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  1. If I just want to buy an authentic jersey can anyone recommend the best place to do so? Looks like fanatics has the best price I found so far.
  2. Anyone have a pair of cheap tickets against the Islanders tonight? Stubhub seems to have dried up for today's game for some reason. EDIT: All set folks. Thank you very much!
  3. Has he ever had a good season? A big goof out there. That said, competition for backup position won't hurt anyone.
  4. I'm not sure if you were being sarcastic or joking around, but SAP is not for Spanish lol.... SAP is one of the largest companies in the world. its a German company that does software and hardware engineering solutions for practically every Fortune 1000 company in the world. They are also the ones who helped the NHL with collection of stats and a bunch of other things. Lastly, even though this is run by the NHL, this is still the World Cup of Hockey. As such, it makes sense to include the traditions of fans from countries represented in the world. That includes scarves and singing songs...whether we like it or not.
  5. whoooossshhhh right over your head
  6. From twitter (https://twitter.com/IneffectiveMath) Tired = Team played previous day, opponent did not; Rested = Team did not play previous day, opponent did. For example, Devils will play 8 games in which they played the previous night against an opponent that did not play the previous night. On the other hand, Devils will play 10 games against opponents who did play the previous day while the Devils got a rest day.
  7. great find!! I had this on VHS when it came out when I was a little kid. Must have watched it 50 times. Love the fake sound effects and the cheering noises even on the away goals. After watching this video, which game out prior to any cup wins, I thought the devils were the greatest franchise in the history of sports...
  8. Guys if there was an expansion draft held today and we had to pick between Larsson and Taylor Hall its just a no brainer. Even if our first line was Ovechkin-Crosby-Kane I would take Hall over Larsson. Larsson is an excellent defender but he is not among the top defenseman in the game. With Taylor Hall we get a bonafide top 5 LW. If you think a little bit further too, he is one of the best playmakers in hockey. We have finishers but how many playmakers do we have?
  9. i can't remember a game with so many penalties on both sides
  10. I'm open to just about any change from what it was. This might be fun.
  11. farnham for crosby confirmed Єklund (2.3% accurate)
  12. I'm not sure how many games into the season it will take me to believe that the Devils are a legit good team but a few more like tonight would go a long way...
  13. Can someone explain how score adjusted Corsi works? What is the adjustment that is made?
  14. Guys...it's time we address the REAL issue. The real issue for the last, I don't know...15-20 years, has indeed been the goal song...but its not our goal song!! I CAN'T STAND THAT AWFUL GOD FORSAKEN CHIME FROM THE BOWELS OF THE EARTH that plays when WE are scored on. That miserable sound is WORSE than my alarm clock noise. There are only two noises in the world that piss me off, the alarm in the morning and the damnable anti-goal horn. To make it even worse, it MORPHS INTO THE MOST DEPRESSING, SOULLESS LETS GO DEVILS CHANT IMAGINABLE. Lets go devils, are you kidding me, we just got scored on and its 9-0 buffalo, don't tell the devils to go. Anyway...Please join me in this crusade to ban this CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY that is our anti-goal song. I don't care if our own goal horn is a llama shyting in the woods, but I do care that we uphold the principles of the GENEVA CONVENTION and banish this monstrosity of anti-goal song.
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