Brodeur two straight nights with travel in between and snub the "future" goalie right off the bat? Or do they give the new guy the first game of the season in front of the home fans and snub the guy who's been the face of the franchise forever?
  18. FWIW, that's a byproduct of the new jerseys the NFL launched last year. Linemen across the league were complaining that the cut made the jerseys slip up over their guts throughout the game. For the most part, the NFL is actually pretty strict when it comes to enforcing uniformity on the field.
  19. Which begs the question, how exactly would a post-tryout contract work? Say he does have a beastly pre-season, would the Devils have exclusive signing rights for a window of time, almost like an RFA? Or is he fair game?
  20. Apparently there's only room for one giant honker on the team.
  21. I've heard players say it helps with their mobility, but since the whole Edge thing, I don't think excess sweater material hindering movement is much of an issue anymore. Just a guess here, but I'd assume most guys who still tuck do it out of habit, superstition, style, or homage (Gretzky tucked, for example).
  22. Well, he chased you with a straight razor, which implies age. If he was chasing you with a Gillette Mach-5000 Fusion Power or whatever the kids use these days, then it'd imply youth. Jags is an old man. Old men get sore. No need to change the ass-kicking interpretation. He's still gonna shove his skate up Lundqvist's ass, he just might need to take a few nights off here and there.
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