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  1. I could have started this thread 4 years ago.
  2. I went last year and it was a pretty good event. One of the better run events I think they've ever done. I bought season ticket holder tickets even though I have no plan at all. They couldn't have cared less. I got a real nice beach towel and a t-shirt. They had plenty of bbq food that was decent and a bunch of silly boardwalk style games that you pretty much played till you won something. The prizes were bobbleheads, Devils beach balls, sand pails and frisbees. I'm pretty sure we got a free booze drink and after that it was a cash bar. They had a specialty drink called Red Devil or something and it was delicious. Dano and Salvador were there, and a couple rookies I can't really remember. They had a big turnout but it was a beautiful hot as hell day. From what I saw all the kids there were having a blast.
  3. It's Nashville so it's a wonderful atmosphere and they have amazing fans. We do it in 2012 and we're classless buffoons.
  4. Add this to the weird thread. We were shut out from the hospital.
  5. The next clutch save Schtinker makes in the final minutes of a game or period will be his first.
  6. I got in with paper tix last night, no problems. Didn't get them through stubhub.
  7. I enjoy a good pork roll, egg, and cheese sandwich after slathering myself with petroleum jelly and covering myself in adhesive strips.
  8. The members options have been sold out since the day this was announced last week. Only the public options remain.
  9. 30 reasons why several people here can suck it. http://www.nj.com/devils/index.ssf/2016/02/here_are_30_reasons_martin_brodeur_is_the_nhls_all.html#2
  10. You'd have to be a miserable human being with the personality of a wet mop to be upset with anything that occurred yesterday in regards to John Scott.
  11. You don't even deserve to look at that statue. It will be a tragedy if your presence that night keeps a much more deserving fan from attending.
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